Hedonism II Trip Reports

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Hedonism Trip Reports

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Hedonism II trip reports

Castaways note to all readers:

Hedonism changed ownership a few years ago.  The current majority owner, Harry Lange, has made a considerable financial investment to upgrade the resort, the dining experience, guest rooms, public areas, and restaurants.   Numerous trip reports below reflect comments from guests who visited the resort since then (plus before and after the owners’ change) and experienced both the transition as well as new upgrades.  Improvements and upgrades are ongoing so you “may see changes right before your very eyes.”

Old trip reports before the ownership change have been deleted.  However, several reports before 2018 have been shortened but important key Elements have been retained.

February 2024 – R P couple – Repeat guests

It was another great trip. I love Hedo. The food was good. The room was nice and clean. The activities were wonderful. I loved the Entertainment Crew shows at night. I loved Karaoke. The Nude side is my home. I love the changes Harry has made. Hedo is getting better. I look forward to my next trip.

April 2023 – C & D couple

We are home and we left Hedo in one piece. We enjoyed our time with Joe and Angel. We enjoyed our time at Club Mobay going home. We think you did a good job arranging our travel and hope to do more with Castaways

August 2022 – E & R couple  First timers

We had mixed expectations going in. Our girlfriend had great things to say about her experiences, as she went with friends. We just went alone, and our main things are quality, not quantity. So we met a few interesting people but the great majority were there to eat. And that, they did and we’re in very good shape, so we made the best of it. But kind of no like-minded people, although I met my cousin there and he and his wife insisted that we tell no one, and then they proceeded to come home and tell people. Funny.

The food was great. Drinks, coffee, and staff were all great. Club Mobay was a great recommendation.

The service overall was excellent.  The room was worn out but very clean. Entertainment was excellent but geared toward music and volume as opposed to either stagecraft or any type of serious audience participation.
99 percent of the people just watched. We like John Coltrane, The Ramones, Bill Burr. Could’ve done with some standup or some music other than disco. Parliament Funkadelic but it was all just a melange of afro beat which was rave music. Fine if that’s your thing but no one seemed to dance or stick around for it.

But all the performances were excellent.

We’ll only go back with our girlfriend if we go because our time is not unlimited, and Jamaica is great but it’s nice to be able to walk off the site. So if she decides to plan something, the three of us will go back but for us, as of now, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we do not regret. Always open to new experiences, and we’re looking at maybe Thailand in April if you have any recommendations.

June 2022 – H & J Couple – Repeat guests

Thanks again for all the help and support.  The trip was wonderful as well as the support from your staff.   The hotel was back to pre-COVID days and the excitement was back up as well.  We look forward to next year and continued enjoyment in Jamaica.

March 2022 – Single Lady Host for Lovin’ Life

For a dose of unreality and chuckles along the way, take a few moments to enjoy the latest installment of this year’s Lovin’ Life trip – not to be missed.   Read her story and view the photos.


March 2022 – A & D Couple – Repeat guests

Thank you for your follow-up email.View

This was my 5th time with Lisa’s Lovinlife group and she is an absolute gem. She is energetic and passionate about her role as Group Leader. Lisa’s focus on ‘good peeps’ in the group and her inclusivity with those on-site at the resort showcase her awesomeness.

A huge thank-you to the Castaways team members. I have had nothing but great service from every team member that I have interacted with. It has been a tough couple of years for the travel industry and your team remained impeccable with their dedication and customer service.

I look forward to more travel experiences with the Lovinlife group and Castaways Travel.

December 2021 – J & A Couple – Repeat guests

We had a great time and Hedo was amazing as always! We’re already ready to plan the next one!    We love using Castaways to book this trip because everything goes so smoothly. Lori is amazing and gets everything done perfectly so all we have to do is show up on time. She always responds quickly to questions and is so nice!

October 2021 – E & S Couple  – Repeat guests

This was our 12th trip to Hedo.

Hedo continues to be a very special place and we do love it.  The food and bar staff continue to do wonderful work and we very much appreciate their efforts to make every stay a wonderful experience. One constructive comment I will pass on – we felt the breakfast staff was short of people and it was difficult at times to get service. This is probably not uncommon with all that is going on in the world.
We were at the resort when the Flame (steak grill on the beach) burned down. I hope they can rebuild* it quickly as I know they will need the space to serve people.   Castaways note:  The restaurant and steak dining were moved to an anteroom adjacent to the Asian grill (Harry-san). Castaway does a great job for us and we will always use you and your people to book our trips to Hedo. Lori does a great job.  Thanks again for all that you and your staff do.

July 2021 –  B & T Couple – 2nd trip

This was our 2nd trip to Hedo.

I don’t have much to comment on but did want to share my disappointment with the resort’s lack of enforcement of being nude on the nude side of the resort. Before the trip, I had concerns about the DMV group when I saw that they’d be there at the same time. I expressed my concerns to the group leaders. They told me that the DMV group pretty much kept to themselves and would not cause problems. I feel that if the resort had enforced its own rules, this would have been the case. But that did not happen and there were several people upset about it. It was not an AWOL issue…it was a resort issue. I have seen the same type of comments in the last week or two on Facebook groups. If they are not going to enforce the rules that make Hedo special, we will not be returning.

The only other thing that stuck in my mind was how uncomfortable our transfer back to the airport was. We had to ride in a full-size bus on the way back to MBJ and the seats were packed so close together (front to back), that any person my size (6’3″ and 250 pounds) was miserable. Again, not your issue but wanted to say that it was a bad way to end our week there.

We already have a couple of LS trips planned for next year, so will not be booking (Hedo) for 2022. I will monitor the customer comments about Hedo over the next year and then decide whether we will be back in 2023. If we are, it will be with AWOL again. We loved the people!

July 2021 – GW – Single male – First timer

I had a wonderful time during my first visit with AWOL. I want to go back. Yes.

Wonderful hosts, nice resort, crazy people. Just what I need.   I enjoyed meeting Champagne and James again.

Airport transfers were good going down, and excellent going back to the airport.

I’ll skip Club MoBay next time. Jamaican technology moves to check into the 21st century for immigration.

July 2021 – Single lady – 30 trips to Hedo

See her lengthy report at:  http://castawaystravel.info/mail/AWOL-July-17-24-2021-Trip-Report.pdf

June 2021 – K & J Couple Repeat guests

To remind you, I had been to Hedo in the ’80s several times and again in the 90’s with my ex.

This was our first time together and overall we had a great time and hung out with Harry the owner for a bit and enjoyed the theme night and all that Hedo offered including taking a day and heading over to Ricks Cafe which I haven’t been to since 80s.

The Castaways hosts are friends and were great hosts, they made necklaces with our names on them which is always a plus at large events and for people with poor name recollection like me.

The only negative I feel, as a former bar owner – Harry needs to have certain sound volume limits set for the DJ and the piano bar. For some stupid reason, they feel AT TIMES that if you can’t hear yourself think or you have to scream to whoever you’re talking to – that’s OK.

Other than that, getting there from Phx to Florida, and then Jamacia on Jet Blue went well.

June 2021 –  L & M couple  – First-timers

Thank Lori for all her hard work in booking our trip. It was awesome! Best vacation ever! The resort is beautiful, the staff is very friendly. Enjoyed it all. The nude pool is so “hot” and exciting. We made lots of new friends. We even got to hang out with Harry, the owner.. my wife even got to spend some adult fun time with him.

It’s so exciting there. Didn’t want to come home. We are going back soon.

Summer 2021 – Not Castaways Clients – Anonymous

My husband and I were released from quarantine today!!!

