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Welcome to our growing collection of Travel Guides eBooks. At Castaways Travel we have a combined 100+ years of travel experience. Castaways Travel owners Donna and Jim and their travel advisors have been to nearly every clothing optional destination in the world, traveled hundreds of cities and stayed many nights in resorts and hotels on every continent. When we say “We’ve been there” …we mean it!

Here we provide fun, fact-filled, and experience rich eBooks to share with clients and visitors to our website. You are invited to download one or all of our eBooks compliments of Castaways Travel and enjoy reading them on your device or print out sections for easy reference.

If you have questions or would like any further information about something you read, don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email. 800-470-2020, (281) 465-4960 or [email protected]

Thinking of an adult cruise, or nude cruise as some people like to call these awesome vacations?

This is simply, the most fun you can afloat.  People have a real good time, they kick back and have a blast. Our guide is choc-full of tips to get the most out of your cruise.

Hint:  Nudity is never mandatory - there is no pressure to participate in any activity.  Just have fun!

Want to visit a clothing optional destination?  Are you unsure about which resort is right for you? What about costs?  What can expect about nudity and more adventurous activities?

You have a lot of questions, and the short eBook is packed full of answers.  We review the 'spice" component from mild to wild of the major resorts and discuss typical costs.

Of course, our agents and owners have been to each of the destinations on the list. When we say “We’ve been there!” we mean it.

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Planning your next clothing optional vacation? You’re in luck because Castaways Travel knows Desire Resorts (Desire Riviera Maya and Pearl)

We visit the resorts on a regular basis and know management, owners and staff well. We know the adult travel segment very well and have the expertise to help you get the best vacation possible.

Of course, our agents and owners have been to each of the destinations on the list. When we say “We’ve been there!” we mean it.

You might wonder why we chose to do an e-book on these particular group of resorts. We love all things Jamaica. In fact, we are awarded almost every year by the Jamaican Board of tourism. The reason is we send so many travelers to this beautiful and diverse island every year.

Couples Resorts has four locations, all in Jamaica. Each of the resorts is a five-star, all-inclusive paradise for couples only.

In addition to outstanding gourmet cuisine and second-to-none service, three of their four resorts have a unique, private area that is au natural. Enjoy sunbathing and swimming with no tan lines.

Couples Resorts is a Castaways Travel favorite but it’s also one of the most frequently booked resorts by our customers. We are certified as Couples Resorts experts and know the individual resorts very well. You tell us what you are looking for on your next vacation, like if you would you prefer a smaller, more private setting, or more extensive grounds with places to explore.

Grand Lido Negril Resort is part of the Royalton Negril complex comprising: Royalton Negril (families), Hideaway by Royalton (adults only) and Grand Lido for adults only, clothing optional holidays.

Grand Lido Negril welcomes adults only singles, couples, triples and quads who enjoy nude, topless or clothing optional venues catering to nudists and naturists for an all inclusive resort vacation.

We hope this eBook will change the way you look at your vacations as so much more.

Hedonism (Hedo) Seriously Fun Adult Resort for Naughty Adventurers

Are you looking for a nice, calm, & peaceful Caribbean getaway where you experience nothing but the quiet lapping of the waves upon the shore? HEDONISM AIN’T IT!

Hedonism is a fun, all inclusive beach resort for adults only, singles and couples. The all inclusive plan means your room, all meals, bar drinks, activities, entertainment, hotel taxes, tips are included. Airfare to Montego Bay is extra. Airport transfers for most Castaways groups are included (restrictions apply). Except for the restaurants, reception and public areas, the Hedo ii resort is clothing optional throughout the property, according to the current resort ownership. This clothing optional area includes all beaches, guest buildings, swimming pools and hot tubs. The main club house requires clothing.