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Resort Overview


Hedonism will be closing the Premium rooms on the nude side (including the Jacuzzi rooms) August 10 - September 30, 2019, for upgrades in the bathrooms.  All guests will be allowed to switch to another available room category with a refund of any rate difference if applicable. Or they will be allowed to change dates without penalty. Affected guests should follow up regarding any room reservation during the period above.


Hedonism attracts adult, clothing optional singles, couples and triples.  The resort is lifestyle friendly. Nudity is not required and participation is completely voluntary - not compulsory   If revealing costumes, adult themes, sensual behavior among adults or nudity may offend you, please contact your travel advisor for options to visit other adult venues.

Hedonism is a fun, all-inclusive beach resort for adults only, singles and couples. The all inclusive plan means your room, all meals, bar drinks, activities, entertainment, hotel taxes, tips are included. Airfare to Montego Bay is extra.  Airport transfers for most Castaways groups are included (restrictions apply).  Except for the restaurants, reception and public areas, the Hedo resort is clothing optional throughout the property, according to the current resort ownership.  This clothing optional area includes all beaches, guest buildings, swimming pools and hot tubs.  The main clubhouse requires clothing.

EXCEPTION:  Nude pool/nude beach/hot tub area:   Nudity is MANDATORY.

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It’s about the biggest bang for your buck compared to most comparable resorts.

Recent developments and construction completed by the current ownership:
If you haven't visited the resort the past few years, you will see numerous changes and improvements in the dining experience as well as upgraded rooms and entertainment facilities.   Common areas have undergone upgrades throughout the property.  The Hedonism reception area has a new look. The complete courtyard in front of the piano bar now features a lounge area. Hedo also added a wine bar & coffee bar.  The Reggae Cafe by the prude beach is remodeled and upgraded, in the evening becoming Flame, a steak and chops grill.  The Harrysan Asian restaurant now has its' own kitchen plus a sushi bar. The piano bar is also remodeled.

Approximately 15% of the Hedonism hotel room inventory has been converted to a Premium status with new bathrooms, new soft goods, flat-screen satellite TV and 12 Jacuzzi Terrace Ocean view rooms have been upgraded.   Other rooms have also been upgraded to the Premium status, and standard rooms received new soft goods and are redecorated.  See more below in the section for Rates (and rooms).

Expected upgrades and additions planned:  Total reconstruction of the main Terrace restaurant and adjacent pool deck, upgrades to the nude pool and nude bar, addition of a new entertainment and pool area at the main beach which should expand the options for more events and activities at the underutilized location in front of the nightclub.

The Hedonism resort has 280 rooms located on a tropical beach with separate two-story buildings with two twin or king bed configuration. Some rooms face the beach; some are garden view locations. The resort is arguably the "Mother of all-inclusive, adults-only resorts" and has a worldwide reputation for fun, frolic and the milder to wild lifestyle. Our clients who visit Hedonism come from every continent in the world, and they're there for one reason--to have fun. If you like to read a book and vege out, you can do that, but the place is so active with lots interesting people, you may miss some of the greatest opportunities to meet the most fun-loving folks from all over the world.  Ages can range from the early 20s to the 70s.

Nude Beach: Total beach length is over 1,000 feet long, with beautiful white sand, comfortable on your bare feet. Hedonism ii is between Point Village Condos and Sandals Negril. The complete beach is devoted to nude sunbathing with wood frame guest buildings located there as well. You can choose an ocean view or garden view accommodations. About 15% of the room inventory is devoted to more upscale Premium rooms which are completely re-decorated. Including many of the Terrace accommodations where you will find a hot tub located on a patio just outside your room for some accommodations.

Did You Know?

Castaways Travel is on YOUR side... we're your advocate, too. If you book your trip directly (with the resort) and experience problems at Hedonism who's going to be on YOUR SIDE?

See: 11 Reasons to use Castaways Travel

Built in the late 70's Hedonism was the first part of the SuperClubs resort chain owned or managed by the John Issa family of Jamaica. Negril Beach Village became Hedonism in 1981.  There never was a Hedonism #I, leaving many eternally confused. The resort has since been bought from SuperClubs and now has private,  independent ownership including the General Manager of the resort.

