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Grottamiranda is the real thing, in the boot at Brindisi, Italy

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Resort Overview


During certain travel seasons, early booking discounts  may  be  offered.Specials subject to change and availability.  Not confirmed until deposit is applied.

From May 1 to October 31, 2022:  10% , 20% discount : offers all year round

Grottamiranda is the “real deal!”

This little resort with 9 accommodations on site is a secret to be discovered in one of the most interesting and authentic regions of southern Italy in Puglia (Apulia) ignored by or unknown to most travelers to Italy. We’ve been to Italy/Sicily many times and never considered the region as a destination…for conventional or nude travel. Grottamiranda Naturist Resort is about 20 minutes from Brindisi in southern Italy.  Brindisi faces the Adriatic Sea and is located directly across from Albania.

Martine & Pierre, a wonderful couple from Paris, bought a 16th-century limestone country home in the middle of olive groves to restore and open their secret hideaway as a unique, high-quality naturist retreat, completely private, welcoming both adult singles and couples as well as families.  Note:  The owners indicated children guests are rarely present.

Why go there?   Sure - to enjoy nude relaxation and to meet other guests. Nudity is compulsory around the pool, pool deck and adjacent outside relaxation areas. But your other motivation should be to embrace this wonderful region of Italy, enjoy its ambiance, the local sites, and incredible cuisine in villages and small towns nearby and get to know these wonderful owners and local Italians.  With no slick malls, franchises or chain stores to spoil the country side, you'll know quickly you're in the middle of the real (Italian) thing.


We found food, drink, meals and Italian wine about half the price you would normally expect elsewhere in Europe. The bonus is 100% authenticity….there’s no Disneyworld around, no KFC, no McDonalds or Subway. How could they compete with this wonderful bounty throughout the region?

At Grottamiranda, you’ll be surrounded by true Italian neighbors in the olive tree estates nearby and in little villages and towns down the two-lane roads from the resort.

The owners are a delightful naturist couple who support naturism and have built this wonderful little treasure with a high privacy fence surrounding their gated 2 acre property. The first full season was 2016 with guests arriving from all over Europe, North America as well as visitors from Australia and New Zealand.

This one-of-a-kind property includes 9 fully-equipped apartments, each with a living and dining area, private bath and bedroom plus a kitchen or kitchenette to prepare meals.   Central to the property’s lounging and sunbathing area is its pristine nude pool, dining gazebo, BBQ pit and common kitchen plus a small canteen for purchasing snacks, soft drinks, ice cream, beer, and wine.

The Resort Naturista Grottamiranda, certified by the Italian Naturist Federation FENAIT, is located in the upper region of Salento in Puglia.

The Resort Naturista Grottamiranda is open from April 1 to November 15. Families and adults alike are welcome at the resort.

Nudity is compulsory in and around the swimming pool as well as the pool deck and surrounding areas.

Resort Grottamiranda - Italy

Getting There

Two international airports serve Puglia’s coastal region which faces the Adriatic with the Aegean Sea to the south of the boot.   Bari, Italy lies about 70 miles northwest and Brindisi is about 12 miles east of Grottamiranda Resort. Most visitors rent a car although private transfers can be arranged in advance directly with Martine or Pierre.   Grottamiranda Naturist Resort is about 20 minutes from Brindisi, located in Puglia, the “boot heel” of Italy. Puglia is an up and coming new travel destination so go now before everyone else discovers it.The region is dotted with large estates and farms on hundreds of acres filled with centuries-old olive trees, separated by small country roads.

You have to have Google Maps and GPS apps on your iPhone in case you get turned around.   Once you get your bearings, it’s fairly easy to get around.

Near the nature reserve of Torre Guaceto and its beach frequented by nudists, Resort Naturista Grottamiranda is nestled in the centuries-old olive groves with easy to access from Bari or Brindisi.


The Resort Naturista Grottamiranda is open spring, summer, and fall

The resort offers furnished apartments only. As a guest, expect to either prepare your own meals or visit the numerous small but impressive restaurants and bistros in nearby villages.   We found food, drink, meals and Italian wine accessible nearby, about half the price you would normally expect elsewhere in Europe or the U.S.


Free WiFi is available and cell service on your phone is reliable but power outages can occur since you’re in the countryside.

Parking and access to the Resort: Parking area is available 24/7. Each apartment is provided with an access key of parking. A closed reserved parking spot is open inside the locked gate and walls of the resort.

For the resort’s guests, a washing machine is also available (3 Euros per wash, subject to change).

A personal trainer and massage services can be arranged in advance, too. Bikes can be rented for the week and running is possible on the many country roads surrounding the resort.

Natural well supplies filtered water.

Solar panels provide almost 70% of the Grottamiranda Natural Resort’s electricity needs.

The Grottamiranda Naturist Resort is located at less than 4 miles from medical services: doctors and pharmacies. Hospital: OSPEDALE A. PERRINO - S.S. 7 Per Mesagne - 72100 Brindisi (BR) Tel: 0831 537111


You’ll feel right at home at Grottamaranda. Martine and Pierre speak several languages including French, English, Italian and maybe more.

Central to the property’s lounging and sunbathing area outside is its pristine nude pool, dining gazebo, and patio, BBQ pit with firewood provided and plus a common kitchen poolside for pot luck dinners, cooking classes and more.

For snacks, soft drinks, ice cream, beer and wine, a small bar and canteen is on-site. You can charge your purchases to your room.   It’s located at the swimming pool’s terrace, to refresh you and enjoy Italian coffees throughout the day, home-made ice cream, nightly cocktails.

Prepare for quiet solitude if there are few guests around.   Bring books, lap top, games and your own brand of entertainment.  Don't worry about packing's abundant nearby in the villages and markets minutes from the resort.

