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Our website is not only so we can tell you about all of the fun that you can have on a clothing optional vacation... it's also for you to tell us about your experiences in words and or photos. Your contributions can be the best help for an undecided traveler making a decision where to go. It's easy... just fill out the form below to submit the text of your report, then use the email link to send along your photos.

 READ THIS FIRST - Trip Report & Photo Submission & Use Policy


We reserve the right to edit your report, or not use it at all. In the event that we choose to edit the report we will send you the edited version for your approval prior to posting. (We usually only edit for spelling, grammar, length, and organization) While we want you to be honest in your appraisal of any resort, cruise or destination we feature here, please consider carefully, any negative comments you might have. If you didn't like something... thats OK... tell us. But try to be balanced.


You may use an alias "screen name" for publication of your trip report if you prefer privacy. If you use the names of others in your report, please get their permission or use "screen names" for them as well. However we do need your real name and e-mail address to verify your submission and to discuss any edits if needed. We DO NOT publish your email address, nor do we add them to any mailing list.


Your submission of trip reports or photos constitutes your permission for Castaways Travel to use them on this website. Please do NOT submit any trip reports or photos that depict, describe, or identify guests other than yourselves, because we can't publish them without their permission also.


Try to keep your trip report to 500 words or less. We definitely want you to share with us items or things you did that you found particularly good or bad about your trip. Tell us if you would go back again. Tell us your feelings about the food, the ambiance, the activities, the entertainment, the guests, the staff... whatever. If you didn't like it, or if you had problems, tell us that too. But we really don't need a detailed diary of everything that you did, every day. Just the highlights, along with your overall observations and recommendations will be fine.


As our web site focuses on Nude and Clothing Optional travel, our clientele are particuarly interested in those aspects of your trip... so tell us about it.


OK... OK... we know that some of the resorts we feature may have a "highly charged sexual atmosphere" but we hope you understand that this is not the appropriate forum for highly detailed descriptions of yours, or others "intimate" exploits. (OK... maybe we do want to hear about them... but we can't post them <grin>). For example: It might be legitimate for you to report that after dinner you retired to the hot tub where you witnessed a few "interesting adult activities"... but it would not be appropriate for us to post the intimate detail about the activity.

The bottom line: One of the best ways for folks to make a decision about where they want to spend their valuable vacation time can come from comments from folks just like you. Have fun with your report and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Photo Submission & Use Policy

Since this site deals with nude or clothing/optional destinations we do accept photos that tastefully depict nudity. However, you MUST have the permission of every identifiable person depicted in a photograph to use it. We also accept good quality photos taken around the resort or destination even if they do not depict people.

If you have already scanned or digital photos you can send them by e-mail as per below.

We prefer photos to be in JPEG format (.jpg) and usually at a MINIMUM size of 800 x 600 pixels. This way we can crop and size them to an appropriate size for our website.

Submit your scanned or digital photos to: If your photos go with a text trip report please let us know the subject, and please tell us a little about the photos. Please contribute travel experiences.

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