If you haven't been to Hedonism, go with an open mind and relax. You do not have to participate in any of the resort's organized activities, nudity or themes can just sit back and watch the fun or you can choose to participate. It's your choice, and it's your vacation.  Your pleasure, your way.

See Hedonism repeat guest policy and incentive in PDF Format (subject to change).  Repeat guest policy resort credits are applicable to on resort services and products.  List below is not guaranteed and subject to change by the resort.

Jewelry Store and Spa
Premium Wine Bar
Espresso Bar
Lifestyle Boutique
Private Dinner
Upgraded Sushi Menu 

In summary, don’t’ go there expecting "five star" luxurious guest rooms (even though some are considerably upgraded) or overt the top cuisine, you get the basics, and it‘s a good value. The main reason to go is to cut loose and meet the most fun people on the planet.

Bottom Line: Go and watch the party or go and be the party.

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hedonism ii community

Getting There

A valid passport is required to enter Jamaica. Check the expiration date of yours. Visas may be required depending on your country of citizenship. Check Jamaica Visa Requirements for your country.  Make sure your passport is valid at least for 6 more months by the time you travel.   NOTE:  If you have a Canadian, U.K., E.U. passport or similar residency, check with Castaways for room rates equivalent to your country.

Built on a beautiful bay facing the western Caribbean with white, sandy beaches This tropical resort on the far western tip of Jamaica is  Hedonism is in Negril, about 50 miles west of Montego Bay. Hedonism # 2 occupies about 25 acres. The little town of Negril is about 5 miles west of Hedonism with a craft market, stores, and several beach view bars. The most overrated of which is Rick's Cafe, good for a crowd, an overpriced beer and a sunset. Save your money and spend it on the sunset catamaran cruise right from the resort.

Most travelers fly into Montego Bay. You may elect to take a shuttle or taxi to the property or fly from Montego Bay to Negril on an air taxi such as Tim Air. Costs range from $150-$200 per person/direction and take 15-20 minutes. (Price subject to change without notice). The resort is across the street from Negril airstrip. The bus or taxi ride takes about 1-1.5 hours.

Avoid the airport crowds?  Reserve your spot at Club MoBay, an upscale traveler's lounge in the newest section of the Montego Bay Airport. The Club provides expedited arrival, customs/immigration, and departure services in addition to the Club admission, all-inclusive, with drinks, bar service, and snacks, WiFi, satellite TV provided.  ALERT:  Club MoBay admission and reservations are capacities controlled so book in advance to reserve your spot for arrival and departure services.

The beach road to Negril is scenically beautiful. The trip requires less than an hour and a half to reach Negril from the Montego Bay airport. The Negril airstrip is virtually across the street from Hedonism ii.

You can make reservations for Tim Air or others on the internet outbound  ( and at the resort's tour desk for a return flight.

Take your pick of flights that service Jamaica, but plan to fly into MONTEGO BAY as your final destination since it's the closest international airport. Shuttle transfers service is available at the Mo Bay airport, and you can arrange them with Castaways Travel if your flight itinerary is available. Kingston is several hours away over mountainous roads.

Airport transfers are not provided from Kingston; you have to make your way via taxi….and the trip can be expensive and long.

Air Options:  American Airlines, Delta, United, Jet Blue, Southwest, Spirit and more from Canada; Sunwing, West Jet, Air Canada plus Thompson, Martin, and Condor from Europe plus many others service Jamaica. The most charters originate in Europe from the UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands. Air carriers are subject to change without notice and pricing varies widely. Contact Castaways Travel for scheduled air arrangements.

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Resort services described below are subject to change without notice by the resort due to enhancements, special occasions or modifications on the property.

Hedonism's package is all-inclusive which means all your basics are provided for in one price: Room accommodations, all meals/snacks, bar drinks, bar drinks, beer, wine, liquor, water sports, activities, entertainment, theme nights, hotel taxes and gratuities. All 280 rooms are located in separate wood-framed guest buildings. Rooms are plain, clean and contain a king bed, clock/radio, telephone, television/satellite TV, coffee maker, and private bath. Beds can be converted to two twins upon request. Other features on site include a fitness center, beauty spa, sailing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, tennis, piano bar, night club/disco, windsurfing. Nearby, local beach vendors offer jet skis and para-sailing behind a boat. No tipping allowed but many clients do a little extra for employees they may find performing beyond the call of duty. Optional activities include boat trips to the other side of the bay and nude catamaran sailing plus off-site excursions you can buy at the tour desk in the resort's lobby.

