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Cap d'Agde Trip Reports

 The following trip reports have been submitted by our friends and clients.  If you have recently visited Cap d'Agde, we need your trip reports. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

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May 2021  - A & F couple, repeat visitors

Cap d Agde has become our favorite travel destination. It’s the perfect combination of naked, naughty and French Riviera pleasure. It’s often referred to as a “resort” but it’s really an entire nudist town with a very vibrant lifestyle vibe.

We usually go during the busy season of July and August. Accommodations are more expensive and Cap is more crowded but we prefer the busier vibe. There are hundreds of options for lodging. Camping, hotels, weekly time-shares from fairly basic to fairly luxurious. Our preference is Jardin de Eden. It’s a hotel in the center of Cap with 65 apartments.

All rooms surround a private pool. The rooms are spacious and comfortable but the location and sexy pool atmosphere are the real draw. Eden attracts a more upscale clientele and you’ll meet people from all over the world. France, Spain, US, Great Britain, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Austria. There are plenty of comfy beds around the pool with large umbrellas to escape the sun. PDAs are very common throughout the day. There is also a hot tub that gets a fair amount of use.

There is a covered eating area where Eden serves breakfast or you can order meals throughout the day. There is a bar and staff to take drink orders from your beach bed. Eden occasionally does evening events and there are pool parties in conjunction with their sister property Hotel Babylon. The pool parties are free for guests but anyone in Cap can attend for a fee. The pool parties are a high-energy erotic mix of dancing, drinking and sexy fun.

Cap d Agde is along the Mediterranean. There is a  1 1/2 mile long beach that is ideal for sunbathing, people watching or a naked stroll. There are 3 restaurants along the beach for lunch or a drink. Some sections of the beach are used by families and there is also a more Libertine section of the beach where pretty much anything goes.  Each of these restaurants rents beach chairs by the day or week. Supposedly, a hot summer weekend will draw 40K+ people to the beach.

Our favorite activity at Cap d Agde is without question, the Foam Party at the Glamour Club. It takes place daily at 2:00 and it regularly attracts a couple hundred naked couples. Check all your clothing at the door except for a towel and join the fun. There is a bar, a small pool, a number of beds including some reserved beds. But the main attraction is the section where foam is dropped from above onto a room full of naked slippery people.

You can squirm your way right into the middle of the fun or if you prefer a less full-contact experience you and your partner can hang out off to the side. Afterwards, head out with your new friends for some after-foam fun on one of the beds.

The possibilities for nighttime fun are too many to list. There are a number of bars for a pre-dinner drink. Our favorite is the Waiki which is also a restaurant. The bar is up high, overlooking one of the main areas near the restaurants and shops of Port Nature. Order a Kir and enjoy some of the finest people watching imaginable.

At night, people dress up, especially the women. You’ll see all manner of fetish, see-through, lingerie and a few outfits I’m not sure how to describe. There are no set themes at Cap d Agde. Different groups attending may do their own themes. Our favorite personal theme is “Leave Your Hat On” in honor of the Joe Cocker song of the same name. We have our pre-dinner drink with the Mrs wearing only a hat and high heels.

There are a huge variety of restaurants to choose from scattered all over the naturist quarter. Very traditional French cuisine including a few along the water’s edge, some excellent Italian restaurants, Pizza, Tapas, Asian, and a few take-out restaurants. Most of the accommodations have a kitchenette but after 7 trips, I don’t recall ever cooking our own meal. 

During the day, the entire area is pretty much a naked city. If you’ve ever wanted to buy groceries naked or bike ride naked this is the place to do it. There are a number of grocery stores, cafes, bakeries, a hardware store and quite a few clothing/fetish shops. No clothing required anywhere. At night, things become much more adult and erotic.

The sexy and fetish outfits come out and after dinner people head to any of the probably 15+ bars or clubs plus a BDSM club and a sauna club. The BDSM club is Club Oscure. It has a strict dress code and 4 or 5 rooms with various BDSM equipment. The sauna club is essentially a large playroom. Check all your clothes at the door. There is a bar, hot tub, showers, some larger beds for group play or smaller little cubbies for more private fun.

There are 2 sections to the club. One is couples-only and the other allows singles. Couples can use either section but singles can’t. Club Glamour is a large, more traditional lifestyle club. There are multiple bars, dance floors, play areas, multiple levels, etc. It gets loud and it gets busy and it’s not uncommon to see PDAs happening virtually anywhere. Melrose is another popular and busy bar with a large dance area and the occasional naked dancer up on the bar.

One of the things we like best about Cap d Agde is meeting people from all over the world. The majority are from France but many other countries are represented. Because of this, there is a fair amount of English spoken but my advice is to learn a bit of French. Learn the numbers, days of the week and as much as you can about the restaurant experience.

Most of the menus are in French only but the experience will feel more authentic if you can speak a bit of the language. The staff won’t mind your mistakes and they’ll appreciate that you made an effort to learn the language and the customs of the French.

