Hedonism II – Single Male Trip Report

Castaways Note: For single men out there….here are interesting, insightful comments from a single traveler to Hedonism April 2014.

Some thoughts on a “trip report” to Hedo ii 4/21-4/26 2014

I called Castaways after finding their name on the internet when it showed up under clothing optional travel agencies and I believe there was also a link under the Hedo site as well?? I have had some (30 years’) experiences at nude resorts and at nude beaches so I was totally comfortable with the nude aspect of it but much less so with the Hedo concept itself.

The owner was extremely pleasant and helpful when I called that day as I asked about single men traveling to Hedo. He brought up the fact that in just a few short weeks that a “group” would be going to Hedo through Castaways and would have a host couple. The traveling with a group of folks I didn’t know was a new one for me as was having a host couple! He encouraged me as a single that traveling under a group would at least allow me to meet some folks in a less pressure atmosphere at the very least. As we know, I was unexpectedly able to work it all out in those few weeks.

I did begin corresponding via email to Mary Ellyn and Jim. If anyone deserves a “patience” award it is Mary Ellyn as I bombarded her (and Jim) with email after email voicing my fears about being avoided as a single man, how to integrate myself into the group, how to integrate myself into the Hedo crowd in general, frank discussions about my expectations and behavior at a resort like Hedo, and even down to nick picky questions like what pants to bring, money, cell phone use etc. Her “advice “ was consistently spot on! I want to say here that Mary Ellyn (and I don’t refer to Jim as much because he was in the middle of tax season so by chance Mary Ellyn was the one I had the most correspondence with) was a BIG part in making the trip happen and for me feeling more secure about the whole thing. She put up the group page for everyone to kind of start to get to know each other, plan the week out as far a group dinners, themes, even what pool to hang out at. Surprisingly to me, not many people took advantage of the group page. ?? As Mary Ellyn had said, the group thing is what you want to make of it. You could do as much or as little with the group as you desired.

As a single I will say I totally support the group because it did indeed allowed me to meet others at a dinner or the group page where it was “safe” and not the “pressure” at the resort. Two of the couples in the group and I exchanged contact info the day we all began leaving with emails addresses, Facebook info and ended with handshakes and hugs. So I hope to be able to keep up with these folks…even if we don’t end up at Hedo together again.

I had some very blunt questions for Mary Ellyn and she was very honest by saying some single guys “successes” at Hedo were really hit or miss with so many factors involved, who security is on any particular night, the mood of the crowd on any particular day, and how I present myself to people. What I learned through this -for me – was to be sincere, friendly, assertive (but not aggressive ), to put yourself out there… and to NOT be a jerk or too drunk or too arrogant or too dorky! 🙂 .

I was also comfortable enough with myself to explore out side the group too and made 6 new friends on my own in the pool or on the beach. Two of them were singles. I will be keeping up with them as well. I will say Mary Ellyns advice again – was right on. ALL of the folks outside the group made comments that I seemed like a “normal” “Nice” ”friendly” and “comfortable approaching someone I didn’t know”. These were descriptions they used when they met me. I would say also just as Mary Ellyn suggested, that the whole crowd there as a whole seemed to be a friendly bunch. Never saw any rudeness or feeling of isolation from anyone towards me and that was one of my bigger fears. My final overall view of MY trip was “good”.

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