Water sports include optional SCUBA instruction and certification, both of which can be paid for on the spot. Certification usually can be obtained in week’s stay but expect little spare time to cram in all the other activities offered by the resort.

Make sure you ask your waiter's name, introduce yourself, be happy and converse with the locals. Remember, Jamaica is a low-income island so be friendly but expect to be offered items for sale on the street. Drugs are against the law.

Did You Know...

Castaways Travel KNOWS Hedonism II. We've been there and visited often; we know the place and the people so we can tell you accurately about the location, layout, daytime and evening activities & themes, do's and do not's, where to have fun and tips to make your trip more enjoyable.

See: 11 Reasons to use Castaways Travel

Hedo also includes plunge pools and swim-up bar in front of the disco on the main beach, open-air café adjacent to the plunge pool near the disco, see-through hot tub atop the disco, air conditioning for the disco (applause), jungle bridge and water slide, large fitness center, spa and beauty salon, an open-air Asian restaurant, upgraded main pool, pool deck and hot tub and an internet café off the lobby area.

The spa additions and treatments put Hedo on the map as one of the better salons on the gals, take your charge cards and prepare to be pampered!

Most rooms are king bedded anyway, but all the bedding converts to two singles. Bathrooms have been upgraded where the existing tub has been replaced by a shower with multiple shower heads, great for more than one person to enjoy while sharing the water!

WiFi Service: WiFi service is available in resort guest rooms and is typically most reliable in the courtyard in front of the piano bar....but service can be intermittent.  There is a charge for WiFi service in your room with rates starting around USD $15/day (not guaranteed, subject to change).  There's a room charge for WiFi use in your room; WiFi is free at the courtyard.

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The biggest asset is the guest list: Hedonism is a 3-star resort with 5-star guests!

Folks don't usually vacation at Hedonism for its food or rooms--they go to meet other fun loving extroverts who return year after year. The nude beach, nude pool and nude hot tub areas attract most of the laughter and mischief. The disco with its theme parties plus dances around the main pool deck give you plenty of excuses to break out your costumes for night time fun for a year-round "summer camp" for adults. There is some type of entertainment or theme each day and night. People are fun and get a little crazy. There is so much to do there, however, you sometimes feel like you need a vacation upon your return to reality.

The entertainment staff is young, talented and eager to please.   It's always amazing what acts and entertainment choice they offer and some of the featured talent is won't be bored.  The piano bar features guests taking over the mic and well as occasional karaoke, too. The current "artist in residence" presiding over the piano bar is Dion....he should be in Vegas.  The entertainment staff is headed by Winston, an incredible talent with a terrific voice...he should be in Vegas, too.

Here is a current listing of theme nights: (themes subject to change without notice)

      • Monday - JAMAICA NIGHT
      • Thursday - TOGA FOAM PARTY
      • Friday - ROCK STAR
      • Saturday - SEXY SPORTS
      • Alert: All these activities and theme nights listed above are subject to change without notice, sometimes at the last minute whim of the resort. If theme nights are very important to you, please check with us about a week before you depart and we'll get you the most updated info we can.

For all its reputation, the grounds and feel of the place can be quite romantic with a wonderful tropical ambiance, with beautiful flowers and ivy mixed with huge hardwood trees and palms.

hedonism iiHedonism has a reputation for indiscriminate sex especially in the late evenings around the nude pool and hot tub.  In the past the resort was often pretty strict about adult mischief... but getting real about it... it's less regulated than it was before.  On some of the "calmer" weeks, we find that probably about 10% of the guests are responsible for 90% of the reputation, but other weeks, especially with some of the larger groups, participation may be higher. But to be clear... management policy from Hedonism says: public sex is not permitted. If caught breaking the rules, with flagrant, chronic violations, you can be escorted off the property without a refund. End of story. Our advice... go with the flow of what's happening around you. But if a staff member requests you "cool it"... then take it to your room.  Go to our Frequently Asked Questions Section for a little more discussion on the subject. ALERT: You may see outright PDSAs (Public Display of Sexual Affection) occur around the nude pool and beach occasionally when large groups are there for the week or later at night.

