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hedonism II trip reports


Hedonism Trip Reports

 The following trip reports have been submitted by our friends and clients.  If you have recently visited HedonismII, we need your trip reports.
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Hedonism Community

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Hedonism II trip reports

Note to all readers:

Hedonism II changed ownership January 2013.  The new owners have made a considerable and substantial financial investment to upgrade the resort, the dining experience, guest rooms, public areas and restaurants.   Numerous trip reports below reflect comments from guests who visited the resort since then and experienced both the transition as well as new upgrades.  Improvements and upgrades are ongoing so you "may see changes right before your very eyes."

Old trip reports prior to these have been deleted.

Feb/March 2019 The "Leader of the Pack"  (Ya gotta take time for this one)

My 26th and the 2019 Annual Lovin' Life Group Trip Report

February 23 - March 2, 2019

Every trip (even after 15 yrs) is new all over again and this one was no exception. I usually arrive a day early to unpack and prep for the group fun. This time 18 peeps decided they wanted an extra Friday too. 🙂 So, the 3-somes began when 2 of us single gals sandwiched a single guy on the flight down – somehow he survived.... LOL!

Once we got to the MBJ airport it was quite a bit slower than previous years. Normally I don’t buy the VIP arrival service, but Castaways gets it for me when I host a group. Last couple years I went right through the fast trak immigration line, waited for baggage and then got right on a shuttle. This year there was a VIP arrival line that took just about as long as the others. Nice thing is my heavy bags were already waiting off the carousel and the Sun Holiday rep saw me coming and started smiling like she always does. The main Mobay lounge was full, so we were guided to a 2nd one that uses some of the old superclubs lounge space. Once again there was an upside to our wait because we ended up on a shuttle full of super fun group and other H2 peeps! There was quite a bit of laughter and even some ‘Canadian Reach Around’ going on during that ride!......continued:

To see the remainder of her report, click on:  Leader of the Pack  for text and photos


Nov  2018 J & C Couple

We were at Hedo for almost two weeks. Overall it was great and we plan to return.

Reservation process and administration by Castaways travel advisors
This was great. Castaways was helpful and efficient and made several suggestions that were helpful and saved us money.
Your staff was nice answering all of my questions and extremely helpful

Airport transfers and scheduling
Your staff recommended club MOBAY which was great. We will definitely use that again when we go to Jamaica
We used Tim Air. We wonder if there is a competitor that we could check out. Are you aware of one?

Your Hedonism accommodations
Accommodations were fine and exactly what we expected. No problems
The weather was very hot and the air conditioning barely cools the rooms. I guess we will go for a first floor room in the future and hope that the AC is better on a ground floor.

Entertainment, activities and events
Entertainment was good. The music and singer at dinner time was great. I can’t remember his name, but he sang most nights from 7:30 to about 8 or 8:30 and it was excellent. They should do that every night and it should be for a longer time. We made sure to be there in time to hear him in case he was on.
We enjoyed the activities with the Bubbly Bares and meeting their members

Hedo activities were hit and miss. We were at the prude pool / beach a few times and never actually witnessed an activity. The nude pool activities are usually fun to watch.
Events were mostly good. Some of the parties are great. We loved the night there was dancing on the dance floor inside the main restaurant. Some of the parties are just loud music with nothing going on. Not too exciting
The second week we were there, the dirty pervs and others were really into the theme nights (as were we) and that was a lot of fun. It was the first time we experienced that and we really enjoyed it.

Dining and cuisine
The food was fine and pretty much as expected. We never had a problem finding something enjoyable to eat
The “steak house” is a disappointment. They need to do something else. Maybe a pizza place or something. What they serve as steak is not enjoyable.
Other specialty restaurants are good
Over two weeks, the food gets a bit repetitive, but this isn’t really a complaint. Our expectations for dining were met.

Resort service level
Dining service is excellent
Front desk and baggage guys are excellent
Water sports service was outstanding, they went out of their way to make me happy.

Bar service is hugely disappointing. Bar staff, with a few exceptions, treat us with indifference at best. Does their job suck or something? All of the bars are the same. I had good / friendly service from one or two bar tenders a couple of times in two weeks of service.
Mixed drinks are ridiculous. The bar needs to make standard drinks. For example, a gin and tonic takes 1.5 ounces of gin plus tonic water. Even the airlines know how to do this in a small plastic glass. In one case, the bartender just passed the mouth of the gin bottle over the glass without actually pouring any gin in the drink. They aren’t saving any money. When I get a drink like that, I pour it out and try again. I can’t tell you how many times I went back and asked for some gin to be added to my glass after I took a swallow. I know what a drink is supposed to taste like. If it doesn’t taste right, I just pour it out and try again. Does this seem like good service to you. I only drink three or four drinks a day at Hedo. It just pisses me off to have to spend a bunch of time getting a real drink when they could just pour a real drink the first time I ask. This is the biggest source of dissatisfaction I have with Hedo. The bars suck.

Improvements and suggestions
Just pour normal mixed drinks at the bars. Treat me like an adult and let me regulate my own drinking.

Castaways note:  Personal opinion - Bar tenders may be aiming for an unsolicited tip along with a handshake.  The other solution for stronger drinks is to order a separate shot of your favorite libation along with your drink and pour it into your glass while the bartender is standing in front of  you.

Nov 2018 H & L couple

We missed Ricardo in the shows He is really good. Some of the new entertainers are good but not as good as he. The showgirls and boys are good but keeps getting younger and younger almost to young Want some more mature. The entertainers by the pool tries but are also to young and not experienced.

The food is good and our room made some refurbishing since May. Weather was really good. We are a little older and do not like to party all night. It would be nice if you let your hair down before midnight and only not after. The beach is nice and water also. The nude pool is always fun and you can easily get acquainted. Drinks are what you can expect. The staff is all nice. In all we think Hedo is more our thing than Desire. We will be happy to came back again but first we are going with Bliss Cruise in April.

Nov 2018 M & A couple

Expectations were met. From reservations on till return depart. My prude girlfriend’s first visit. She enjoyed the stay. Yours hosts, especially Patti and Cliff, were all marvelous and nice people.   We won a 2-nights coupon, so we will be back with you guys in 2019. Hopefully my prude girlfriend will then take off at least her top.

Nov 2018 from Group Leader

Several couples did not get the rooms they requested. My suggestion was to put down several room numbers that would work for them. (Castaways note: Even though room numbers are requested, the resort will not guarantee a room number in advance.  Existing occupants frequently extend their stay or check out late, which further delays maid service from cleaning the room.   Most often, the client can move to the room the next day or two after arrival).

We were very happy campers this year. Not many of us care for the dinners on the beach. It gets buggy when the sun goes down and we mostly eat at alternative restaurants.

Red hot night is always good. Staff there took care of all of us efficiently... kudos to the staff!!!!! They have it all together.

Repeaters night is excellent. Maybe cut back a little on food selections as it is all so good that we never have room for much dinner!!   We usually get drinks and appetizers and desert.

Fabulous spreads every night!

We know that there are many groups that come and go throughout the years.   But we have been doing this trip since 1982. When welcoming Groups at night ... they should at least say the name of the repeater groups in the house.

