Whether or not you are an experienced diver, snorkeling is the perfect activity if you want to admire the underwater beauty. Compared to scuba diving, which requires a lot of training before diving in the turquoise blue waters, snorkeling is great for all levels of experience if you know how to swim. If you want to swim naked – even better!

The main reason you should add to your list of vacation activities nude snorkeling is a sexy blast!. You will get access to the mesmerizing beauty of sea life that lies just underneath the surface of the water. Plus, you get to be naked in the water! We all look better without gravity! You get to be bare, see naked people too! It’s sexy fun.

Nude Snorkeling at Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico – known as the best nude resort in this hemisphere is arguably a great place to snorkel nude.

nude snorkeling in the tropics

The cool thing is you can snorkel nude at any nude beach that is safe and swimmable.
Here is a challenge for you.
Go snorkeling in at least two destinations in the next 12 months. Here is a shortlist of places to try out this great activity!
1. Hedonism Resort
2. Hidden Beach resort
3. Desire Resorts
4. Couples Resorts
5. A private swimming pool
6. A lake at night (if you dare)

There is very little equipment required. A mask, snorkel, and fins should do it.
You can do it anywhere and everywhere.

Please send us a trip report and pictures, and we will share your experience with the world!


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