Hedonism has an "On Premises" club called: Rendezvous Lounge

Hedonism II’s Rendezvous Lounge is open nightly for couples & single females (no single males).   Groups can request to Host a night, however, the Lounge will be open to all mentioned Guests.  The playroom is with water, champagne, house wine, towels, beds and plastic cups.  No glasses, high heels or smoking is allowed in or around the area. No one is allowed in any of the three pools.  NOTE:  These guidelines are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.

Dress throughout the resort is CASUAL, with beachwear the norm from thongs to shorts. Guys: No ties, no coats, no long pants needed or required. Hedonism # 2 is NOT a nudist resort, but most of the guests stay that way for most of the day. Most guys and girls wear shorts, T-shirts or polos for daily meals and in the evenings, some actually "dress up" for dinner although it's not required. Gals, that’s the time for your glitter, spike heels, and see-through outfits. All restaurants (except nude beach grill) and attendance at public venues such as spa, beauty salon, piano bar and shops require a cover up or clothes of some sort.

All rooms have updated plumbing, water supply, and air conditioning improvements but the A/C is mostly a crap shoot....sometimes you  get cool air, sometimes a little breeze and no chilled air.  Most of the buildings operate from a central unit so the A/C controls in your room are for off and on with a fan speed included .....but compressors/condensers have had their share of overload, so crank the unit down all the way for a cool night but don't count on it. Occasionally, the power goes out or water service breaks for a few hours but it's usually temporary.  It's an island thing throughout the Caribbean so get used to it or choose not to return.

TIPS • Just flush first before you do your duty.

• Carry a flashlight and umbrella in your checked luggage. You may never need it but it's nice to have when it rains or the lights go out.

• Get to the pool early if you want a seat.

• As an option: Try the beach for a lounge chair.....there are many.

• Take a plastic insulated cup top to keep cold things cold & hot things hot plus it cuts your trips to the bar for a re-fill.  Oh yes, put your name on it.   You may be surprised later when you've gotten your fill of Purple Rain drinks and can't remember where you left your sipper cup.  Better yet, tie your cup (with your name on it) to your wrist if you're a power drinker so guests can identify you if you lose your way to your room or face plant in the sand.

• For theme nights, girls, take some extra safety pins or ties to secure your costumes when you put them on instead of having it fall down around your knees while you dance (unless you want it to!). Hey, whatever turns you on!  Oh, also take extra clothes hangers....the closets never have enough for all your outfits.

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Group Trip


If you are unsure of a destination, or not sure if you will easily meet people when you get there, our group trips are the perfect answer. We’ve been there, we know what to do, where to go, and generally how to get the most for your dollar. PLUS... most of the time we have special contract rates for our Group Trips (but you have to contact us directly as contract prices do not show up in the online booking engines).

Check out Hedonism Group Trips here.


There are many sights to see locally other than beaches, sparkling Caribbean sea and beautiful coral cliffs.hedonism ii

Shopping for crafts at the market across the road from Hedonism is a good place to start and costs nothing unless you buy something. The locals are fun to kid with but be ready to bargain if you find that certain something that catches your eye.

Hosted tours can be arranged at the resort's Tour Desk and there are a couple of small native craft markets there, one near the resort, across the street from Breezes Grand Negril, adjacent to Hedonism. You can also choose to visit Montego Bay for a day of shopping, Mandeville for a trip to the mountains, Cliffs at Rick's, raft the rivers or visit Dunn's River Falls near Ocho Rios. At least 30-40 off-siteand enjoy tours are available from the tour desk at the resort. A trip from Negril to Ocho Rios (through Montego Bay) is a hike, requiring at least 3 hours, one way. An overrated trip to Rick's Cafe on the western seaside cliffs in Negril for a beer at sunset is always a common "in thing" to do. Down the beach from Hedo # 2 is Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, good for an afternoon of exploring and sampling the imported "culture" from Key West. Cosmo's Restaurant is down the road a mile or so, also good for some of the best and freshest grilled seafood in Negril... prepared to order.

Did You Know...