We tested positive on the rapid and were immediately given a second rapid each. Both positive. At this point, we were given the option to take the PCR test. (The second rapid is 20 dollars each and the PCR is 90 each). We opted to not take the PCR at this point. We were told to go to our room and pack for the move. Our friends (a couple) went to the Garden View Prude quarantine(which is now called Covid Island) the day before. They were the first to be quarantined. We were joined by two more couples. Luckily we all knew each other and after the initial shock made the best of it. The move-in day does not count toward your 14 because the Ministry of Health has to see you. The next day starts the count.

The ministry has you sign a document saying you will stay in your designated area or you will face a fine of 1mil JA dollars and/or a year in jail. They also ask for your flights and add you to a no-fly list. There was someone who joined us the following week and decided to make a run for it. He made it to the airport and was escorted back by the military.

There was one of us that was not vaccinated and he got the sickest. The doctor called and spoke with them on the phone. He did say that if the guest was so sick that the doctor had to visit then the guest would have to go to the hospital. Since the guest was at the turning point of recovery he was able to stay at the resort.

The staff at Hedo were wonderful! They were accommodating when they could. We wanted a sprinkler and at first, they thought we were joking. Then when we procured a water hose, made a sprinkler out of a water bottle, and attached the two with a condom. They brought us a real sprinkler. Honestly, the water bottle sprinkler worked so well that we didn’t change it. Word spread through the staff and a lot of them would stop by to say hi and check out the sprinkler. We are now legends of Hedo folklore.

The kitchen called for our orders for every meal and the designated bar staff would come by daily to stock us up. We had security guards 24/7 and this was to make sure no one wandered into our area as well as to watch us to make sure we didn’t leave.

We were the original 8 and then a week later(Thursday because that’s when everyone tests to fly on the weekend) there were an additional 14 showed up. Of the 14, 12 tested negative for the PCR. A week later(yesterday) 1 couple showed up. So as of right now at Hedo, there are 4 people quarantined.

After 14 days, the Ministry of Health issues release papers that you show to your airline along with your original COVID tests. It has to be picked up in Lucia.

I am happy to say, after 22 days in Jamaica we are finally headed home. I can’t wait to hug my kids!

May 2021 – B & T Couple – Repeat guests

We had a wonderful trip to Hedonism from May 1st to the 8th. We didn’t book with a group but the rates were still great. As always, Jennifer was great to work with and happy to help us. On that trip, we didn’t have to change dates five times so I’m sure she loved an easy booking lol.

The resort was pretty much normal other than no foam party but that’s just one night so no big deal. We miss seeing the staff’s smiling faces from the masks they had to wear. Still, they were over-the-top friendly and were happy to have people visiting again.

We’ve become friends with a few entertainment crew members over the years and enjoyed talking to them one-on-one during the day. Lunch one day then on the nude beach on another day. It’s nice to get to know some of them. I guess we talked personally with one EC for a few hours over the week. He even taught my wife how to Twerk personally on one at the end of the glow night dance party once it slowed down.

As far as the resort it was as nice as always. Food was a little better we think this trip. The rooms and grounds were just as nice as always. The Covid test was not planned out for the large crowd they had that week. I think they were at full capacity versus the 40% that had been there the previous week. The line was very long I’m the morning but they did have a nurse come back from noon to 3 to give a test so they did step up to correct that so you have to hand it to them for that.

As far as the other fun activities that go on it was just as it always has been so no change there.

We already booked for April next year so we have the countdown going already. 328 days I think. Anything else you’d like our opinion on please ask. We love to talk about hedonism and any help for you guys would be a pleasure.

May 2021 – F & A Couple – Repeat guests

Happy to share a few comments about our experience.

We enjoyed our visit to Hedo. We stopped going a few years ago because we fell in love with Cap d Agde but with travel restrictions, we’ve now been to Hedo twice in the past 6 months. The changes they’ve made are welcome. First of all, the arrangements made by Castaways were flawless. No issues with any of our travel. There are several things we enjoy about Hedo. The freedom to be naked around most of the resort, dressing sexy in the evening, the playroom, and the fact that there is so much to do (tennis, snorkeling, gym, piano bar, watersports). Meals are anywhere from very good to excellent. I appreciate that the resort didn’t cut back in any areas despite the pandemic. Jamaican dinner on the beach was wonderful and their Friday night feast is very well done. It was wonderful that they served traditional Jamaican food on the beach at lunch but we wish they might have changed the menu a bit. It was the same each day.

There are a few things we wish they would change. Their dinner wine selections are poor. Yes, we know they offer the wine bar but we shouldn’t have to pay $50 for a decent bottle of Rose or Sauvignon Blanc for dinner at an all-inclusive. We wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra but $50 a night if we wanted a good bottle of wine is not reasonable. I wish the water sports staff would lighten up a bit. I took a kayak out and they treated me like a child. I already signed the waiver, let me go out and explore for more than an hour beyond the area right in front of the resort. The piano bar was fun but the piano player spent too much time trying to get people naked on the piano. He stops playing for long periods. We see everyone naked all day long! We took the catamaran cruise. That was a bit disappointing. The music was painfully loud. We couldn’t have a conversation with anyone without yelling. Don’t they know people primarily go to socialize? Lastly, the snorkeling trips were inconsistent. I guess they had a problem with the dive boat so they had to change times for snorkeling but we only learned through word of mouth. Plus they didn’t go out daily. Seemed to be at the whim of the staff.

All in all, an enjoyable trip and we will return.

April 2021 – C & J Couple – Repeat guests

We just returned from home and as usual, had a blast!

On Saturday (10h), we flew from FLL to MBJ. The plane was full. We departed a little bit late due to a connecting flight luggage transfer.           Our Mobay representative met us at the end of the ramp, “sanitize”! She walked us to a temperature check. She made sure our paperwork was in order (customs form, travel authorization, and negative COVID test results). There was no representative from the health ministry to screen this time. We moved onto the fast track to check into customs. The customs agent checked our travel authorization and test results gave us our “welcome back” and were on our way to baggage claim. Picked up bags, went through to next customs agent, and onto check-in with transportation. Then onto the VIP lounge!   Got our rum punch and a pre-made sandwich which they served to us.         Then it was time to leave…..Hedo here we come!   The bus was big….all of 30 of us going to Hedo!

The weather was fantastic……no rain at all, except when we checked in. Upon arrival at Hedo, we were temp-checked before entering and used sanitizer. Check-in was a little chaotic, but in their defense again, 30 couples were checking in at the same time.   We did not have to wait long for our room keys or water bottles. In your room, there is a little package of 2 Hedo masks and a bottle of hand sanitizer!

In regards to dining:     The main dining room is open for breakfast and lunch most days and when we were there it was open for dinner on Saturday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Harry San (Asian), Pastafari (Italian), and Flame(steak) are open every night, except Friday. The Grand Gala is still on Friday in the main dining room.  Nothing is self-serve. You tell them what you want and when to stop!   Both grills are still open every day.   Housekeeping is by request only. No more “going green”. Your room will be cleaned only if you put a “maid service” door hangar. We tracked down one of the housekeepers for clean towels one day and for TP!

 The nude pool had limited lounge chairs around the pool. They were spaced for couples and then 6 ft apart. Along the beach, the spacing is similar. The watersports guys were more than willing to find you a spot on the beach and move some chairs for you!  The resort was at about 70% capacity, so it was the old Hedo vibe. There were at least 3 large groups there, and from what I understood more large groups arrived the following week.