Resort Grottamiranda - Italy
Resort Grottamiranda - Italy

Nude Beaching: At Torre Guaceto park nearby, the beach is frequented by naturists at a bay at the foot of a 14th-century Roman lookout tower. The beach has fine sand facing the Adriatic Sea.     When we visited, the beach was not well maintained by the local municipality although Pierre& Martine have sponsored beach clean up efforts and campaigns, Mother Nature and the Adriatic send flotsam to the beach on a perpetual basis.

TIP:  If you go, wear sturdy aqua or sand shoes and be careful to avoid sharp objects or glass.

TIP:  Before you go, consider a trip hosted by Pierre. Parking is available near the shore in the park.  But depending on where you park, you could be in for a long hike on the beach to reach the informal nude area near the 16th-century watch tower to the west of the parking area, about a mile or so....

Group Trips

We don't have any scheduled trips to Resort Grottamiranda at this time.  But that doesn't mean it's not a great place for two, three or more couples to get together for a group trip.  If you have other couples that might want to join you, please contact us and see what kind of group trip deals we might be able to package especially for you.


Most visitors rent a car since there are rich and varied locations nearby for shopping, sightseeing, dining and touring.

Private guides and numerous organized activities can be arranged through the resort upon arrival or in advance.

Shopping and walking around town is one of the nicest things to do in Ostuni, the city of Art and History, about 11 miles away.

Brindisi, the main provincial city, is also a local commercial center providing a big market Thursday mornings.

Resort Grottamiranda - Italy
Resort Grottamiranda - Italy

Open to the sea, Puglia retains traces of foreign domination. Appeal to your imagination in the heart of Trulli, typical conical homes of Valle d’Itria or stay in front of Castel del Monte, a heptagonal castle built by Frederick II, the Emperor (located a few miles west of Bari). Or Discover Lecce, The Florence of the South.

See nice article about tourism and sights to see in Puglia, many are easily reached from Grottamiranda:


Each of the 9 apartments including a kitchen or kitchenette for meal preparation.   Pierre or Martine can also arrange reservations at some of the finer restaurants in the area.

During our visit, we thankfully were treated to several local restaurants minutes from the resort. Just ask for directions or a map from Pierre or Martine. One of the most impressive is located across the country road from Grottamiranda, called Fattorie Grottamiranda. This perfect family restaurant includes meat, beef, pork and fresh cheeses created locally not only by the family that runs the place but also by neighbors who hand craft most of what you will dine on, including local red wine.

Resort Grottamiranda - Italy

The market Grottamiranda (mini-market):   Near the swimming-pool, behind the Summer-kitchen, it provides basic products for breakfast as well as for simple meals. The Market is managed by local producers and provides fresh as well as natural products. NOTE: Availability of produce and supplies may be limited and may not be open when you visit.No to worry...anything you may need is minutes away.

Resort Grottamiranda - Italy
Resort Grottamiranda - Italy

The Summer Kitchen at Grottamiranda: A place adjacent to the pool, dedicated to cooking classes: to make the true Italian tomato sauce or the orecchiette of Puglia, in a nice atmosphere sharing your creation throughout a friendly dinner.

Resort Grottamiranda - Italy

Supermarket and Shopping: The nearest town, San Vito dei Normanni is less than 3 miles away where a supermarket is located: le Famila. There's also a local market a few minutes from the resort.

Many restaurants are also very close by in San Vito dei Normani (3 miles) or the seaside at Torre Santa Sabina (6 miles).

Rates & Rooms

This one-of-a-kind property includes 9 fully-equipped apartments, each with a living and dining area, private bath and bedroom plus a kitchen or kitchenette to prepare meals.

Resort Grottamiranda - Italy

Rates:  The 2018 low season room rates start about USD $100-$150/night + tax.  Rates not guaranteed and will change due to currency fluctuation.

Resort Grottamiranda - Italy

One master suite

6 apartments

2 studio accommodations

Spacious apartments include:

- Towels, linen, kitchen towels

- Hair-dryer provided, natural toiletries (Puglia’s olive oil),

- Well-equipped kitchenette: fridge, hot-plate or stove

- Air-conditioning in each apartment

- TV and WiFi provided

- Single terrace patio with garden lounge

- Safe and free parking inside the spacious, gated and walled complex.

Resort Grottamiranda - Italy
Resort Grottamiranda - Italy



▲ "This is the real thing"  If you want to experience Italy traveling among the locals, this is the place.

▼ The resort feels like it's isolated but in fact, it's surrounded by many local farms and estates with olive trees hundreds of years old.

▲ Pierre and Martine are the consummate host and hostess

▲ Local entertainment, chefs, and special dining plus other surprises will greet you when you least expect it.

▲ There is so much sightseeing potential, if you can spare two weeks, try it.   Enjoy the pool and serenity some days but plan to be a day tripper at other times.

▲▼ The resort can be dead quiet if few guests are around.

▼ No restaurant on premises but one is across the country road for the evening dining called Fattorie Grottamiranda

Age Ranges

Adults [primarily ....but occasionally, the owner indicated someone might bring a child or two.  Therefore, it's no guarantee to be 100% Adults only or 100% Families.

Best Time To Go

You can visit Italy almost year round but for beaching, night life and relaxation, "high season" runs from late April to October with warmer months May to September.

Wish the hotel was located right on the beach.
Wish guest rooms included a coffee maker.

Photo Album

We have photos from our visit to Resort Grottamiranda and the surrounding area, but need more.we'd love it if you've been and have some you cancontribute.. To contribute you own photos (or trip reports), go to our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

Trip Reports

If you've visited Italy or GrottaMirand or used any of the naturist facilities in the area, please consider contributing a trip report. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.  ALERT:  You may remain Anonymous, too.