Caribbean Nude Beaches - Check Travel Requirements or Restrictions for each desination

a sexy lady walking on a caribbean nude beach - Caribbean Nude Beaches

Things can sometimes get a little hot in the Caribbean. And this is not in reference to the spicy food or warm weather. There are a number of ‘Rated R’ beaches located on various islands in the Caribbean tucked away for the vacationer who wants a more daring experience. If you are a person looking to add a little more excitement to your next vacation, maybe you should consider one of the following clothing optional beaches.

St. Martin’s Orient Bay Beach
Orient Bay Beach is located on the south coast of French St. Martin and visitors to the beach have the option of enjoying the beach without clothes. It is also home to numerous beach side properties.  However, they are not nude or clothing optional.  Orient Bay boasts a white sandy beach that stretches two miles long. The sea bottom is sloped and a reef protects the beach from crashing Atlantic waves.

At the south end of Orient Beach, vacationers can enjoy nude sunbathing.  Several beach bars and restaurants are dotted along the beach for a mile or more.


Book Other St Martin Hotels at Orient Bay.  

These are open for business but are not nudist resorts.  ALERT:  Although historically, Orient Beach has seen clothing optional use, it's not now legally designated for nude use.   When Club Orient (nudist resort) was open, the beach front at the resort on the south end was approved for nude use.  Before you drop your drawers, check with your hotel about nude etiquette and nude use on Orient Beach on the south end in front of the Club Orient real estate.
Book On Line:  Esmeralda  Faces Orient Beach.   Esmeralda's Coco Beach bar is on Orient Beach.
Book On Line:  Alamanda    Faces Orient Beach
Book On Line:  La Plantation  Parts of Hotel faces Orient Bay