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This Resort Report section is a regional summary, devoted to the laid-back, funky part of Negril located on Lighthouse or West End Road, at the most western tip of the island of Jamaica. West end is arguably where the hippies from the '60s first discovered where to drop out.

July 5, 2024



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Resort Overview

This Resort Report section is a regional summary, devoted to the laid back , funky part of Negril located on Lighthouse or West End Road, at the most western tip of the island of Jamaica. West end is arguably where the hippies from the '60s first discovered where to drop out.

The one nudist friendly resort in west end is called Catch a Falling Star owned by Lyndon Jackson for several years. This property is more of a nude B&B and is a favorite of many classic nudists who just want to vege out without any crowds.

Several small, intimate resorts and boutique hotels are described here which should give you a feel for the types of accommodations available along the ocean road heading west toward the lighthouse, overlooking the Caribbean. There are numerous other little properties in west end.....this is just a sample of some of the more unique ones.

The other side of Negril, the far eastern end of the village along Bloody Bay and Seven mile beach, is where you find the more well known, all inclusive resorts such as Grand Lido Negril, Hedonism II, Sandals Negril, Beaches, Point Village, Couples and RIU Tropical Bay.

Closer in, numerous smaller hotels, resorts, bars, stores and restaurants fill in the space along Seven mile beach down to the small village of Negril. By the time one passes the last hotel near the craft market at the river, the beach has run out, leaving mostly coral cliffs and outcroppings further west from town.

Heading out of town toward Negril lighthouse, probably the most famous place in west end is the overrated bar and restaurant called Rick's Cafe, known for its tourists, sunsets and cliff diving, usually by those who've stoked their courage with a little Red Stripe beer before taking the plunge. This is the area where you will find the resorts and small hotels described here.

Included are descriptions for:

1) Xtabi
2) Rock House Hotel
3) Banana Shout
4) The Caves


This selection provides you with choices from moderate to more luxurious accommodations. These hotels may provide you with a chance to sunbathe nude discreetly, but should NOT be considered nudist resorts unless a complete takeover is arranged.

The other four resorts do not attract nudists but if you're looking to get away from it all, drop out and enjoy a little peace and quiet, these may be for you.

Meals at three hotels are ala carte. The Caves include meals and drinks.

In addition, some of them can be rented completely if you have a small group that might like to take over the complete resort. Check with Castaways Travel for availability and group pricing.

Getting There

U.S. Citizens: Passports are required for international air travel to all destinations outside the USA.

Negril is about 60 miles west of Montego Bay, Jamaica, at the island's westernmost point.

Most travelers fly into Montego Bay, not Kingston. You may elect to take either ground transportation to Negril or fly from Montego Bay to Negril on an air taxi service such as Tim Air. Costs range from $110-$130, round trip/person and takes 15 minutes. Rates subject to change without notice.

You can buy a one-way ticket if you wish. You can make arrangements at the tour desks of the transportation companies at the Montego Bay airport upon arrival or Castaways can also assist you.

Reserve your spot at Club MoBay, an upscale traveler's lounge in the newest section of the Montego Bay Airport.

The Club provides expedited arrival, customs/immigration and departure services in addition to the Club admission, all inclusive, with drinks, bar service and snacks, WiFi, satellite TV provided.

The road to Negril is scenically wonderful and takes a little over an hour for the trip between the Montego Bay airport. The Negril airstrip is virtually across the street from the beach area where Couples and Grand Lido Negril are located.


At these small hotels, services are a bit more limited compared to their larger neighbors further east, the lone exception being The Caves, an intimate, upscale hideout for those looking for personal service in a private atmosphere .

The other properties offer plain but clean rooms, most of which overlook the coral cliffs and Caribbean. Xtabi also offers more moderately priced rooms across the street, which splits cliff side, ocean view bungalows from standard rooms in the hotel buildings. Rock House includes separate bungalows plus a small hotel building on its property, adjacent to the swimming pool.

The most luxurious is The Caves, a very private, secluded resort adjacent to the Negril lighthouse while the most moderate is Banana Shout, a moderate hotel suitable for a small group takeover on a budget.