Castaways Travel KNOWS the surrounding area around Negril to help you plan to get the most out of your holiday in and around Hedonism # 2 and the local areas plus Montego Bay.

See: 11 Reasons to use Castaways Travel

For a fun and games and little bit different nightlife off the resort in Negril, try Risky Business, the Jungle and Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville for night time adult mischief. All of these watering holes are on the main street headed to Negril from Hedonism, a short taxi ride away. ALERT: These places tend to change names or new locations can crop up so ask the Tour Desk for their latest recommendations.

One little venture we enjoy is to take a taxi to west end Negril and have a beer or a meal at one of the little cliff-side resorts and restaurants there. Rock House is one of our favorites on the west end and enjoys a cool little resort, a neat bar for a beer at sunset, a less crowded venue than Ricks and a nice restaurant for a change of pace from the resort scene.


Hedonism ii offers several restaurant and munchy choices at the resort. Restaurants include the open air café by the disco, Pastafari Italian dining, open air meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Terrace adjacent to the main pool, an Asian cuisine bistro (Harrysan) adjacent to the main restaurant near the piano bar, a snack bar at the beach pool and another near the rock climbing wall. An addition called the Flame is available for pool deck dining in the evening with special menus available.  See below for description of the options for private dining. Themed restaurants have proven popular at other Jamaican resorts and the food preparation lends a nice diversion to buffet meals. But don’t go expecting five star, upscale cuisine….the food is healthy and plentiful and you won't go hungry. The resort is a good value  but don’t go expecting the Ritz for your dining pleasure.

The best jerk chicken is served at the beach pool grill, next to the pool bar, usually until around 5 PM most days...a great way to top off a fun afternoon in the pool or soak up your alcohol consumption for the day. Don’t miss the French fries... Yum Yum!

The same beach snack grill is open in the middle of the night for pizza munchies....almost until the sun comes up.

An additional and convenient beach grill is located near the disco and features grilled choices as well plus a bar is nearby for day time libations at the plunge pool on the beach in front of the disco.

Jamaican, American and seafood dishes are featured during the main buffets. The food is plentiful and filling. Premium liquors are served along with beer and wine. A midnight snack service features light choices, salads, burgers, fries and some sweets.

Weekly there is a Manager's party and repeat guests' reception to Thank You for support. Typically, the client with the most paid visits receives some free nights for a return visit.

Wines: There is a wine bar with fine wines as well as a fine coffee bar.  Both carry an extra charge.

PRIVATE DINING (from the resort)
For the ultimate in romantic evenings, allow our talented culinary team to create an unforgettable “Love & Passion” private candlelit dinner for you under the stars. Enjoy exclusive cuisine paired with premium wines, among the backdrop of soothing sounds of the waves lapping onto the beach. Private dinner reservations are available between 6:30 pm – 8:30pm and can be reserved through our Concierge. You may also book through the guest services desk upon arrival.  Available Sunday - Saturday, Not available on Friday.Time: 6-8 PM. Location: Beach Massage Gazebo.  48 hour notice required.   NOTE:  All prices, arrangements and reservation policies are subject to change without notice.

Prices/couple for Private Dinners range from this list but rates are not guaranteed and subject to change.
US$155 – 1 Entrée – 8 oz Aged Beef Tenderloin
US $160 – 1 Entrée – Grilled Lobster (Lobster Season July 1 – March 31)
US $175 – 2 entrée – Lobster & Tenderloin

Rate & Rooms

Rooms at Hedonism are available in several categories. Hedonism Resort is clothing optional throughout except for public areas, main building, and restaurants.      EXCEPTION:  Nude pool/nude beach/hot tub area:  Nudity is MANDATORY to keep gawkers away.

See Hedonism repeat guest policy and incentive in PDF Format (subject to change).  Repeat guest policy resort credits are applicable to on resort services and products.  List below is not guaranteed and subject to change by the resort.

Premium Wine Bar
Espresso Bar
Lifestyle Boutique
Jewelry Store (Just Added)
Private Dinner
Upgraded Sushi Menu (Just Added)

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Note: There really isn't a "prude" side of the resort anymore, as both sides now allow nudity ...  But there still is a difference. On the traditional nude side, nudity is MANDATORY around the nude pool, nude hot tub and that end of the "nude" beach. But on the prior "prude side" you have the option to be nude or not.

