Caribbean Nude Beaches

Caribbean nude beachesThings can sometimes get a little hot in the Caribbean Nude Beaches. And this is not about the spicy food or warm weather. There are several ‘Rated R’ beaches located on various islands in the Caribbean tucked away for the vacationer who wants a more daring experience.

If you are a person looking to add a little more excitement to your next vacation, maybe you should consider one of the following clothing-optional beaches.

St. Martin’s Orient Bay Beach
Orient Bay Beach is located on the south coast of French St. Martin and visitors to the beach have the option of enjoying the beach without clothes. It is also home to the well-known nude resort, Club Orient.

At Club Orient, vacationers can enjoy the resort’s water sports center, swimming pools, restaurants, and yoga classes while nude. The Bikini Beach Bar is a favorite among visitors as is the freshly reopened Kontiki Bar.

Orient Bay Beach boasts white sandy beaches that stretch two miles long. The sea bottom is sloped and a reef protects the beach from crashing Atlantic waves. Beachgoers also have the option of enjoying sailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and paragliding.

St. Barth’s Saline & Anse du Gouverneur
These beaches are located on the southern end of St. Barth and stand side by side. The beaches are a favorite of travelers from Europe. It is quite normal to sunbathe and bodysurf in the nude on the beaches of Saline and Anse du Gouverneur so you do not have to worry about stares from anyone if you choose to enjoy these activities.

Travelers can expect a quiet beach environment and should bring their chairs, towels, snacks, and other things they may need. Beachgoers should also note these Caribbean nude beaches provide very little shade, contain no snack bars, and do not have restrooms.

While the absence of certain features might be a turnoff, this is more than offset by the stunning beaches of Saline and Anse du Gouverneur. The crystal-clear water is a sight to behold.

Expert travelers recommend a jeep to explore the island of St. Barth. The island is small so there is not much risk of getting lost while driving. The Eden Rock Hotel is a favorite on the island

Antigua’s Hawksbill Bay
Hawksbill Bay is the site of the only nude beach in Antigua. Different parts of the beach offer different attractions and one part of the beach is dedicated to naturists. The amenities are few but the beach offers an abundance of tranquility and a breathtaking view of the water.

Hawksbill Bay is a great place for individuals new to the nudist experience because it is never heavily populated and the staff is polite and relaxed. The nude beach is on the property of the Hawksbill Bay by Rex Resorts. The adult-only resort is also home to three other beaches with white sand.

The resort features ocean-view bungalows, and a restaurant on-site, and visitors can purchase all-inclusive packages.

Jamaica’s Couples Tower Isle In Ocho Rios
This private hideaway is located approximately 100 miles off the coast of Jamaica and is a favorite of many naturists. Visitors to the island are carried by boat. Once a visitor is off the boat there is a clothing-optional pool and cabana bar, as well as, a nude beach for their enjoyment.

Many A-list celebrities in Hollywood frequented Couples Tower Isle in the 1950s. The island is favored for its ability to combine the laid-back charm of the Caribbean and a high level of sophistication.

There are areas of the island and resort where clothing is required so visitors should remain conscious of this fact.

Snorkeling is a favorite activity at Couples Tower Isle.

Jamaica’s Seven Mile Beach in Negril
Negril is known for being a laid-back place to visit and this has been extended to Seven Mile Beach, a popular nude beach in the Caribbean. Topless sunbathing is common on the beaches but total nudity is most often seen at the many private establishments on Seven Mile Beach.

The Hedonism Resort and Gran Lido Negril are two of the most popular of these establishments.

Grand Lido Negril

This fabulous resort destination is a perfect match for beginning nudists. The bar is located directly on the water and has a private nude beach. Guests are afforded a private experience that comes complete with premium suites, ocean views, and butler service.

The resort has a Reggae bar and grill for visitors to enjoy and an au naturel pool that can only be accessed by guests.

Negril is a great place to visit for foodies but be sure to get dressed before leaving the resort and exploring food options.

Jamaica’s Booby Cay Island In Negril
This islet is the perfect selection for the traveler looking for a nude beach in the Caribbean that offers a secluded atmosphere. There will be no disturbances from large crowds or busy resorts when vacationing in Booby Cay Island.

The island is named for the booby birds that nest there. The locals refer to Booby Cay as Gilligan’s Island. The island can be accessed in a matter of minutes by taking a ferry or water taxi from Negril.

There are few amenities on the islet but this is no major problem since a world-class eating experience is not far away in Negril.

While Hedonism is technically for swingers, its private nude beach in Mexico is where singles and couples cut loose. There are plenty of opportunities to let your wild side out at this clothing-optional, body-positive resort.
This all-inclusive resort allows guests to live out their wildest fantasies. The Romping Shop is a sex shop that sells bondage accessories and sex toys. Most couples will feel more comfortable at Hedo’s quieter end, which has a jacuzzi and a swim-up bar.
This all-inclusive, couples-only resort will take you back in time. This resort is located on Tower Isle, which is a rocky island with panoramic views of the ocean. This private property features island cuisine, a private nude beach, a swim-up bar, and private cabanas with hammocks. This resort is known for its intoxicating body treatments and massage therapies.
If you want the ultimate experience, take a dip in the Buddha plunge pool. For an incredible experience, enjoy the airy, bright, and intimate villas that come with private terraces, plunge pools, and unlimited spa treatments.
Sandals Royal Bahamian
This resort located in Nassau brings luxury to your room. You’ll experience dreamy amenities such as a four-poster king-sized bed inside this swim-up suite. It also has a deep soaking tub complete with a rain showerhead.
It’s also situated close to its 14 sister hotels such as the Sandals Royal Bahamian, which is an all-inclusive, couples-only resort. If you want to escape your room, there are bars and dining options at 10 of its venues and restaurants.

Safety And Etiquette Tips

The freedom of expression you will feel going au naturel on Caribbean nude beaches is unlike anything you will experience in your day-to-day life. However, it is important to remember a few important safety tips when enjoying a nude beach in the Caribbean.

  • Always make sure you are comfortable before undressing at a clothing-optional beach. Look the beach up online if you have questions and remain clothed until you look around a little.
  • Do not point, stare, or giggle at other beachgoers. Seeing people sunbathe in the nude may take a little getting used to but exercise self-control.
  • Never take photos of other beachgoers without asking first. Photos are prohibited on many nude beaches.
  • Remember that some areas on nudist beaches require clothing. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings.
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen.

The Bottom Line

The nude beaches of the Caribbean are a favorite among travelers who enjoy nudist environments. Each of these beaches provides a different experience for travelers so a little research is necessary to make sure you choose the right beach for you.

The six beaches above are favorites among visitors to nude beaches in the Caribbean.

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