Individual  & Escorted Group Trips with
Caliente Vacation Club and Castaways Travel

Join CVC and Castaways Travel for individual or escorted group trips to some of the most fun destinations you'll find. If you are unsure of a destination, or not sure if you will easily meet people when you get there, Castaways group trips are the perfect answer. They've been there, know what to do, where to go, and generally how to get the most for your dollar.

So if you're reading this then YOU'RE INVITED to join CVC and/or Castaways Travel to one of these fabulouse adult resorts or cruises. All group trips and cruises shown below are for included!

Current Travelers Alerts:


Feb 13-20 Hedonism II Bubbly Bares Valentines
Feb 13-20 Hedonism II Pink Tailed Snowbirds
Feb 14-21 Hedonism II Nood Brood Invades Hedo
Feb 14-21 Copacabana Desire Sexy Valentines Week
Feb 26-29 Spice - Canary Is Wonderful Life Party @ Spice
March Spice - Canary Is Mardi Gras @ Spice
Mar 5-12 Hedonism II Winter Break Week
April Spice - Canary Is Playboyz @ Spice
Apr 9-16 Hedonism II kitten & angel’s Annual Spring Fling
April 16-23 Hedonism II Spring Break with Mary Ellyn & Jim
Apr 23-30 Hedonism II Love Voodoo Goddess Week
Apr 30-May 7 Hidden Beach 13th Anniversary Celebration (at 2015 room rates)
Apr 30-May 7 Copacabana Desire-Costa Rica Bubbly Bares with Gary & Melda
May 26-30 Copacabana Desire-Costa Rica Costa Rica Getaway
May Spice - Canary Is Exotica @ Spice
June Spice - Canary Is Sugar vs. Spice
June 1-6 Machu Picchu, Peru Exotic Trip to Machu Picchu, Peru - Week #1
June 4-11 Desire Riviera Maya Temptations for All
June 6-11 Machu Picchu, Peru Exotic Trip to Machu Picchu, Peru - Week # 2
June 11-14 Lake Titicaca, Peru & Puno Exotic add on Trip to Puno/Lake Titicaca after Machu Picchu
June 11-18 Desire Pearl Hellians Week with Gus & Marylin
June 17-25 Hedonism II Reggae Cowboy
June 18-25 Hedonism II SX Games 5th Annual event with Susan & Bobby
June 18-25 Hedonism II Crazy from the Heat with Mike & Donna
June 27-July 4 Copacabana Desire-Costa Rica Chocolate Couples
July Spice - Canary Is Temptations @ Spice
July 1-7 Hedonism II 4th of July week
July 16-23 Hedonism II  Hellians Week with Gus & Marylin
July 16-23 Desire Riviera Maya Summer Week Group
July 23-30 Hedonism II AWOL Week (Another Week Of Lunacy)
 August Spice - Canary Is Flirt's @ Spice
Aug 2-11 Clothing Optional Adult Cruise  Azamara Quest - Baltic - Stockholm to Amsterdam
Aug 11-14 Vegas Exchange Las "Vegas Exchange" Couples Convention
Aug 11-18 Hedonism II Bumpin' Uglies at Hedo # 2 with Holly & Tim
Aug 13-20 Hedonism II Tantra Week at Hedo # 2 with Tantric Hearts
September Spice - Canary Is Diva's @ Spice
 October Spice - Canary Is Spooks @ Spice
Oct 15-22 Hidden Beach 6th Annual "Rendezvous on the Riviera"
Oct 22-29 Hedonism II Dance Wicked for a Week this fall
Oct 26-Nov 1 Acapulco, Mexico Exotic Trip to Acapulco Ambrosia, Mexico
Oct 29-Nov 5 Hedonism II Bubbly Bares
Nov 5-12 Hedonism II Be a Little Naughty in November
Nov 12-19 Hedonism II Love Voodoo FEST
Nov 12-19 Desire Riviera Maya Party Naked Baby
Nov 27-Dec 4 Clothing Optional Adult Cruise Bliss Cruise-Celebrity Silhouette Ft Lauderdale to E. Caribbean
November Spice - Canary Is Spanish Heat @ Spice
December Spice - Canary Is Glitz & Glam @ Spice
Dec 26 - Jan 2, 2017 Hedonism II Bare Bottom Bunch
Dec 26 - Jan 2, 2017 Hedonism II Bare Bottom Bunch
Jan 7-17 Cambodia/Vietnam  Exotic Angkor Wat Cambodia and Fantasy Island Vietnamo
March 20-25 Clothing Optional Adult Cruise Bliss Cruise - Celebrity Summit  Ft. Lauderdale to Mexico
April 5-10 Iceland Adult Adventure Exotic Iceland Northern Exposure Kevin/Liz+James/Champagne
Aug 5-13 Clothing Optional Adult Cruise Azamara Cruise - Rome to Barcelona
Nov 25-Dec 2 Clothing Optional Adult Cruise Bliss Cruise - Celebrity Equinox - Miami to lower Caribbean


Once again... EVERYONE is invited to participate in our group trips... Our trips are a great way to meet new people.

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