Hedonism Wild Week

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Group Trip Name:
Wild Week
Start Date:
January 11, 2025
End Date:
January 18, 2025
Host Couple:
DJ Cheeta & Angel

January 11-18, 2025 – Wild Week

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Week # 1 with DJ Cheeta & Angel January 11-18, 2025

Join the fun with this annual group trip to Hedonism with DJ Cheeta & Angel.

Extend your Wild Week holiday (Jan 11-18, 2025) and add on a few “bonus” days to these dates, January 18-25, 2025 for Pleasure Fest also hosted by DJ Cheeta and Angel.  See the “bonus” offer below.

Extend your fun and take time getting back to work. Stay 12 paid nights and earn $700 room credit applicable to your room cost or resort amenities such as massages, spa appointments and more.   See the fine print here:   Stay 12 paid nights and earn $700 credit.

Top 2 Frequently Asked Questions:

          1. Do I have to be nude?        NO   Do your own thing and whatever you’re comfortable with. Note:  Nudity is compulsory in the nude pool and nude beach.   A clothing-optional beach is a few steps away so you can enjoy your freedom as you please where you can decide if you want an all over tan or not.
          2. Do I have to join in any “lifestyle” activities?       NO   It’s “Your pleasure, your way.”

So what are you waiting for? Come on down for a good time.

Join your hosts, DJ Cheeta and Angel where you can party at the pool with tunes everyday with DJ Cheeta and his lovely wife Angel.  Hedonism is like “Summer Camp for adults” but it’s in January.   Singles and couples, triples and more are invited.  You will see old friends and make new acquittances.   Hedo is a 3-star resort with 5-star guests.  Sign up and see why.  it’s a playground for adults who seek to break free from the every day. Whether you’re a seasoned lifestyle enthusiast or just curious about stepping into a world of endless possibilities, this week is tailored for you.

Themed Parties: Each night, dive into a new experience at parties that promise to electrify your senses.
Luxurious Accommodations: Rest in comfort and style, with rooms designed to cater to your basic needs.
Gourmet Dining: Savor culinary delights, with a range of international cuisines prepared by top chefs at several restaurants.   Don’t miss tasty snacks at the beach bars & grills.
Exclusive Activities: From water sports to sensual workshops, every activity is designed to thrill and engage.

Privacy and Safety: Your discretion and safety are our utmost priorities. So it’s time to Get a Room