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Adventurous adult nude couples and nude singles have lots of getaway choices. Getting naked has never been so much fun! 

Don’t worry if you’re new at this: Most destinations, cruises, and resorts offer a clothing-optional environment, so you don’t have to drop your drawers the minute you check in.

You can find clothing-optional and nude resorts located around the world for individual or group trips.

Our clients choose these most popular resorts for nude singles and nude couples in Mexico and the Caribbean. And other destinations more choices and options worldwide. 

Bonus: Travel with a group trip escorted by Castaways host couples, enjoyable for newcomers. Group trips are how you get the best rates and company (or not) to show you the ropes.

Owners James and Champagne have traveled to 125 countries and over 150 cruises in their careers. See adult properties below that our clients frequently request..oh yes:  we’ve been to every property listed many times.

Hidden Beach Resort near Cancun, Mexico: Naked Singles and nude couples are welcome at this adult, all-inclusive tropical hideaway, the first of its kind in Mexico. Everything, even dining, can be enjoyed clothed, topless, or nude. It’s your choice as nudity is not compulsory. Your pleasure, your way.

Grand Lido Negril Jamaica: Boasts the most refined rooms in any nude resort. This adult, all-inclusive destination is an upscale, tropical property. Sumptuous! Grand Lido is an excellent choice for nude adults looking for a new place to enjoy. Singles and couples are welcome.  Nudity is compulsory at the pool (but compliance may vary).

Couples Resorts Jamaica: Of the four all-inclusive Couples Resorts, three of them include separate nude beaches. You can hang out with other couples while being spoiled with the best all-inclusive program in Jamaica. No other couple-oriented resort chain offers so much fun at such a great value. At the three secluded nude venues available, you can expect nudity. The remainder of the resorts’ facilities require clothing or swimsuits.

Hedonism Jamaica: Hedonism is a famous all-inclusive beach resort, ideal for naked adult singles and nude couples. However, nudity is not compulsory except in one area: the nude pool/hot tub on the nude beach. You don’t need to worry or think about anything but having fun because everything, all meals, bar drinks, activities, entertainment, hotel taxes, and even tips, are included. Except for the public areas, restaurant, and main building, the resort is clothing-optional and lifestyle-friendly, but participation is not required nor expected.

Desire Resorts near Cancun, Mexico: Two all-inclusive Desire resorts are for adult couples only. Both tropical paradise resorts feature unique entertainment choices to fit any taste with alluring theme nights. Check the schedule for availability. Both destinations are clothing-optional at the pool, beach, and hot tub and lifestyle friendly. Nudity or participation is not compulsory. You can take your relationship to a new level while enjoying your lavish surroundings.

Temptation Resort, Cancun Hotel Zone: Although this a hopping, happening place,  it’s not nude althought it does welcome top free guests, a resort great for anyone, any age.  If you’re looking for action, this is the place at ground zero in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone. Singles, singles, and singles plus lots of couples: Yep, if you’re 21 or more, you will find what you’re looking for right here for young and young at heart folks. Non-stop action and entertainment will keep you rockin’ round the clock. The fabulous beach side pool offers something for everyone, including a vast topless pool, beach, and lounge area.

Nude singles and nude couples travel has never been more fun and liberating. No wonder adult travel popularity is growing! Explore your options for nude cruises, clothing-optional resorts, or tantalizing group trips with nude singles and nude couples who share your passions and enthusiasm for freedom.