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Nude couples and singles enjoy the finest nude or clothing optional travel:   Cruises, nude resorts, and group trips.

ALERT: In actual practice, most resorts featured are clothing optional, with a few exceptions.  Most cruises listed require clothing or a cover-up be worn inside the ship or when dining.  Clothing is optional outside on the sun deck, pools, hot tub, and sports decks.  This can vary with the type of cruise listed; a couple of cruises are top-optional. The voyage is clearly described in each cruise description listed.

Nude Cruise and Clothing Optional Voyages

A nude or clothing optional cruise is an ultimate vacation for nude couples.  The fastest-growing adult vacation segment offers a fun time for all types of couples and singles.

A nude or clothing optional resort with tropical beach fun from mild to wild awaits fun-seeking adult singles and nude couples who want to break free and enjoy the sun and sand!

Group trips offer the best value, the most fun, and a great community of people ready to make the very best of their vacation!

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 Castaways Travel is the leading travel company specializing in Nude Resorts, Nude Cruises, and Nude Couple travel fun since 1984.  We also provide the best nude group trips!

The management, owners, and staff of Castaways have visited every destination featured on the website and provide you with reliable TRAVEL ADVICE you won’t find anywhere else.   Enjoy a bonus:  Talk to a real travel professional who answers each phone call....NOT a machine.

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Hedonism Jamaica

Hedonism (aka Hedo) is fairly wild and has earned its reputation as THE place to let it all hang out! Clothing optional lifestyle friendly, Adult singles, couples and triples.

Couples Resorts Jamaica

Couples Resorts boast multiple resorts in Jamaica.  A couples-only experience, three Couples resorts have separate beaches for nude only use.

Hidden Beach Cancun

Hidden Beach is a 5-star nudist resort near Cancun with 24/7 nudity optional.  Visit here for the quality of the resort and staff! For adult singles and couples of all ages.

Grand Lido Jamaica

Grand Lido Negril is an upscale, tropical, clothing optional resort for singles and couples in Negril, Jamaica. Enjoy the best suites in the industry!

Desire Resorts Cancun

Desire operates two great resorts near  Cancun in the Mexican Riviera.  Clothing optional lifestyle friendly, Couples only. This is classic fun destinations!

The Many Travel Options for adult travel

Nowadays, adventurous nude couples and nude singles of all ages have never had so many getaway choices.
There is something for every taste. Getting naked on vacation has never been so much fun!

Limitless Travel Choices for Adventurous Couples

If you enjoy sailing the high seas, then an adult cruise might be a perfect adventure. However, some people like to keep their feet firmly on the ground so then you may prefer to explore the many nude resort choices. Nude resorts pamper you and your partner while you both enjoy all the fun in one convenient location. Another versatile travel option is the excitement of nude group trips where  both singles and couples can spend time with new like-minded friends.

Sail Away to Adventure on a Nude Cruise

Explore different cultures while visiting ports of call around the world on a clothing-optional cruise. Nude couples seeking a relaxing time in the sun are going to love these cruises although nudity is not compulsory.. Some voyages for couples are lifestyle friendly. Some nude charters include singles and couples.   Choose from themed travel or just a carefree scene. One of the most significant benefits of a nude cruise is that most amenities are included. All you have to do is enjoy the luxuries of sea or river travel while appreciating the companionship of other adult singles or adult couples. Whether you choose a sea cruise or a riverboat charter, there's quality time to spend on board and time to explore exciting ports of call.

Luxuriate in the Freedom of a Nude Resort

Clothing optional and nude resorts are located around the world.
All you have to do is choose a destination that tickles your fancy. Here are some of the most popular resorts for nude singles and nude couples in Mexico. Choose from many others here as well as more choices and options  internationally.

  • Hedonism Located in Negril Jamaica: Hedonism is an all-inclusive beach resort that is ideal for a naked singles and naked couples but nudity is not compulsory except at the nude pool/hot tub on the beach. You don’t have to worry about anything but having fun because everything, all meals, bar drinks, activities, entertainment, hotel taxes, and even tips are included. Except for the public areas and main building, the resort is clothing-optional and lifestyle friendly,
  • Hidden Beach Resort Located near Cancun, Mexico: Naked Singles and nude couples alike will find seclusion and privacy in the tropical paradise at the Hidden Beach Resort. Everything, even dining, is enjoyed nude or clothed...it's your choice as nudity is not compulsory. Your pleasure, your way,  Live the dream of walking hand in hand with your partner au naturel across the soft sand while warm waves lap at your feet and the sunsets in the background.
  • Grand Lido Negril  Located in Negril Jamaica: Boasts the finest rooms in any clothing-optional or nude resort.  This all-inclusive Jamaican destination is an upscale, tropical property a little over an hour west of Montego Bay.  Sumptuous!  This is an ideal choice for nude travelers looking for a new place to enjoy.  Nudity is compulsory at the pool but compliance may vary.
  • Couples Resorts Located in Jamaica: Of the four Couples Resorts, you will find three of them include separate nude beaches and facilities where you can hang out together while being spoiled with the best all inclusive program in Jamaica. No other couples only resort chain offers so much at such a great value.  At the 3 nude venues, nudity is expected.  The remainder of the resorts' facilities require clothing or swim suits.
  • Desire Resorts Located near Cancun, Mexico: Two all-inclusive Desire resort destinations are for adult couples only. Both tropical paradise resorts feature unique entertainment choices to fit any taste. There are also alluring theme nights. You and your partner might also want to consider participating in adult workshops that are offered. At Desire Resorts, everything is focused on the exotic and titillating desires of you and your partner. Both resorts are clothing-optional at the pool, beach and hot tub and lifestyle friendly, Nudity is not compulsory. You can take your relationship to a new level while enjoying your lavish surroundings.

Explore Your fun side with select nude or clothing optional Group Tours

Anywhere you dream about visiting you will find a group tour that is sure to fit your desires. Cowboy Up to have a rooting-tooting good time on a western themed adventure, let down your inhibitions with a group trip to learn more about tantric arts, or get in touch with your sensual side through exotic dancing, clothing optional entertainment in a lifestyle friendly atmosphere.  Whatever your fantasies or interests might be, there's a clothing optional group trip that is sure to fulfill you.  Participation in any activity is 100% your decision.

Nude singles and nude couples travel has never been more liberating. Planning the trip of your dreams is a bonding experience. Explore the many options of nude cruises, luxurious clothing-optional resorts, or tantalizing group hedonism trips with nude singles and nude couples that share your passions and enthusiasm for physical freedom.

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