Couples Tower Isle - Trip Reports

Couples Tower Isle - Trip Reports

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

 The following trip reports have been submitted by our friends and clients.  If you have recently visited Couples Tower Isle, we need your trip reports. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

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R & S Couple  July 2018

As usual, Jennifer at Castaways Travel did a great job in booking my wife and I into Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rio, Jamaica. Upon arriving at the airport and through customs, we were greeted by the Couples employees at their VIP Lounge. They handled the luggage and made us comfortable, away from the crowds, with cold refreshing drinks while we waited for our shuttle.

This is the first time we traveled to Ocho Rio since we’ve always gone to Negril and we found the trip much longer. Normally it takes 2 hours, although a Government checkpoint mid-way extended our arrival at the resort by another 30 minutes.

We were immediately greeted at the resort and escorted to the check-in station where we upgraded to a quiet ocean view room in Building 4. Every day we shuttle over to the nude island around 9 AM and found a shady spot to lounge. The swim up bar opened at 10 AM and the water temperature in the pool was very delightful. Never was there a day when we didn’t meet very enjoyable, interesting people. The pools, facility and recreation areas were spotless and our room and mini bar was attended to twice a day and sometimes three times depending how often we were in and out.

I cannot over emphasize the hospitality and service we received in all areas of this resort. The food was on par with other resorts in Jamaica we have visited, although the Bayside Restaurant’s food was extremely spicy, more so than our stomachs could bear. The nightly entertainment was so-so but not to the standard we’re used seeing at other resorts in Jamaica. For the entire 8 days stay we remained at the resort except for one excursion at night to Margaritaville in Ocho Rio that we would certainly NOT recommend. The uneventful return trip back to the airport took 2 hours as represented.

We would certainly recommend this resort to people who want to be nude without a constant stream of gawkers walking by on the beach. Although I will say that the rest of the resort is kind of conservative, with ages running from the 20’s to the 70’s.

K.C. Couple - Feb 2016

This was out first time to a Couples Resort and we enjoyed it thoroughly and will definitely go back. We chose Couples Resorts because we wanted to go to an all inclusive resort and we wanted to try nude sunbathing without being overwhelmed by a full clothing optional resort as this was our first time going nude. We chose Tower isle over the others because it sounded like the restaurants were somewhat better than at the others. We were pleased on all counts. We found the Isle to be great and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and freedom of being clothes free.

The guests on the Isle were friendly but not intrusive. The boat trip back and forth is short and easy. For us, going to the Isle felt like were going to a full nudist resort which was kind of cool. The only drawback is that if the weather is bad as it was on our first full day the Isle is closed. After that we spent one afternoon (first time nude) and two full days (we liked it) on the Isle. We didn't even try the clothed beach or pools.

There isn't much actual beach as the Isle sits on a corral reef, but there is a beach and you can take a dip in the ocean. The beach is on the resort side so you can be seen from the main resort but it so far away you can only see that the guests are nude but not much else. This was our first nude experience and it didn't bother us. There is a swim up bar on the isle and they bring lunch over buffet style. We found the Isle pool a bit chilly as others did as well, probably due to the weather.

We took three excursions and went on one dive. Dunn's River Falls and Martha Brae Rafting were great. Our third excursion was for shopping. The first two stops were okay but the third was high pressure sales from the proprietors of the shops and many of the group didn't like it.

We found the dive shop staff to be great. We did only one dive because the water was murky and a bit rough. Probably would have been better in the days after that as the weather cleared and the water calmed but we just didn't feel like going again. We preferred to veg out on the Isle.

We ate at all 4 restaurants and a grill and all were great: good food, good service. Two of the restaurants require reservations and were booked until our last two days so, if you can get your reservations in as early as possible. We didn't do too much bar sitting but we did like the indoor piano bar. It was quiet and relaxing.

Our room, Premier Ocean, was on the ocean side on the second floor with a balcony above the bar and the dock. Had a great view of the ocean and the Isle. We might go higher next time though to cut down on the noise and improve the view. The resort is older style wise but to us that was a plus and it was very well kept. We took in some of the entertainment in the main dining area and enjoyed it all. We found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. 

Overall we highly recommend this resort.

 B & S Couple - Dec 2015

We just got back from Couples Tower Isle and what a great time we had! This was our fourth trip to Jamaica, and the best yet!

