Costa Natura - Estepona, Spain


Costa Natura is a beachfront nudist condominium complex for adults and families with over 100 units that face the Mediterranean, close to Gibraltar, in the Costa del Sol region of southern Spain.

And yes, we've there by plane and by rental car.


Costa Natura




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Resort Overview


Costa Natura is a beachfront nudist condominium complex for adults and families with over 100 units that face the Mediterranean, close to Gibraltar, in the Costa del Sol region of southern Spain. The resort is beautifully laid out on a slight hill overlooking the beach below. Apartment condominiums range in size from studios for two people to complete suites that can sleep 6 or more. Most have a full kitchen, bath and many have patios overlooking the Mediterranean.

Getting There


U.S. Citizens: Passports are required for international air travel to all destinations outside the USA.


Costa Natura is just south of the town of Estepona, which is near Malaga, Spain. Gibraltar is very close, a little over 28 kilometers to the west and south. On a clear day, you can see not only Gibraltar but Morocco across the water.


You have many options to reach the resort. If you're already on the Continent, you can drive or fly into Malaga and motor down the coast to Estepona, a couple of hours away. Or, you can fly directly into Gibraltar from London. The closest airport is Gibraltar. You can fly there via London, since Spain and Gibraltar don't like to recognize each other politically; therefore, scheduled airlines that services Gibraltar from other countries may be subject to change, depending upon the whims of politics. The closest Spanish international airport is at Malaga.


Plan to rent a car while you're there and tour the area. The place is beautiful--certain parts remind us of some of the Greek islands like Rhodes or Crete.



Costa Natura is nude throughout the property including the condominiums, restaurants, bar, pool area and grounds. There is a small market on site that carries groceries, wine, staples and limited hardware. Near the resort in Estepona, there are many fine supermarkets and stores for your purchases.


With a kitchen in many units, it's easy to save money by preparing your own meals and dining outside in the nude---really fine living! The front desk can keep valuables and provides money exchange, telephone and FAX services for a fee. Washing machines and dryers are also on site..



The place is full of energy during the day and somewhat quieter during the evening. There can be lots of kids around the pool area during the day. Yoga, volleyball and other grass-based games are plentiful. Volleyball is always fun with guests from all over the world trying to keep score in their language. Most times, you keep score in English.


Daily life revolves around the pool area, the volleyball court and the Mediterranean beach. The water can be downright cold and at times, it can be polluted so be sure to check with the resort before you enter. Since it's a free beach, you will get your share of gawkers that may walk by.


The water is fine to drink. Take converters for electricity--you may encounter all kinds of power sources.

Group Trips


We do not have listed group trips to Costa Natura, but that doesn't mean its not a great place for two, three or more couples to get together for a group trip.  If you have other couples that might want to join you, please contact us and see what kind of group trip deals we might be able to package especially for you.



Fabulous places to see are all close by. Estepona, Malaga, Puerto Banus (largest yacht basin in Spain), Touremollinos and Gibraltar are all within an hour or two drive for shopping, dining and nightlife.


We even took a day trip by car to Seville to see the World Expo sight and where Columbus set sail for America. Make SURE you know the way to and from Seville, the roads can sometimes be poorly marked. We got there and back by the grace of God, but we didn't have to ask directions once!


Golf courses and tennis are everywhere, one course virtually across the highway from the resort.


For you adventurers, you can take a ferry from the tip of Spain or from Gibraltar, over to Tangiers, which takes a few hours to cross. Longer than a day trip so make sure you've got accommodations arranged in Morocco before you make the crossing. We've  been to  our  favorite destinations worldwide.


The further you travel south of Malaga toward Gibraltar, the less touristy it becomes but it's still  crowded. Estepona is about the last large town on the main highway before you reach Gibraltar.


Make sure you visit Gibraltar if you get that far---it's almost like a piece of England set down in the middle of the Mediterranean. What fun to listen to them speak Spanish with a British accent.



In addition to preparing your own food, you can choose to eat at the resort's restaurant ala carte or purchase a meal plan if available. There is also a snack shop and bar available for drinks. Ala carte restaurant meals can be somewhat pricey but a meal plan is somewhat better if you stay at the resort all the time, don't like to cook and don't leave the resort, which you should! Meal  plans may or may not  be offered.


Food prices at the markets are similar to the states, although exchange rates affect your final bill. There are some great restaurants in town, which is our favorite choice for evening dining. Meal costs in town are similar to the states as well.


The dining area on site also has a little music and light entertainment in the evenings.



Depending upon the season and size of the rental unit, rates can vary from $50-$250/night/unit. Price  not  guaranteed and varies by season. The units are spartan in decorations but, with the natural beauty of the area, you never seem to notice.





▼ If you go, book Costa Natura directly as we've found reservation service and payment transactions with the resort  to be time consuming and inconsistent.


▼ Usually its quite warm, but sometimes the Mediterranean can be cold, even during summertime.


▲▼ This is a family resort as are most in Europe.


▲ Spain is a country that very much caters to, and embraces tourists from all over the world. They like us... they really do!


▲ Nudism or nude sunbathing is accepted pretty much all along the Mediterranean coastline. No big deal there.


Age Ranges


You'll meet everyone here from Spain, Europe and all over the world from babies to retired folks. Most guests are from Europe, speak some English, but usually prefer to use their native language. You will find primarily Spanish, Italian, French, German, English and Dutch citizens. A few Americans and Canadians plus eastern Europeans round out the guest list.


Best Time To Go


Summer, although other  months can fairly mild.


Wish List


● Add air conditioning to certain units. A/C would be welcome if there is no breeze and it's hot outside. Overhead fans, table fans and hoping for wind are the three ways to remain comfortable, besides being nude all of the time. There is usually a sea breeze that floats in.

Photo Album


The photos were either shot by us, our clients or provided by the resort. If you have recently visited Costa Natura we invite you to send in your photos for us to display. To contribute you own photos (or trip reports), go to our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

Trip Reports


If you have recently visited Costa Natura, we would appreciate you contributing a trip report. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.  Here is one we have from a recent visitor






Recent visit - Gordon & Liz

Spent 9 days in a newly refurbished apartment. A few issues with stuck new windows which were attended to reasonably quickly. The small shop on site is now closed but a new supermarket has opened just across the road, accessed by a bridge just outside the resort's front door. Restaurant food still good quality. Snack bar closes at 4.30 pm but now does pre-prepared takeaway evening meals, collectible at 6.30 pm, for you to microwave when convenient. Otherwise no change to general info. in your site.

Summer Visit - Jerolim

Very dated resort, but fun.... the good - weather and location and you are nude all day. the bad - small beach, but nice, most people lay out on chairs on the grass, the rooms are old and dated but they can certainly vary. food was fair at best.....also some teenage kids with bathing suits on? what is that all about? also, cannot get a lounge chair until 12n? but we would go back.