REGULAR ROOM CATEGORIES (also called Classic Rooms - Not premium, they are re-decorated rooms.  See the site map below to view room numbers and locations.

Click the map at right for a larger version

Garden View Regular - GVR (on the prude side of the resort)

Ocean View Regular - OVR (on the prude side of the resort)

Ocean View Regular Terrace with hot tub - PBJ (on the prude side of the resort)

Garden View Au Natural - GVN (on the "nude" side of the resort)

Ocean View Au Natural - OVN (on the "nude" side of the resort)

Ocean View Au Natural Terrace with hot tub - NBJ (on the "nude" side of the resort)


Premium Ocean View Au Natural Balcony - OVNP (14 rooms - 2226, 2227, 2228, 2229, 2230, 2267, 2268, 2270, 2271,2272, 2273,2274,2275 & 2175 - 1 room in this category has a patio instead of a balcony - 2175)

Premium Ocean View Balcony - OVRP (1 room - #1216)

Premium Garden View Au Natural Balcony - GVNP (2 rooms - # 2249 & 2250) Hedonism II is delighted to announce the debut of balcony rooms situated on the ocean and in the gardens. These spacious new rooms are enhanced by private ground floor patios and balconies on the second floor of the resort. With relaxed seating

Premium Ocean View Au Natural - OVNU (4 rooms - 2166, 2266, 2169, 2269)

Hedonism's new premium ocean view au-natural rooms are fully refurbished to include a walk-in shower, flat screen TV, Mood Lighting and decorative mirrors with direct beach access for ground floor rooms.

ALERT: Three (3) Premium Room categories with hot tubs include: 

Premium Ocean View Au Natural Terrace with hot tub - NBJP (12 rooms - #2126, 2127,2128,2129, 2130, 2167, 2168, 2170, 2171, 2172, 2173 & 2174)

Premium Garden View Au Natural Terrace with hot tub  - GNJP (2 rooms - #2149 & 2150)

Premium Ocean View Regular Terrace with hot tub  - PBJP (1 room - #1116)

Hedonism's premium Jacuzzi rooms provide personalized amenities. Guests staying in premium hot tub suites experience VIP airport arrival where they are fast-tracked through immigration and customs via Club MoBay. No more waiting in lines. At the resort, guests are pre-registered with personalized check-in, given guaranteed restaurant reservations for 4 persons nightly at the Italian or Japanese Restaurant, have access to free WiFi, stocked refrigerator for your visit   with juices, sodas, beers and bottled water, bathroom amenities, a personalized Hedonistic goodie basket, and VIP airport departure with front of the line clearance plus a 10,000 sq ft lounge at Club MoBay including complimentary premium bar, snacks, Wi-Fi, shower facilities and concierge duty free shopping - the perfect way to end your vacation. All Jacuzzi rooms are on the ground floor.

Per person, nightly rates start at about (on sale) $180-200/person/night up to $500+per person/night, all-inclusive. Prices are subject to change without notice due to frequent sales promotions. Seasonal specials and early booking discounts apply some parts of the year. The rooms are priced according to location--nude beach vs. regular beach and ocean view vs. garden view rooms.  Check with Castaways for an exact quote for the resort, airfare and optional travel protection Insurance.

NOTE:  Castaways Travel offers numerous group trips with Castaways Host Couples throughout the year.   Join one and have a blast with a ready-made party.  See more at Castaways Group Trips.

Hedonism offers a frequent guest/repeater program.  Always ask your Castaways Travel Counselor how to apply next time you make a reservation.

Special Contract Group Rates: Castaways Travel sponsors numerous group trips annually, so join us and enjoy lower contract group rates. See CASTAWAYS GROUPS in the CASTAWAYS website. ALERT: Contract group rates do NOT appear On Line...... call Castaways to claim your contract group rate. With contract group rates, your room is guaranteed by the resort. Castaways can also arrange your airfare and optional Comprehensive Travel Protection Insurance too for US residents. Optional travel protection insurance usually averages about 5-7% and varies by the total value you choose to ensure as well as the age of the insured and state of residence.