Nov 2018  Group member's consensus

1. So many improvements...
2. So easy to check in.
3. So why can't our room be ready? (Guests using your room have to depart first for the maid to clean it.)
4. Food is so improved.
5. Staff in dining room so improved.
6. Wine selection improved.
7. Entertainment improved. Great dancers and singers... Winston rocks the place!
8. Rooms all clean and everything works in room!
9. New piano player there but still a lot of fun in piano bar. Bar staff is great!
10. Wine bar service and selection improved. Very fun time there before and after dinner.
11. Nice smoking patio for those who have to light up.
12. New furniture in grassy area to sit and visit after dinner.
13. Need help to get different games on big TV in piano bar. We have lots of sport fans with us.
14. Beach area is in great shape.
15. Security staff is awesome! Especially on the beach.
16. Grill at nude beach much improved this year.
17. Kudos to Adrian! He helped set up champagne at sunset and also got a van to take us to Happy Hearts school in Negril.
18. Kudos to Patti and cliff for the great check in on arrival. Also thanks for having great Castaways backpacks with goodies in them!!!



Nov 2018 Group couple

We missed Ricardo in the shows He is really good. Some of the new entertainers are good but not as good as he. The showgirls and boys are good but keeps getting younger and younger almost to young Want some more mature. The entertainers by the pool tries but are also to young and not experienced.

The food is good and our room made some refurbishing since May. Weather was really good. We are a little older and do not like to party all night. It would be nice if you let your hair down before midnight and only not after. The beach is nice and water also. The nude pool is always fun and you can easily get acquainted. Drinks are what you can expect. The staff is all nice. In all we think Hedo is more our thing than Desire. We will be happy to came back again but first we are going with Bliss Cruise in April.

Oct 2018 - B & B couple

Our trip this fall was excellent as to check in, getting the room for the whole time we were there, the whole process was great. The food was good and the entertainment also changed for the better.

Aug 2018 - L & A couple

This was our eighth trip to H2. The owners invested a ton of money into the resort and it shows. This year we experienced the heated pools, renovated showers and bathrooms, and new furniture (the drawers actually open and close easily). Every room has a refrigerator, which is nice, and they keep it stocked with water bottles as needed.The new ac's work great.There is plenty of hot water.No more wondering if you're going to have to take a cold shower around 6PM when everyone else is getting ready for dinner.There is fresh paint everywhere.The groundskeepers do a great job maintaining the landscaping.

The food was better than you would expect for the price we paid and was always plentiful (all you can eat). The staff was willing to jump through hoops to make your stay memorable.The guest services manager, Lorna, was always more than willing to accommodate our requests.We attended a wedding supervised by her at the nude beach and it was beautifully executed including champagne and a wedding cake.The nude pool manager, Serena, always makes sure that we are having a great time.She is on top of everything that needs to be done to ensure that we are happy.She makes sure to mingle with the guests to get a feel for our opinions.The Front Desk got us checked in quickly and always with a smile. Even the bell staff was quick to help us if we needed something.Cecil and Ojell made sure that we were happy with our rooms when we got into them.We didn't have to worry that our bags got to the bus on time.

The room attendants kept our rooms clean and stocked with towels and such.I cannot forget to acknowledge the entertainment staff and how they always kept us engaged at the pool and wowed us in the evening after dinner. The bartenders handled our drink orders quickly and accurately even though we had some crazy requests.You ask for it and you'll get it.The bars were always well stocked with top shelf liquors available upon request.

We have been members of AWOL for 11 years now and I have to recognize the efforts of our hosts, Jamey and Leslie and Ben and Amber.They work all year long to make sure that our entire group has a great time.Thank you.Our trip was booked through Castaways Travel and they know how to handle groups acting as liaison between us and the management.They run a tight ship and make sure that no stone is unturned when making sure that all the details of our trip are covered. Manager, Kevin Leevee, keeps a close eye on all operations.Great job!


March 2017  T & S Couple

Here's a detailed  Trip report from a regular Hedo visitor. Lots of details included to learn more about the resort... In PDF format at the link below...


March 2017  B & K Couple

You guys were awesome and we had a great time every single minute we were there.  We will definitely be going back and would love to spend more time with you both (to the Castaways host couple, Shelly & Doug).  As you probably noticed, we stayed extremely busy and squeezed every minute out of our time that we could and that is how we are with all our vacations.  I have attached a few pictures for you just as you asked and thanks again!!!

Feb - Mar 2017 Lovin/ Life Group Trip

After so many trips and normally helping newbies and other peeps while at H2, I decided to start a fun lovin’ singles-friendly and mixed variety group called “Lovin’ Life”. Not being a travel agent, I chose Castaways Travel to be the agency behind this group because they have always been on top of things both in sending invoices and addressing resort issues as soon as was possible (example, they gave a list of approved options available for last summer’s A/C problem before we even got there) and include transfers and small goodies in the base rate. Being a volunteer lead for a group means I am not paid for the time spent before the trip or at the resort. If enough rooms are booked, the room is free, but if done well, the time spent is more than what is given. Not complaining at all – just want to clarify in case anyone wants to start a group and doesn’t know the caveats. For me it is well worth it because I enjoy having newbies fall in love with...

Read a lot more details about Hedonism II and this particular trip in PDF format Here

February 2017  LS Couple

After going there 7 times, the resort is what we expect, that's why we go back.

February 2017  RC Couple

Hedonism II has started to become an annual winter getaway for myself & my wife. We stayed 9 nights this past Valentine's week & loved it.

This year we were upgraded to a very nice ocean front room with a hot tub, what a great room and view of the ocean. The room had a backdoor that opened to the nude beach with a private patio and Jacuzzi. The room was very close to both the nude pool and bar  as well as the beach grill. A big thank you to Camelia at the Front Desk for the upgrade. The food had  gotten a lot better since our last visit. The dinning terrace had a different menu each night, served  buffet style. The unlimited lobster on Friday is my wife's favorite night. The gentlemen making the eggs to order during breakfast was always friendly and fun to hang out with (very sorry I forgot his  name). The dining area has had some renovations since our last visit, it is much brighter and modern looking. We visited the Flame Steakhouse on Valentine's Day, located on the beach. The menu was great, we both had the steak and grilled shrimp dish and loved it. We also tried the Japanese cuisine at Harrysan on our final night. I loved the Osumashi soup and we both loved the stir-fry made right in front of us on the grill by the very entertaining chef and staff.  The Monday night Jamaican beach dinner was new to us. We loved trying all the different types of local cuisine and love the dinner entertainment on the stage set up along the beachfront.

There is now Free Wi-Fi available throughout the resort including in the rooms and beach area. This was a nice and new plus from our past visits, but who is checking email when you are on vacation right? Other changes we noticed was the bathrooms at the nude pool, the bar and grill also at the nude pool area as well as some new walkway's around the resort. Yes, there is some areas of the resort that are very old and outdated but it is nice to see the improvements they are making.

Other than spending our days on the beach and in the pool, we both tried paddle boarding for the first time as well as my wife had a lovely massage during the day time. The night time activities can be fun as well, we both love the foam party JUST AMAZING! The group we traveled with Nood Brood did a great pub crawl which has become a highlight of the week as well as the nude cruise to the caves. A big thanks to Dawn, Mike, Stephanie and Jay for a having us and for the fantastic week.