Departing COVID testing was quick and painless. We were told in 5 minutes or less our result. The physical result was emailed to you later that evening. The next morning, we went to the front desk and they happily printed them for us. All in all, we had a great time. The ECs as usual are keeping it lively! (Bocce ball, trivia and games)   The departure lounge of Club Mobay was again worth it. Our flight was delayed again, by about 40 minutes. We were able to get some extra sandwiches and some Dirty Bananas!   The flight home (17th) was full as well. Passengers were required to wear masks at all times and all were compliant! U.S. Customs as usual was a zoo.  These lines wanted you to “social distance” but we were side by side going through the stanchions at about 1 ft in between.  It took about ½ hour to get through.

In conclusion, would we jump through the hoops like we did again to go “home”? ABSOLUTELY!!!  Castaways Travel and the group leaders of Kittens & Angels did a fantastic job. We would not hesitate to book with them again!

April 2021 -F & K Couple -Repeat Guests

It will take us a few days to recover, all that drinking, hanging at the pool, and having fun is hard work and we are already looking forward to next year’s trip. I can’t say enough good things about the resort, the rooms and facilities were excellent. our travel experience was smooth, at the airport, shuttle, and testing upon departure. I had several questions during a year of changes, I sent several e-mails to Jennifer and Lori, all my questions were answered and our experience with Castaways was superior. Now that you have observed our group in person, you can see that we are a large group of not just fellow travelers, but friends. As my wife said to me, “I don’t go for the resort, I go because of the people.” This includes not only the people in the group but also longtime employees whom we have met over the years. The only downer to this year’s trip was Fred and Patti not being able to attend.  Although we tried to help the hosts as much as we could, I know that both Paul and Joan worked extremely hard to make the experience memorable for all. One last note, we used Club MoBay arrival service and wouldn’t travel without it. We usually don’t use the departure service, because we like to do some shopping in the airport stores and eat at Margaritaville before departure. Thanks again to you and the staff at Castaways for all you do for us. (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop these folks)

April 2021 – D A –  Single, Repeat  Guest

 Giving you feedback on the Hedo II Trip. First of all, Castaways is the best. Super great team and always there for the traveler. Jennifer, Lori, Marilyn, and the crew are super great. With Covid they worked so hard to get everything done perfectly not only for me but for the Kitten and Angel group, and in my case, last-minute planning. As far as the kitten and angel group our group leaders are always on top of everything from group activities to communication with castaways travel. Makes for smooth travel and a great experience. Travel (arrival/departure) at airports was about the same other than having Covid information. One thing that travelers have to have correct is on Covid info and all documents with a proper name (must match passports) and info correctly done. The name must be the same on documents that match the passport. In our group, we had a couple who lost one day because of incorrect names. Transfers to and from the airport on the shuttle bus were the same as before Covid with no problems. Thanks to Castaway’s travel for the complimentary shuttle. COVID testing at the resort was simple, fast, and easy, with results within five minutes for the return trip home. Thanks to Hedo II for the free testing. The entertainment at Hedo has so much improved and is so entertaining still with a little touch of the past. Thanks to Winston for his expertise in dance, choreography, costumes, leadership, etc. just an awesome job very entertaining every evening. Most beach and poolside activities are low-key.  Maybe add times should be a few more activities to fill in any voids. Buffet lines were not bad being served by employees. Service was fairly fast with mostly small wait times. There were moments when they could’ve used one or two more people serving. (Especially the salad bar)
The food selection with the new chef has greatly improved with not the same items day after day year after year. Very many new selections in the restaurant, beach grills, and main buffet dining area. The only complaint is that lunch would’ve been preferred to be in the main dining room buffet by many people instead of going to the Prude Beach Grill. One complaint that maybe Castaway Travel could work on is the getting “room request” that we ask for “before arrival.” Being a repeat traveler you would think they know that we are coming in on a certain day, approximately a certain time, and accommodate our requests. It’s always annoying to arrive and be held up trying to get a certain room in a certain block area. This always goes on year after year and maybe castaways could help with this issue.   (Castaways note:  Although Special Requests are sent in advance to Hedonism, the resort will NOT guarantee a room number or location.    Instead of assigning rooms in advance, the front desk indicated it would assign a room number upon the guest’s arrival.   This policy and procedure are not guaranteed and may be modified again without notice.  This change may have been implemented due to a shortage of staff during Covid).

March/April 2021 – Single male – Repeat guest

Rapid COVID test before going using the Visit Jamaica calendar was no issue, uploaded it to the United Travel Ready app and checked again with Travel authorization when we checked in for our EWR to MBJ flight on Friday AM.

Travel way EASY.  We arrived at the same time as 4 other flights (ours was delayed) and we had Club Monday was a plus.  Travel time to the resort was longer than normal (2.5 hours) due to traffic in Montego Bay, Hopewell, and Lucea.  Traffic congestion: The issue was Covid curfew which was to happen the following day so everyone was out and about.

At Hedo, all restaurants were open (supposedly for the first time since COVID).  Occupancy (estimate) was 60% similar to November. It was fine.  For me, it felt like a warm version of a November trip. Plenty of people dressing for theme nights.   Jamaica night dinner was held on the beach for the first time in 6 trips (usually weather or wind moves it inside).  No foam party yet, but will return soon. Lots of cleaning going on and a buffet is served. Took a bit longer but it was fine.  The buffet was closed at lunch (only Flame and Nude Grill were open at noon time).

Departure process: The COVID test was easy too and they gave me a printout at the desk to give to the airport.  Harry(Lange) was there and appreciative of people coming back. Repeaters party was done as normal (maybe with lesser prizes but not exactly sure).   Anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.

I would go next week if I could!

February 2021 – B & P Couple – Repeat guest

After some initial hesitation, we decided we were going to make our annual winter trip to Hedo. We found it to be the same, but, of course, different due to the pandemic. Masks, some distancing, and temperature checks were all part of the experience. Some were a nuisance but none were intrusive. We were able to be efficiently tested before going home. Unfortunately, a couple of people failed and were going to quarantine as we prepared to leave.

The first week had no buffet dining except during breakfast. Week 2 had all restaurants open but the general attendance was so light that the buffet area was minimally attended. It was unfortunate because Roots Explosion is so good and deserves more attention. Your food is served to you in the buffet area. I found this to be a real nuisance but it didn’t bother my spouse as much.

One definite positive chairs were always available anywhere on the beach!!! The water sports services all seemed to be available as usual.

The staff is to be highly commended. They were friendly and accommodating the entire time. They were struggling with decreased work hours, etc. but were always helpful and pleasant. The entertainment staff worked hard whether they had an audience of 20 or 100. We appreciated all of them.

We were also really appreciative that Castaways kept us smoothly on track. Our airline kept switching flight dates and Castaways helped smooth over the date changes.  We used Club MoBay. It wasn’t necessary because there were so few people in Immigration/Customs. However, the lounge was still a pleasant place to spend some pre-flight time.

All in all a worthwhile experience. You will make some accommodations to the pandemic but where in the world do you not?  (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop these folks)

February 2021- E & J Couple – Repeat guests

The resort was great – very normal other than occupancy is very low.  Hedo did a great job on entertainment, food service, and cleanliness.  The staff was awesome as always.  Hope both Jamaica and other countries relax testing protocols to allow people to want to travel soon for the sake of the resort.  Hedo’s departure testing protocols were very efficient – but having to get tested to come home will impede us from leaving states again until that is no longer a requirement.    (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop these folks)

February 2021 – S & S Couple – Repeat guests

Our trip was as wonderful as ever. The testing and the airport were quick and easy. We were on-site and off-site both. Jamaica needs us back.
The staff has always taken good care of us. We have many friends there who are in contact with us when not visiting. We are friends with the prior management and have met and talked with the new management.

