Gen X Week

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Group Trip Name:
Gen X Week
Hedonism, Jamaica
Start Date:
September 28, 2024
End Date:
October 4, 2024
Host Couple:
DJ Cheeta & Angel

September 28 – October 5, 2024 – Hedonism Gen X Week

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Join the fun with this annual group trip back to Hedonism.

Your hosts for the week are everybody’s favorite tune master, DJ Cheeta and his new wife, Angel, both from the Pittsburgh area of PA.


Join them to see why this week is a special throwback to the GREATEST tunes of the era with the music of the 60s, 70s and 80s with extra spice thrown in the mix that reaches up to the best of the 90s.

Come on down and play Name that Tune around the pool.    Rock the night away later in the evening and join Cheeta for some Karaoke and maybe an adult game or two in the piano bar.   Just save some energy for a later night date in the hot tub.

All of you reading this are invited from all nations, backgrounds and persuasions including party folks, non-nudists, nudists, lifestyles and anyone else who loves to have fun are invited.   Take off your watch, ditch your cell phone, grab a towel and start your fun the minute you get past the reception desk.

What are you waiting for….jump in?

 So now that you know,  GO —>>> Get a Room