Desire Pearl Resort - Trip Reports

Desire Pearl Resort - Trip Reports

 The following trip reports have been submitted by our friends and clients.  If you have recently visited Desire Pearl Resort, we need your trip reports. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

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April 2023 J & D Couple - First visit, first trip with Castaways

What an amazing trip. From the help that Lori at Castaways travel provided to the staff at Desire Pearl. This was our first “clothing optional” trip so we were not sure exactly what to expect. Within minutes of entering Desire we were at ease and began a wonderful experience.

We are a fit mid-sixty’s couple together for 49 years and felt very comfortable. We are not in the “lifestyle” but had fun, no pressure, conversations with folks in the lifestyle. We even met couples that we will likely stay in touch with. A return trip may be a possibility.

December 2021 L & E Couple - First visit

We appreciate the welcome home email, it put a finishing touch to the end of our trip. We must say it was a fantastic vacation and an experience we will not forget.

The service at Pearl was phenomenal, from the concierge to the grounds staff, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. There are so many staff members who made our trip memorable. The people we met were so friendly, it added to our fantastic vacation.

We appreciate the support and information from Castaways travel. We would like to thank Marylin and Jennifer for all their support.

June 2021   M & J Couple - First visit

1. Arrival was delayed but that was Delta. Customs was not a problem; no line and out within 10 minutes. Transportation provided by LOMAS both ways plus a pick up from the Westin; very good and on time. The biggest headache in airport was finding LOMAS desk as it was outside and down the sidewalk plus getting through the gauntlet of timeshare sales in the arrival hall (that sucks!!

2. We were not sure what to expect as we had never been to an LS resort but had been to several nude resorts before. My wife was nervous but I had printed out several trip reports of other couples like us. Check-in was easy and everything was explained. Had to wait about 3 hours for the room but was ready for this with a small bag and stored in the spa.

Went to the pool and within an hour were nude and enjoying a pizza! We were given an upgraded room but it was not a KING bed and I specifically requested a King (wife was upset about this) but was sorted out and changed the next day.

CASTAWAYS NOTE:  Most resorts including Desire Pearl will not and cannot "guarantee" a specific room number, location or bed type.  Grounds and rooms were nice; this is not a 5 star resort but definitely a 4 star. Meals were all good and drinks and snacks were easy to get.

Service was the best we have ever had in 5+ trips to Mexico. The staff is phenomenal!! We loved the clothing-optional aspect especially my wife as it takes her some time to get her comfort level and the ability to enjoy each other without judgment.

3. We had signed up for the snorkeling trip but it was canceled due to a severe thunderstorm. Money was immediately refunded that afternoon. Thought about diving but it has been years since we did any diving and we need a refresher class; next trip for sure!

4. Guest age range was 30s-70s.   We are 61 and 62 and in pretty good shape. We did not feel out of place and enjoyed watching others participate in games, activities etc. Sadly, we were asleep every night by 930 PM local time so never got to see any of the evening entertainment!

We will definitely get involved in the Saturday foam party and a couple of the theme nights next trip! We relaxed, read, ate, drank, and just enjoyed reconnecting with each other in a sexy, fun, safe environment!

Please keep me informed about the July 2022 escorted Castaways trip with Marylin!

July 2020  Castaways Group Trip - G & M couple

Everyone was a little apprehensive about any travel, let alone international travel to Mexico. However, our group had been waiting for a year to return to Desire Pearl.   While some had canceled their trip for obvious valid reasons, most had vowed to travel.  So, off we went with our fingers crossed and many face on for the remainder of the lengthy and detailed report and photos, too.

July 2020 Newbies Couple - Castaways Pearl Group

This was our first time staying in Mexico and at Desire Pearl.

The entry into Cancun and the departure from Cancun was easy and painless. We went right through customs and Lomas was right there to take us to the resort. Lomas Travel (airport transfers) was great and I would recommend using them with your transfer.

First, let me start by saying that everything that we heard about Desire Pearl was true. Their attention to COVID concerns was outstanding. We felt safer at this resort than most places at home.