That is why have been on 50+ trips and have taken so many people with us there. We are in the music & entertainment field so not much going on right now – if you need anyone down there vaccinated and willing to help.  (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop these folks)

February 2021 -PS Single Repeat group guest

Club MoBay and ground transport were pretty much the same as before. The staff at Hedo was amazing as always! They were excited for us to be able to be there (during the Covid protocols). I figured out that if you keep a full drink in your hands you don’t have to wear a mask!  The food was great as always, just limited service because of safety standards.  With safety standards and testing requirements in place.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t go.  (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop these folks)

January 2021- T & K Couple – 20th visit

Well, another great time was had at Hedo, will have to say that for the first time in over 20 visits, we have never seen the airport, and the resort is so quiet!! The Hedo staff did a fantastic job all the way around trying to keep guests safe and the quality of entertainment did not miss a beat. We just felt very sad for the people of Jamaica as they go through this pandemic, but must shout out to Harry as he has tried to take care of his employees the best he can and you tell they appreciated it. We are so glad we went and hopefully next year things will begin to get back to normal, whatever normal will be by then.

Thanks again to your team for the great service as always and especially Lori!  (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop these folks)

Single Lesbian Traveler’s Report updated April 2020

This is a fascinating report by Jenny Block from Dallas,  TX.  She is married and traveled to Hedonism alone as a single.  Jenny is both a model and an accomplished author who approved this post about her visit to Hedonism.

See her report about A married lesbian who travels to Hedonism alone.

It was originally published on HuffPost Personal and Updated on April 23, 2020.  See the link above to the HuffPost piece, as well as her site:  https://www.thejennyblock.com

Photo by permission from Jenny.3 Block.  Photographer – Aryka Randall

September  2020 – M R  Single male  Repeat guest

Castaways note: This is excellent content.  Take a moment to read it.

This is my first trip report since I’ve been going to Hedonism annually for more than 10 years now. Usually, as a couple, sometimes as a single. Because my main goal has always been to have a relaxing and fun vacation, without any pre-set expectations that could potentially result in disappointment, I’ve always had a great time and amazing experiences that you simply won’t find elsewhere in the world to that extent.

This year, I went as a single again. However, I’ve never acted as ‘that* kind of a single guy’ and, consequently, I’ve had as much fun or even more so compared to going as a couple. I guess it all boils down to ethics, manners, and the main Jamaican cultural rule of ‘Respect’. I’ve met great people over the years and am still friends with many of them.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I knew there would hardly be anybody at the resort, so it’s easy to think that there wouldn’t be enough people to have fun with*, but that was not the case. When asked one day if there were a lot of people at the party the night before and if it was fun, I responded: “Not many people, but they were the right* people”! This sums up the overall experience, Hedo is first and foremost what you make yourself (don’t expect others to make your vacation fun, that’s your job). And, oh boy, did I have fun! (and earned some nicknames that night)

At first, I hesitated to go because there wouldn’t be a lot of people, but if there’s any time that Hedo needs our support the most, it is now! Hedo is so kind to remain open, even though they undoubtedly operate at daily losses, while many other places are closed, I felt that this is a good time to ‘give back’ to the place I love so much. Besides, airports are empty, line-ups are non-existent, so Club MoBay lounge is not needed, airline tickets are cheap, the Covid-19 resort credit was very welcome, and -above all the entire staff is working even harder to keep everybody as happy as possible.

I had the pleasure of having several conversations with Harry (the Hedonism owner) and I commended him for how well his entire team works so hard for us and does such a great job. One of his staff told me voluntarily that Harry is the best employer to work for that one can wish for! You can feel that the staff is overall quite happy, despite the harsh times in a poor country like Jamaica. There were some minor upgrades again, including better ocean views from the main pool area and finally some Italian dining music in the Italian restaurant, together with some nice updates of the interior and better control of the A/C’s.

You may have already read about the staff serving you small plates instead of self-service, due to COVID-19, and because of the low number of people, some restaurants and grills close on a rotating schedule that you’ll receive when checking in; not a big deal, in my opinion; there’s always food somewhere. The midnight pizza (I usually ordered half a pizza) was amazing as always. You’ll also get a Hedo water bottle and a Hedo face mask; now, wear that mask next time you’re going somewhere 😉

Another reason why I hesitated to go at first was because of the hurricane season. Sure, we had the usual late afternoon rain showers every day, but I guess we were lucky and it was sunny every day till mid-afternoon, then cloudy for an hour, with some showers till dinner time, after which it cleared up again for dry evenings almost every day. The catamaran trip was as crazy as always, and one of my diving buddies rented another private catamaran for his Birthday, while his family joined (this was a clothed affair, obviously). The trip South of Rick’s Cafe was beautiful and I hadn’t been that far South often, so that was nice. Crazy but beautiful thunderstorms while sailing back; quite the experience.

The diving was also amazing. Because the previous plague of lionfish is now under control, marine life is indeed slowly coming back. We saw large Manta rays, turtles, a nurse shark, barracudas, lobsters, more rays, a lot of other marine life, a great corral, and a few small wrecks (planes). We didn’t go to the tugboat this time, but Frenchman’s Reef was a great addition this time around. On a side note, Boysie a.k.a. Grantley just retired last week, so I bought him a nice outfit. He might return as a contractor at some point, working on the compressor or the dive boat, but for now, all contractors are laid off.

As always, I slept four hours every night between 3 AM and 7 AM, to get breakfast before the scuba diving, after which I usually slept another couple of hours on the beach, so just enough sleep in total to survive the week, but I needed a vacation afterward to recuperate :). I usually stay a few days before and afterward, a little down the beach to ‘acclimatize’ and recharge respectively. Just one more tip I learned from another diver in the past to survive well: alternate each drink with a glass of water. This has worked for me ever since: staying hydrated, so no headaches, and sober again in the morning to be able to go diving again.

With another short list of friends, from buddies to hang out with, to encounters from the invites I received, I traveled back with another big smile on my face; just big enough that people start to wonder what I’ve been up to.  (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop this traveler)

August 2020  R.T. – Single male Repeat guest

Yes sir once again Castaways Travel / Hedonism II delivered a great vacation!   I’ve been going to Hedo for many years and yes, this visit was quite different with Covid-19, but the resort staff were the highlight as they made sure we were constantly taken care of.   The resort had sanitizing stations everywhere, the resort was spotless, the entertainment was excellent, and Harry (Hedo owner) took us all on a FREE catamaran cruise to Rick’s Cafe…just the type of vacation I needed!  Thank you also and your staff including Lori who always makes sure I’m updated on the documents needed to enter Jamaica during this period. Can’t wait to go back, I’ll be reaching out to Lori to book my return trip:)  (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop this guest.)

July 2020  D & M couple  Repeat guests

We have been to Hedo half a dozen times and this was one of our favorite trips. It was more of an intimate gathering of people than the big group events we are used to. The nude pool had about a dozen to 25 people at any given time. The entertainment team is still fully engaged and brings lots of energy to the pool. Some new faces that everyone will LOVE and of course some veterans. Sure, there were no wild pool parties on the nude side with 100 people in the pool, and the main playroom was closed, but there were naughty card games to be played in the pool and the entertainment staff was in rare form. The Spa was open as well as all the restaurants. No dinner buffet (except for Friday night) but fun to explore the menus in the restaurants that we tend to skip because the buffet is easy.