For us, there aren’t many negatives. We generally are fairly active when we go to places like Hedo II. We enjoy tennis, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, the exercise room, etc. There are not as many options for these types of activities at Cap. There are some rentals of water sports equipment on the beach and one of the hotels does have a decent gym that can be used on a day pass. The water temps are much cooler than in the Caribbean though later in August the water is warmer.

Getting to Cap d Agde is fairly easy. We generally fly into Paris then to Montpellier but we’ve also flown to Nice or Toulouse. There is SO much to see and do in the south of France it’s worth giving yourself a few extra days to explore the old medieval cities, wineries, Roman sites, etc. We rent a car as the driving is easy in this area and there is generally enough parking in Cap d Agde. If you’ve ever wanted to drive naked… well, you get the idea by now..

June 2016 - A Houston couple

Cap itself is very, very different from our first visit back in 2011. The rest of Europe has dwindled away with French locals
replacing them. I would estimate that at least 80 to 90% of the cars we saw had 34 on their license plates, indicating the local
region or department.

We stayed at Heliopolis again (our 4th time) because of its unique people watching vantage point. Most of the people in Port Ambonne and Port Nature pass by going to or from the beach or the restaurants and shops. Out of curiosity, I kept track of whether the women were dressed or naked from noon to about 2pm.

With a total of about 200 women (I didn't try to keep track of the men) in three categories, about 25% were totally naked, about 17% partially covered but with their lower half showing, and the rest with some appropriate beach wear for any public beach in the U.S.but most looked like they were on the way to a Walmart.

Although the beach is still 90% nude, you shouldn't be surprised to see 21 year old guys wearing regular bathing suits walking up and down the beach to gawk at the naked women. Once you leave the trail to the beach and back to go to shops and restaurants, you'll find it has has morphed from the "Naked City" to "The City Where You Won't Get Trouble Being Naked."

Summer  2013

A few comments from one of our clients about Heliopolis and our comments added.

1) No public parking lot on site. Be sure to advise your guests if they come by car to ask an apartment with a parking lot available. (NOTE: This applies primarily to Heliopolis)

2) No public pool on site. (NOTE: Some hotels have pools but not the apartment complexes)

3) No free Wi-Fi in apartments and on site. Available with $$ in hôtels, bars or restaurants. (NOTE: Many bistros and bars offer WiFi with a drink or coffee. Ask when you visit the bar or restaurant)

4) Buildings and apartments were old and need rénovations. (NOTE: Each unit in Heliopolis is owned by a different individual. There is a variety of decorations that varies from one condo/apartment to the next.June 2013 - pierrot13

NATURISM PARADISE: We have gone to Cap d'Agde, France, for 5 days in june 2013 at Heliopolis in the naturist village. Appartment was old but well located, few meters from the beach and commercial centers. The beach is awesome, very large, fine grey sand and 2 KM long for the naturist section. We can live au naturel on the entire site of the naturist village with a lot of shops, restaurants, hotels, groceries, night clubs ,marina, and all you need on site.

It's an incredible experience, the only one in the world. One exception: no public pool on site. Parking on site is difficult. Be sure for availability of parking lot when you book your room if you have a car.

NOTE: Castaways can arrange accommodations with car park capabilities if you decide to drive from Montpellier or Barcelona, the closest major airports.

Aug 2012 - R&J

Our stay at the Cap was wonderful. Thank you for arranging this wonderful vacation for us. The rooms at Babylone are very nice although the beds are overly firm, that is hard. The pool area is great and the staff goes out of its way to be of assistance. We are seriously considering returning next summer, 2013.

We did not take any pictures as it was discouraged. It was unlike anything we have ever experienced, and we loved it. Staying an entire week was perfect, and we're glad we didn't limit our stay as originally planned. R & J Castaways Clients

July 2010 (tour group), May 2012 (drive trip) and July 2014 (cruise) - James & Champagne

During a fabulous voyage from Barcelona to Nice, France on the Windstar ship July 2012, we anchored for two days and a night at Cap d'Agde, France, home to a reported 35,000 nude folks during the summer....and all of them seemed to be there at once in August, the traditional vacation month for Europeans.

Resort guests typically stay in several residence buildings throughout the project in the "naturisme" zone. Cap d'Agde is actually a huge real estate development, about 15 minutes from the village of Agde, France, about 3-4 hours by car from Barcelona in the southeast corner of France on the Mediterranean.

The Cap d'Agde real estate development is quite large; but the "naturisme" section is only a small part of the overall project which includes permanent villas, condominiums, restaurants, bars, bistros, markets, bakeries and services for most everything you need on vacation. There's also a huge nude camp ground within the "naturisme" zone.

The beach itself provides its own entertainment with several different parts attracting its share of characters including informal sections for families, gay, lesbian, adults...all with alternate choices of recreation. The beach zone runs for about 2 miles.

Most of the rental units and apartments are individually owned and rented separately in several guest buildings located in the "naturisme" zone. Guest buildings have been there since the 1970's with a few new additions over the years. Within the past few years, new hotels have been built which provide more modern and updated accommodations for the upscale nude travelers. We visited all of them.

