Castaways Travel Commemorates the 31st Anniversary Of Nude Entertainment Week July 10th – 16th

America has a long and colorful history of nude sunbathing and swimming. Some of the more well-known early nudists were Presidents George Washington and John Quincy Adams, reputed to be the president with the highest IQ. It’s historic. It’s smart. Even founding fathers were doing it!

This July 10th to the 16th, celebrate the 31st anniversary of Nude Recreation Week. The American Association for Nude Recreation is one of the significant sponsors. This week’s function is to notify and inform individuals about all the enjoyable things they are missing out on by not taking naked getaways.

But before going on to all the trends and places to know about if you want to try an au natural experience, here are The Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Nude Entertainment Week and beyond:

  1. Saves wear and tear on your swimsuit, swim nekkid
  2. No one notices if you have makeup on or if your hair is perfect
  3. No tan lines 
  4. Get your daily dose of Vit D (quickly) and more Vit Sea
  5. (Seriously now) The sense of incredible freedom
  6. Reduces your clothing budget by a lot
  7. Get your exercise walking around the house nude.  But the police might show up, so do it inside 🤣
  8. (Seriously now) There are scientific reasons that being naked is healthy
  9. You’ll make a whole new bunch of like-minded friends
  10. People that enjoy being au natural come in all shapes, sizes, and ages so go for it!

According to a recent Wall Street Journal short article, naked entertainment is one of the fastest-growing sections of the travel market.

Naked tourists now have options such as cruises (on such lines as Holland America, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean sponsored by Castaways and Bliss Cruises), high-end resorts like our favorites, the newly remodeled Hedonism in Jamaica and Desire on the Riviera Maya, as well as rural camping areas and clubs.

As can be anticipated, the most fashionable clothing-optional resorts lie in warm parts of the globe. Most significantly, Florida, Jamaica, and the Riviera Maya.

The most famous nude beach in Florida has to be Haulover Beach.  We have a whole article on this “hot” spot.

In The Mexican Riviera, the famous place is The Hidden Beach Clothing Optional Resort and Spa. Sunny Cancun is a popular nudist destination as it has the very best weather in Mexico. 

Hidden Beach’s appeal is likewise due to their accommodating couples attempting naked sunbathing for the very first time. They don’t need subscriptions or compulsory instant nudity like lots of nudist resorts. If they so wanted, a very first timer might initially wear a bathing match or beach wrap. Guests from around the globe stay with them.

Mary Jones, a frequent visitor, says, “ladies are more frightened by nude sunbathing at first; however, they ultimately enjoy it because they like the sense of flexibility. You do not have to worry about how you will look in a swimsuit as you aren’t using one. Some women fidget the first time they come here and will go partially nude sunbathing initially.

Normally, after perhaps 30 minutes, they feel comfortable and will disrobe just like everybody else. Because of our safe environment, visitors almost always ends up naked sunbathing here. Women appreciate it that we believe in their sensations and well being and enable them to go naked sunbathing!” This method of enabling females to feel comfy is beneficial. Hidden Beach has one of the highest repeat guest rates in the travel market.

Naked recreation week reminds individuals that you do not have to opt for the same old dull chain hotel getaways this year. There are enjoyable locations where you can relax and feel complimentary. Isn’t it time for a new, exciting, fun vacation? Provide a clothes-optional resort a call. Celebrate Nude Recreation Week this year – the way it should be – in your birthday suit. Pack light, this is the year all of your buddies will want to hear about your trip. You will be grateful that you went.

The American Association for Nude Recreation is one of the significant sponsors. According to a current Wall Street Journal post, naked entertainment is one of the fastest-growing sections of the travel market. Nude Entertainment Week is to remind individuals that you do not have to settle for the same old boring chain hotel getaways this year. Commemorate Nude Recreation Week this year in your birthday suit.

If you are a “victim” of claustrophobia from too much time indoors, your skin has lost its sunbaked sparkle or it’s past time to get your birthday suit out for a spin, give us a shout, and we’ll get you there! With resorts opening July 1st there are good deals and still time to book if you hurry. 

Key Takeaway: Being nude is fun, freeing, and good for your health. Why just one week a year? Let’s celebrate all year long!

PS:  If you are looking for more “vanilla travel,” with the family, check out our sister agency Fox Travel! Same fun owners, different travel options.

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