Nude Cruise Tips

Use these nude cruise tips and FAQs to plan your pleasure at sea....your way.     To enjoy the best adult couples' only, clothing-optional cruise, some tips plus frequently asked questions (FAQs) should start you on your way.

If you're a first-time cruiser on this unique adventure at sea, don't get uptight; we're here to help so CALL US or Email if you have any questions.   If you're a pleasure repeater, below are reminders to help your packing list of "don't forget....." essentials.

If you're a first-timer, let's address the 3 most frequently asked questions:

  1.  Do I have to be nude on a nude cruise?   NO!
  2.  Do I have to participate in any lifestyle activities?  NO!
  3.  Do I have to talk to or interact with anyone?  NO!

No one is grading you or telling you what to do.  Your couples vacation is yours to enjoy so meet as many fun people as you can.   Just open your mouth - you'll be surprised what happens.

This page lists all our nude cruises in one place.

Check what travel documents you will need on the trip like a valid Passport.  If you're a U.S. citizen, make sure your passport is valid for the length of your cruise.  Bring another form of identification such as your state-issued driver's license or identification card.   TIP:  Many countries require your passport to be valid six (6) months beyond the dates of your vacation. 

 Check your passport date NOW.  Don't do it may forget.

If you have your reservation number, you can check-in online early as possible but at least 72 hours prior to boarding and enter required info:  Passport number, identification card plus your credit card for your Set Sail Pass (that Sea Pass card is used as your cabin key and charge card onboard.   You must present them to the ship's reservation agent to check-in so don't forget them.   Bring credit cards and I.D. to use at Ports of Call on land.   Some cards are not accepted everywhere so take a couple of different brands like Master Card, Visa, etc.

Copy your passport,  I.D. card, and charge cards to take with you in a separate handbag or purse.  Retain those copies with you in the event they're lost or misplaced.   TIP:  Take a picture of them with your iPhone.

We recommend you leave your birth certificate at home;  instead, use a passport or passport card to be safe.   Passport applications are available online and many Post Offices accept applications, fees and photos.

Ladies:  For poolside, take bikinis and a coverup to reach the pool from your cabin. Don't forget a beach bag to hold your stuff if you decide to tan all over around the pool.  For day time fun, bring casual wear or tropical fashions, depending upon the itinerary.  Of course hats, ball caps, shorts, tops, sundresses, sandals, jeans, athletic and dress shoes will prepare you for most action and daytime activities.   For theme nights, bring your costumes. If you choose to be casual and minimize packing, don't worry about the extra theme stuff but include dresses or slacks/blouses for evening dining and parties.  Dress for the themes...or not.  It's your cruise and your vacation to do as you please.

Gents:  Pack casual and semi-formal attire.  Bring shorts, jeans, ball caps or hats, sandals, athletic shoes or trainers, street shoes, dress slacks and collared shirts.   Muscle shirts, polo and theme T-shirts are always fun.   If the cruise includes a formal night, don't worry.   A Tux or suit is NOT required but it is fun to dress to impress if you so choose.    For dining in the evening, guys, leave your jeans in the room and enjoy dressing up a bit if you care to. 

For Ports of Call and optional excursions, take walking or athletic shoes plus aqua shoes or flip flops for beach or pool wear. 

Take toiletries including sunscreen, deodorant, body wash, lotions, shampoo, lady's items for good hygiene, etc.  Note:  Your cruise cabin and bath typically include soap, body wash and shampoo plus a hairdryer and makeup mirror. Don't forget your dependable insurance:  Ziplock bags in case your liquids might leak or spill along the way.   

Personal items:  Camera, iPhone, charging cords for your phone, camera, toys, other electronic devices such as your computer or tablet.  Internet service and WiFi are available for an extra fee.  You can pre-purchase the service online prior to travel.  TIP:  Power outlets are limited.  Most cabins include both 110v and 220v electrical service.  To use the 220v, bring your adapter/converter to supplement your power needs.  AND, bring USB cords to re-charge equipment that's compatible with USB charging.

Beach or Pool Towels:   Don't pack them unless you have to have one.   The ship provides pool and beach towels so don't pack anything extra unless you want to.