When we arrived we were greeted and walked to the entrance where the temperature reader was. It scans you and, if no fever, then your walking into paradise. Check-in was smooth and easy. Left our bags and toured the resort and had some drinks by the pool while waiting for our room.

The staff was amazing; you hear that in every trip report and it is true. The food was excellent as well. There are plenty of options and 5 courses at every sitting, and if that isn’t enough you can have as much or as little as you want. There are plenty of options and they will try to accommodate your every wish.

The rooms were nice... Plenty of room and great views. We had an Ocean View room and it was perfect for us. The daily activities are great if you're looking for entertainment but if you are wanting to just chill and relax, the pool is so big that you can escape the activities and just relax.

There is a pool bar that you can swim up to and get your drinks or there is someone who will keep the drinks coming if you don’t want to go to the bar, great service.

The theme nights were outstanding. I would say that probably 90% participated and that is great. We have been to other resorts where we prepared outfits and got all dressed and nobody participated. The only thing that was a little disappointing was the beach. They are trying really hard to make it a great beach but it just isn’t there yet.

I am not going to give a play by play but let's just say we had a blast, what a great vacation. We believe what made our vacation unbelievable is 2 fold. First by booking through Castaway’s Travel with their travel advisor was a blessing. She took care of everything and was in communication with us for whatever questions or concerns that we had. Secondly, we booked our first ever group trip.

We have always been skeptical about group trips because we didn’t know anyone and felt like we would be outsiders crashing the party. What we have come to realize is that this group (Hellians) was the best decision we could have made. We met some amazing people and made some wonderful friends, and who doesn’t want to be on vacation with a bunch of friends?

Our Castaways hosts planned some great events for the group and were amazing group leaders, thank you guys. We look forward to next year's group trip to Mexico with Castaways' Hellians at Desire Riviera Maya, July 2021.

July 2020  Castaways Group Trip - K & S couple

We just got back from our fantastic July vacation to Cancun, booked through Castaway's Travel. Initially, we were a bit nervous about traveling to Mexico in the middle of the COVID "pandemic" but we trusted our host couple when they informed us about the safety procedures in place by the airlines and our resort. They gave us extra information about the necessary travel forms related to COVID along with Customs and Immigration forms, all of which we were able to fill out online in advance.

They could not have been more right and international travel could not have gone smoother. Delta Airlines did a great job of providing extra cleaning precautions and social distancing. Seating started from the back of the plane to improve social distancing and every middle seat was left empty for the same reason.

Similarly the flight crew wore gloves and masks as they handed out antibacterial wipes getting on the plane and provided snacks and drinks in prepackaged plastic bags that kept contact at a minimum.

The best part was arriving in Cancun and realizing that every bag handler and every taxi driver and especially our hotel staff was just as considerate about wearing masks and social distancing. The resort was impeccably clean from the disinfecting welcome mat on the way in to the daily room cleaning and sanitized eating areas. The cleanliness exceeded our expectations.

The only difference between the US and Mexico was that guests were not required to wear masks once inside the resort. Considering we spent most of our time by the pool,eating in one of the restaurants, or drinking and dancing with new and old friends at night, we were happy not to have to wear masks; which made for an even better relief from the madness back home.

On top of all that our Castaways host couple arranged several special nights to get to know the other guests in the group.We had a welcome reception with cocktails and appetizers on the lawn, a wine tasting dinner for the whole group, and several other fun dinners and events with new and old friend in the group. Mexico has had fewer cases of COVID per capita than we have in the US and they are practicing all the same precautions to make guests feel safe.

Do not hesitate to go if you are considering it; and if you think you might enjoy traveling with a group of like minded friends, join the Castaways' Hellians group for their next trip July 2021, I can promise you will have a great time!

July 2020 Anonymous (by request) Castaways Couple

Our trip to Desire Pearl was excellent, as usual!

