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Caliente Tampa Resort

Caliente Tampa Resort
Is one of the newest, full-service adult, clothing optional resorts in the United States located on over 100 acres near Tampa, Florida. This full-service resort includes permanent homes, condominiums, hotel rooms, restaurants, boutiques, swimming pools, hot tubs, spa, tennis courts, a nude disco and sports bar.

Resort Overview

According to management, Caliente Tampa Resort is A full service, adults-only clothing optional resort. The resort is lifestyle friendly and articles of clothing are no longer required or restricted anywhere, including pools. Caliente Resort is a private membership club, and all visiting guests must purchase a daily membership to enter. Overt sexual activity in public is not permitted or condoned. Adult couples 21 and over are welcome. Here is the current policy from Caliente Management: Please be aware of Caliente Resort recent policy update. “Unaccompanied, non-member single men are unable to make overnight reservations. A travel companion is required to take advantage of the offer.”

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Caliente Tampa Resort is about 20 miles north of downtown Tampa, Florida, on Highway 41 in Land O’ Lakes, near the north tollway heading out of town. Caliente is an inland resort with 6 (six pools) including a ¼ acre lagoon pool with a stunning waterfall and two islands.

The complex is near several other nudist resorts in the area and close to many restaurants and shopping centers.

Another attraction is that it’s close to Busch Gardens and DisneyWorld, too. DisneyWorld is about 2 hours away via Interstate 4. Clearwater Beach, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs, and Sarasota are all nearby.

Getting There

Tampa, Florida is easily reachable from anywhere by car, planes, ships, and trains. Tampa's modern airport is just 30-45 minutes from the resort by car. A Tollway heading north, next to the Tampa Airport, puts you at the resort in a few minutes. Tolls cost about $1.50-$2, one way (rates subject to change.)

There are also resort shuttle services and taxis available, too.


Caliente Tampa Resort is a full service, adults-only clothing optional resort. The resort is lifestyle friendly, and clothing is no longer required or restricted anywhere, including pools.

Condominiums, villas, permanent homes, restaurants, boutiques, swimming pools, hot tubs, spa, tennis courts, and nude disco are features of the property, designed with a master plan years in the planning. An RV park is also on the grounds, too, the serious camper with wheels.

The centerpiece of Caliente is the Club’s lush fifteen-acre recreational facilities or complex. Amenities include an oversized clubhouse with a spacious nightclub, restaurant, piano bar, sports bar, gym, yoga/pilates room, steam room/sauna combo and 12 treatment rooms spa. The clubhouse overlooks an 8,400 square foot lagoon pool complete with grotto waterfall and adjoining hot tub and conversation pool.

For visitors, Caliente operates just like any other resort, except you’re butt naked most the time if you choose. You can rent hotel rooms, condominiums, villas or casitas….accommodations that can sleep up to 6-8 people. You must be a member of the resort to visit or stay overnight. Daily memberships are available to purchase.

Other services include both recreational swimming pool and separate water volleyball pools, oversized hot tub(s)… DELETE “S”, clothing (why-?) boutiques, a nude disco, tennis courts, Cafe Ole restaurant, a poolside snack shop and bar, spa and workout area.

Club Caliente: “Si, Como, no” the local tiki bar on-site, is enclosed and features entertainment periodically with daily drink specials.

Cafe Ole is on-site for your fine dining pleasure.

Numerous recreational activities are on a weekly schedule including yoga, tennis, water, and volleyball Social events include dinner shows, live band performances, trivia night, karaoke, ladies night, DJ night and more. Golf and nightlife are nearby, too.