After a two-hour flight from Orlando, we arrived 15 minutes early and immediately upon exiting the plane your temperature is taken and you sit down with a health official to go over your previously electronically submitted travel authorization information. We always do Club Mobay and this was a HUGE advantage this time around. They come to get you and take you to the front of the line! Medical evaluation took maybe 10 minutes (make sure you have all your paperwork handy and know your emergency contact’s address). Club Mobay then takes you to the express service for customs we got our bags and we were done! As soon as we exited the baggage area we were greeted by Tim Air. We had decided to fly to Negril this year. Another temperature check in the other general aviation terminal and we were back on the tarmac for our 15-minute flight. All in all, it took us 45 minutes from the time we got off our flight to get on Tim Air. We were standing in the lobby of the resort 30 minutes later.

Our departure was hassle-free.  The airport is a little slower but less stressful, with no lines or waiting. We had such a great time we booked another trip 90 days from now.  (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop these folks)

July 2020 – D B couple (First timers)

We were nervous at first since it was our first time at a clothing-optional resort. Then due to COVID, we were put on the nude side. But only after a short while we felt at ease. We enjoyed our stay and the adult activities that followed.  (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop these folks)

July 1-11, 2020  RL  Couple (Many prior trips to Hedo) This is the first report after Hedo re-opened on July 1

Well here is the news from Hedo….MoBay Airport…You must wear a mask in the airport and plane..they will come around to make sure you are wearing your mask correctly…At MoBay..temps were taken first, marked down on paper…then went to the medical line..which is very long..I suggest ClubMoBay (or for us..hubby is in a wheelchair..so that puts us in the front). Questions asked were like on the immigration form. plus medical..such as have you been with a person with the virus, etc. We did NOT have the swab for nasal or throat..thinking we were not a hot spot (Ohio) and the community we live in is small…still had to fill out the immigration card on the plane… get luggage…and use Rocky’s as Sun-holidays was closed…Hedo.The ECs greeted us with dancing and masks..had to sign a waiver that we were not around anyone that had the virus MASKS BY POOL, OCEAN, OR BEACH..all the workers must wear masks..The only time I wore a mask was in the gift shop. They didn’t press it anyplace else…I did get a massage…the catamaran was running as the week went on….by the time we left H-Block was open…everything was back to normal…Because of the low amount of people, we were treated to…it was great…Meals…when we first got there Breakfast and Lunch were served at the nude grill..they ask you what you want..and serve you…Dinner was at Pastafari…..on July 5th they opened up the buffet, and dinner was served to you… I have to say this was a great vacation…it was quiet and relaxing, (although we know how Hedo can be )..LOL.. don’t hesitate to go…you will have a great time…… (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop these folks)

July 11-18 and August 8-15, 2020  Kim & Brad  Castaways Tantra Week Hosts

See the Facebook post from our Hosts, Kim & Brad’s arrival in Jamaica for Tantric Week July 11-18, 2020  plus their post-trip report video after their week’s stay at Hedonism. See also their August 2020 trip video.   (The COVID environment worldwide did not stop these folks)

February 2020 Lisa’s Lovin’ Life –  Singles, couples, triples and more group

Our Lovin’ Life group is very diverse in all ways and every year we prove ourselves a true family once again whether it’s the constant happiness of seeing each other, support for new crew members, shared naughtiness, and even a few practical jokes (for those who almost beg for them).     (Castaways note:  You gotta read the rest of this installment to see what happens at Lisa’s Lovin’ Life annual party at Hedonism).

February 2020  MH Couple repeat guest (20 years before)

We hadn’t been to Hedo in almost 20 years. A lot has changed and all of it was good. The Japanese and Italian restaurants were very good. The refurbished rooms we clean and there was always plenty of hot water. The playroom was clean and well-maintained. The evening entertainment was varied and good.

Negatives were they now charge if you want to island certify and scuba dive. The only negative was the 2-hour bus ride from and to the airport. The good is that the cost was covered by Castaways. There was not enough variety in poolside games.

August 2019  C & L Couple – Repeat guests

Our yearly trip to Hedo from 8/15/19 to 8:20/19 was awesome as usual. The entertainment team members are top-notch and one of our favorite things we enjoy there. Especially Tamara and Kemoy, they are the best. Food was also very good and our room cleaned daily. We especially love to come every August when the Candyland girls are there. The artists were also a huge hit with us.   See you all next year.

August  2019  Y W Couple – Repeat guests

I have to tell you (the trip) went off without a hitch. I have been telling my friends who want to go next year that I’m using Castaways Travel. You guys have been Awesome! Thanks to Lori for all of her help. Even though we had an early flight and immigration wasn’t as bad as It had been on my last visit in July 2018, Club Mobay was still a smart choice. I will always use it from now on, coming and going. We had a great driver and a quick 1 hour and 20-minute drive to the resort and got the party started. It was fun and relaxing at the same time. The owner Harry was at the resort, so on Monday, he offered to anyone who wanted to go a free Snorkeling and cave swimming trip on one of the Catamarans free drinks and food. It was so much fun! I can’t even tell you and meet some great people. I did meet Kim and Brad, they’re an awesome couple (instructors for Tantra workshops). I didn’t attend Tantric sessions, but my friend did and she enjoyed them. I plan on returning to Hedo next August

Feb/March 2019 The “Leader of the Pack”  (Ya gotta take time for this one)

My 26th and the 2019 Annual Lovin’ Life Group Trip Report February 23 – March 2, 2019, Every trip (even after 15 years) is new all over again and this one was no exception. I usually arrive a day early to unpack and prep for the group fun. This time 18 peeps decided they wanted an extra Friday too. 🙂 So, the 3-somes began when 2 of us single gals sandwiched a single guy on the flight down – somehow he survived… LOL! Once we got to the MBJ airport it was quite a bit slower than previous years. Normally I don’t buy the VIP arrival service, but Castaways gets it for me when I host a group. Last couple of years I went right through the fast-track immigration line, waited for baggage, and then got right on a shuttle. This year there was a VIP arrival line that took just about as long as the others. The nice thing is my heavy bags were already waiting off the carousel and the Sun Holiday rep saw me coming and started smiling like she always does. The main Mobay lounge was full, so we were guided to a 2nd one that uses some of the old superclub lounge space. Once again there was an upside to our wait because we ended up on a shuttle full of super fun group and other H2 peeps! There was quite a bit of laughter and even some ‘Canadian Reach Around’ going on during that ride!……continued:

To see the remainder of her report, click on Leader of the Pack  for text and photos

