Top Nude Beaches in Florida

Known as the sunshine state, Florida is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations for rest and relaxation at the beach.

One of the best ways to enjoy the Florida sunshine is by taking in the great outdoors completely nude. While Florida state laws don’t allow public nudity, there are a few select places that are topless or clothing optional beaches in Florida.

Going Nude in Florida

While tourists and locals looking to enjoy the beach all nude do have to comply with state laws, Haulover Beach Park in Miami does allow those interested in the clothing-optional beach to be completely nude.

Haulover Beach, Miami

If you’re in Miami and looking for a beach to bare it all, Haulover Beach is your best and only legal option. Technically the only naturist beach in Florida, Haulover Beach Park’s northernmost end is totally clothing optional.

Those visitors hoping to swim and sunbathe completely in the nude can do so if they are within the designated naturist section.

This clothing-free section covers 4/10 of the beach’s mile-long stretch. As Haulover is one of the best beaches in the world when it comes to nude beaches in Florida (and anywhere else for that matter), it brings in 70% of all the visitors that come to Haulover.

On the busiest days of the year, 7,000 people come to Haulover park for a relaxing day at the ocean.

In addition to the option to go fully nude, Haulover offers many other amenities. Visitors looking for a fun-filled day at the beach can explore the rest of Haulover Park.

Some of the beach’s most popular amenities include picnicking, fishing, kite flying, boating, dog parks, and more. Whether you’re looking for a clothing-optional vacation or just another beautiful beach, Haulover has it all.

Topless and Unofficial Nude Beaches

While Haulover is Florida’s only beach that allows for public nudity, there are many clothing optional beaches in Florida that allow partial nudity.

Toplessness is accepted for the most part around Miami and is generally allowed as far as Boynton Beach and Boca Return. However, if you’re visiting in Fort Lauderdale, going topless is frowned upon.

Lummus Park, South Beach

Looking for a topless beach in South Florida? Look no further than the infamous South Beach. Located on Ocean Drive, this beach is a hotspot for tourists from all over the world that generally have a lax view towards nudity.

As families also visit South Beach, it is generally not acceptable to go fully nude in South Beach. However, as long as you’re only topless, this level of partial nudity is generally allowed. Once you’re done swimming and sunbathing, South Beach has numerous activities, eateries, clubs, and hotels for locals and visitors to enjoy.

If you’re still searching for other ways to be in the nude, consider staying in one of Miami Beach’s many clothing-optional hotels.

Hobe Sound

Hobe Sound is another beach that is popular with nudists. While toplessness and nudity is tolerated, it isn’t completely legal. However, it isn’t as accessible as many of the other beaches in the state, making it more appealing to beachgoers looking to bare it all.

Hobe Sound is surrounded by numerous mansions, so don’t be surprised to find yourself surrounded by wealthy naturists as you explore Hobe Sound.

 Apollo Beach, Daytona

Locates near Daytona on Canaveral National Seashore’s northern side, Apollo Beach is generally tolerable of nude beach going. As Volusia County tends to have a more accepting view of naturists, many visitors to Apollo Beach are comfortable going in fully nude, though others stick to being topless.

St. Lucia Inlet State Preserve, Stuart

St. Lucia Inlet State Preserve is a barrier island located near to Hoe Sound. Only accessible with a boat, this island often attracts many nudists. This nature preserve is generally untouched and offers beachgoers the chance to explore the natural side of life in more ways than one.

 Playalinda Beach

Playalinda Beach in Titusville Florida is another beach where swimmers can bare it all. Located around the Cape Canaveral National Seashore is regarded as a nudist hangout. While going fully nude around Playalinda isn’t quite legal, this beach is relatively unknown to the general public.

This makes it the perfect destination for eco-tourists and nudists, as it is easy to steer clear of crowds at Playalinda.

Visitors hoping to go nude should drive about four miles towards lot 12. The nudist section is located north of 13B. As nudity is tolerated but not explicitly allowed at Playalinda, all visitors should be prepared to cover up if asked to do so.

Looking for other unofficial nude beaches in Florida? Take a chance on any one of the following beaches:

  •  Boca Chica
  • Blind Creek Beach
  •  Gulf Islands National Seashore
  • Navarre Beach, Eglin Air Force Base
  •  John D. MacArthur Beach State Park
  •  St. Vincent Wildlife Refuge

Whether you’re visiting the official or unofficial clothing-optional or topless beaches in Florida, keep the following pieces of naturist etiquette in mind:

  • Review the rules for each beach you visit.
  • Reduce sunburn by applying ample sunblock.
  • Avoid staring by focusing on yourself, not others.
  • Bring something to do like a book, music, or games.
  • Avoid catching other people in your photos

While there are only a few places truly designated for nude beaching, there are many locations in Florida where visitors can be at least topless. Be safe when choosing to go clothing optional when trying your luck at one of the unofficial nude beaches.

Keep this guide handy as you explore all the naturist-tolerant destinations Florida has to offer.

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