Here's a list of the published amenities: Here’s a list of the published amenities:

      • 12 treatment rooms European health spa
      • Steam room and sauna
      • Piano bar –ambient music venue with live acoustic performances on Thurs through Sun
      • State-of-the-art fitness center
      • Tiki bar and heated social pool
      • 6 pro tennis courts (including 3 clay) and tennis pavilion
      • 2 pro water volleyball pools
      • 2 sand volleyball courts
      • Shuffleboard, horseshoes, basketball court
      • Running path around the perimeter of Caliente
      • Spacious RV hookup sites and laundry facilities
      • Opulent hotel rooms
      • 33,000 sq feet Clubhouse, lagoon pool with grotto waterfall, piano bar, informal fine dining, nightclub, and sports bar
      • High Energy night club with state-of-the-art sound system
      • Beautiful tropical landscaping throughout the complex and pools


A nice touch outside is the hot tubs’ area is elevated and above the main pool

Without a doubt, one of the best night clubs (with or without clothes) we’ve ever experienced and enjoyed is Fiesta. The great energy comes from an uninhibited crowd ranging in age from the early ’20s to late ’60s….some may wear clothes and some are completely nude. The people and age mix provide someone to talk to and the fun is non-stop…with or without your clothes on.

Best view in the night club: Watch the female guests on stage shake, rattle, and roll when the beat heats up and the hip hop stars.

A personal observation about this contemporary mix of nudists: You will find most folks nude during the day inside and out, around the pools and especially around the sports areas and hot tubs. As the sun goes down, you will find more folks wearing some type of clothing….especially in the restaurants. You can be nude anywhere on the resort; it’s just more common to see folks clothed in the restaurants during the evenings. Late nights in the hot tubs, of course, everyone seems to enjoy themselves without clothes.

The resort really exudes luxury, more like you would find in a country-club atmosphere…..fun but never stuffy.

Not just the resort, the permanent homes, condominiums, villas, and casitas are all first-class, too. The complex is really a small, self-contained community dedicated to the nudist and lifestyle way of living. Take a moment to see the photo album for a glimpse of the luxury you’ll see at Caliente.

Group Trips & Specials

Group Trips to Caliente Tampa Resort . If there are none scheduled... that doesn't mean it's not a great place for two, three or even dozens of couples to get together for a group trip. If you have other couples that might want to join you, consider renting a 3 bedroom condo/villa on the grounds


Numerous possibilities abound from Busch Gardens to Disneyworld and Orlando, to the perfect white sands on the Gulf at nearby Clearwater Beach. Golf is available close by and all types of shopping and dining are near.

A visit to the older section of Tampa called Ybor City is fun to see where the Cuban cigar makers and ethnic neighborhoods had their beginnings. You can even choose to sail on a conventional (real "clothed") cruise ship that stops there like Carnival, Holland America or others.


The social and recreational center of the resort revolves around Club Caliente, the huge clubhouse that contains offices, restaurants, sports bar, snack bar, spa, hot tubs, swimming pools, shops and a terrific adults only night club called Fiesta.

For typical evening entertainment and dining, you will see most folks dress for dinner.

Dining and relaxing are two great sports you can enjoy at the same time in Club Caliente. The upscale ala carte restaurant, Cafe Ole, serves the finest evening meals and compares favorably to the very best all-inclusive resort we’ve experienced in the Caribbean or Mexico. A diverse list of menu choices includes meat, chicken, fish and pasta dishes complemented by numerous appetizers, beer, wine, salads, and killer desserts. Breakfast and lunch are also served daily from the restaurant. James’ favorite dessert: Key Lime Pie…you’ll be hard-pressed to find it better anywhere else!

The Si, Como, No Bar and beverage and snack service outside complement your fun in the sun. For lighter fare, burgers, fries, and snacks, the Cantina Calypso Sports Bar is a great place to kick back and enjoy your favorite team with a brew and your honey. At night, besides the sports bar and night club, the piano bar features live acoustic performances and smooth lounge atmosphere for relaxation over a glass of wine or specialty martinis


Choose from hotel rooms, casitas, condos and villas. Hotel rooms and casitas in low season start at $120/night + Tax/membership fees and rates vary by season, by weekdays and week nights plus special occasions or events may have a surcharge. Rates for villas available, too, great for 2 or 3 couples to enjoy. Seasons, terms and conditions: March 1st – October 31st is high season. Low season is November 1st – February 28th. NOTE: Room rates subject to change without notice.