Nov  2018 J & C Couple

We were at Hedo for almost two weeks. Overall it was great and we plan to return. Reservation process and administration by Castaways travel advisors
This was great. Castaways was helpful and efficient and made several suggestions that were helpful and saved us money.
Your staff was nice answering all of my questions and extremely helpful with Airport transfers and scheduling
Your staff recommended club MOBAY which was great. We will use that again when we go to Jamaica
We used Tim Air. We wonder if there is a competitor that we could check out. Are you aware of one? Your Hedonism accommodations
Accommodations were fine and exactly what we expected. No problems
The weather was very hot and the air conditioning barely cooled the rooms. I guess we will go for a first-floor room in the future and hope that the AC is better on the ground floor. Entertainment, activities, and events
The entertainment was good. The music and singer at dinner time were great. I can’t remember his name, but he sang most nights from 7:30 to about 8 or 8:30 and it was excellent. They should do that every night and it should be for a longer time. We made sure to be there in time to hear him in case he was on.
We enjoyed the activities with the Bubbly Bares and meeting their members Hedo activities were hit and miss. We were at the prude pool/beach a few times and never actually witnessed an activity. The nude pool activities are usually fun to watch.
The events were mostly good. Some of the parties are great. We loved the night there was dancing on the dance floor inside the main restaurant. Some of the parties are just loud music with nothing going on. Not too exciting
The second week we were there, the dirty pervs and others were really into the theme nights (as were we) and that was a lot of fun. It was the first time we experienced that and we enjoyed it. Dining and cuisine
The food was fine and pretty much as expected. We never had a problem finding something enjoyable to eat
The “steak house” is a disappointment. They need to do something else. Maybe a pizza place or something. What they serve as steak is not enjoyable.
Other specialty restaurants are good
Over two weeks, the food gets a bit repetitive, but this isn’t a complaint. Our expectations for dining were met. Resort service level
The dining service is excellent
The front desk and baggage guys are excellent
The water sports service was outstanding, they went out of their way to make me happy. The bar service is hugely disappointing. Bar staff, with a few exceptions, treat us with indifference at best. Does their job suck or something? All of the bars are the same. I had good/friendly service from one or two bartenders a couple of times in two weeks of service.
Mixed drinks are ridiculous. The bar needs to make standard drinks. For example, a gin and tonic takes 1.5 ounces of gin plus tonic water. Even the airlines know how to do this in a small plastic glass. In one case, the bartender just passed the mouth of the gin bottle over the glass without actually pouring any gin into the drink. They aren’t saving any money. When I get a drink like that, I pour it out and try again. I can’t tell you how many times I went back and asked for some gin to be added to my glass after I took a swallow. I know what a drink is supposed to taste like. If it doesn’t taste right, I just pour it out and try again. Does this seem like a good service to you? I only drink three or four drinks a day at Hedo. It just pisses me off to have to spend a bunch of time getting a real drink when they could just pour a real drink the first time I ask. This is the biggest source of dissatisfaction I have with Hedo. The bars suck. Improvements and suggestions
Just pour normally mixed drinks at the bars. Treat me like an adult and let me regulate my drinking.

Castaways note:  Personal opinion – Bartenders may be aiming for an unsolicited tip along with a handshake.  The other solution for stronger drinks is to order a separate shot of your favorite libation along with your drink and pour it into your glass while the bartender is standing in front of you.

Nov 2018 H & L couple – Repeat guests

We missed Ricardo in the shows He is really good. Some of the new entertainers are good but not as good as he. The showgirls and boys are good but keep getting younger and younger almost too young Want some more mature? The entertainers by the pool try but are also too young and not experienced.

The food is good and our room has had some refurbishing since May. The weather was really good. We are a little older and do not like to party all night. It would be nice if you let your hair down before midnight and only not after. The beach is nice and water also. The nude pool is always fun and you can easily get acquainted. Drinks are what you can expect. The staff is all nice. In all, we think Hedo is more our thing than Desire. We will be happy to come back again but first, we are going with Bliss Cruise in April.

Nov 2018 from Group Leader

Several couples did not get the rooms they requested. My suggestion was to put down several room numbers that would work for them. (Castaways note: Even though room numbers are requested, the resort will not guarantee a room number in advance.  Existing occupants frequently extend their stay or check out late, which further delays the maid service from cleaning the room.   Most often, the client can move to the room the next day or two after arrival).

We were very happy campers this year. Not many of us care for the dinners on the beach. It gets buggy when the sun goes down and we mostly eat at alternative restaurants.

The red hot night is always good. The staff there took care of all of us efficiently… kudos to the staff!!!!! They have it all together.

Repeaters night is excellent. Maybe cut back a little on food selections as it is all so good that we never have room for many dinners!!   We usually get drinks appetizers and desserts.

Fabulous spreads every night!

We know that many groups come and gone throughout the years.   But we have been doing this trip since 1982. When welcoming Groups at night … they should at least say the name of the repeater groups in the house.

Nov 2018  Group member’s consensus

1. So many improvements…
2. So easy to check in.
3. So why can’t our room be ready? (Guests using your room have to depart first for the maid to clean it.)
4. Food is so improved.
5. Staff in the dining room so improved.
6. Wine selection improved.
7. Entertainment improved. Great dancers and singers… Winston rocks the place!
8. Rooms are all clean and everything works in the room!
9. New piano player there but still a lot of fun in the piano bar. The bar staff is great!
10. Wine bar service and selection improved. Very fun time there before and after dinner.
11. Nice smoking patio for those who have to light up.
12. New furniture in the grassy area to sit and visit after dinner.
13. Need help to get different games on the big TV in the piano bar. We have lots of sports fans with us.
14. The beach area is in great shape.
15. The security staff is awesome! Especially on the beach.
16. Grill at Nude Beach much improved this year.
17. Kudos to Adrian! He helped set up champagne at sunset and also got a van to take us to Happy Hearts School in Negril.
18. Kudos to Patti and Cliff for the great check-in on arrival. Also thanks for having great Castaways backpacks with goodies in them!!!

Aug 2018 – L & A couple

This was our eighth trip to H2. The owners invested a ton of money into the resort and it shows. This year we experienced the heated pools, renovated showers and bathrooms, and new furniture (the drawers actually open and close easily). Every room has a refrigerator, which is nice, and they keep it stocked with water bottles as needed. The new ACs work great. There is plenty of hot water.No more wondering if you’re going to have to take a cold shower around 6 PM when everyone else is getting ready for dinner. There is fresh paint everywhere. The groundskeepers do a great job maintaining the landscaping.

The food was better than you would expect for the price we paid and was always plentiful (all-you-can-eat). The staff was willing to jump through hoops to make your stay memorable. The guest services manager, Lorna, was always more than willing to accommodate our requests. We attended a wedding supervised by her at the nude beach and it was beautifully executed including champagne and a wedding cake. The nude pool manager, Serena, always makes sure that we are having a great time. She is on top of everything that needs to be done to ensure that we are happy. She makes sure to mingle with the guests to get a feel for our opinions. The Front Desk got us checked in quickly and always with a smile. Even the bell staff was quick to help us if we needed something. Cecil and Ojell made sure that we were happy with our rooms when we got into them. We didn’t have to worry that our bags got to the bus on time.

The room attendants kept our rooms clean and stocked with towels and such. I cannot forget to acknowledge the entertainment staff and how they always kept us engaged at the pool and wowed us in the evening after dinner. The bartenders handled our drink orders quickly and accurately even though we had some crazy requests. You ask for it and you’ll get it. The bars were always well stocked with top-shelf liquors available upon request.

We have been members of AWOL for 11 years now and I have to recognize the efforts of our hosts, Jamey and Leslie and Ben and Amber. They work all year long to make sure that our entire group has a great time. Thank you. Our trip was booked through Castaways Travel and they know how to handle groups acting as liaisons between us and the management. They run a tight ship and make sure that no stone is unturned when making sure that all the details of our trip are covered. Manager Kevin Levee keeps a close eye on all operations. Great job!

CASTAWAYS NOTE:   Below are select reports from 2013-2018 since most major improvements have been completed.  Prior reports have been removed except for a few excellent responses from singles.

A Castaways couple …  Four weeks

We arrived on Friday, July 29. The Club Mobay escorts met us in the airplane departure hallway and walked us through customs and baggage claim and to the arrival lounge. They handled coordination with ground transportation porters and everything else. It was such a pleasure compared to the normal arrival gauntlet. The wait for the Sun Holiday transfer bus was short and the trip was uneventful except for a big traffic jam about halfway to Hedo.

At Hedonism:   We had come in the middle of the Jamaican Independence celebration and Hedo was 100% booked so until the festival ended on Tuesday we had a room (on the resort) at the south end of the property and the resort was very crowded. Wednesday we got a great upgrade to a room right next to the nude pool. That was great.

