Couples San Souci - Ocho Rios, Jamaica - Trip Reports

The following trip reports have been submitted by our friends and clients. If you have recently visited Couples San Souci, we need your trip reports. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

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Couples Sans Souci Trip Reports




May 2023 - T & P Couple - First-time visitors to Couples Sans Souci

Never been to Jamaica before and we were invited by friends we met while in Florida. We decided to take the chance to find out what all the great views were about at CSS. The couple who invited us raved about it and has been there, I guess about five times.

My wife and I travel a lot and are very adventurous hiking sightseeing driving around. I didn’t know how being at a resort And not getting out much would feel but to our surprise, it was amazing.

The staff was a breath of fresh air compared to other service we receive in other places. They truly treat you like your family and many go out of their way to make sure your stay is exceptional.

Loved the room on the first floor "A" building, the restaurants were great. The food was outstanding and meeting new people playing volleyball at Sunset Beach during the day was a blast.

Never left to go on the excursion because we were having so much interaction and fun talking to all the other couples will definitely be returning.

By the way, the resort is beautiful.

April 2023 - First time visitors to Couples, first-time clients

My wife and I had the opportunity to work with Lori to book our trip to Couples San Souci. This was our first time using Castaway Travels and to a resort with an au naturel option. We had researched several other options, but we’re not comfortable with them. With Lori’s guidance, we had a great experience at Couples Sans Souci. This resort fit our needs perfectly!

We are not individuals that need a lot of fancy amenities or services. The resort was big enough that it did not feel like we were the only ones there, but it was small enough to get to know people and easily find our way around it. Lori gave us great advice and answered all of our questions.

As for the resort, like I said earlier, we loved it. We enjoyed the au naturel beach, pool, bar, and a great (reservation) deal while also being able to utilize the other beach and pool. The open minded guests at this resort make it very easy to have no worries about who you are, what you look like, or what your interests are. It was non-judgemental which was so comforting for our first experience being naked in front of others. Everyone kept their boundaries and respected each other’s comfort zones.  Again, thank you Lori for your assistance and we look forward to future possibilities.

November 2022 - T & W - First-timers

We had a wonderful trip to Couples San Souci Oct 30th - Nov 6th. All went well and smoothly and we had a fun week. I’m sure we will go back in the future.

I want to give a huge shout-out to Lori our Castaways travel advisor representative. She is definitely a huge reason why our trip went smoothly. She was very informative about the resort and sent helpful reminders concerning our trip. Our daughter was newly engaged and we were having a huge engagement party for her in October which I had let Lori know about and was so thankful to Lori for the reminder emails. Also she made several calls to the resort for questions we had. She gave detailed information on all CDC travel requirements and sent emails just checking a week before our trip to make sure we had seen all updated travel requirements and had those tests scheduled. Lori was extremely helpful to us. I both felt she’s the best travel advisor we’ve ever had.
Thank you again Lori!

October 2021  T & M couple -First-timers

We had a great time at Couples celebrating our anniversary last week. It’s a great resort. We, unfortunately, compare it to Hidden Beach and there is no comparison.

At Couples you don’t have the variety of restaurants which equates to better menus at Hidden beach plus you don’t have to go looking for Grey Goose vodka. If the Martini bar and Balloon bar are closed, good luck in getting Grey Goose at the beach bar. We do appreciate the workers but the workers at Hidden Beach are just as good. We look forward to going to Hidden Beach April 30,  2022, for Castaways' resort takeover in October.   We appreciate dealing with you, especially Marylin, in our travels.

June 2019   J & D couple  - First timers

We are on our way back from Couples Sans Souci after spending one of the best vacations we took in the Caribbean over the years. All went smoothly and was perfect from the moment we arrived in Montego Bay till we left Montego Bay.   Lori, we can’t thank you enough for all your great recommendations and for helping us plan the perfect vacation for our 28th anniversary and my birthday.

We had the chance to meet the General Manager during the management welcome reception and the wonderful attentive staff that ensured our stay was perfect.

Building “Azeala” or “A” is definitely the preferred building due to its location to all amenities, facilities, restaurants, pool and beaches. The room suite was big and very nice.  We spent all our days at the “au naturel” Sunset beach which was less than 5 minutes away walking from our room. The secluded and private Sunset beach was really nice and allowed us to enjoy in privacy what we both enjoy.