TIP:  Pack a carry-on or bag with wheels for your first day's clothing once you board the ship.   The bag is also handy to carry your passport, I.D. and other documents with you as you travel and board this ship.  Your bags will be delivered to your cabin later in the afternoon -OR- into the evening.   Pack you swimsuits or casual clothes to change into once you're in your cabin.   Most cruises lines allow cabin access after 1 PM, but may vary.   Your carry on is also handy on the last night and when departing the ship.   Your large luggage will picked up outside your cabin by about 10 PM the night before you dock the next day.


If your reservation record includes a Set Sail Pass,  you also may be able to print your luggage tag too.   We've found the luggage tags at the dock are sturdier than printed paper tags.  The baggage handler at the dock will I.D. your bags with stronger tags so have your cabin number handy.   Tip the guy, too.  It's nice to get rid of your luggage.   The ship's crew will deliver your bags in the afternoon or later, sometimes into the evening.   If you luggage has wheels, you can take it with you.  TIP:   That's OK but the bag must pass Xray inspection and size must be suitable to pass through the equipment.   Your carry on luggage is fine to take with you to board so pack for your basic needs and casual clothes if you have a later luggage delivery.

Bliss Cruise welcomes special needs guests.    If you need special care on board,  make sure you advise your Travel Agent/Cruise Counselor with your requirements and reconfirm your plans are acceptable with the cruise line's capacity to care for you.  If you require special needs assistance, please notify your reservation agent to advise the cruise line.   Double-check your special needs are confirmed by the cruise line in plenty of time to update or modify your arrangements on board.

If you leave the ship, take your iPhone AND your daily cruise newsletter while you're onshore or on your independent excursion.  If you do your own thing and plan to explore On Your Own, notify a Bliss office staff member of your independent plans ashore and approximate return time.   Take with you:  Bliss Cruise contact information and phone numbers/Email address if you’re late getting back to the ship or get lost.    ALERT:  If you arrange your own tour and miss the boat, you are responsible for catching up to the ship or returning home on your own.  Take currency, charge cards and I.D. if you get lost.   WARNING:  If you tour on your own and miss the boat,  the ship will depart without you.   If you're on a ship-sponsored tour or shore excursion, the ship will normally delay departure until the tour returns.

When you depart the ship, remember the re-boarding time to return to the dock.  The ship could depart the port during the night.  On a ship-sponsored excursion remain with the group to avoid missing the boat.

Keep your passport in your cabin safe and avoid taking the document itself on shore.  It's best to take a copy with you AND take a picture of your Passport with your iPhone or laptop.  Take charge cards accepted in the country or port of call. your room key/I.D. and Driver’s license with your photo.  Always take adequate resources with you in case you miss the boat and have to return home or travel to the next port of call to catch up with the ship.

Yes, this happens sometimes.   Passengers forget boarding time, just miss the boat due to delays or don't synchronize your watch with ship's time.   When flying to your departure port, plan to arrive the preceding night or day before the ship leaves your first port of call.  Double-check your airline's travel alerts.  If you encounter delays reaching the dock and may not arrive to board on time, contact your cruise agent, travel provider and update them. Record their contact info. before you leave home so you know how to reach them in an emergency plus take a copy of your cruise documents and passport/cruise I.D. and driver's license.  If you failed to arrive for boarding the ship, arrange an airline flight to the next port of call if possible and board the charter with your documents.  Bear in mind, such expenses are your responsibility to reach the ship or arrange a flight to return home.

Watch your watch and iPhone.  Match your watch with SHIP'S TIME.

Often ship time and port of call time may be different when traveling between time zones.  Double-check the depart time at the port is ship time.  Avoid using the local time at the port of call.   Tale the daily ship's newsletter with telephone contact info. as well as the port agent the cruise line uses locally in case you need further assistance. 


Nude Cruise FAQs

Please check-in online in plenty of time before you start your travels.   This saves you lots of time.  Be sure to do this a least 3 days (72 hours minimum)  before you plan to board or check-in at the dock.  To speed you on your way at check-in, take your required Passport, cruise documents and I.D. and have them handy when you're registering to board.   Don't stuff them in the bottom of your handbag or carry on luggage.

If you have your cruise documents, paperwork from checking in online and your luggage is tagged correctly with your cabin number, proceed to the registration line with your cruise documents to check-in. Once you've registered and your charge card is checked, you will receive your material to board the ship and start your party.

