My nude beach fantasy. There’s something sensual and erotic about sunbathing in the nude. The sensation of the warmth of the sun on your skin feels like being caressed by nature itself. Nude beach sunbathing isn’t about avoiding tan lines or exhibitionism. It’s about communing with nature in the most intimate way possible.

The sun on your skin in a beautiful tropical setting just feels right and natural. It feels like this is the way we were meant to experience earth’s delights. From the sand tickling your toes to the feeling of the entire body unencumbered by straps, waistbands, and drawstrings, it’s the most freeing experience.

This is why nude beaches are so popular. This is why millions of people throng to them. To experience the wind and the surf in an environment that feels itself like a second skin.

Nude Beaches are found in the coolest of destinations

Haulover Beach, Miami

Naked beaches are dotted around the world. There’s certainly one near you, or near your vacation destination. Haulover Beach in Miami is situated on 99 acres in the metro Miami, immediately north of Bal Harbour. This relaxing beach is like a world away from the bustling nightlife of Miami. This is where die-hard nudists and others come to relax and get away from the trappings of fashion.

Hedonism Resort, Jamaica

Hedonism in Jamaica is a clothing optional beach where you can go topless, fully nude or wear really anything you like. It’s located in Negril, Jamaica and comprises a full-service resort where you can be pampered with massages, spa treatments or just your partner.

Desire Resorts, Cancun Mexico

Another popular nude beach destination is Desire in Mexico, where the nude body is appreciated in all its forms. Here, you don’t need to worry about what you look like. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone’s bodies are beautiful in their own way, as nudists will tell you.

Bliss Cruises, The Carribean

There are also cruises that will take you to a nude beach, such as Bliss Lifestyle Cruises. If you have a traveling partner, great, but don’t let that deter you from this wonderful adventure. You’ll find a ship full of open-minded people who are up for non-judgmental fun.

nude beach peekThe Joy of Nude Beaches

Of course, nude beaches aren’t just for solo meditation and dozing off on a beach towel. It’s downright fun to watch others as they enjoy the freedoms of nude beaches. Some of the people will be full-on nudists, while others might be first-timers simply trying out the lifestyle.

Whatever the reason, everyone’s welcome. For a completely inclusive experience, you can’t get any better than a nude beach.

We know how to get naked on a great destination beach!  We have been to hundreds of them all over the world.  Castaways Travel is eager to help you find you fantasy nude beach.  We love it.

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