About six (6) "adult" night clubs are located within the zone as well as numerous bistros, bars, restaurants and beach clubs. Some target the hedonistic clientèle and others cater to upscale nudist guests. Hotel Eve has been there for years but the new properties eclipse the older hotel.

The newest adult hotels include Le Jardin d'Eden, Natureva, Oz and Les Jardis Du Babylone with a couple more in the works. Eden and Babylon target hedonistic clients and Natureva targets nudists. A highlight of a visit to Glamour, an adult club adjacent to Jardin d'Eden is the foam party from about 2 PM to 5 PM daily.

The season for Cap d'Agde extends from about mid April to mid October. Castaways has affiliates and access to rentals, sales and airport/train transfers there. The closest airport is about 45 minutes away in Monpelier.

The closest trains station is about 10 minutes away in Adge and connects in Montpelier nearby for rapid TGV service several times a day to the Paris De Gaulle international airport and to Barcelona. See lots more info., details and photos in the Castaways pages for: Cap d'Agde, France.

You have to go and see it to believe it.....there's nothing like it anywhere in the world. 

July 2012 - jerolim

What a great place. When we first got there we were a little nervous, but by the end of the first day it was awesome. The pool, the beach and the foam party.....all fantastic. When you go to the beach, (facing the water) walk left as far as you can and the action is wilder. While sitting on the beach, it is not unusual to see couples pleasing each other.

If you want a tamer part of the beach, don't walk so far down (Stay closer to the main beach where families visit). The hotel pool had action all day, mostly couples, but another great scene. Very few Americans. The ladies wore heels and wraps to the pool which was sexy, but then were completely naked at the pool.

The hotel was fine, it is not a 5 star resort, we didn't get any new towels nor have the room cleaned in 3 days, but we still loved the place and can't wait to go back. The staff was friendly and helpful. The foam party at Club Glamour (next door) was the best. From 2p-7p each day it is just a wild must be totally naked to go in and there anything goes....just wow.

June 2012 - Peter

The clothing optional resort Cap dÁgde in France is one of the biggest naturist resorts in Europe. We met severel people from all over the world. In the months: july, august. The vilage is completly packed. Also on the beach there are many foreign people. At the end of august the Harley Davidson club visits the naturist village.( If you want we will send you photo's from this event) In the resort are a few good hotels. And also in the village are good restaurants.

Many nightclubs are open till 6 a.m in the morning. In the evening a lot of woman are dressed in sexy outfits. It is funny to see how people like these outfits. So it is a good place to be in summer. Mostly the weather is also good as well in the evening. So you can be naked the whole time if you wish. Peter [email protected]

May 2012 - nandini

NATURIST EXPERIENCE AT CAP D AGDE (FIRST PART) I have just returned from my first time naturist experience at Cap D'agde as a single woman ,What an experience. The weather was pretty hot with occasional breeze with chilly evenings . Lots of confusion generated in my mind about naturist as a single woman, first timer and its safety At one point I thought of enjoying holiday in a fully clothed way and give up my naturist lifestyle and return back as I was belonged to conservative family where nudity in public place against the rule by our tradition.

The place was reached from Paris to Agde by TVG about 4 hours journey, and Cap d Agde by taxi about 20 EURO , hotel by 5 PM after paying naturist village entry tax.I have to pull my luggage a distance from taxi to hotel with submissive , shyness, and lots of anxiety in mind.

At hotel desk I got a very co-operative lady explained me everything about the rules of naturist village. Hotel was was just incredible, a true naturist area, quite clean spacious for a single occupancy and served only breakfast.

I thought of coming outside of hotel to fill my stomach and came out with full dresses. I saw few naked men and couple at a distance, the woman looked at me with repulsive attire .I fed my stomach and return back . Next morning I was soo embarrassed to go out fully naked to maintain the rule of the village.I walked out naked from bathroom and looked in full size mirrior from different corners. No... Let me enjoy naturism , I had to go out of room naked.

First let me adjust within the hotel itself. I tried to come naked to the corridor several times. Finally I came out naked with much inhibition and saw a male fully naked coming out just opposite to my room. It was a memorable experience to me.

I enjoyed the breakfast naked by the swimming pool with so many naturist surrounding me. Breakfast was excellent and fair prices too. being a single , was not able to experience the clubs/saunas etc.etc. When I got there, and at the same time managed to do a lot without clothes including shopping, breakfast, relaxing poolside or on the beach. On a whole, it was the best time for me. Nandini

August 2011 - J.J

Just back from Cap d'Agde. Stayed at Le Jardin d'Edin, the Best Located, nicest (and expensive) lifestyle timeshare hotel. The most important recommendation I can make is to use the taxi service provided by 'melshags 'The typical taxi will drop kick you at the development's gated entry, leaving you lost with your luggage.... a very rough way to start your trip!

Daytime: men:wraps& nothing Women: Bling & see through
Nightime men: Clubshirt, black pants/shoes Women: Bling & see through (no pants permitted in clubs!!!)

Castaways Note: If you arrange transfers from Castaways from Agde train station or Montepellier airport or train station, private transfers are arranged which deliver you right to your apartment building.

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