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Group Trips to Desire Pearl Resort & Spa

Join us on these escorted or group trips to the Desire Pearl Resort in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. If you are unsure of a destination, or not sure if you will easily meet people when you get there, our group trips are the perfect answer. We've been there, we know what to do, where to go, and generally how to get the most for your dollar.

We have special rates for all of our Group Trips.

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For travel anytime to Desire Pearl, use this request to:  Get A Room

Stay tuned for more resort-sponsored events for holidays and special occasions.

July 18-25, 2020 Join Castaways’ clients and the Hellians for the 20th annual “Summer Camp for Adults” blowout

Join the Hellians group for a summer vacation to remember. Summer camp for adults will remind you of blissful days of being a happy camper. Desire Pearl upscale and sexy resort will be the perfect surrounding to lose your inhibitions. Book early to get the early booking rates plus complimentary round-trip airport transfer. This is a sold out week each year.

The Hellians travel group host several group trips  to various adult only resorts and chartered Bliss cruises throughout the year.

Groups website: hellians

Contact Host Couple: [email protected] to join their private Facebook page available for its travelers

Call 800-470-2020, (281) 465-4960  OR  E mail Castaways OR Get A Room

(Group not available On Line.)

Group Trips to Desire Pearl Resort

August All Month   SYW    S*xy, Young & Wild – All Month

Jump in with both feet, actually with all 3 feet and have some fun.   This month, 4th night is usually free and a 3rd person (female) is invited to join.  Contact Castaways for more info, pricing and details.  Get A Room   or 800-470-2020