Expect to spend extra time in line so your documentation, passport and charge card can be entered to complete your registration manually.   Expect to arrive at the dock in plenty of time and at least 2 hours before the last call to board.  If you must register manually at the dock, arrive early to give yourself extra time to be processed and on your way.

Check your cruise reservation documentation which includes time to board.   Do this before you leave home.  If you don't know or can't find the info, contact your travel or cruise advisor who can assist you. Do this in plenty of time.  Don't do it the morning of the cruise as many charters depart on the weekends or even Sunday when most offices are closed.    Don't expect to board the ship early.   In many cases, guests will be allowed cabin access in the early afternoon after the crew thoroughly cleans and prepares the ship and your cabin for occupancy.

Special needs guests:  Please see instructions referenced in the section above.

  • In certain ports of call and on certain islands, the most popular options on a Bliss charter are private clothing-optional boat or beach excursions, typically a highlight of the charter for many cruisers.
  • More strenuous activities include ATV, mountain biking, zip-lining, adventure tours, parasailing, 4x4 off-road explorations, horseback riding, rain forest hiking and more
  • Water born conventional sports include sunset cruises, deep-sea fishing, bill fishing, whitewater rafting,  kayaking, glass-bottom boat tours and lots more offered by the cruise line which are typically mainstream options offered on their conventional voyages. 
  • Tennis and Golf
  • Touring the countryside, visiting historic sights and/or City or Mountain Tours, depending upon the location.
  • And so much more…

Cruise line and U.S. Coast Guard regulations are in force for crew and cruiser's safety.  Certain material or items are forbidden to be carried or used on the ship and found, they will be confiscated.   Alcohol, illegal drugs, flammable liquids, explosives, and dangerous chemicals may not be returned. Banned items that may be confiscated are at the discretion of the ship's Staff Captain and Chief Security Officer.   Such items may be, but are not limited to:

  • Illegal drugs of any kind
  • Fire hazards of any kind: Coffee makers, candles, incense,  clothing irons, travel steamers and hot plates  NOTE: The only exception:  Curling irons and hair straighteners.
  • Open flame items:  Matches and cigarette lighters are allowed. However, novelty items such as lighters like toy guns and open flame torch lighters are prohibited.  
  • Extension cords (Use USB attachments instead to power your computer, iPhone or lap top)
  • Guns, rifles or firearms and ammunition, including replicas or toys shaped like guns
  • Scissors*, knives and sharp objects
  • Pepper spray, nightsticks and handcuffs (toy handcuffs may be confiscated as well)
  • Alcoholic drinks** (Note: Alcoholic beverages that are purchased in ports-of-call or from shops onboard will be stored by the ship and delivered to you on the last day of the sailing.)
  • Please refer to the cruise line's website for the complete list of prohibited items.

* Personal items such as safety razors are allowed. Scissors with blades less than four inches are allowed.
** Two bottles of wine/cabin or suite (750 ml/bottle) are permitted at embarkation, subject to onboard corkage charges.

Beer, hard liquor, or other non-alcoholic beverages are not permitted.  Wine or champagne may be brought on boarding day and is limited to two, 750ml bottles per/cabin or suite.   These attract an additional charge if consumed on board in public or while dining.

The vessel's currency transactions are based on a cashless system.  All items purchased are charged to your shipboard account via your room key/sail pass card.  You typically can check your charges on your shipboard account via your in-cabin TV. The last day on board, you will receive an itemized statement.   If you notice any discrepancies, resolve them the day or evening before docking the next day.   Otherwise, guest services desk is backed up with other passengers clearing their bill the morning of their departure.

Before you board this ship, you may pre-pay via the cruise line's registration page for wireless internet (Wi-Fi) for your laptop, iPhone or pad.  Have your charge card and reservation number handy for buying on line.   Once you board the ship, you may buy the WiFi access at the Guest Services desk. Or you may access this service at Internet Café/Workstations.   Most cruise lines maintain an internet cage with personal assistance available certain times of the day.

If you're departing the ship and forget something on the way out, notify Guest Services.   Once you no longer have access to board the ship, please call the cruise line's reservation telephone and ask for Lost and Found.

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