THE STAFF is really want sets Hedo apart from other resorts. They all are very friendly and try to make sure you are having a great vacation. I cannot remember everyone's name but a big thanks to Leroy at the watersport office for the help with the hot tub and the paddleboards as well as to our concierge Damian for the fabulous service to provided us both. I would recommend Hedonism II to anyone whom wants to relax, have some
fun and has an open mind. It is not a 5 Star resort but the staff, atmosphere and the people that go to Hedo make up for this. We can't say enough about our week at Hedonism and can't wait to go back HOME soon.

December 2016  S & J couple

We really enjoyed the new pool, the upper pool that spilled into the main pool was a fun social gathering area. The seating overlooking the main pool seem to almost be a stage for some of the playful couples. It opened the day we arrived Christmas. The new pool bar make it seamless to get a beverage both in or outside of the pool. The granite bar top was a nice touch...speaking of touch beware of the ocean side bar counter it gets extremely heated by the sun and will/did burn bare skin; unfortunately it was nipple high for my wife and others...lol  We loved the no reservations restaurant policy, it gave the people that actually show up to eat dinner each evening a chance to get seating instead of being shutout with empty chairs everywhere due to no show reservations . The new grill by the water was quick friendly and a wonderful getaway from the crowd to set down outside. The burgers and jerk chicken were made to order and came quickly, very tasty as you would expect. Service was prompt not Jamaica time lol. The meals did exceed our expectations ever evening for taste and quantity.

October 2016 AC & EC couple

We had a great time in Hedo (Oct.17-21,2016)!  I love the Hedo dollars!  I ended up with around $90 and bought 2 dresses and a shirt for my husband!   I wish I could send some pictures but I got my phone wet and it died!  All my Hedo pictures were lost because I hadn’t backed them into the cloud before my phone got wet!  I had to buy a new phone!  These vacations are getting expansive for me!  When we were in Cancun I lost my prescription sunglasses and had to replace those also!  Oh well at least were having fun!  We met some great friends and will probably go back again someday!

August 2016  A Castaways couple ...  Four weeks

We arrived on Friday July 29. The Club Mobay escorts met us in the airplane departure hallway and walked us through customs and baggage claim and all the way to the arrival lounge. They handled coordination with ground transportation porters and everything else. It was such a pleasure compared to the normal arrival gauntlet. The wait for the Sun Holiday transfer bus was short and the trip uneventful except for a big traffic jam about half way to Hedo.

At Hedonism:   We had come in the middle of the Jamaican Independence celebration and Hedo was 100% booked so until the festival ended on Tuesday we had a room (on the resort) at the south end of the property and the resort was very crowded. Wednesday we got a great upgrade to a room right next to the nude pool. That was really great.

Friday night is the chef's gala buffet and we were looking so forward to the lobster and saffron mashed potatoes. Unfortunately they don't serve the saffron potatoes anymore. More often than not the lobsters were over cooked sometimes into mush. Nevertheless it was overall still very good and enjoyable. For returning guests the Wednesday loyalty party is not to be missed, The heavy appetizers were often our Wednesday dinner. There are nice door prizes and good information about future events plans and facility upgrades.

Changes & Improvements:  During the first couple of weeks Harry Lange, chairman of the owner's group, gave guests a guided tour of the prototype new standard rate room. It has new furniture, gorgeous and functional new bathroom fixtures, a sliding bathroom door that doesn't get in the way so the shower and vanity can be used concurrently without interference. New independent individual unit air conditioning and a new mosquito tight bathroom window are welcome also. Free resort wide WiF is supposed to be operational by the end of October.The buffet food when it was open (I'll get to that later) was good but not quite up to the standard we experienced in 2013-14. Austin still makes outstanding omelettes for breakfast and when Mark is working the nude pool grill, it's as good as ever. The midnight Pizza there is noteworthy as well.  The aerobic equipment in the fitness center is upgraded and it is well enough equipped to maintain a high level of fitness, There is room for improvement in the air movement and air conditioning in the fitness center.Upgrades to the nude pool rest rooms were very nice as well as the rest of the public area rest rooms.

New Dining Venue: A steak house has been added on the back of the beach next to the disco. We found the crab cakes and sirloin steak to be very good, the filet is OK but was not as tender as you expect for a filet. The flank steak was very tough and to be avoided.

Observations:   In the past when occupancy drops below 50% the resort closes the restaurants and keeps the buffet open for dinner. This works well because the buffet is the hub of evening social and entertainment scene. Closing it screws up the schedule, kills the erotic theme nights as you can't meet the restaurant dress codes in your theme attire and no one is going to dress twice for the evening. This turned the evening atmosphere from an erotic resort to a dead and deserted old folks home. It trades a stimulating evening atmosphere for a slightly better meal. It doesn't work and may be a deal breaker for us if they do it again next year.

The entertainment and activities program is generally good and the Hedo Bucks flow fairly generously. Now they spend the equivalent of a dollar for dollar at the gift shop on any item.They need to do a better job of matching the music at the pool and disco to the demographic of the guests. The August afternoon thunderstorms were fewer and less severe this year and mosquitoes were manageable with a little preparation. The grounds throughout the resort were kept clean and well maintained.

Arrival and departure were smooth and Club Mobay is great at the airport both ways. All in all we had a great time the only significant issue was closing the evening buffet, hopefully they will re-think that one.


July 2016 Lou P Couple - AWOL Week

Well, Hedonism2 has outdone themselves this year. New air conditioners were installed and were still being installed in the remainder of the resort when we left. Our room was so cold that we had to raise the temperature setting. What an improvement. Speaking of improvements...they've added another full-service restaurant to their selection of dining choices. It's called the Chop House and features, you guessed it...steaks and chops. The food quality AND the service have of late been good, but this year they have really kicked it up a notch. Overall, the staff bends over backward to give you a memorable experience. Kudos to Lorna, Serena, Delano, Cecil, Ojell, Nasharee. I would like to commend Austin for his dedication to providing us with freshly made eggs and omelets on demand. He actually remembered me and my favorite order from last year. He works through 120-degree heat at the stove with a smile. Denise and the rest of the EC's whose names I don't remember did a fantastic job of keeping us entertained all day at the nude pool and after dinner with their wonderful shows. There was lots of audience participation. I would be remiss if I didn't recognize the efforts of our group's hosts for their tireless contributions to our vacation experience. Thank you, Leslie and Jamie, Jamie and Tonya, and John and Brenda of AWOL. We had an eclectic group as usual and we mingled with lots of really nice people. The resort was fully occupied, so if you want to join us next year, I suggest you book early because some of our group got shut out by waiting too long. I can't wait until next year when we celebrate our ten year anniversary. It's going to be a blast!

April 2016 F.S. Couple

We had a great time H2. The staff is amazing. *The rooms are in serious need of updating. The beverage service was perfect. The dinner choices on our last trip were not as appealing as the previous two. The renovations look great. The foam party outdoors was not as good, now more of a spectator event rather than a participatory one. The piano bar still a lot of fun. The nude cruise just so so. Our group hosts, Joan, Paul, Patty and Fred are the greatest and clearly the resort management promptly addresses any concern or issues they bring them..

*Castaways Note:  The new Hedonism owners have indicated all rooms are being updated on a phased basis.

April 2016 Single man

I booked through you guys for my first HEDO trip.  It was fantastic.