Friday night is the chef’s gala buffet and we were looking so forward to the lobster and saffron mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, they don’t serve saffron potatoes anymore. More often than not the lobsters were overcooked sometimes into mush. Nevertheless, it was overall still very good and enjoyable. For returning guests the Wednesday loyalty party is not to be missed, The heavy appetizers were often our Wednesday dinner. There are nice door prizes and good information about future events plans and facility upgrades.

Changes & Improvements:  During the first couple of weeks Harry Lange, chairman of the owner’s group, gave guests a guided tour of the prototype new standard rate room. It has new furniture, gorgeous and functional new bathroom fixtures, and a sliding bathroom door that doesn’t get in the way so the shower and vanity can be used concurrently without interference. New independent individual unit air conditioning and a new mosquito-tight bathroom window are welcome also. Free resort-wide WiF is supposed to be operational by the end of October. The buffet food when it was open (I’ll get to that later) was good but not quite up to the standard we experienced during prior visits. Austin still makes outstanding omelets for breakfast and when Mark is working the nude pool grill, it’s as good as ever. The midnight Pizza there is noteworthy.  The aerobic equipment in the fitness center is upgraded and it is well enough equipped to maintain a high level of fitness, there is room for improvement in the air movement and air conditioning in the fitness center. Upgrades to the nude pool restrooms were very nice as well as the rest of the public area restrooms.

New Dining Venue: A steak house (FLAME) has been added on the back of the beach next to the disco. We found the crab cakes and sirloin steak to be very good, the filet is OK but was not as tender as you expect for a filet. The flank steak was very tough and to be avoided.

Observations:   In the past when occupancy drops below 50% the resort closes the restaurants and keeps the buffet open for dinner. This works well because the buffet is the hub of the evening social and entertainment scene. Closing it screws up the schedule, and kills the erotic theme nights as you can’t meet the restaurant dress codes in your theme attire and no one is going to dress twice for the evening. This turned the evening atmosphere from an erotic resort to a dead one and deserted old folks’ home. It trades a stimulating evening atmosphere for a slightly better meal. It doesn’t work and may be a deal-breaker for us if they do it again next year.

The entertainment and activities program is generally good and the Hedo Bucks flow fairly generously. Now they spend the equivalent of a dollar for dollar at the gift shop on any item. They need to do a better job of matching the music at the pool and disco to the demographic of the guests. The August afternoon thunderstorms were fewer and less severe this year and mosquitoes were manageable with a little preparation. The grounds throughout the resort were kept clean and well-maintained.

Arrival and departure were smooth and Club Mobay is great at the airport both ways. All in all, we had a great time the only significant issue was closing the evening buffet, hopefully, they will re-think that one.

Client –  Single lady

Castaways Note: During the period this client visited Hedonism, the resort was upgrading the lobby, and the reception area was being remodeled.

Single non-lifestyle gal:   All I know is that 5-6 months is way too long to wait for a vacation!  This time I overlapped groups to both see good friends and to meet new ones, which worked out perfectly!

Heads up for those traveling stateside, I do believe that the scanner sensitivity has been increased.   I have flown out of BWI many times and was never stopped for the metal parts in my back. This time they did so and did a hand test for explosives (both ways).   Was somewhat surprised, but always wear yoga pants/shorts so it is easy to tell there is no external metal on me and the security lady was nice. I did VIP arrival mainly to stay in the A/C while waiting for the shuttle – the lines were not long enough to justify it for any other reason. Departure on the other hand is always worth it (if you don’t need to shop a lot).

I was on the shuttle with 2 other single gals, neither of whom was going to the zoo. No halfway stop and we passed the old Grand Lido or I should say the flattened area that was Grand Lido (no buildings remain).   Upon arrival, the Hedo lobby was not completed, so at first the security guy and then Michael (many hugs) escorted me to the room past the piano bar that is temporarily being used as the front office/check-in area. Check-in was a breeze and soon I was on my way to the room where everything worked fine all week. However, I did hear of a few others who had consistent A/C issues even after reporting them (seemed more prevalent on the n-side).  Castaways note:  All 280 guest rooms and Premium categories have been upgraded substantially including all-new A/C units installed.

As soon as I made it down to the pool, I was welcomed by my friends (staff and guests) and was instantly recharging my smile and laughter batteries. It is so great to see my happy peeps and soak in the positivity that is always present there.   Friday and Saturday were spent catching up and joking with good friends I had already known.   Also on Saturday the new group I had booked with started to arrive, so the new week started right away with hugs from brand new friends – a couple of gorgeous peeps even tried to flag me down from the piano bar balcony. This was the 1st time in 10 years that I went during a week without knowing someone from previous trips and my fears about not knowing anyone were quickly banished.

Other than the first couple of days, the weather was mostly sunny and steamy hot. The rainstorms that were present the week before disappeared and even staff were hotter (than normal that is…:).   I brought a mini-battery-operated fan and had been given an extra paper fan (by departing peeps) for dinner times. The pools were all like bathwater. Even the small cool pools were warm. The only cool spots were the prude-bar side pool and places like the piano bar and restrooms. We often sat on the outside edge of the dining room to get some kind of airflow.   Of course, being around my ‘hot’ friends didn’t help matters.

Usually, 95% of the people who go are just into having fun in their ways ‘free to be’ and respect is a constant. There were 2 obvious exceptions to this, one who was more of an ‘it’s my vacation’ type who luckily for us left at the beginning of the week and one who was a very obvious creeper/stalker type – he stopped coming after me after I told him to back off (after moving away from him many times throughout the night).   Overall, I would recommend this week for those who want a really fun vacation time and possibly for those who are new to the resort as it wasn’t a heavy-duty LS (lifestyle) week. There was no pressure to do anything (no one asked why I go…) and there were many great people who just wanted to fully enjoy their time away from reality.

Fun/Funny/Interesting Times

  • Meeting several new to-the-resort couples and single gals who all seemed to have a ‘look’ on their face the 1st day while they absorbed the vibes and sights of the place, and then appreciated how much they truly liked it soon after.
  • Watching a beautiful vow renewal on Sunday where the lovely lady approached the arch from the water instead of the sand.
  • Being lifted and whirled around in the pool by a very petite beautiful lady who chanted ‘Protect Lisa from the creeper’ after watching the one mentioned above get into the pool.
  • Going to the island with new friends who enjoyed fresh lobster ($20). I don’t eat lobster, but the $5 for the round-trip boat ride was worth the new sites and pics. Bring water shoes if you go as there are urchins in the water there (can borrow them from the watersports shack).
  • Thinking some things are ‘almost’ betta than sex, when a new friend brought 5 glasses of plain ice for the table one night and having a post-dinner soak in the prude-bar pool because it was, as the song they play there says, ‘Hot, hot, hot…’
  • Chatting with a local guy whom I hadn’t seen for about 8 years and watching how people reacted to his salami. One friend joked about stepping on it from across the hot tub. It wasn’t for me, but there is always someone… There were many funny chats about pencils vs. sausages that week.
  • Meeting several ladies from the ‘DMV’ group (the group mainly stayed on the prude side daytime), who were so full of life and brave enough to hang out and even enter the wild side waters to chat with us.   :0)
  • Dancing with friends in the pools and disco at night. I don’t pole dance, but there were several around who had brought their own.   ;0)
  • Watching a gal enjoy ‘snorkeling’ – though she needed a wee bit of encouragement to ‘make it happen’.
  • Watching a burly guy sing ‘The Rose’ to his wife of 20 years in the piano bar before exchanging new rings – very emotional moment. She had a broken leg and yet they seemed to enjoy their trip to the fullest.
  • New pool activity – the pool float rodeo. Many tried to stay on as peeps rocked and shook them, but not many made it past 8 seconds.
  • Watching a couple react as a cat snuck under their dining room table reassured them it was a cat, not another wild critter. Then hearing that staff had friends of mine move away from their table when a crab was seen scooting under it. Critters abound, but most are harmless, including people…unless intentionally messed with
  • Learned and passed on from my last trip that their ginger ale (which has more real ginger than the US type) with a topping of bitters is the local treatment for hangovers and tummy upset. During this trip, I learned that sipping Sambuca was a suggested treatment to soothe vocal cords (though if you sip enough you may need treatment #1 too). )
  • The no smoking in the pool rule was enforced throughout the trip, even with those who were fairly insistent.
  • And, of course, my all-time favorite things: meeting new peeps; smiling until my face hurts; laughing until my belly does; talking and singing until my voice fails, and enjoying hugs from people who just feel like giving them.


