The Ambiance at Hidden Beach Resort

The heart of the Hidden Beach Au Naturel Resort is undoubtedly the nude swim-up pool and bar, nude hot tub and bistro area as well as Moonlight, the night club. Not far behind are the great little-thatched palapas spread along the beach overlooking the Caribbean.  Nudity is NOT compulsory....you may enjoy this beautiful in any state of dress, undress, nude, topless only or swimsuit.

Two residence buildings comprise the suites. Guest buildings remind you of Mexico's colonial architecture or something out of Greece. A few of the suites on the top floor have delicately built, beautifully domed brick roofs, not often seen on the Caribbean side of Mexico, but more common on the Pacific side.

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Did You Know...

Castaways Travel brings you the most EXPERIENCE. We know and deal with Hidden Beach on a daily basis...after all, we helped the owners develop it from its infancy back in 2003. Castaways bring you intimate knowledge of the area and we KNOW the resort owner, management, and operating company.

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It’s a stylish but fun atmosphere....just the right mix without being too stuffy or going over the top. You will have every excuse to meet others at the nude pool and grill, in the restaurant, in front of your suite in the swim-up "river," at the nude night club, Moonlight, or at the beach. And, there are enough spots to be on your own, too, for your own quiet time.

The activities staff is creative, developing daily and nightly entertainment with just enough diversions to match the size and personality of the guests.  See sample ACTIVITIES section for a more in-depth explanation of the fun and games there (Subject to change).

Getaways on site

Hidden Beach has an amazing effect on you...choose to be alone and quiet if you wish, since the beach stretches for about a third of a mile. A guest favorite is the little thatched-roof palapas for two fitted with beach mattresses for an afternoon nap or late-night rendezvous. Or, you can elect to be right in the middle of things during the day around the nude pool or bistro.

Wish List

About the only blemish, we can think of is that the shallow beach water is the flat, smooth rock in places so take your aqua shoes in case you beach comb. Otherwise, the beach sand itself is a coral crunchiness. And, the fun doesn't stop at 6 PM, either.

Tunes Today and Tonight

Music is played around the pool during the day, but no too early.  Your "party hearty" music breaks up the afternoon with light tunes around the pool and swim-up bar at twilight. Live but subtle live music or performers often accompany your evening wine and meal, followed by "mild to wild" on-premises Moonlight night club and Terrace.

New Friends and Family

Management and staff are great, friendly folks who work hard to please you. Obviously, resort management has done an outstanding job selecting and training some of the best service and concierge personnel we've seen in the industry. A special treat is the concierge service, already included in your suite price.

One word about the local employees: Many of them may be short in stature but make up for it with their ready smiles and warm hearts. Many are descendants from their Mayan ancestors who inhabited the Yucatan peninsula hundred of years ago. These terrific friends are always anxious to please and enjoy serving you. A little known fact is that in many of the villages, some Mayan dialects continue to be spoken.


Although tipping is included in your room rate, be a good ambassador for your country and take a small gift or token of your appreciation for employees, maids, bartenders or waiters who take care of you. Take time to get to know them, introduce yourself, and use their name often... which is the nicest gift of all. Be patient since Mexico can sometimes move more slowly than you may be accustomed to. Remember, you're on vacation so enjoy it!

Your Right to be There

Another nice touch is that only paid guests at Hidden Beach are permitted to use the resort so: No gawkers or day-trippers running through the property. Although by law, all beaches in Mexico are public, with almost 300 resort acres surrounding you, no beach vendors are evident. Hotel security personnel patrol the entire length of both resorts including El Dorado and Hidden Beach. If a client is a guest at Hidden Beach, they have paid for the right to be there. Guests from El Dorado next door must pay the equivalent rate to visit Hidden Beach and attendance is regulated to prevent overcrowding or substandard service.

This resort is also especially well suited and available for gay or lesbian events and takeovers.   Check for group plans at NudeCentre.com   Send Email for details to info@nudecentre.com

Rules & Regulations 

Did You Know...

Castaways Travel KNOWS the resort. We've been there and visited often so we know the place to tell you accurately about the location, layout, daytime and evening activities & themes, dos and don'ts, where to have fun and tips to make your trip more enjoyable.

See: 14 Reasons to use Castaways Travel

While the resort is designed for guests to enjoy nude relaxation, here are general guidelines.

          • You may be nude at all times at the Hidden Beach Resort
          • Inappropriate behavior among guests and staff is not allowed.
          • No photography or video is allowed without the express permission of all people in your photo or video.
          • No explicit sexual behavior in public areas.   What you do in your own room is your business.
          • Enjoy all amenities at El Dorado Resort next door, but wear clothes or a swimsuit.
          • No sort of press or media is allowed.


Average Temperature (F)
81.1 75.4 77 78.8 81.3 83.8 84.6 85.3 85.5 84.2 81.7 78.8 76.5
Average High Temperature (F)
86 81 82 84 85 88 89 90 90 89 87 84 82
Average Low Temperature (F)
72.9 67.8 68.7 70.2 72.9 75.2 76.5 76.6 76.3 75.7 74.1 71.6 69.3

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