I went solo and had a great room OVN and paid the extra money..  I met a ton of people and had great weather . The food was fantastic and the booze and drinks never ended.  I took a tour of the Appleton Rum factory waterfalls and Black River and the Sunset cruise.. ( I would not do the sunset cruise again to Ricks) the crew were drinking and smoking and I thought it was foolish given the lives on board for which they were responsible.

The highlight of my trip was meeting Tyler and Amanda from Toronto as the group leaders.  They are so friendly and participatory and got me involved in the activities and made sure I knew what was going on all the times.  They were the perfect hosts for me. I always knew I could turn to them for my rookie questions and they always included me in their little parties.  I felt very comfortable with them despite an age difference and we had some really good laughs  WELL DONE to the both of them for their team spirit and host abilities.

 March 2016 S & D Couple

We just got home from our Hedo trip with the winter break group. We had a wonderful time with everyone we met and made many new friends. Our trip started out with the amazing service of Club Mobay (at the airport)! They met us at the ramp and we were able to bypass all the long lines with customs and immigration. They took us to the arrival lounge and connected us to Air-Links (a commuter charter air taxi to Negril). We were at the resort less than an hour from landing in Montego Bay.

Once we arrived to the resort we were impressed with  the changes to the lobby and dinning area.

We where greeted by many smiling faces and the staff was very friendly. Many of the staff members had remembered us from previous trips to the resort. Our room was clean and comfortable as expected just like every trip before . Only downfall during the week is we had noticed a number of people not feeling well ( coughing , slight fever just not feeling well ) We were lucky enough to be part of this lol……. Food was good and the evenings spent in the piano bar with Eldon were great !!!! The nude pool has had a black mat placed on the main sidewalk for walking and is not very friendly to feet ! The sun heats this up way too hot and it hurts to walk on …. We had a few days with afternoon showers which were welcomed to cool it down a touch . Love the unbrellas along the side of the pool , the shade is welcome in the afternoon . The nude beach side grill and chops steak house had the best food in our opinion, you must try the 8 oz steak at chops !!! It's awesome.    On our return, we were able to use the Club Mobay private lounge on our departure.  It was so nice to have a great place to relax while waiting on our flight and we will use this feature again . All in all it was a great trip with fabulous friends and many others , and we cant wait to return home again soon

March 2015 KQ Lady

Pros & Cons
Beach is nice. Towel service was compromised at times. Bar staff at pool great - at dinner you knew who not to go to. Staff was served before guests at bars. Piano bars was the best. Entertainment at piano bar was awesome. Pools and hot tub were very well maintained. Grounds keepers were awesome. Servers at beach by water sports were very attentive. Rooms need updated badly. Some of the staff was great some of the staff had bad attitude. Shows are lengthy and dated. Club Hurricane needs to be demolished. Security on beach needs more tact. Food selections were repetitive every day. Need more diversity in menu.

Feb 2016 Valentines Couple

We recently returned from a fun week at Hedo.  We had one of the upgraded (Premium) rooms on the ocean nude beach side.  It was very comfortable and having the covered deck was nice in some of the rainy weather.  We noted that food service and quality has really improved - from serving jerk chicken all afternoon at the beach grill to lobster night around the main pool.  All the staff were very attentive and courteous - they really complete the Jamaica experience.  Of course, meeting beautiful people (in body and soul) from all over the world is the greatest. We want to thank Lori on your staff who helped us with all our travel details and arrangements.  She did an excellent job and all went smoothly.


BG & P  Feb 2016

What a difference a year makes. Last year's remodeling was a promise; now it is a wonderful reality. Immediately after leaving the transport van you notice the bright, vaulted lobby, friendly staff and quick efficient check in. The dining area is really nice with new tables, seating arrangements and food display. The stage is larger and has dressing rooms; lighting has improved. Concrete is being repaired/replaced and the painting on the main pool deck creates a bright fresh look. The old silly columns are gone! The elevated seating area by the pool has nice new chairs and fresh paint. All in all; very notable positive changes. There is some downside: The sound in the dining area is very muffled if you sit near the back. Announcements are difficult to hear. The sound in the piano bar rivals a 747 on take off and could be reduced a bit. Dinner reservations are no longer taken  -  leading to large lines at 7:00 PM. We tried the chop house and the rush backed up the kitchen. We waited an hour for our entrees which were cool and almost inedible. Pastafari also experienced a rush/delay after the weekly cocktail reception. The coffee bar is a reasonable idea which is little used. Extend the free wi-fi; reduce the prices a little and encourage people to use internet there rather than grab a free cup of coffee and go to the courtyard. Finally buy a truckload of chair cushions. There are a large number of chairs but (lack of) cushions are still a frustration. They are jealously guarded by some; reserved by others and mostly just absent. Get rid of them all or get enough for everyone.Such a little thing but such a frustration. Despite the concerns we are really pleased with the changes and planning to come back next year (if not sooner).


LB New Years 2015/2016

As usual it was a GREAT trip! Scott and Sabina are the best hosts (for the Bare Bottom Bunch group)!  It seemed like the crowd was a bit more sexually charged (which isn't a bad thing) this year. As far as the resort goes, this was our best trip and experience! The improvements are fantastic. Our favorite was the improvement to the courtyard. The service was much better. We arrived and were checked right in!   We would still like to see better (more) drink service on the beach but that is just a small wish. The music at the Nude Pool kept the party and the energy going until sunset. The afternoon DJ was fabulous!   So, so much better than past visits but even the past visits can't be beat by anything else we have tried! Going back next year FOR SURE!!!

R J Couple  August 2015

The improvements to date, such as those made to update some rooms  are good and much needed. Efforts made to upgrade food quality and  selection also were noticeable. I look forward to seeing further progress.


G & C  August 2015

Castaways Note:  The period this client visited Hedonism, the resort was upgrading the main Terrace restaurant and the main pool deck was being replaced.

Jamaica was beautiful and people very friendly. Our first room door did not lock and we requested a new room. The new was good for the first two days, then our air conditioner stoped working. Getting switched from the first room was such a hassle we didn't want to go thru that again. We were frustrated by all of the construction , noise and room problem. Kim and Brads tantra workshop was amazing! We truly enjoyed that experience! Our trip to Jamaica could have been better, but we met some wonderful people. Thanks castaways travel, G & C

 Single lady - July 2015

Castaways Note:  The period this client visited Hedonism, the resort was upgrading the lobby and the reception area was being remodeled.

July 17-25, 2015  Single non-lifestyle gal:   All I know is 5-6 months is way too long to wait for a vacation!  This time I overlapped groups to both see good friends and to meet new ones, which worked out purrfectly!

Heads up for those traveling stateside, I do believe that the scanner sensitivity has been increased.   I have flown out of BWI many times and was never stopped for the metal parts in my back. This time they did so and did a hand test for explosives (both ways).   Was somewhat surprised, but always wear yoga pants/shorts so it is easy to tell there is no external metal on me and the security lady was nice. I did VIP arrival mainly to stay in the A/C while waiting for the shuttle – the lines were not long enough to justify it for any other reason. Departure on the other hand is always worth it (if you don’t need to shop a lot).

