Desire Resorts Comparison Trip Report

From K&K June 2012 and June 2013

Desire Resorts Comparison Trip Report

Here’s our Desire Resorts comparison trip report. We went to Desire Riviera Maya (RM) in 2012 and Desire Pearl (Pearl) in 2013. We were very happy with both resorts.  In general we do not sweat the small stuff and find enjoyment in most places. But here are some comparisons between the two…nothing a major problem though.

First, both resorts are very nice and offer a great environment for a clothing optional vacation. Both have amazing staffs that go out of their way to help. Both are close to Cancun airport with Pearl just a little further. Both had a great entertainment staff that was not overly pushy. You want a staff to pick up the fun but not “force” you into the fun…they hit the right mix.

Rooms: The rooms are nice at both but we probably give a nod to Pearl. We were in the cheapest room at both and the rooms were very nice. RM room had a much bigger shower that was really nice but no tub. Pearl’s room had a nice couch in the room and a tub. We would actually rather have the large shower than the tub, but that is us. The TV at Pearl had more channels and was bigger…not that we watched much TV, but the NBA finals were on:)

Pool: Nod again to Pearl only because there is a swim up bar. At RM you have to get out of the pool. But at RM you have Sylvia who is always ready to get you a great drink. We just like the swim up bar idea. Other than that, the pools at both are nice. Pearl’s pool extends along the length of the resort. Nice if you want to wonder in the pool, but not a dramatic benefit. Foam party at Pearl was just awesome.

Food: Kind of a tie here depending on what you want. We thought the individual food items were better at Pearl, but there was more choice at RM. We liked the buffet they had every night, but you could order something if you wanted. Pearl had a 4-star presentation quality for their food. We ate at Aphrodite mostly at Pearl and loved being able to sit outdoors near the ocean. At RM you eat inside…not as nice, but this is not a big deal. We did not eat at Pearl Restaurant at Pearl because we did not want to spend 1-2 hours eating. Heard it was great quality, but we wanted to eat outdoors and get through dinner.

Nightly Shows: RM wins here because they have a central area outside for their shows. We only made portions of a couple shows at Pearl because they were in the Disco. Seemed out of place. We made all the shows at RM. Pearl should try to do them in the lobby area maybe.

Playroom: RM is better here. It is much bigger and the “beds” give a sense of privacy. We never used the playroom at Pearl and did not see anyone go in. It is just a small room at Pearl.

Drinks/Bars: Top notch at both. Great booze choice. Would be nice if they had a “drink menu,” and a published drink of the day. It is nice to look at a list of specialty drinks and martinis and choose vice trying to remember something and tell the bartender how to make it. 

Hot tub: Pearl wins here. RM rooftop hot tub is neat but much smaller and the stairs are a bit dangerous. Pearl had snacks available at hot tub time after our first day there and that was awesome. You need a little food while drinking in the hot tub.

Beach: Beach was nice at both resorts, no real winner here. It is nice at Pearl that you can walk to Puerto Morales if you want.

Shopping: We do not like to go off resort so RM had local artisans come one night to sell their wares. This was great and Pearl did not have this so it was hard to get a keepsake for the trip. The resort-identity bracelet that you get at Pearl was nice and made a nice keepsake we still have the plastic band you get at RM.

Pool Chairs: Equal at both. This is the most annoying part of the resort experience. We don’t have a fix so we just deal with it by getting up early and getting a chair with the “chair guy” and then going back to bed. There are more than enough umbrellas to keep you shaded. RM had couch beds near the pool and that was neat…Pearl did not.

In the end we had a great time at both resorts and would go back to either in a heart beat. The people you are with make the experience more than the resort amenities. Both Pearl and RM are great resorts and offer a wonderful time to connect with the one you love. 

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