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Greetings, travel enthusiasts! I want to introduce you to the alluring world of Desire Resorts Adult Luxury.

Situated near the picturesque Cancun, Mexico, these two adults-only resorts promise an irresistible blend of luxury, privacy, and sensual adventures for modern couples.

You can dive into Desire’s world-class offerings and find the perfect setting for your next adult-only retreat.

Both Desire Resorts are nestled along the pristine Riviera Maya, merely 20-30 minutes from Cancun International Airport and a world away from the ordinary.

  1. Desire Riviera Maya: Revel in 114 rooms and suites, with a brand-new annex, “The Eden,” boasting 42 all-suite accommodations.
  2. Desire Riviera Maya Pearl: Delight in 88 ocean-view rooms and suites, and the exclusive Desire Mansion features 12 luxury suites and two premium oceanfront Desire Suites.

Experience Desire Resorts Adult Luxury:

  • Daytime Pleasures: Choose a clothing-optional pool, a tempting hot tub, and an inviting beach club. Bask under the Caribbean sun or take a leisurely dip.
  • Nighttime Indulgences: Engage in sophisticated dining, electrifying club nights, or seek intimate adventures in our private playrooms. Every evening, from DJs to sultry shows, promises a new delight at Desire Resorts adult luxury destination.

Delights Await at Desire:

  • Relish in themed nightly parties, each with its mischievous flair.
  • A gourmet gastronomic journey with our multiple dining options. From the contemporary offerings of El Arrecife to the sumptuous Mediterranean dishes at Pearl. Enjoy 24-hour room service for intimate moments.
  • Experience invigorating spa treatments with special couples’ packages at Desire Resort Spa Riviera Maya couples


  • Minimum Age Requirement: At least 21 years for both partners.
  • All-Inclusive: Absolutely! Enjoy unlimited food, drinks, on-site entertainment, and use of the resort’s amenities. (Certain exclusions apply)
  • Participation Policy: Activities like nudity or lifestyle encounters are a personal choice.
  • Connectivity: Stay connected with our complimentary Wi-Fi across both resorts.
  • Day Passes: Sorry, they are reserved exclusively for our overnight guests.
  • Event Age Restrictions: Open to guests aged 21 and above. 
  • Smoking Policy: Smoking is restricted to designated areas and prohibited in public spaces and guest rooms.
  • Additional Activities: For an extra charge, indulge in golf, scuba diving, off-site entertainment, and more, available at the resorts’ tour desks.
  • Best way to book: Contact Castaways Travel for the best rates and experienced insights to Desire Resorts the Desire Riviera Maya.

Getting Here: Flying to Cancun is the easiest route, with a swift transfer taking you straight to your Desire destination. Our partners at Lomas Travel offer reliable shuttle services right from the airport. For a seamless travel experience, the Castaways team is at your service to arrange a shuttle or private limo transfer.

Embark on a journey, and experience a sensual world crafted to ignite passions and fantasies. With impeccable service and attention to every lavish detail, Desire Resorts adult luxury promises an unforgettable retreat. Dive into luxury, dive into Desire.

Unveiling Desires: Emma and Alex and A Tale of Rediscovery

Emma and Alex had been together for a decade, and in that time, they’d traveled across continents, experienced countless adventures, and faced numerous challenges. The beautiful tapestry of their relationship reflects memories of laughter, tears, and countless stories.

Yet, lately, they’d felt a certain monotony seep into their lives: work, home, sleep. The cycle repeated endlessly. Their conversations about breaking the routine always circled back to one topic they’d discussed but had yet to venture into exploring the world of swinging. Curiosity had piqued, but they’d never taken the plunge.

During one of their evening chats, Alex stumbled upon and discovered Desire Resorts. The pristine beaches, luxurious accommodations, and tantalizing descriptions intrigued them both. Emma’s eyes twinkled with mischief, “What if this is our next adventure?”

A month later, their bags packed with excitement and nervous energy, Emma and Alex landed in Cancun. The journey from the airport to Desire Resorts was a blur, but as they stepped into their room, they appreciated its elegance and intimacy. It was the perfect setting for their new adventure.

The first day was about exploring. They wandered around the resort, hand in hand, visiting the restaurants, pools, and private beaches. They saw couples enjoying themselves freely, devoid of judgment, everywhere they looked.

That evening, they attended a themed party. Dressed to impress, they danced the night away. The atmosphere was electrifying, filled with laughter, music, and a palpable sense of freedom. As they mingled, they met Isabella and Lucas, a captivating couple from Spain. The chemistry was instant, and the conversations flowed effortlessly. It felt like they had known them forever.

With Isabella and Lucas, Emma and Alex embarked on a journey of rediscovery. They shared stories and dreams and slowly began to explore the boundaries they had set for themselves. The resort became a backdrop for their unfolding adventure. From sun-soaked afternoons by the pool to passionate evenings under the starry sky, every moment was an exploration of trust, boundaries, and desires.

Emma and Alex realized it wasn’t just about swinging. It was about connecting deeply, not only with others but with each other. They felt their bond strengthen, conversations deepen, and their love renewed. Desire Resorts became a sanctuary where they could be their true selves.

As their trip neared, they sat by the beach, watching the sun dip below the horizon. Alex whispered, “This has been transformative.” Emma nodded, squeezing his hand, “It’s been about uncovering layers, understanding our desires, and connecting on a level we never knew existed.”

They returned home with lifelong memories and a renewed zest for life. The experience at Desire Resorts was not just about exploring the lifestyle but rediscovering themselves and their love for each other.

And while life resumed its usual pace, the memories of their time at Desire remained, reminding them always of the depths of their love and the limitless horizons of their desires.

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