With everything going on with Covid, we weren't sure what to expect on this trip. They are doing just as stated on their website; cleaning and sanitizing. Upon arrival, they sanitized our luggage and cleaned and sanitized the bottoms of our shoes, and took our temperature. The staff and employees wore masks and goggles while some wore a face shield. There was not a time that I saw an employee without their face equipment. We were very impressed by that.

The property was at about 30% capacity*. There was 6 ft of space between each pair of lounge chairs at the pool. There were hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the property. They also encouraged keeping 6 ft of distance if there were people waiting in line for meals, etc.

However, there was not much social distancing in the pool, hot tub, or dance floor! Lol!   But it (occupancy)  may depend on the amount of guests they have.

*Castaways note:  At that time, Mexico imposed mandatory occupancy levels starting in June 2020 and increasing as the months passed).

It truly was a fun time and a great experience in light of Covid.  Setting that aside, the Mansion next door is complete and gorgeous. We met several people who were staying there. We didn’t get to go inside to see the detail, but peering through the windows as we walked by, it’s really beautiful!

Thanks for keeping in touch with us during the unsettling time leading up to our trip. We were certainly keeping our fingers crossed.

Cancun Airport experience.

Traveling was good to Cancun with the exception of having to wear a mask from the time we left our hometown until we arrived at the resort. The only time we took them off was to eat or drink.

There were very few people in the Cancun airport upon our arrival, also very few vehicles on the road traveling to the resort. However, our trip back to the airport the day we left, there were many more vehicles on the road.  (For our departure day) the Cancun airport was packed.

After we checked in and offloaded our luggage, we had to fill out a health information form. This form was taken at the security checkpoint.  As we moved through the airport heading to security, we spotted an infra-red camera taking each traveler’s temperature. An individual was sitting at a desk monitoring those temperatures, dressed in full hazmat gear.

If anyone showed having a temperature, they were pulled aside and a digital thermometer was used to double-check it.   Also, expect full flights now that everything has opened up. Every airplane we boarded was filled to capacity.


July 2020 Anonymous (by request) Castaways Couple

Everything went well on the trip. We actually felt safer in Mexico than we do in San Antonio! Airport was easy and everyone wore masks. Southwest Airlines was the same. Once we got to Desire Pearl our temps were taken and we were told we could take off our masks. We stayed 6 ft apart from others most of our visit but everything about the resort was top notch. Can’t wait to go again!

January 2020  S Couple

The transportation from airport to resort and from resort to airport was exceptional. The resort was basically as expected. The rooms were nice and the cleanliness and service was good. The restaurants we good and the food was presented nicely and very good.

What needs improvement follows:

The nightly entertainment was fine but except for the different costumes was repetitious except for the girl who did a gymnastic routine and hung by her teeth.

There didn't seem to much effort on part of staff to get people to mingle.

Do not like the big push to either buy a share or become a premier member.

A number of staff expected to be tipped. In fact we were told we should tip by one of the front desk people.

We will not return to either Desire or Desire Pearl.

June 2019  D & L Couple

Just spent 4 nights at Pearl June 2019

The master suite was very nice and plenty of room.  Had a great view of the ocean and pool.

The food at Pearl restaurant was very good, while food at the other restaurants was just ok, nothing special. Landscaping left a bit to be desired
compared to other resorts.(plastic greenery around the pool & other areas, and old-style astroturf)

The staff was great.  Only negative there was the manager of Premier, their vacation travel club.  The name was Charlie - what a pushy jerk!

There was a lot of seaweed.  Not their fault. it was coming in while we were there, but could have cleaned the beach up better.

Didn't even try to remove any of it.  Obviously can't remove it all, but an attempt at some would be nice.
(Castaways note:  Sargassum occurs offshore and is seasonal as some changes ocean currents can affect its presence on beaches).

Overall, nice trip.  Enjoyed our stay.

Other  2018-2019 Trip Reports

Some recent trip reports and certain trip reports have been reduced due to their limited content. Remaining reports are retained primarily to due their in depth comments.   For recent status, please contact Castaways travel advisers who periodically visit both Desire Resorts.