Cliff side, ocean view accommodations in separate, private bungalows are probably the most appealing feature of west end resorts. Some have air conditioning and all rooms have overhead fans which is about all you need at night when the Caribbean breeze will lull to sleep.


Funky, that's what. No chain hotels punched out with a cookie cutter are in west end. Each property is different. If you want to go native and live among the local citizens in part of their neighborhood, try one of these.

Laid back, romantic but not too much of a party atmosphere at any of the resorts listed here. Individual bungalows and guests who want to be left alone produce a unique ambiance you won't find at the big, all inclusive, formula resorts down the road.

Your surroundings set the mood, with cliff side accommodations for the most part, overlooking the Caribbean. Most west end resorts are cool and offer you a chance to get to know your honey a little better in a beautiful atmosphere.

If you want a little fun in small doses, try these west end resorts.


For nightlife off site, try the Jungle, Risky Business, Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, Alfred's, Negril Yacht Club, Roots Bamboo or DeBuss. This list may change without notice so ask you hotel's front desk for a local hot spot.

You can find all the parties you want in town, on the beach road or at just about any little roadside cafe, bar or grill in Negril. Discovery is the name of nightlife here.

Group Trips

We do not have listed group trips to Negril West End, but that doesn't mean some of these smaller resorts aren't a great place for two, three or even a half dozen or so couples to get together for a group trip.  If you have other couples that might want to join you, please contact us and see what kind of group trip deals we might be able to package especially for you.


There are other sights to enjoy locally other than the beaches, sparkling Caribbean sea and beautiful coral cliffs.

The locals are fun to kid with but be ready to bargain if you find that certain something that catches your eye. Jamaicans have been consistently voted the Caribbean's friendliest people, so strike up a conversation and learn something from the locals.

Everyone of them is terrific and don't be them up. You might also want to bring with you from home small tokens of your appreciation or things for fun like Frisbies, light footwear, digital watches, etc. You may find someone there who may really appreciate your gesture of kindness.

Escorted tours can be arranged at the resort and there are several of small native craft markets there, one right in town next to the river plus a few open air stalls and stores are on the west end road, too.

You can also choose to visit Montego Bay for a day of shopping, Mandeville for a trip to the mountains, see Y-S Falls, raft the rivers or visit Dunns River Falls near Ocho Rios. At least 20-30 off site tours are available from local tour operators. Your resort can help you arrange those which includes transportation right from the resort.

A trip from Negril to Ocho Rios (through Montego Bay) is a hike, requiring at least 3 hours, one way. An overrated trip to Rick's Cafe on the cliffs in Negril for a beer at sunset is always a common "in thing" to do.

Down the beach road toward the air strip is Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, good for an afternoon of exploring and sampling the imported "culture" from Key West. Cosmo's Restaurant is down the road a mile or so from there, also good for some of the best and freshest seafood in Negril... prepared to order.

For fun and games and little bit different nightlife, try Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, Risky Business and the Jungle for adult mischief. All of these watering holes are on the main boulevard east of town toward the Negril air strip.


Generally, all resorts listed include a restaurant, bar or grill on site. Since ala carte dining is the norm for most west end resorts, you may choose to dine on site or visit the many small restaurants and other hotels in the area for a taste treat as well as a change of pace.....some are within walking distance from one another.

The hotels' front desk can point you in the right direction if you need help ad recommendations about the day's dining specials.

Negril West End | Castaways Travel Most all of the dining selections include local dishes plus fish, jerk pork, chicken or beef, as well as grill food such as burgers and fries. Fresh fruit and veggies are to die for at most Jamaican restaurants, since they're mostly grown locally.

The Caves offers an all inclusive program. The Caves includes a romantic candlelit dinner in an ocean side cave for a truly gourmet experience...arguably the most unique place you've ever dined!

Plus, a bottle of its best champagne is served upon arrival. In addition, the cuisine at The Caves is the most varied, with your dining selections typically created individually to order.

A big plus, most all of the restaurants are either cliff side or offer spectacular views of the Caribbean especially at sunset.

