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So you want to get nekkid in the great outdoors, huh? Good for you. We understand the appeal of the all-around tan and nude beaches in the United States. Just remember your tanning lotion.

The good news is that, though this country is notoriously more prudish on the clothing optional front than Europe and many points elsewhere, you can still find a good selection of nude beaches and lakes in the USA. Wherever you live or want to travel, we think we can help you reduce your swimsuit budget to zero. It’s easier packing that way.

Here are a few of our choicest American beach locations for that sort of thing. Just remember that some of these destinations are truly clothing optional. Others? Well, the authorities usually look the other way. But cover up when men (or women) in uniforms come around, just to be on the safe side.

Disclaimer:   This information is gathered from clients, news sources, magazine articles, on line posts and personal experience.  Therefore, nothing below is guaranteed.

Our standard word of warning:  Do NOT drop your drawers until you’ve checked out the current legal and law enforcement situation locally.

Hippie Hollow Park in Austin, TX 

Castaways travelsThis was our FIRST nude adventure years ago before the fancy paved parking lot and ticket office were built, when you had to know when and where to turn off FM 620 to access the lake down white caliche-dust roads with no signs, no parking and no steps down to the water.  That famous road called Comanche Trail is now dotted with multi-million dollar swaniendas owned by Dot Com, techies and probably some movie stars.   Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey are rumored to live in the area…this is either true or it’s not.  You decide…it’s still a fun story.

We can’t decide if that name Hippie Hollow sounds inviting and laid back or like a haunted beach in a Scooby Doo cartoon rerun. But there’s nothing cartoonish about this beach, one of the hippest places in the hippest city (Austin) in the Lone Star State for this sort of thing. Hippie Hollow Beach (we still can’t say it without looking for the sand) is instead a rocky shoreline skirting Lake Travis and is billed as the only clothing optional beach in the great state of Texas and first on our list of nude beaches USA.

Why?  It’s a great place to meet people.  Numerous pleasure craft and houseboats anchor near the shore line to enjoy the sun, music and vibes everywhere…it’s a ready made party everyday, especially on the weekends.

If you can get in, finish off your day up on top of the bluff overlooking Lake Travis for margaritas and TexMex dishes at the Oasis.  Or cover up a little more and head into Austin for some beer, ‘que or more TexMex choices followed by a visit to one of the many live music lounges.

It’s my home town…it WAS a great place to attend high school, play football and graduate from the University of Texas…Go ‘Horns!  Go now before Austin morphs further into an out-of-control metro area (if it hasn’t already!).   If you can picture American Graffiti being filmed there instead of California, that’s what it was like – chasing girls, learning to drink beer under age, playing in shady pool halls in the middle of the night or heading down to Barton Springs to ogle the co-eds sunning topless.  It was just the rite of passage that was so much fun to experience.

Rooster Rock State Park, OR — This one’s got quite a name, too. Guess you guys will strut like a, well, you know, farm bird here. The official State Park website helpfully states that areas of the beach are available to those who crave a “natural experience.” We think we know what they mean. The beach surrounds the Columbia River Gorge

Baker Beach, San Francisco, CA — Come on, what are the odds that there’d be a nude beach or two in San Francisco, on the Left Coast. Okay, fairly high. Baker Beach lies on the shores of the majestic Pacific Ocean and in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge and is part of the Presidio. It’s quite a picturesque location, and that doesn’t even count the other sunbathers. Baker Beach had one fatal shark attack, but that was about half a century ago.

Little Beach, Maui, HI — Just in case you need an excuse to visit Hawaii (yeah, right), Little Beach just might be the enticement you need. It’s secluded and beautiful, with white sand and turquoise waters. But what did you expect? Don’t be confused if you hear it referred to by the locals by one of its other names, Onouli Beach or Little Makena Beach. By the way, Little Beach is promoted as the island’s “most famous” nude beach. Meaning that there are others. Do a little more research and you might find yourself purchasing a one-way airline ticket.

Haulover Beach, Bal Harbour, FL — This is a small park in a classy metro Miami neighborhood that’s been officially designated as clothing optional since the 1990s. You’ll get yourself four-tenths of a mile of the 1.5 mile Bay Harbor Island shoreline in which to let it all hang out. Just don’t go where you see families or others wearing a lot more than you’ll have on.  Probably the most famous choice of nude beaches USA, Haulover is a fan-favorite.

UFO Beach, South Padre Island, TX — We’d have to include this skin-friendly destination if, for no other reason, it’s called UFO Beach. It’s also one of those “It’s not officially clothing optional, but just look around at all the full-body sunburns in play” beaches. Meaning, you’re on your own. And you’d better cover up when you see the beach patrol. We’re sure they love their jobs though. UFO Beach got its name for the shape and appearance of the landmark buoy that marks the destination. A word of warning (or enticement, depending on your point of view): this spot gets invaded by partying college kids during spring break. Plan your trip accordingly. Here’s another interesting fact you might not want to think too much about: according to one source, the nearest public bathroom facilities are 13 miles away. Oooookay.