I was on the shuttle with 2 other single gals, neither of whom was going to the zoo. No half-way stop and we passed the old Grand Lido or I should say the flattened area that was Grand Lido (no buildings remain).   Upon arrival, the lobby was not completed, so at first the security guy and then Michael (many hugs) escorted me to the room past the piano bar that is temporarily being used as the front office/check-in area. Check-in was a breeze and soon I was on my way to the room where everything worked fine all week. Though I did hear of a few others who had consistent A/C issues even after reporting them (seemed more prevalent on the n-side).

As soon as I made it down to the pool, I was welcomed by my friends (staff and guests) and was instantly recharging my smile and laughter batteries. It is so great to see my happy peeps and soak in the positivity that is always present there. Friday and Saturday was spent catching up and joking with good friends I had already known.   Also on Saturday the new group I had booked with started to arrive, so the new week started off right away with hugs from brand new friends – a couple of gorgeous peeps even tried to flag me down from the piano bar balcony. This was the 1st time in 10 yrs that I went during a week without knowing someone from previous trips and my fears about not knowing anyone were quickly banished.

Other than the first couple of days, the weather was mostly sunny and steamy hot. The rain storms that were present the week before disappeared and even staff were hot (ter than normal that is...:).   I brought a mini-battery operated fan and had been given an extra paper fan (by departing peeps) for dinner times. The pools were all like bathwater. Even the small cool pools were warm. The only cool spots were the prude-bar side pool and places like the piano bar and restrooms. We often sat on the outside edge of the dining room to get some kind of airflow.   Of course, being around my ‘hot’ friends didn’t help matters.

Usually 95% of the people who go are just into having fun in their own ways ‘free to be’ and respect is a constant. There were 2 obvious exceptions to this, one who was more of a ‘it’s my vacation’ type who luckily for us left at the beginning of the week and one who was a very obvious creeper/stalker type – he stopped coming after me after I told him to back off (after moving away from him many times throughout the night).   Overall, I would recommend this week for those who want a really fun vacation time and possibly for those who are new to the resort as it wasn’t a heavy duty LS week. There was no pressure to do anything (no one asked why I go…) and there were many great people who just wanted to fully enjoy their time away from reality.

Fun/Funny/Interesting Times

  • Meeting several new to the resort couples and single gals who all seemed to have a ‘look’ on their face the 1st day while they absorbed the vibes and sights of the place, and then appreciating how much they truly liked it soon after.
  • Watching a beautiful vow renewal on Sunday where the lovely lady approached the arch from the water instead of the sand.
  • Being lifted up and whirled around in the pool by a very petite beautiful lady who chanted ‘Protect Lisa from the creeper’ after watching the one mentioned above get into the pool.
  • Going to the island with new friends who enjoyed fresh lobster ($20). I don’t eat lobster, but the $5 for the round-trip boat ride was worth the new sites and pics. Bring water shoes if you go as there are urchins in the water there (can borrow them from the watersports shack).
  • Thinking somethings are ‘almost’ betta than sex, when a new friend brought 5 glasses of plain ice for the table one night and having a post-dinner soak in the prude-bar pool because it was, as the song they play there says, ‘Hot, hot, hot…’
  • Chatting with a local guy who I hadn’t seen for about 8 yrs and watching how people reacted to his salami. One fren joked about stepping on it from across the hot tub. It wasn’t for me, but there is always someone... There were many funny chats about pencils vs. sausages that week.
  • Meeting several ladies from the ‘DMV’ group (group mainly stayed on the prude side daytime), who were so full of life and brave enough to hang out and even enter the wild side waters to chat with us.   :0)
  • Dancing with friends in the pools and disco at night. I don’t pole dance, but there were several around who had brought their own.   ;0)
  • Watching a gal enjoy ‘snorkeling’ – though she needed a wee bit of encouragement to ‘make it happen’.
  • Watching a burly guy sing ‘The Rose’ to his wife of 20 yrs in the piano bar before exchanging new rings – very emotional moment. She had a broken leg and yet they seemed to really enjoy their trip to the fullest.
  • New pool activity – the pool float rodeo. Many tried to stay on as peeps rocked and shook them, not many made it past 8 seconds.
  • Watching a couple react as a cat snuck under their dining room table-reassured them it was a cat, not another wild critter. Then hearing that staff had frens of mine move away from their table when a crab was seen scooting under it. Critters abound, but most are harmless, including people...unless intentionally messed with
  • Learned and passed on from my last trip that their ginger ale (which has more real ginger than the US type) with a topping of bitters is the local treatment for hangovers and tummy upset. This trip I learned that sipping Sambuca was a suggested treatment to soothe vocal cords (though if you sip enough you may need treatment #1 too). )
  • The no smoking in the pool rule was enforced throughout the trip, even with those who were fairly insistent.
  • And, of course, my all-time favorite things: meeting new peeps; smiling until my face hurts; laughing until my belly does; talking and singing until my voice fails, and enjoying hugs from people who just feel like giving them.


Piano bar speakers have been moved so that there is 1 in the piano area and 1 in each side corner room to spread out the sound better.

Lobby was still under construction/sealed off. I saw many recessed lights and what looked like a metal sculpture being hung on the desk side wall (wall was painted blue).

Dining room bathrooms were re-done. The women’s still needed some tiling on the wall (based on what the men said was in theirs) and was posted as ‘to be completed in September’.

Spa massage rooms closed on Monday for renovation, all massages were then on the beach and Heard that the dining room  (The Terrace buffet) was to be done from mid-August to September 30, 2015

Suggested Changes/Issues

Order more blue floats.

Re-install a light above the large mirror in the bedroom. Many need it to get ready vs. the bathroom which is warmer and more humid.

Supply different toilet paper in the pool-side bathrooms, current type shreds when in contact with water. Many used PT this week instead.

Allow 6 people RSVP for Pastafari, couple wasn’t allowed to rsvp a table of 4 plus me (5 total).

Fix the A/C in Pastafari, it was quite warm in there each night.

Have an afternoon DJ at the n-side pool. This seemed very sporadic in the afternoon. We noticed that more staff was present for the DMV group on the prude side.   Groups should add to the fun/entertainment, not unbalance it for others.

Have uniform security rules for the n-side. Daytime ladies were allowed to keep bottoms on (which is fine to me – medical reasons like women have or sunburn should allow flexibilities), but night time people were pounced on for having a towel wrapped around their waist while eating and no bottoms were allowed. Also, later in the week the DMV group came over fully dressed and stayed there beyond getting food.

Rate increases were discussed several times during the week, younger/lower income guests are being priced out of going and some are opting to go to Mexico or other places because of the continuing increases.

Post Trip Note: Resort contact responded to the above suggestions with some updates. They will start having a DJ poolside from 1-6pm; A/C in Pastafari will be fixed; consistent security rules will be in place, and they will have fans in the rooms (not sure if this meant room fans or bathroom fans) before my next visit – so guessing 5-6 months.

For all: I highly suggest that everyone use at least the back side of the resort comment card. Staff mentioned on it are given kudos based on the department they work in and management seems to take the suggestions for changes very seriously.

