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Grand Miches

Resort for Sexy Naked Fun in the Dominican Republic

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Oasis of the Seas  Ship Inspection – 2021

Oasis of the Seas  Site Inspection – 2021 Before the Bliss OASIS cruise, the Bliss charter team sailed a  week on  the vessel as a site  inspection including over 15  planning sessions with department heads and officer’s staff. The first impression: OASIS  deserves its place as one  of  the largest cruise ships not only  in …

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adult travel couple in the water

Adult Travel Popularity is Skyrocketing!

The Many Travel Options is increasing adult travel popularity! Adventurous adult nude couples and nude singles have lots of getaway choices. Getting naked has never been so much fun!  Don’t worry if you’re new at this: Most destinations, cruises, and resorts offer a clothing-optional environment, so you don’t have to drop your drawers the minute…

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nude snorkeling

Nude Snorkeling

Whether or not you are an experienced diver, snorkeling is the perfect activity if you want to admire the underwater beauty. Compared to scuba diving, which requires a lot of training before diving in the turquise blue waters, snorkeling is great for all levels of experience if you know how to swim. If you want…

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Hedo Trip Report Negril

Hedo October 2020 Trip Report

Hedo and Jamaica Arrival  As of Oct 2nd when we traveled, we were required to do a COVID test in the 10 day window prior to our arrival date and then upload it for Jamaican Travel Authorization- this requirement has changed some and I’ll mention the new changes in a few minutes. We did our testing,…

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Nude Entertainment Week

Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Nude Entertainment Week July 10th – 16th (and Beyond)

Castaways Travel Commemorates the 31st Anniversary Of Nude Entertainment Week July 10th – 16th America has a long and colorful history of nude sunbathing and swimming. Some of the more well-known early nudists were Presidents George Washington and John Quincy Adams, reputed to be the president with the highest IQ. It’s historic. It’s smart. Even…

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Clothing Optional Cruise Tales: Mary and Tom Explore

I can’t believe this would ever happen to me, but I embarked on my ultimate sexual fantasy by taking a nude cruise. Other fantasies came true as well, but more about that later. My husband and I had always wanted to go on a cruise to a warm and sunny beach paradise. Our secret is…

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