We had heard about the Mobay lounge at the airport, but since Couples has their own lounge area, we decided to forego Mobay at arrival and wait in the Couples Lounge for our transportation to the resort, while enjoying some Red Stripe beers. After just a few minutes, our driver came and we were off for the LOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG ride to the resort. Wish it was closer to MBJ, but… any rate, the driver was somewhat entertaining and gave us a few tips on how to enjoy the ride.

About an hour and a half later we arrived at the resort, where we were greeted with friendly smiles and ice cold rum punch. The check in took only a couple of minutes and Kirk the bellman took us to our suite. He was very nice to stick around and show us all the amenities in the room, including complimentary reusable water bottles.

After settling into our room, we spent most of the rest of the afternoon exploring the resort. The evening we ate in the Patio restaurant, enjoying a very nice buffet, followed by some good entertainment. The band and especially the girl singer were very good at getting folks up on their feet and it was a fun way to spend the evening.

The next morning,Sunday,, we slept in, had a leisurely breakfast at the Patio Buffet(LOVE THE MOUNDS OF BACON!). The buffet also features a mimosa/screwdriver/bloody mary station which made breakfast even better.

After breakfast, we took the short boat ride out to the island and got in a few hours of sunshine. Around 1, the staff set up a small buffet lunch for us consisting of fresh fish, jerk chicken or turkey, salad and some steamed vegetables. One of the workers took a break and caught a few fish off the sundeck to take home for his dinner.

Alter we had enough sun we retired to our room and ordered some jerk chicken from room service. Mid afternoon, there was a knock at the door and a waiter brought us a bottle of champagne and a cheese tray, compliments of the dining room. What a great surprise!

We then went to the spa and set up an appointment for a couples’ exfoliation and massage for Monday afternoon. On Sunday evening we had arranged for a private dinner on the beach and it was wonderful…romantic and delicious. Our waiter met us at the bar, then took us down to our table on the beach. The path to the table and the table itself were lined with candles in the sand.

We had steak, chicken breast and lobster tails. The steak was so tender you could cut it with a fork and the lobster tails were large and delicious, and we had two each!

Monday morning, we had coffee sent to the room, then headed downstairs for breakfast. We boarded a bus with 7 other couples and headed off to Dunns River Falls. Climbing the falls was great fun and good exercise, as the muscles in our legs told us the next day…..when we got back to the resort we were back out to the island for a couple more hours of sun. We then grabbed a room service snack before heading off to the spa for our massages. The exfoliating scrub and massage were wonderful!

That evening we decided to stay in and ordered dinner up to our room. The room service is very good and very quick. Each time we ordered room service we were very pleased!

Tuesday morning, a quick breakfast and then off to Mystic Mountain, just a few miles up the road. We took a chair lift to the top of the mountain and visited the hummingbird garden there. We had a guided nature walk about a third of the way down the mountain with our guide Keenan. He was very funny and informative, and told us a lot about the plants and trees along the way, as well as explained some things about Jamaican culture. He pointed out several plants or trees that Jamaicans say are good for your back…..but that’s code for good for your dick!

The rest of the way down the mountain we did with a series of zip lines, accompanied by our two guides, Andre and Crazy Na NA! (not sure what his real name was, but he WAS crazy!

That afternoon we went on the catamaran cruise We had way too much fun on the cruise. The crew was hilarious, making us laugh over and over while bringing us cup after cup of rum punch while the music was playing. We dropped anchor in a cove and we all had the chance to jump in and swim in the clear warm water for a few minutes before returning to the resort.

Tuesday dinner was at the Eight Rivers restaurant. The service and the food were fantastic. This restaurant requires reservations, and we would have gone more than once if we’d had time.

On Wednesday, we visited the sister resort, Couples San Souci, just a few miles up the road. They have a much larger au natural area with a large pool and a sandy beach. We enjoyed the visit, but we weren’t crazy about the layout of the resort in general. It’s VERY spread out and built into the hillside so everywhere you go, you’re climbing or descending stairs.

Wednesday dinner was at the Verandah restaurant, just across the hall from Eight Rivers. Again the food was delicious, the service very good and nothing but great things to say about either of these upscale restaurants.

Thursday was our last full day there, so we spent most of the day on the island taking in that wonderful Jamaican sun. Thursday nite we had reservations for Bayside, but since it was raining, and Bayside is not enclosed, we decided to stay inside and ate again at the Verandah.

Friday morning, we had a leisurely breakfast and packed up for the trip home. We left out bags outside the room and they reappeared in the lobby downstairs for the ride back to MBJ.