     T B Couple - July 2015

Castaways Note:  The period this couple visited Hedonism, the resort was upgrading the lobby and the reception area was being remodeled.
Hedonism Trip Report   Castaways Hellians Week July 2015  "1st Timer“ (newbies) couple with lifestyle experience that now play selectively but mainly enjoy each other. Our first trip to Hedo happened this July and was thoroughly enjoyed. As a bit of background we visit the local nude/lifestyle sauna when we can and have experience of LS clubs and house parties but had never had a nude vacation before. So naked (almost) all the time was an experience for us. Lots of reports from Hedo virgins start with "we didn't know what to expect.". I don't think that was the case with us having dabbled to various degrees in the lifestyle, and in my case (I'm the male half by the way) spending probably far too much time researching the vacation before we went. It's probably more accurate to say that we didn't know exactly what to expect, but had certain expectations that were mostly met. We arrived Saturday at the temporary entrance (due to construction on the new registration area) and were escorted to the current reception room by Michael (awesome guy) who after a quick and easy check-in, also took our bags to our room and gave us a quick tour on the way.

On the way we were greeted by a few people either naked or who flashed us. It was nice to be actually "greeted" by strangers as opposed to resorts like Sandals where people almost go out of their way to avoid eye contact with strangers, let alone actually talking to each other. So, a summary of the highlights (and very few low points) of our trip: The people were great almost without exception. No matter who you spoke to they were friendly and welcoming. You could put this down to nudity being a great "equalizer" but we've certainly been to places where this isn't the case. I think it's simply down to a combination of the type of people Hedo attracts and the general atmosphere of the resort. Combine that with being naked, which still plays a large part, and it makes for a great group of people. There were very few creepy single guys. Everyone who's been in the LS a while will have experienced them and we were expecting a few at Hedo.

However, with maybe one or two exceptions, this wasn't the case. The few we talked to were genuinely nice people. My wife even described the only single guy in our group as about as opposite of creepy as you can get (you're welcome ;-). The group of people that we traveled with were wonderful, without exception. We'd not met any of them before but they were friendly, fun and simply great people. There was no pressure within the group and everyone was happy being a little flirty without taking things to a level that may be uncomfortable or require a no. This made for a relaxed but fun atmosphere. As someone else in our group mentioned in her report, this wasn't a heavy LS week although it was there if you looked for it. Most couples seemed to be far more into each other and the majority of the PDA's seemed to be between couples, but by no means all (I managed to get a nice poolside BJ from the wife of a couple that we met “it started off as a pudding body shot but quickly progressed). The entertainment staff themselves were amazing and very friendly. I'm too bad with names to list individuals, but they were all great. The food was much better than expected. Although the buffet menu was a little limited, this was more than compensated for by the overall quality of it. We've been to more ˜exclusive" resorts that may have offered more choice but simply didn't cook it as well. The desserts were especially good. The Play Room in the spa at night was fun and welcome but probably needs bigger beds outside of the box. Any threesome going in there would certainly be a little cramped on the small beds. I enjoyed it a lot, having a major exhibitionist streak, but my wife didn't like being ˜in the box™ so much and would have preferred had I picked a darker corner.

The water sports staff were superb, especially the dive crew. We can't say enough good things about Seaweed (Orane). Our first ever scuba experience and now we want more. We're looking forward to getting back and getting qualified to go deeper. We went on both nude catamaran cruises and enjoyed them both immensely. On the sunset cruise our boat pretty much became a bigger tourist attraction then the diving at Rick's Cafe (but then only one guy dived). Being able to indulge in PDA, be it almost hidden under the water, at the edge of the pool or at the hot tub at night (for those new “everything you read about the hot tub at night" is pretty much true), was wonderful. If you have feelings towards each other, being able to express them as more than a peck on the lips (often much more) was refreshing.

Suggestions or Issues The reception staff needs to handle problems better. Although it must be uncomfortable and frustrating for them to be in that tiny room, they still need to deal with people properly. Having to go back 3 times to complain about a lack of water (turns out a contractor had turned it off, forgot to turn it back on and not told anyone) was at best frustrating. Having the reception staff then not believe it was a genuine problem simply made it very annoying. Fresh fruit at the nude poolside bar for drinks would be good, especially mango. There are sooooo many wonderful drinks involving mango and this is the first Jamaican all-inclusive we've been to that didn't have any. Oh and mango as a fruit option at every breakfast would be great. The nude pool entertainment was lacking several afternoons. It would also be good to have some more ˜adult" games as opposed to just quizzes etc. More consistent rules for clothing. The concept of a fetish/lingerie theme held in a place where nipples are not allowed (unless apparently on a guy) just doesn't work that well. Sure there are pasties, but they don't work for the crotch and some women simply don't get on well with the adhesive on their bare flesh.The restaurant/main stage area staff could be especially harsh regarding clothing choices even after meals had finished. A little more Jamaican themed music. Whereas you don't want just reggae 24/7, we had almost none. It doesn't matter if it's modern dance style or older Marley stuff, just something to make it feel more like Jamaica during the day. And finally,maybe it's just us, but some of the bar staff, especially on the nude side pool, were often inattentive and not as friendly as staff elsewhere at Hedo and those we've encountered at other resorts. For example the people cooking to order were all amazing be it the Hibachi guys, the morning omelet chef or the gala night people. Plenty of smiles and rapport from them, but often not from the bar staff with one or two exceptions.

Summary It seems like a lot of complaints but (with the exception of the lack of running water issue) they were all very, very minor and didn't detract much from an awesome vacation. The fun, atmosphere, staff and people really did make it a vacation to remember. For anyone who's not been, and especially those who've not been to a nude resort before, take the plunge as soon as you can. You won't regret it.

D F single male - March 2015

Loved the holiday. Very comfortable other than weather was a bit sketchy. Rained quite a bit while there. Enjoyed vacation there but the Airport arrival and departure should be mentioned. Arriving and departing were an absolute nightmare of long lines, cattle cues, which wore me out. Something really needs to be done to streamline the amount of time spent checking in, Security checks, and Customs. I've been through many Airports as my work takes me all over the world. I also understand the need for security nowadays. But this was just far too lengthy to be standing in lines for all mentioned above. Luggage is also a headache as to keeping travelers informed as to where to find there luggage upon arrival. I was more worn out and stressed once I made it home, that a break was required to get over the Airport experience. Jamaica is interesting, but not interesting enough to subject myself to that again unless vast improvements are implicated and installed.  (Castaways Note:  Arriving/departing on the weekends is usually the busiest period of the week at the Montego Bay airport.  A private club called Club MoBay at the airport provides expedited, fast track arrival and departure services to avoid long lines and wait times for Customs/Immigration  ... in addition to admission to its private club, as nice as any private airport lounge we've experienced.  Client was advised of this service but declined its use.  See more at: Club MoBay).

T & G couple - March 2015

Clothing optional vacationing seems to be getting a little more difficult every year. With N Resort closing late ast year and Grand Lido closing, we decided to take the plunge and try Hedonism 2 in Negril this year.

It was an eye opening experience to say the least. The resort we stayed in the previous night required us to check-out at 11:00. Hedonism check- in was 3 p.m. In Jamaican fashion, this turned out to be “no problem.”  We were greeted by the friendly staff with a mimosa in hand. Check in was quick and easy. Our room was ready so we were given a quick tour and escorted to our room on the nude side. Our room was small and little outdated but very clean with a king size bed, small dresser, and small coffee table.There was a bench seat style oversized window sill. The bathroom was clean and smallbut had a walk in shower with great water pressure and plenty of hot water.

Later that night we did discover a problem with our A/C. It did work but after running for a few hours, it sounded like a freight train coming through the wall! It was loud enough to wake us up but not loud enough to drown out the music from the disco at 4:00 a.m.

