I can’t believe this would ever happen to me, but I embarked on my ultimate sexual fantasy by taking a nude cruise. Other fantasies came true as well, but more about that later.

My husband and I had always wanted to go on a cruise to a warm and sunny beach paradise. Our secret is we had always dreamed of taking a nude cruise. We love the idea of an all-over tan, but it’s the freedom that is most enticing. In our small town, we don’t have a place to explore this new fantasy. But all that changed when we took our first au naturel cruise. The cruise broadened our sensual horizons, taking us to places and pleasures beyond what was listed on the travel website!

I have to admit, we were nervous on our first night. We had yet to venture to special areas on the ship. A glass of wine seemed appropriate to toast our first night onboard while observing other couples enjoying themselves. We weren’t sure whether to look for other couples new to this adventure or for ones that seemed to be more….shall we say experienced. So, of course, we were delighted when this exotic and beautiful couple invited us to join them at their table. We knew when we signed up for this cruise, that an entire “menu” of other choices was ours to try if we dared. 

As we enjoyed a glorious view out the porthole of the lounge at the moon-lit ocean, we had an even better one before us. Tabitha was a stunning Eurasian beauty with big expressive eyes and long, lean legs, and Michael was the dreamy Latin lover type. Tom and I looked at each other in silent agreement, allowing each other to enjoy this flirtation. 

The conversation touched on my teaching vocation and Tom’s career as a lawyer. I inquired what Tabitha and Michael did. He was an erotic painter; she a clothing designer. They each had a devoted following, finding new friends each time they enjoyed a nude cruise. 

A drink led to dinner. Dinner led to an invitation. “We would like to show you our art,” Michael said. With that, they invited us to their cabin for a nightcap at 10 that evening. Tom knew it had to be my choice. He turned and looked at me. When I said, “Yes,” his eyes lit up with pleasure. 

Tom and I talked before the cruise about what we might do when we met couples, at least in theory. But now that we were thinking about taking a step into some kind of sexual play with other people, it seems exciting and a little frightening at the same time. Neither of us been with anyone else in our 20 years of marriage – it was a big step. Tom assured me that I was in charge. “What happens is up to you, Mary. I love you and want this to be your fantasy. We will leave at any time you want. You have only to say the word” Tom said. 

As we got to Michael and Tabitha’s cabin, I felt this strange and wonderful sense of empowerment and freedom. At the same time, the bond with my husband was the strongest I’d ever experienced. 

When Michael greeted us at the door of their tastefully decorated cabin, I noticed that he was an inch or two taller than my 6’2″ silver fox of a husband. I’ve always been turned on by tall men, which could be because opposites attract. As a 5’3″, curvy, blond, I enjoy the evidence of male power. Michael gave me a hug that lifted me off my feet and gave Tom a hearty back-slap. Tabitha sauntered over and bestowed warm kisses for each of us. Both wore short, terry cloth robes.

Tabitha invited us to get comfortable on the sofa, while Michael poured a delightful, light Pinot Noir. Romantic music played softly in the background. We enjoyed the conversation and the atmosphere is charged with sensual vibes. Tabitha read an original poem called “The Big Bang,” a metaphor about the vital power of creation and orgasmic pleasure. Michael shared photos of his erotic paintings. I was aroused, and from the look in my husband’s eyes, I could see he was too. 

It was Michael who cast the next spell. “I was wondering if you would like to explore the next step?” he asked me. “Yes, please!” Tom and I replied in tandem. Tabitha stood, pulled open her robe, and I heard Tom inhale. Her lithe body made her round, high breasts look even more voluptuous in contrast; her erect nipples were graced with silver nipple rings. Letter her robe slide to the ground, she invited us to examine her clitoral hood piercing. She was perfectly smooth down there. Her natural juices and a light coating of coconut oil that she had rubbed on her labia made her pussy looked like a succulent tropical fruit. The vision was highlighted by the garnet gemstone piercing that shone and twinkled. Tom was mesmerized. 

“Magnificent!” I gasped to my own surprise. Looking at Tabitha, I could see why men were mesmerized by women. Michael now dropped his robe, displaying a broad chest and well-endowed loins. He, too, had silver nipple rings and sported an erection that emphasized the girth and length of his manhood. Tabitha purred seductively, “Who’s ready to really cruise?”

Michael stepped forward. He asked my permission to unzip my sundress. “Yes!” I said, as his tongue entered my mouth. From my sudden intake of breath and my hard nipples, he knew I was aroused. I heard Tom let out a low moan as his hands caressed Tabitha’s beautiful breasts. 

Tom and I exchanged a nod and gave each other permission to let the senstions sweep us away. As I stepped out of my lace panties, Michael’s fingers slowly trailed down my stomach and slid between my thighs. “Oh, Mary!” Michael sighed as my wetness covered his hand. The world stopped as my first orgasm rocked me, making me collapse into Micheal’s arms. 

Tom and I joined hands and moved toward the bed and begin the journey to the “Big Bang” of the orgasmic delight.