A BIG plus for the public and tourists alike is that Xtabi and Rock House both offer a great alternative to the public and tourists alike for a cold Red Stripe at sunset compared to Rick's Cafe. Both resorts have cliff side cafes and bars that have PLENTY of room to sit with your honey, while enjoying a drink at sunset without having to fight the hoards of tourists at Ricks. And, there is no admission charge at either place.

Examples of other local restaurants include: Devin Destiny Hotel & Restaurant, Juicy J's in town, Seaside Restaurant at Hotel Samsara, Legends on Seven Mile beach, Hunan Garden in Country Country resort, Kuyaba, Hillside Paradise Inn, Charela Inn on The Beach, Rick's Cafe, and La Kaiser's Cafe. Xtabi and Rock House have their own restaurant, too.

NOTE: This list can and will change without notice as many small resorts change owners without notice, too.


Rock House Hotel, Xtabi and Banana Shout offer rooms starting about $75-$110/ROOM/night, meals & drinks extra. Rates do not include taxes. The Caves' 10 rooms range from $200-260+/person/night, all inclusive, with elegant tropical surroundings in an intimate, tropical setting.

1) Xtabi--25 rooms, five cliff side, ocean view and 20 in the hotel building across Lighthouse Road. The five cliff side bungalows offer the best views of the Caribbean. Overhead fan, private bath, bedroom with living area in the bungalows. Cliff side rooms include kitchenette.

2) Rock House Hotel--28 separate bungalow rooms and hotel accommodations. Air conditioned and overhead fans, private bath and shower.

3) Banana Shout--10 rooms total with four facing the beach

4) The Caves--10 rooms total, each one unique with its own theme and each tropical cottage has its own name, no numbers here! The romantic room picks: One Drop (closest to the Ocean, canopy bed, outside shower and very private AND Birds Nest (hand carved king bed, inspiring ocean views).



▼  There is usually no night life at the small resorts other than the bar and grill.

▼ There are no beaches in west end resorts....only cliff side accommodations, rock sun decks built into the coral and small, private spots for individual sunning. All have direct access to the Caribbean via ladders or steps.

▼  Compared to the bigger resorts on the other side of town, services are limited to your basics: Shelter, food, drink and sun. (Except for The Caves).

▲ You may try sunbathing nude discreetly in a cliff side niche. The Caves has a small, quiet area for sunning au naturale adjacent to its west end property line.

▲ The best features of most of the resorts in west end with cliff side accommodations are that you will find little nooks and crannies gouged out of the cliffs for your own coral sun deck where you can enjoy solitude and nude sunbathing most places.

Age Ranges

Most all of the resorts are adults only, although you may see a child or two at Xtabi.

Best Time To Go

Temperatures vary little between summer and winter. Temps daytime range from about 80-90 F year round or a maximum of 30 C. Fall, winter and early spring can be slightly less humid than late spring and summer. Late spring through fall can be a bit more humid, with daily rain showers a possibility year round.

Late August through early October can be unstable weather with a hurricane or two skimming around the Caribbean.

TIP: Room prices are generally higher from about December 15 to April 30 or so, with holiday rates higher than any time during the year.

TIP: Pack a folding umbrella and/or a simple, light weight plastic rain poncho in your bags. You will probably need them somewhere, sometime in Jamaica. Better be safe than sorry.

Be prepared for it to rain a little almost every day. Standard procedure--hit the pool if it does rain with drink in hand.

Wish List

● As long as you know what your vacation and budget objectives are, there's hardly anything else to wish for in these small resorts. Services, activities and amenities may be somewhat restricted so be sure to limit your "wish list" for these small resorts.

● If you like a laid back, relaxed atmosphere in a tropical setting with hotels that are very different, try any of the properties in west end.

Photo Album

The photos were either shot by us, our clients or provided by the resort. If you have recently visited any of the Negril West End properties, we invite you to send in your photos for us to display. To contribute you own photos (or trip reports), go to our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

Trip Reports

If you have recently visited any of the Negril West End properties, we would appreciate you contributing a trip report. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.  Here's one we have from a recent visitor