We had purchased tickets for the Mobay departure lounge. In addition to access to the lounge, those tickets also got us through the express line at immigration. The lounge is very nice, with complimentary food and drinks while you’re waiting for your flight.

On arrival in Atlanta, we were whisked through the immigration line thanks to the Mobile Passport app I had downloaded onto my phone.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and we can hardly wait to return to Couples.

BRJ - August 2014

WOW! What a great time we had. This is a relatively small resort which means it is easy to get to everything. We asked for and received a 'ground floor' room, One Bedroom Ocean View suite. The room (#3112) was perfect and on the same level as the lobby, restaurants, and front entrance. It looked directly out on the pier and island, with a partial view of the pool with the swim up bar.

We went on the Dunn River Falls excursions, which is a do it once and you are done type deal, but enjoyed it. Intended to do the catamaran ride but rain kept us from going as we didn't like the thought of being pelted and cold while on the boat.

The food at all the restaurants was very good, but we did get an overcooked steak at the 8 Rivers which is their premier restaurant. Two of the restaurants, 8 Rivers, and the Verandah, were air-conditioned, whereas the Patio and the Bayside have no ac, which means hot and humid, in August at least. But best of the best was time spent on the island.

For first time au naturale, it is the PERFECT place. No gawkers, as it is only available to like minded folks, and thus in about five minutes, you are completely at ease. You walk in dressed, find you a spot, place your towels, and then just get naked like everyone else. The swim up bar pool is small, not really suitable for float, but plenty of room to sit, cool off and have great conversations, while meeting new friends.

There is a shared gender restroom, small, but plenty adequate and clean. Food is served on the island but was limited to a couple of vegetables, a chicken dish, a fish dish, and small dessert selection. Adequate, but difficult to keep warm in the wind using the sterno type devices for heat. If you prefer to go to the mainland, just put your clothes on, leave your stuff and take a two minute ride over and back, and your spot will be there when you return.

What really impressed us were the number of 'repeaters', folks that have come back there time and time again. There were a few that were firsts, but most were multiple rep rates, 3, 5, 7 even 12 times at the same or other Couples in Jamaica. These folks are what really make it easy for first timers.

We had a decent mix as far as ages, probably 20's through 60 + with several newly wed couples in the mix. If you want privacy you can just go to the right when you come onto the island and you will be away from the bar and pool action, and have a terrific breeze and view, sort of like being on a peninsula. Going left past the pool bar, is a deck with two gazebo like structures, on on the far end and one in front of the bar opposite the pool. The pool and this direct surround area is the best for meeting people.

Definitely a great trip, and we, for sure, are future Repeaters!

BRJ - August 2014 - Nude Island Detailed Report

There is no beach at all at the island, it is made up of volcanic looking rocks and mostly covered with paved or decked walkways.There is a wooden stairway down into the mainland side sea waters, but be careful of the rocks. You could see a very small sandy area at the bottom and I did see a few people go in for a dip.

There is a fresh water shower at the left or west end of the island that is very refreshing for the ladies to rinse the chlorine from their hair if they wish. It provides a nice quick cool down while tanning, as well.

It is definitely not a “lifestyle" event, but still very enjoyable. We stayed there all day for a couple of days and were there every day except the afternoon we arrived.

They do allow non-nude photography trips out to the island, which occur about 8:45 a.m., but when the island users go out at 9:00 a.m., the textile crowd is required to leave. I think some of us were nude before they even got loaded on the boat. They also do private dinners for two on the island, which are really nice according to some friends we made there.

Nude hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, but depending on the ocean waves/wind, the boat may not be able to go to the island. We were delayed one day until about 10:30 as the waves were traveling right into the landing pier.

I have heard that if the island is not available for a day, they will let you do the “Trading Places” routine and go to Couples San Souci which is only about 5 minutes away. The trading places thing is allowed any time if you sign up for their Romance Rewards program.

You can go to Sans Souci for a day and have full access to the resort, restaurants etc, just as if you were staying there. They drop you off and pick you up about 4pm, no charge. This is a popular option with the repeaters.

You can see the resort from the island well, and we got the occasional paddle board or water trike, or kayaker coming very close to the island, but no one on they island really cared, we just waved at them. For the most part the island vegetation provides cover between users and the mainland, but there is no vegetation on the ocean side of the island. Still, that is not a problem, unless a kayaker comes through, as boat traffic is usually quite a ways off from the island.

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