The beach on the “nude” side is small but better than the “prude” side. There are plenty of lounge chairs and towels but like anywhere resort with more lounge chairs than occupants, you needed to get out there early to claim your lounge chair. We did learn that the “prude” side is actually clothing optional.  The pools are all nice and in good shape. The best one is the nude pool. The Prude pool needs a little work. The in pool – pool table is in rough shape and the trees around the pool allow minimal sun light to filter in. The pool areas are supposed to be nonsmoking but this rule was not followed or enforced.

The food was very good both on the buffets and in the Italian restaurant. We did not get a chance to try the Japanese Restaurant. The drinks were very good as  well.


A word of advice for a first time visitor would be to find out if there is a "lifestyle" group "takeover" planned during your stay. The time we visited there was a group of around 250 people that were a little overwhelming for first timers. They seemed to like VERY loud dance music (from midnight to 5:00 am) and took over the nude pool area each afternoon. For first time visitors that enjoy clothing optional vacations “not a life style vacations" - we were a little apprehensive about our first visit.That said, we met some wonderful people that shared our same vacation style.   Based on this experience, we will be making a return trip in the near future.

CW couple - March 2015

Airport at Jamaica was very busy so if going during busy season get the Club Mobay pass! Hedo II is a very fun place for adult fun! The foam pool and glow party were a blast. I wish they would make use of the pool by the dining area by letting it become a nude pool with a screen up to separate it from the dining area. The theme nights need to have more time spent with dancing and contests at the main stage or pool outside. The five minute contest for each theme night - then over - is sad. We loved the old days when they had wet T-shirt contests there and battle of the sexes and turning guests into sundaes that wanted to and the whole involvement of the guests. The new updates to the rooms are awesome. The food and drinks are also much improved in quality! The new play room was nice, would like to see little better beds and higher up off the floor. The beach could use some speakers on it so you can hear the music. We walked the beach  towards Sandals, the people seemed bored and not having any fun... Go to Hedo II instead and have a fun vacation where as much happens as you let it!!


BG couple - February 2015

Real progress is being made in refurbishing Hedo. The food is good, the new courtyard and free Wi-Fi very nice,the wine bar and coffee bar are under-utilized but available if you want them. Check in was quick and efficient; Check out the same.The attitude of the staff was much improved friendly helpful and always asking how to improve your experience. We were especially impressed by the efforts to reward and thank return visitors. Many rooms are still underwhelming but more are scheduled for renovation as is the dining area. There will be a new stage, lights, sound etc. All in all we had a really good time and are already scheduled to return next year.

MD couple - February 2015

As you know we were somewhat apprehensive going to Hedo but your assurance that it would not be too "wild and crazy" turned out to be true. We found the resort very clean, the staff very friendly and accommodating, and there was lots of water sports to keep us busy.There was nightly entertainment and the liquor was of good quality.  We stayed on the Prude Ocean side and found it quiet at night and we had an upgraded shower. The room was smaller than we were used to at Caliente Caribe but Hedo had that resort beat in every other category. I guessed that there was about 5 % "performers" and if we stayed on the Prude beach and pool you would see very little of the "performances."  We used to get direct flights out of Canada to the Caribbean but these last three years there are no non-stop charters and thus we have a 4 1/2 hour trip to Toronto before we can get down to the sun.

All in all we really enjoyed the resort and would return, perhaps after we have time to forget the hassle of getting there and back.

MK Couple - February 2015

We are back to reality and absolutely worn out.  We want to once again thank you for making the trip a smooth success. Absolutely everything went just as planned without any problems whatsoever. You both prepared us perfectly for what to expect. We went not expecting a five star hotel and you were right but we have to say, since you prepared us, we were not disappointed by anything at Hedo. The people were fantastic. Probably the only real complaint we had was the gift shop charging us $30 for sunscreen that should have cost $8. The food was great. The shows were great. Our massages were great. Actually our room was an old room but was just fine since we weren’t expecting the Four Seasons. We found a few bugs in the room but very minor. We had A/C and hot water with great pressure every single day without interruption. The room was very, very clean!

Club Mobay procedures aren't as smooth as it could be on departure but it was 1000% better than the other poor people standing in a HUGE departure line. On busy days, Club Mobay is the only way to go (arriving at the airport and upon departure - to avoid the lines)!

We loved the people in the Castaways group and could not have found nicer people. I believe you described them perfectly to us. I think we learned though that it may be a little more of a party if you go with a larger group that wants to party day and night. I will call in the next few weeks to discuss future cruises or destinations. As soon as we recover, we want to plan our next trip with you.

AL - November 2014

The changes at hedonism since the takeover have been much appreciated. We were especially pleased with security that made special efforts to keep nosy wanderers out of the nude area unless they were nude. They used to watch them for a while first. This time we noticed they were immediately up front with people trying to enter who were clothed. The food is much better and Steve at the nude grill is an amazing worker. He should receive a special note. Many of the guests there spoke highly of his customer service in getting meals out quickly and efficiently.

KK - October 2014

Hedonisim, is the best resort for open minded people, who feel great with themselves in and out of their shells. It is a place for romance and naughtiness. A place to experience the ambiance of sensuality, sexuality, peace and party all at the same time. The shows, the theme parties, the food, the music, the beach, the pool parties they're all fantastic, this is a place where mature couples

can rekindle that spark. We highly recommend Hedo 2. Thank you so much.

JB - August 2014 

August is a great month at Hedonism for monogamous couples. Not too crowded, Not too many trolls, several other nice, friendly couples. The majority is latter middle age or seniors.   Just a great environment to nurture the fire in a relationship. Hedo itself is much better: The mosquitoes are well abated. We only got 1 bite between us in 11 days. We used Avon Skin So Soft and 30% Deet insect repellent on top religiously. Austin is still the King of omelettes at breakfast. The burgers,  jerk chicken and grilled fish are great at the nude pool cafe. And the evening buffet is always good. The house Merlot at the Italian restaurant is quite good (house wine at the buffet is undrinkable, really hideous). They even had hot dogs this year at the nude pool after midnight. Harry, Chairman of the new owners group, sprang for an afternoon cruise to the caves and snorkeling and invited everyone to go, his treat. The renovations are continuing in the public area now. We're already looking forward to next year.

Food still great,Drinks still good with experienced bar tenders, new young girls are poor and don't much care. Mosquitoes were well abated compared to last year. Infrastructure is now solid, there is a FREE WiFi hotspot now. Medical service was good. Fitness equipment is upgraded. Overall great vacation

RT - July 2014

The staff at Hedo II - Elysia, O'Randy @ guest services always checking to make sure my visit was perfect, Vernette in dining a very beautiful person with an eye for detail, Ozwald the Beverage Manager, kept me happy with libations:)

Wilfred in Watersports were I spent most of my vacation riding my wakeskate...simply AMAZING!

Lastly, who could forget the AMAZING Diana in entertainment, what a gorgeous dancer, wow!!

Castaway Travel Company put together a very memorable vacation to Jamaica! Can't wait for my next trip back!

Single Male - April 2014

Castaways Note: For single men out there....here are interesting, insightful comments from a single traveler to Hedonism April 2014.