May 2017 DN Couple

Beautiful destination, excellent cuisine, menus met expectations. Still adjusting to 'lifestyle' environment but loved the open clothing optional mix. The nightly entertainment was fantastic and upscale. Surprised at the amount of 'tipping' that we saw for an all inclusive. Above what considered appropriate 'slip the bartender....' made us feel obligated to begin tipping..what was that about? Overall great experience. We will go back again.

March 2017 DV Couple

We won two days at Desire Pearl from Castaways Travel. The resort is the best we have ever been to.  We like the property much better than Desire R/M but a lack of lifestyle people there.  Would be nice if everyone identified themselves with a wrist band or something if they are lifestyle or not.

We would have liked if the dining rooms had more large tables and they would ask if we wanted to sit at a large table so we can meet others faster.  They do this on many lifestyle cruises.


February 2016  B & C

Castaways Note: This couple spent four nights at Hidden Beach prior to four nights Desire Pearl.

It was an interesting comparison with HBR as we spent 4 days at Desire followed by 4 days at HBR.

Desire Pearl was a great destination. Lots of energy, good food, good entertainment, good accommodations. Thank you for recommending Desire Pearl. The property was lush,the food was good, the entertainment was outstanding! My wife had been hesitant because we are not swingers, but she had a great time. We met couples that were and couples that weren’t.

There was no pressure at all. Only fun was had at the pool, at the bars, and at the disco. We definitely will go back and we will recommend it to our friends.

Both places had relatively young couples (40-50) celebrating President’s Day weekend and Valentines. The level of activities and entertainment was much greater at Pearl. The bar stock was top drawer. At HBR we were told we could get Gray Goose, but for an extra price. HBR was much quieter.

Having a pool guy to reserve chairs and move umbrellas was a real plus at Pearl. At HBR you had to get out before 7am to get a chair near an umbrella. They definitely need to have more umbrellas and better bases so as to be able to move them around at HBR. The service level at Pearl was much better. I would also recommend that HBR upgrade their safes to combination safes.

Having to carry around a key or hide it somewhere is old fashion and out of date. On the plus side, the new restaurants at HBR were very good, both food and ambiance. I will say that Daniel, who checked us in at HBR, told us that we did not need to make reservations. We waited 1-1/2 hours at the Italian the first night. After that we made reservations and had no problems.

I heard that they are planning to build a new HBR to the south of the old Seaside property. I would go for that as the current HBR is getting old. The swim-up idea was great when the water was warm, but is useless when it is cold as it was when we were there. A much nicer pool, like Pearl, would be an improvement.

December 2015  A & D Couple

They visited Desire Riviera Maya and Pearl

Desire: Pearl vs Riveria Maya

 Food: Equal and very good. There are differences. Rivieria Maya has more Mexican food.

 Service: Equal and Excellent

Rooms: similar but smaller at Riveria Maya

Shows: better at Pearl

Exercise facility:             better and more up to date at Pearl, but Riveria Maya is adequate

Sin Room:             Very good at Riveria Maya, too small at Pearl

Hot Tub: Much nicer at Pearl. RM is small on top of the roof

Disco: similar, but see re Crowd

Crowd: Riveria Maya had a wider age range which meant there were more and wilder dancers at the Disco.  Not much in the way of PDAs except in the designated areas.

Pool: much better at Pearl, Riveria Maya’s pool is very small and you can’t swim if there is an activity, such as water volleyball going on

Out-of-resort excursions: slight advantage turns major if you can find Cesar at Pearl

Wildlife:             alligators and coatis at Riveria Maya, iguanas at Pearl

Beach: both becoming over-run by seaweed but Pearl’s Warf is a major plus, both for snorkeling and for romantic moments.

Oct/Nov 2013  Desire Pearl - HBR Comparison

My husband and I made our first trip to Desire Pearl in November. After vacationing at Hidden Beach resort 6 or 7 times, in both Feb/March and Oct/November we had the opportunity to make a fairly true comparison....

Read the full report here in PDF format

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