All rates are based on single or double occupancy. Each additional person by request. Applicable daily membership fees also apply. Room rates do not include applicable taxes or fees. Prices are subject to change without notice.



▲ The resort looks more like a country club than a nudist resort.

▲ Clientele is definitely upscale.

▼ No saltwater beach or ocean access

Age Ranges

You will find adults of all ages at Caliente Resort.

Best Time To Go

Weekends are busy, eventful and action-packed. Monday through Wednesday are low key.

Spring, summer, and fall. Wintertime weather can vary from perfect to chilly or rainy since central Florida can get cold fronts occasionally but it’s not the norm. Most times, the weather is mild, warm to hot, just about year-round. Summers can be hot and humid.

Wish List

● Wish the resort was ocean side with a beach, but the other amenities make up for it.

Photo Album

The photos in our Caliente Tampa Resort Photo Album were either taken by us, our clients or supplied by the resort. If you've been to Caliente Tampa, we encourage you to contribute your photos . To contribute you own photos (or trip reports), go to our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

Trip Reports

If you have recently visited Caliente Tampa Resort, we would appreciate you contributing a trip report. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

From a couple who lives in the neighborhood adjacent to the Caliente property:

Caliente is a great place.  It's a Clothing Optional Resort that is lifestyle friendly (but public sex is not allowed).  It is also a clothing-optional residential community on about 100 acres.  Only guests 21 and over are allowed in the separate club/resort area.  The resort itself is amazing and has a Desire Resort feel, but it's not Desire.  It has 5 pools, a hot tub, and a gorgeous property.  The food and drinks are amazing but it is not an all-inclusive setup.
During the week (Sun-Thurs) it is fairly quiet.  During this time it caters a bit more to the residents and members seeking nude pool time and some events.  During the evenings of the week, you would find Naked Pool (the table kind), Sports and Trivia in the Sports Bar, and Karaoke in the Tiki Bar.  They also have larger events and shows some Thursday or Friday (Burlesque, Music, Sexy Bingo, etc) evenings.  If you are looking for a quiet getaway the Castaways rate for Sun-Thurs cannot be beaten.   See:  Castaways Caliente Special
On the weekends the party picks up.  Friday-Sunday there is typically a live band by the pool.  Friday evenings either have a show in the Nightclub or a DJ.  Not crazy packed but the dance floor does get going.  Saturdays are the big party night.  There is a theme party every Saturday evening.  They are just like the ones you see at Desire and Hedo (some more creative).  These are sponsored by rotating groups (AAHZ, Sexy Bare Bottoms Club etc).  The club packs up and the party is a lot of fun.  It is NOT a bunch of 20-year-olds.  You will see the age ranges from the mid-20s to mid-80s in the club.  The average age is the mid-late 40s.   Going to the Caliente Events page you will see all of the parties.  Sometimes there are info links and others there are not.  This is for a couple of reasons.  One is the groups are slow to build their promo material sometimes.  In other instances, it is a licensing issue.  Often parties are posted on lifestyle sites such as SDC,  Kasidie, and SLS.  You do not need to RSVP for the parties but you can through those sites if you are on those sites.  If not, no worries, just show up.
If you are looking for a weekend stay I would suggest the one-time promotion that Caliente offers to promote its Vacation Club.  This gets you 4 nights for about $400 (It is going up to $499 in Feb) for all nights and includes groups fees.  Normally that would be about $1200.  Yes, you do sit through a short, no-pressure, Vacation Club pitch.  If you live in Fl you can split that into 2 nights on two weekends within 90 days of each other.  This is a really good deal.  But if you are not worried about the cost then expect a hotel room to cost about $160 and day fees of $100 per day.  you can also get a Condo or Villa for a bit more.  The promo would allow you to book now.  Otherwise, you cannot book a room until 30 days prior (Members receive early booking ability).
Prices quoted above are NOT guaranteed and will change without notice.