I called Castaways after finding their name on the internet when it showed up under clothing optional travel agencies and I believe there was also a link under the Hedo site as well?? I have had some (30 years') experiences at nude resorts and at nude beaches so I was totally comfortable with the nude aspect of it but much less so with the Hedo concept itself.

The owner was extremely pleasant and helpful when I called that day as I asked about single men traveling to Hedo. He brought up the fact that in just a few short weeks that a “group” would be going to Hedo through Castaways and would have a host couple. The traveling with a group of folks I didn’t know was a new one for me as was having a host couple! He encouraged me as a single that traveling under a group would at least allow me to meet some folks in a less pressure atmosphere at the very least. As we know, I was unexpectedly able to work it all out in those few weeks.

I did begin corresponding via email to Mary Ellyn and Jim. If anyone deserves a “patience” award it is Mary Ellyn as I bombarded her (and Jim) with email after email voicing my fears about being avoided as a single man, how to integrate myself into the group, how to integrate myself into the Hedo crowd in general, frank discussions about my expectations and behavior at a resort like Hedo, and even down to nick picky questions like what pants to bring, money, cell phone use etc. Her “advice “ was consistently spot on! I want to say here that Mary Ellyn (and I don’t refer to Jim as much because he was in the middle of tax season so by chance Mary Ellyn was the one I had the most correspondence with) was a BIG part in making the trip happen and for me feeling more secure about the whole thing. She put up the group page for everyone to kind of start to get to know each other, plan the week out as far a group dinners, themes, even what pool to hang out at. Surprisingly to me, not many people took advantage of the group page. ?? As Mary Ellyn had said, the group thing is what you want to make of it. You could do as much or as little with the group as you desired.

As a single I will say I totally support the group because it did indeed allowed me to meet others at a dinner or the group page where it was “safe” and not the “pressure” at the resort. Two of the couples in the group and I exchanged contact info the day we all began leaving with emails addresses, Facebook info and ended with handshakes and hugs. So I hope to be able to keep up with these folks…even if we don’t end up at Hedo together again.

I had some very blunt questions for Mary Ellyn and she was very honest by saying some single guys “successes” at Hedo were really hit or miss with so many factors involved, who security is on any particular night, the mood of the crowd on any particular day, and how I present myself to people. What I learned through this -for me – was to be sincere, friendly, assertive (but not aggressive ), to put yourself out there… and to NOT be a jerk or too drunk or too arrogant or too dorky! 🙂 .

I was also comfortable enough with myself to explore out side the group too and made 6 new friends on my own in the pool or on the beach. Two of them were singles. I will be keeping up with them as well. I will say Mary Ellyns advice again – was right on. ALL of the folks outside the group made comments that I seemed like a “normal” “Nice” ”friendly” and “comfortable approaching someone I didn’t know”. These were descriptions they used when they met me. I would say also just as Mary Ellyn suggested, that the whole crowd there as a whole seemed to be a friendly bunch. Never saw any rudeness or feeling of isolation from anyone towards me and that was one of my bigger fears. My final overall view of MY trip was “good”.

JF - March 2014

Hedo 2 is what you make of it. We made some great friends while there. If you're in to playing, play. There is no shortage of people that will play with you. If not, then enjoy the time with your other half. My husband and I came back closer than when we left.

G&M - February 2014

The Feb trip was fun! Resort is much improved, though the rooms actually seem smaller than before. The food was better, though the house wines* still not good. The biggest problem was the staff - (They )don't know if they were short-staffed or simply unaware of the new room category.(Premium Room Category) The fridge was not restocked until we left money behind, they were unaware of the"perks" offered with the premium room, and rooms were not made up until 4-5 pm. Anyway, don't know how much influence any individual would have with these issues, but thought we'd mention them. Left comment cards as well.

But we still had a blast!

CASTAWAYS NOTE: A premium wine list is now available for guests to purchase their own selection.

BG - February 2014

in 2013 we had decided to give Hedo “one last chance”. the deteriorating facilities, awful beach chairs, ragged towels and mediocre food were dampening the enjoyment of our favorite resort. the staff was depressed and uncertain of their futures.The new management promised changes but, obviously, a lot of money was going to be needed to overcome years of neglect.

We’re happy to report that 2014 is a new happier year.The facilities work better, look fresher, the beach chairs are new (although still in short supply at times) and the staff is much more upbeat. Kudos to the chef; the food is more interesting, better quality, more varied and Friday night’s chocolate dessert buffet created it’s own orgasms amongst the chocoholics. Smile. The rooms are still creaky and stale but gradually being remodeled. Overall we are happy with the changes and planning our 15th trip. congratulation to management on successfully restoring the resort and our willingness to return.

T & C Canada - February 2014

Our travel started out as a nightmare. United cancelled our flight out of Saskatoon. We had to find another way to leave that same day. We ended up travelling by bus to Regina to catch a flight to Toronto, to Montreal, then to Montego Bay. We get to Regina, find out our seats weren't booked. United had no flights leaving so they booked us on Air Canada. We made it to Toronto and then to MBJ from there. Flight was delayed a couple hours so we got to MBJ the same time many other flights did, making it a 2 hour customs wait.

The whole time we were at Hedo was amazing. We had no issues with anything there. Mike and Dawn (with Nood Brood) were excellent hosts. We enjoyed all the events we took part in. The only downfall was not enough time! Next year we're going to try some of the things we didn't get to this year. The staff were very friendly and so were the people. We enjoyed our trip so much.

Once again, travel home was a nightmare, all thanks to United. We made it from MBJ to Houston with no problems. But we had 45 min to make a connection to Calgary, when it took almost 2 hours to make it through Customs. Ended up spending the night and getting home almost 24 hours later than originally planned. We both missed a day of work and our kids missed school because of this.

We have already been keeping an eye on flights for next year and we are not flying United/Air Canada again.

Greg - February 2014

Wife and I wanted to take a trip to Jamaica, we weren't sure we're yet. After some research on resorts we came across Hedo. Wanting something different with a little excitement for a vacation, yet not wanting to feel uncomfortable we felt Hedo was our place to go. Best decision we ever made, not only was this the best place we have ever been wife already wants me to plan our next one there. Pressure free fun resort. Thank you Castaways Travel for a smooth enjoyable vacation that we will never forget. G&S;

BG - January 2014

The resort has improved. The food was much better. Beach chairs were better although still in short supply at times. The staff attitude is much better than last year. The rooms are still just ok but ...Overall we had a fun time that ended too soon.

JR - January 2014

Changes we noticed on this trip....The Nude beach now has a new permanent float, that can hold about 10 or so. New towels (Royal Blue), seems the white and stripe blues ones are being phased out. New Massage area on beach with open air covered huts, and side by side tables. Very Nice and sexy. There is also a new covered area that holds about 6 lounge chairs by wedding area Nude beach. White linen drapes around the mattress areas. The pink or salmon paint is all gone. THANK GOD. There were more but I am still recovering from trip and cant think anymore!

Fred - January 2014

From the time I set foot on the resort I had the vacation of my lifetime. All the staff, the hosts and all the people were friendly and not judgmental. The fact that you can be naked (except dining) was awesome. The entertainment was Super all round. The food was awesome and the deserts well I had too many ! This was on my 'Bucket List' of places to visit and I hope to go back again soon. There is no place like it on earth that I am aware of. I was treated by the staff as a friend not a guest. I will never forget this trip !

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