And let’s not forget the friendly connection we made during the week. Most were “repeaters” but they knew how to make us feel welcomed and part of their family of friends. We’re already thinking of booking next year around the same week to ensure we meet with all the wonderful connections we made.

Well that was a long way of saying THANK YOU for helping us plan and organize a great vacation.  Lori, you’re the best and we look forward to planning our next vacation with you. Warmest regards from somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean.

April 2019 - L& E Couple

As advertised and quoted, seamless exit through airport by Couples staff, clean, cool, quick transport to resort. Easy quick check in and escort to room in bldg. 8, ground floor 8104. Clean, cool room and bathroom, walk in shower, double sink, furniture rattan resort casual. Bed clean, crisp, but, mattress soft, thin, hurt after a while on sides, woke up hurting and turning. Ordered breakfast daily in room, ate on patio, most peaceful, relaxing spot the whole week, took b'feast tray down to au natural beach for one morning, perfect, wish they had larger tables and chairs for that type of use. Snorkeling mornings and one night snorkel, great experience for us. Couples massage for 80 mins in Tree House, fell asleep twice, very good. Couples foot massage was fantastic. Lychee restaurant twice, our favorite, Cassava Terrace good entertainment, food good. Heliconia Grill every lunch, great, one dinner-fantastic. Otaheite more formal restaurant was great, lamb chops, filet!! All food and drink service great. Catamaran cruise a blast, cave swim fun! Beaches clean, plenty of chairs, clean towels all day, every day, new towels in room while you're at dinner. Au naturel beach a pleasure, met great people from Austria, England, Nova Scotia, Canada to all USA. No hiccups at all during trip.

Lori was great, kept checking and got us some great flight times not showing anywhere else. She was also very reassuring when I inadvertently put my wife's middle name instead of maiden name as on all her documents. Probably 6 or 7 couples on the cruise were friends from the nude side, got the nickname "Buns" after that.

The photographer said I made his career! I will send more photos from resort disc, photo shop said guests were begging for the series of photos to be put on the big stream screen, a good laugh had by all. Use photos as you see fit. Been looking at your site for a few years, google probably, just had to get recent weddings and babies out of the way.

February, 2019 - A & B Couple First Visit

We really loved Sans Souic resort, and extended our stay 2 days both due to the wonderful friends that we met, as well as the resort itself.  The food was very good, employees working there were very friendly, and the other guests were fun to be with. No complaints, only compliments. Thanks for helping us to have a great vacation (and anniversary trip).

March, 2017 - KC Couple First visit

Couples San Souci is a beautiful, lushly tropical, intimate resort. It feels a bit like Santorini or Positano with its myriad of steps, levels and niches. The accommodations are Caribbean luxury. The food is good to very good depending on what you order. The beaches are stunning and picturesque. The nude beach is absolutely beautiful and well sequestered from the textile beach as there is literally a large hill with cliffs in between.  we really loved the resort, and extended our stay 2 days both due to the wonderful friends that we met, as well as the resort itself. The food was very good, employees working there were very friendly, and the other guests were fun to be with. No complaints, only compliments. Thanks for helping us to have a great vacation.

The pool/hot tub and bar are all very nice at the nude beach. Nice food service at lunch with a grill and small buffet. It's easy to walk back to the main part of the resort if you want more food options at lunch.

The atmosphere at the nude beach was quite social or quite quiet depending on where we positioned ourselves on the beach. Conversely, the textile beach was too boring for our taste. Overall, San Souci is the nicest resort we have ever been to that also has a nude beach.

Highly recommended for the right balance of luxury, romance, social options and a great nude beach.

Bring your water shoes due to the rocks in the sea at this beach.  (CASTAWAYS NOTE:  The beautiful White River outlet to the Caribbean forms the western edge of the nude beach area.  During times of heavy rainfall, small river pebbles and sometimes larger stones may be washed into part of the beach area so the beach floor is subject to shape shifting. As KC mentions, take a pair of Aqua shoes in case you need them).

One last note...the Au Naturel beach becomes the Sunset Beach for the whole resort at 530p. However, we found that  since the c/o people were the majority...we all remained nude. Also, late night nude pool and hot tub!