Piano bar speakers have been moved so that there is 1 in the piano area and 1 in each side corner room to spread out the sound better.

The lobby was still under construction/sealed off. I saw many recessed lights and what looked like a metal sculpture being hung on the desk side wall (the wall was painted blue).

The dining room bathrooms were redone. The women’s still needed some tiling on the wall (based on what the men said was in theirs) and was posted as ‘to be completed in September’.

Spa massage rooms closed on Monday for renovation, all massages were then on the beach and heard that the dining room  (The Terrace buffet) was to be done from mid-August to September that year

Suggested Changes/Issues

Order more blue floats.

Re-install a light above the large mirror in the bedroom. Many women need it to get ready vs. the bathroom which is warmer and more humid.

Supply different toilet paper in the pool-side bathrooms, and current type shreds when in contact with water. Many used PT this week instead.

Allow 6 people to RSVP for Pastafari, the couple wasn’t allowed to RSVP for a table of 4 plus me (5 total).

Fix the A/C in Pastafari, it was quite warm in there each night.

Have an afternoon DJ at the n-side pool. This seemed very sporadic in the afternoon. We noticed that more staff was present for the DMV group on the prude side.   Groups should add to the fun/entertainment, not unbalance it for others.

Have uniform security rules for the n-side. Daytime ladies were allowed to keep bottoms on (which is fine to me – medical reasons like women have or sunburn should allow flexibilities), but nighttime people were pounced on for having a towel wrapped around their waist while eating and no bottoms were allowed. Also, later in the week the DMV group came over fully dressed and stayed there beyond getting food.

Rate increases were discussed several times during the week, younger/lower-income guests are being priced out of going and some are opting to go to Mexico or other places because of the continuing increases.

Post Trip Note: Resort contact responded to the above suggestions with some updates. They will start having a DJ poolside from 1-6 pm; A/C in Pastafari will be fixed; consistent security rules will be in place, and they will have fans in the rooms (not sure if this meant room fans or bathroom fans) before my next visit – so guessing 5-6 months.

For all: I highly suggest that everyone use at least the back side of the resort comment card. The staff mentioned on it are given kudos based on the department they work in and management seems to take the suggestions for changes very seriously.

Client – Single male

Loved the holiday. Very comfortable other than weather was a bit sketchy. Rained quite a bit while there. Enjoyed my vacation there but the Airport arrival and departure should be mentioned. Arriving and departing were an absolute nightmare of long lines, and cattle queues, which wore me out. Something needs to be done to streamline the amount of time spent checking in, Security checks, and Customs. I’ve been through many Airports as my work takes me all over the world. I also understand the need for security nowadays. But this was just far too long to be standing in lines for all mentioned above. Luggage is also a headache in keeping travelers informed as to where to find their luggage upon arrival. I was more worn out and stressed once I made it home, that a break was required to get over the Airport experience.

Jamaica is interesting, but not interesting enough to subject myself to that again unless vast improvements are installed.

(Castaways Note:  Arriving/departing on the weekends is usually the busiest period of the week at the Montego Bay airport.  A private club called Club MoBay at the airport provides expedited, fast-track arrival and departure services to avoid long lines and wait times for Customs/Immigration  … in addition to admission to its private club, as nice as any private airport lounge we’ve experienced.  NOTE:  The client was advised of this service but declined to pay for it. Comes in handy on high-volume arrival days (Friday-Sunday). See more at Club MoBay).

Client – Single Male

Castaways Note: For single men out there….here are interesting, insightful comments from a single traveler to Hedonism during the spring.

I called Castaways after finding their name on the internet when it showed up under clothing-optional travel agencies and I believe there was also a link under the Hedo site as well. I have had some (30 years) experience at nude resorts and nude beaches so I was comfortable with the nude aspect of it but much less so with the Hedo concept itself.

The owner was extremely pleasant and helpful when I called that day as I asked about single men traveling to Hedo. He brought up the fact that in just a few short weeks a “group” would be going to Hedo through Castaways and would have a host couple. Traveling with a group of folks I didn’t know was a new one for me as was having a host couple! He encouraged me as a single that traveling under a group would at least allow me to meet some folks in a less pressured atmosphere at the very least. As we know, I was unexpectedly able to work it all out in those few weeks.

I did begin corresponding via email to Mary Ellyn and Jim (the hosts). If anyone deserves a “patience” award it is Mary Ellyn as I bombarded her (and Jim) with email after email voicing my fears about being avoided as a single man, how to integrate myself into the group, how to integrate myself into the Hedo crowd in general, frank discussions about my expectations and behavior at a resort like Hedo, and even down to nick picky questions like what pants to bring, money, cell phone use etc. Her “advice ” was consistently spot on! I want to say here that Mary Ellyn (and I don’t refer to Jim as much because he was in the middle of tax season so by chance Mary Ellyn was the one I had the most correspondence with) was a BIG part of making the trip happen and for me feeling more secure about the whole thing. She put up the group page for everyone to kind of start to get to know each other and plan the week out as far as group dinners, themes, and even what pool to hang out at. Surprisingly to me, not many people took advantage of the group page. ?? As Mary Ellyn had said, the group thing is what you want to make of it. You could do as much or as little with the group as you desired.

As a single, I will say I support the group because it did indeed allow me to meet others at dinner or the group page where it was “safe” and not the “pressure” at the resort. Two of the couples in the group and I exchanged contact info the day we all began leaving with email addresses, and Facebook info and ended with handshakes and hugs. So I hope to be able to keep up with these folks…even if we don’t end up at Hedo together again.

I had some very blunt questions for Mary Ellyn and she was very honest by saying some single guys’ “successes” at Hedo were hit or miss with so many factors involved, who security is on any particular night, the mood of the crowd on any particular day, and how I present myself to people. What I learned through this -for me – was to be sincere, friendly, assertive (but not aggressive ), to put yourself out there… and to NOT be a jerk or too drunk or too arrogant or too dorky! :).

I was also comfortable enough with myself to explore outside the group and made 6 new friends on my own in the pool or on the beach. Two of them were singles. I will be keeping up with them as well. I will say Mary Ellen’s advice again – was right on. All of the folks outside the group made comments that I seemed “normal” “Nice” “friendly” and “comfortable approaching someone I didn’t know”. These were descriptions they used when they met me. I would say also just as Mary Ellyn suggested, that the whole crowd there as a whole seemed to be a friendly bunch. Never saw any rudeness or feeling of isolation from anyone towards me and that was one of my bigger fears. My final overall view of MY trip was “good”.

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