San Gregorio, San Mateo County, CA — Another nude beach near San Francisco? No way! But it’s true, and there’s a bit of history here as well. San Gregorio is the oldest nude beach in America. We know that’s why you’ll want to visit…because you’re such a history buff. Right? The fabulous sunsets you’ll catch off of the Pacific Ocean is an added bonus. There’s a sort of unofficial designation here; it’s all gay along the north part of this small beach and straight on the south end. You could also get a pricey citation here is you stray too far from areas of acceptable nudity since there are also families around — so don’t forget to cover up if you go exploring.

Gunnison Beach, Middletown, NJ — Yes, you’ve got all-natural tanning going on along the East Coast too. Gunnison Beach sits on the Atlantic Ocean shore. Yes, you’ll be visiting the Jersey Shore. You’ll find at least one large sign here stating: “BEYOND THIS POINT YOU MAY ENCOUNTER NUDE SUNBATHERS.” We guess that makes the practice about as official as it’s ever going to get as far as nude beaches USA are concerned. Point of fact, it’s the state’s only legal clothing optional beach.

So there you have it. There are other nude beaches in the United States, but these eight are a good start.

Just remember, as we pointed out along the way, nudity is only begrudgingly allowed on some of these beaches — and it can sometimes be hard to figure out where “acceptable” runs into “unacceptable.” So do a little online research of your own before you travel. Then, once you’ve found a beach, be sure to read any signs or warnings you see and only strip down in areas where you see other folks doing the same.

Now go out there and have some natural fun on nude beaches in USA. Just don’t forget that suntan lotion!


Tips For Naked Newbies

Getting naked in front of other people can be daunting. But if you want to experience the fun that comes with being comfortably unclothed, here are some things you can do to make your first adventure into nudity, nudism or naturism as stress-free and fun as possible.

Whether at a beach or a resort, confidence is the key to enjoying yourself while nude. Knowing what to expect and how to act can help you relax.

##  Nudism and Nudity

Nudism, also known as naturism, is a lifestyle that involves living without clothing in appropriate settings. Nudism isn’t about flaunting your nudity or being nude; instead, it should be about appreciating the place you’re enjoying and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

## Advantages Of Nudism

Nudity is liberating to shake off society’s norms associated with clothing and embrace a more natural state. By freeing themselves from clothing, naturists and nudists can experience freedom and confidence in their bodies…and attitudes.

Exposure to sunshine helps to boost Vitamin D levels and can help improve mood while reducing stress levels.  Naturists report feeling more connected with nature and a sense of body acceptance.

## Dress Code

Nudity is typically expected if the event is hosted at a nudist resort or beach. Bring a towel and some sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Cover-ups such as robes or wraps are often required for indoor events unless otherwise stated.  Many club and resort locations brand themselves as “clothing options” so it’s up to you which way and how to approach being nude.   Often some women feel more comfortable going topless and then evolving into a nude experience at their own pace.  And many clubs and resorts sponsor theme nights so you have your choice of costumes …. or not.  It’s your decision.

Accessorizing can be fun too!   Some people like to add flower crowns, hats, and shoes with jewelry to their look.  It’s always your choice.

## Respectful Behavior

Respectful behavior is paramount when engaging with others. It’s best to avoid making judgments, comments, or body-shaming in a nudist environment. Everyone has different bodies, and they should all be accepted as they are.

## Locating Nudist Clubs Or Resorts

Finding a nudist club or resort can be challenging for newbies,  Research online and read reviews from other nudists.

Attend a nude event or gathering in your local area. Nude events are usually held at public beaches or parks, and many clubs also host them. So don’t be afraid to take the plunge and give it a try – after all, everyone was once a naked newbie!

## Socializing With Other Nudists

Socializing with other nudists can be an exciting and liberating experience once you compare experiences with others.   Everyone started as a first-timer just like you.  So immediately you have something in common with everyone around you.  You may feel like you’ve been welcomed into a whole new family!

## Sun Safety Tips

Use sunscreen!  Make sure to look for broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30-50  to avoid sunburn.  UV radiation is strongest between 10 am and 4 pm.   Wear a hat and use shade when it gets too hot. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

## Photographing Rules And Etiquette

There is appropriate etiquette when photographing nudists. Make sure you know the rules in a nude setting, club or resort.  Some resorts may prohibit cameras or cell phones with cameras.

Ask permission before taking someone’s photograph and use images with common sense.  No one wants to be surprised by being exposed on the internet without permission.

## Dealing With Inappropriate Comments Or Behavior

Don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed or embarrassed for being naked.  Ignore them or move to another part of the beach or nudist club.  If you’re at a club, talk with management or security if someone is making you feel uncomfortable.  Thankfully those situations are usually rare.

## Privacy And Security Considerations

Provide personal information like your address or phone number if you feel completely comfortable with the person in question.

For internet activity, be aware of what websites you’re visiting and what information you’re sharing. Be cautious when submitting photos or videos of yourself on social media or other websites so your personal images or content won’t be made public without your consent.

