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14 Reasons to Use Castaways Travel For Your Trip To Hidden Beach Resort

Castaways Travel is comprised of travel professionals who really are your travel PARTNERS throughout your vacation experience...people you can count on.

1) Castaways Travel is on YOUR side...we're here for you. We represent you. If things happen before, during, or after your trip, we're there to help you with things like Weather delays, canceled flights, schedule changes, lost articles, sickness...you name it, we've seen it all since we started in 1984. When you're in a foreign country, it's a relief to know you have us to back you up in case "things happen" and you need help.

When you've got trouble on your hands, who're you going to call...the internet? If you book your trip directly (with the resort) and experience problems there, who's going to be on YOUR SIDE?

2) Castaways Travel brings you the most EXPERIENCE. We know and deal with Hidden Beach on a daily basis...after all, we helped the owners develop it from its infancy back in 2003. Castaways bring you intimate knowledge of the area and we KNOW the resort owner, management, and operating company.

3) Castaways Travel KNOWS the resort. We've been there and visited often so we know the place to tell you accurately about the location, layout, daytime and evening activities & themes, dos and don'ts, where to have fun and tips to make your trip more enjoyable.

4) Castaways Travel provides ONE-STOP SHOPPING and supplies ALL YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS including Accommodations, airfare, travel insurance, car rentals, special occasions, airport transfers, special services, spa services, escorted groups, complimentary shopping trips, and transportation.

5) Castaways Travel provides you with complimentary roundtrip airport TRANSFERS at no extra cost. *(NOTE: For certain groups, airport transfers may be extra).

6) Castaways Travel can arrange complimentary SHOPPING trips and transportation in advance for small groups.

7) Castaways Travel brings CLOUT to support you: Castaways is the largest appointed U.S. wholesaler in the U.S. for Hidden Beach Resort. This comes in handy with last minute room requests or reservations, special reservations, special requests, and special needs.

8) Castaways Travel provides you with  personal knowledge of all management members of the resort company, handy for special favors or a pipeline to the top management membersl

9) Castaways Travel provides you with TOUR RECOMMENDATIONS about what to do in the area including diving, swimming with the dolphins, getting around, site seeing and arranging special adventures while you're there.

10) Castaways Travel KNOWS Playa del Carmen, which can be one of your all-time fun resort towns to visit while you're there.

11) Castaways Travel features TRIP REPORTS on its website including blunt assessments from other travelers.

12) Castaways Travel supplies HOST COUPLES for special Group Trips to enhance your enjoyment. It's nice to make a new friend who's expecting you.

13) Castaways Travel brings you DEPENDABILITY. The parent company, Fox Travel was established in 1984.

14) Castaways Travel was instrumental in helping to create and develop the Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel Club.

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