Best room locations on the nude side are those facing the nude beach around the numbers 2120-2130 and then the 2161-2180 range as well as upstairs on the second floor. For less noise but still a good nude side location, the "H" block rooms run from 2131 to 2150, Garden Nude rooms. The rooms nearest the nude pool can be noisy late at night if the nude hot tub attracts a crowd of partiers. The best and quietest rooms on the resort are opposite the nude the other end of the resort adjacent to the other beach area. Regular Garden view rooms are fairly quiet, too, and are the best value on the resort.

The most popular room choice is terrace accommodations with a hot tub.  About a dozen or so existing rooms have been transformed into…..not a suite, but a terrace with a patio and hot tub. Second-floor rooms above then have nice patios.  Needless to say, the rooms get a workout and you've got to book them in advance to score one. See the Photo Album for shots of the rooms and including a terrace room with hot tub.

Occasionally, certain room classifications are on sale where 3 or 4 women can room together at a reduced rate/room.

Castaways Travel is the largest producer for Hedonism ii. What this means to you is if you book your vacation with us, you may qualify for additional discounts on your package and clout when you have special requests. Your vacation must be booked with Castaways to qualify for these extras. In addition, book your stay when a Castaways group is planned as Castaways Contract group room rates are lower than standard retail rates or On-Line sources. ALERT: Special contract rates Do Not Appear On-Line; You have to call Castaways for these reservations.



↑↑↑ The fun-loving crowd of adults who return to Hedonism is the reason for being there... not the room or cuisine. It's the party atmosphere that really sets the tone.

↑↑↑ The older wait staff will often remember you if you're a returning guest.

                    ↑↑↑   At the nude pool/nude beach and nude hot tub, Nudity is Mandatory to keep gawkers away.

↑↑↑ Marriage ceremonies are free to guests with a 2-day residency requirement. There is a $150 administrative charge by the local parish to register your marriage certificate. (Price/terms subject to change without notice).

↑↑↑ The Hedonism resort has made great strides to minimize and control overbooking during heavy occupancy periods in January through March, July, October, November and the holidays.

↓ Hedonism can be surprisingly subdued occasionally with few partiers around. A mix of adults who like to have fun usually means you will find some compatible folks who you might become good friends with and perhaps even visit after your return home.

↑↑↑ If you not have visited Hedonism ii in recent years, you may hardly recognize the public areas, the main beach section or the common grounds adjacent to the main dining area or the spa facilities. The improvements are great additions to your fun and include the expanded spa, revamped courtyard in front of the piano bar, rock climbing wall, main beach bar, water tower, and slide plus more hot tubs.

↔ Be prepared for a little rain almost every day to take an umbrella or poncho. We list this as both an upper and downer because one of the standard procedures is to hit the hot tub if it does rain with a drink in hand. Most of the time those showers pass quickly... just enough time to retire to your room for a little "private" time.

↓ The resort is old (early 1970's) so you may experience some niggling aggravation with some of the physical plant, rooms or service. Sometimes there's a water or power disruption somewhere; other times the bar may run out of certain liquors,  the A/C can be on the fritz, WiFi is down temporarily, etc. Maintenance philosophy in the past has been the classic line: " IF it ain't broke, don't fix it" and when it does break, "Do enough to get it back in operation...when you can." As we said, don't go expecting the RItz....but the new owners are putting the money where it belongs.

Best Time To Go to Hedonism

Fall, winter and early spring can be slightly less humid than late summer. summertime through the fall months can be a bit more humid, with daily rain showers the norm year's called the tropics for a good reason. Standard procedure--hit the hot tub if it does rain with a drink in hand. Late August through early October can include unstable weather due to storm season, although they're rare in Jamaica. Room rates are generally higher from about Christmas to end of April, with holiday rates higher than any time during the year. Late August through September are the least expensive.

High occupancy months are usually: January thru mid-April, July, October, November and the holidays. ALERT: First week in August, the resort opens the property to local citizens with a reduced admission to celebrate the Jamaican National holiday of Independence, celebrated on August 6. This guest mix can also change the ambiance of the resort.

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• Pet peeve is the guest room air conditioning can be inconsistent, room to room, even with new equipment.   Don't expect real air conditioning in the rooms although there are exceptions.   If you can, take a small portable fan and pack in your suitcase if it fits.

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