May, 2016 - G.O - 7 time visitor May 2016

GG Couple May 2016 Our experience at Sans Souci was absolutely great! The service everywhere on the resort was top notch. They really want to make sure that everything is perfect for you and that you are happy there. We only have good things to say about our trip, the food we ate there, the vacationers we met and the staff. In multiple instances the staff went out of its wayto accommodate us the best they could. The room was freshly remodeled, well located and absolutely fabulous! The most comfortable we have ever had at any resort in the past. Thanks again James for touching base with us and for your recommendations.
PS: The weather was great! Not a single drop of rain! They need to fix the swimmable section (of the nude beach water) on the au natural side. Very rocky. Hard on your feet when you touch the bottom.
Castaways note: Since the nude beach is adjacent to the White River's outlet to the Caribbean, we've found the beach floor near there to be a changeable, movable feature that varies with the rain and weather. Occasionally, smooth beach pebbleeswash into the mouth of the river near the nude beach. Just take a pair of aqua shoes with you if you want to explore more. It's still a nice option to enjoy.

Couples Sans Souci 7th time in 3 years May 2016

Yes, we are returning to our favorite spot in May, our seventh time in 37 months. Sunset Beach is just amazing! Even more incredible than the beach, pool, hot tub, swim-up bar, and grill, are the wonderful staff and people you meet. (Tanesha, see you soon!). The guests are much more friendly on the A/N side (at Sunset Beach). We see many repeat guests each time we return. That speaks volumes about CSS! Don't wait to go to Sunset Beach. Go early in your stay. Those who waited were so very sad they hadn't tried it sooner. We also heard complaints about how the people on the clothed beach keep to themselves and that all the fun is on the A/N side. Well join us! Experience how good it feels. Join the fun playing pool volleyball. You haven't had that much fun before. The people are great! All this, and no wet swimsuits todeal with! Hope to see a lot of you there. (Pun intended).

December, 2015 - J & C 5th visit

We were there for a short visit in December and enjoyed the new, improved Sunset Beach area, especially the new pool deck. If you've been there before, you may recall the old stone grotto in the middle of the former pool. Well, it's gone now and more space for fun and splash has been added for an expanded pool. Plus the pool deck surrounding it has been enlarged, too. Things get better and better plus you will likely see some repeaters you may know if you've visited previously. We had a chance to run across our favorite restaurant supervisor down at the beach bistro....Raquel. She formerly worked at Hedonism 3 for several years and now has spent several successful years at Sans Souci. Her development and experience are being rewarded as she enjoys well deserved promotions. Say hello to Raquel next time you enjoy the lower level restaurant, Palazzina.


Sept 2015 - D & B Couple

As advertised Couples San Souci is a beautiful resort with all possible amenities available. The fact that buildings A & B (near nude beach) were unavailable made for a very strenuous trip every time that you went down to sea level to enjoy the 2 beaches. Our room was in the furthest building from the beaches so we in our mid 70s found it to be quite a challenge. The only derogatory thing that we will say is that the nude beach is not conducive for enjoying the water. The water is very rocky (small river pebbles from the White River nearby) and unless you had special (aqua) shoes, the water was not an option. Other then these comments, the resort will beckon us again if and when buildings A & B are completed and the adjoining restaurant is available.

June 2014 - CSM MCM

This was our first trip to a clothing optional/Au Naturel resort as well as only our second trip to an inclusive resort. The experience was better than we could have imagined and we are trying to figure out how soon we can return. I did plenty of research on all the resorts and felt this to be the one with the best nude beach option along with what reviews had indicated would be a resort with good food, beverages and activities.

We stayed in the A section of the resort and that is where we'd like to stay again. The first full day we took our things to stake out a spot on the Sunset Beach or AN side then went to the gym and breakfast. As Au Naturel virgins, we caught on pretty quickly, but there were some awkward moments. The first walk to the bathroom or the beach or the bar totally naked was took some getting used to then we were all comfortable in the buff.

The staff and facility were excellent, I've seen some reviews that the rooms are a bit dated... maybe a touch but all were clean and well kept. The drinks were ok, but were often quite light on the alcohol. We (my wife and all the new friends we made) determined that this being both financially motivated and the fact that the resort has many, many stairs and they are worried about drunken falls. While on the AN Sunset Beach side, we noted two incidents of stepping on sea urchins. So bring water shoes for that side or stay on the river side of the beach where there is more sand. Also I wish the bar at the AN Sunset Beach was a bit higher, order a drink naked is a bit awkward ones junk is at the bartenders eye level.

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