## Mental Preparation For Being Naked In Public

Set realistic expectations. Being naked in public will be awkward at first, so don’t expect to feel completely comfortable immediately.  Talking to others is the easiest way to break the ice and get started.  Everyone started as a first-time nudie.

Focus on your own comfort level rather than worrying about what others might think.

## Strategies To Overcome Anxiety Or Embarrassment

As someone mentioned these wise words:  In a social nudity environment, someone else will be taller or smaller, heavier or lighter and more or less talkative so expect to fit right in.

Take things slow and steady. Gradually build up your confidence by doing nude activities in a safe environment, like your own home or a private area you feel comfortable in. Maybe it’s joining an online group or visiting a clothing-optional beach. Whatever it is, make sure it feels safe and that you won’t be judged for your choices.

Stay aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts – if something feels wrong or unsafe, don’t do it.

## What To Expect At A Naked Event

You’ll be welcomed with open arms. The atmosphere at social nudity events is typically laid-back and accepting. You might even find yourself making new friends or conversing with strangers with similar interests.

While it may seem intimidating at first, many people find that nude events provide an amazing opportunity to make connections and express themselves without feeling judged. So if you’re feeling anxious, take a deep breath and enjoy the experience.

## Long-Term Benefits Of Becoming A Nudist

Your body image and self-esteem will improve. Newfound confidence can then be applied to other areas of life, leading to greater professional and personal success.

Mental health benefits are associated with being a nudist. Many people find that letting go of their inhibitions and living without clothing helps reduce stress levels, allowing them to relax and enjoy life more fully. Ultimately, becoming a nudist is an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and experience life differently – one that offers physical and psychological rewards for years to come.

## Frequently Asked Questions

### Are There Any Age Restrictions For Nudist Clubs Or Resorts?

With so many options available, determine what age restrictions each place has. The good news is that many nudist resorts and clubs don’t have any age restrictions.

A few nudist resorts accept children under 16 if they’re accompanied by an adult responsible for them.

No matter your age, it’s important to research before visiting a nudist resort or club. Check out reviews from those who’ve visited before you to get an idea of the atmosphere and activities offered at each location. Once you’ve chosen a place that’s right for you, ensure you abide by all of the rules – including any age restrictions – so everyone can enjoy their time in a safe environment!

### How Do I Know If A Nudist Club Or Event Is Reputable?

Research before joining any group.

First, look up reviews online. Many clubs and events have websites-check them out. Ask friends and family who have been to nudist clubs or events about their experience.
Read the rules and regulations carefully before attending so that you know what to expect Trust your gut instinct – if something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for a different experience!

### Are There Any Health Considerations I Should Be Aware Of When Participating In Nudism?

Sunburn is a real concern for those who practice nudism because the skin is exposed and susceptible to burning. Make sure you use sunscreen when necessary, especially if you plan on staying outside for extended periods. Additionally, if you’re going to a beach or lake with other nudists, it’s important to stay hydrated and bring plenty of water.

Protect yourself against certain diseases like STDs and connect with like-minded people who follow your safety protocols.

### How Do I Deal With My Family And Friends Who May Not Approve Of My Nudist Lifestyle?

You don’t have to justify your decisions or explain yourself in detail about your vacation choice. A novel approach: Introduce those curious about the concept by sharing the internet or recreational resource.  Invite them to join you at a nudist-friendly event.

It’s perfectly acceptable for you both to have a difference of opinion without passing judgment on each other.

### Is There A Way To Participate In Nudism Without Having To Visit A Club Or Resort?

There are plenty of ways to explore nudity and be a part of the community without having to go anywhere.

Join an online nudist forum and social media groups to ask questions and trade ideas via the internet.  Research local events and clubs such as naked yoga or body painting classes.  Some clubs without physical location or resort meet at a member’s home to enjoy their pool nude.

The mix includes “landed clubs” which are typically physical resorts or campgrounds.  “Non-landed clubs” are those without a permanent, physical location.  Instead, they meet at a member’s home or rent a facility, takeover a motel with an open-minded owner or use an inside pool facility for a night out or even a weekend.

Attend house parties hosted by other nudists. These parties provide a relaxed setting where you can meet like-minded people in a fun environment.  Or host a gathering yourself.  Open-minded friends and acquaintances may be more likely to try it when they know it’s hosted in the comfort of someone’s home, ranch or campground.

Where ever you go, always bring your own towel to respect others, proper health and hygiene.

## Conclusion

We all had plenty of questions and concerns before jumping into this terrific, fun choice of relaxing and taking the plunge. There’s nothing to fear.

Plenty of ways to participate in nude relaxation without visiting a club or resort:   Try nude sunbathing at your home if physically possible, create your special events at home, invite your friends and ask them to invite another acquaintance who enjoys similar.

So don’t worry if you’re feeling nervous now – it’s perfectly natural! With patience and an open mind, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a confident nudist in no time. Let go of any anxieties and embrace the freedom of being au naturel – it’ll make all the difference!

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