Nude and Clothing Optional Cruises Information and Fact Sheet


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Adult, clothing optional cruises are for carefree couples looking for fun and exciting adult vacations, ideal for adventurous adults who want to explore different cultures and countries with freedoms unlike any other cruise. The big difference from other cruises you may have sailed on: You get to experience cruising on a Nude and Clothing Optional Cruises with the most fun couples in the world.

All types of passengers participate on the cruises, from couples interested in theme nights, relaxing and sunning nude to open minded couples looking for adventure with other couples. Adult vacations can bring new life to your relationship with your spouse while allowing you to be yourself.

On board parties and unique, exciting entertainment are customized for open minded adults. Public sex is not condoned and failure to observe the rules may result in the couple being escorted off the ship at the next port....without a refund. You’re free to enjoy all the luxuries and amenities of a cruise with no pressure to do anything. The Golden Rule: No means No. You will meet groups of open minded couples who are interested in just having a great time, just like you.

When you board an adults only couples voyage, you'll enjoy entertainment in a fun, relaxing environment. You may also join different Meet & Greets that will make you feel comfortable when you meet other couples on the cruise.

Full ship charters are on vessels that will accommodate from 50 to 1,800 couples. Theme parties are offered each night, including Mardi Gras, Fantasy Fest, Fetish, White Nights, Toga as well as customized ports of call and even private beach parties in addition to the cruise lines optional shore excursions.

Castaways Travel has also chartered luxury 500 foot riverboats in Europe for nude cruises in France, Germany, Hungary and Austria. Stay tuned for more adventures.

Comments below are a summary from our own experiences as well as guidelines and numerous ideas from Couples Cruise, Shoes Only and other charter companies.

General Orientation

These Nude and Clothing Optional Cruises epitomize freedom of action, all within a controlled, safe, and respectful environment. Both party people and adventurous couples can meet each other to explore these cruises. Unlike most cruises, you’re encouraged to bring your personalities along.

Nudist Couples
Though clothing optional cruises sometimes allow nudity in all areas, clothing is required in the casino, discos (although you can be topless!) and in the main areas of the ship.These are clothing optional cruises that are sensitive to every couple’s individuality. That’s something that has to go both ways.

Couples can take their experience as far as they want without interfering with anyone else’s. That’s freedom. Clothing optional decks are the perfect choice for couples that want to get that 360-degree tan. Other nude cruises may have more restrictions and not near as many entertainment and party options.

One big cruise difference is that clothing optional areas are specially reserved for use in the open air pool, hot tubs and sun decks.

Clothing Optional Parties
While other cruises shut down the pool decks when the sun goes down, turning off the Jacuzzis and shutting down the pool bars, most adult cruises are just starting to party. Pool Parties provide night time dancing and unbelievable energy. You can dance naked on the sun deck or in the Jacuzzi, it doesn't matter.

Clothing Optional Excursions
On most charters, special excursions to clothing optional beaches, islands, and boat rides are provided. You won't get these excursions if you go on a regular cruise! Each excursion is researched and inspected to make sure it offers you the best possible options to extend your clothing optional vacation beyond the ship.

Fewer Restrictions, More Fun
Cruises and resorts that enforce overly-restrictive rules and regulations take the adventure out of inherently adventurous adult situations. On some cruises husbands aren't even allowed to put sunscreen on their wives, Jacuzzi's are shut down at sunset to make sure no one does anything "improper" during the night.

Most adult cruises are not that restrictive. Most adults will behave appropriately and do not need such strict rules as long as it is clear that there are no sexual activities in public.

There is a time and a place for everything. Sexual activities should be limited to private places, You can feel comfortable at pool decks without the fear that an orgy is going to break out in the pool. Most cruise staffs are always on hand to make sure that everyone enjoys and behaves themselves. If you like being nude and getting that great all-over tan, the possibilities don't have to end there.

Couples who enjoy Themes like Mardi Gras, Little Black Dress night, Fantasy Fest and more
If you are more conservative, there's a place for you. You may enjoy yourselves if you like themed events like Mardi Gras, Fantasy Fest and other festivals that are fun, sexy and adults only. A lot of couples come on board simply because they love cruising and they also love sexy, exotic theme parties, without kids around.

Theme Nights
Adult cruises feature fun venues including theme nights. Each cruise has a bit different mix of themes so consult the itinerary and nightly events for each voyage.

A wide variety of theme nights are offered on adult only cruises including some of the ideas listed here but certainly not all of them.

* White Night
* Pajama Parties
* Pirate Night
* Toga Party
* Fetish Night
* Mardi Gras
* Body Painting
* Black & Blue Night
* and much more

Theme nights are typically the highlight of each evening and cruise guests know how to dress for fun. On some cruises, formal nights are featured such as one with traditional formal attire and another called "Fashionably Formal" for a more modern take on dressing up.

Adults only, clothing optional cruises are the perfect place to remove the same old clothes you wear at home and put on a cape, wear something daring and become something special for a night (or the whole week).

A key Question: Do we have to participate in theme nights and formal nights. The answer is a confirmed: NO, you don't. You can choose to be as casual as you like while on board and to participate....or not.. Lots of couples join the cruises just for kicking back and enjoying each other in a relaxed, casual environment without having to "dress up" each night.

Dress While On Board - These are general guidelines and ideas....not a requirement.

Clothes and Costumes

Casual: Ladies – Sundress, Pants and Casual Blouse, swimsuits, thongs, cover-ups Men - Sports Shirt and Slacks (no jeans please), swimsuits, shorts, T Shirts or Polos

Informal: Ladies - Dress or Pantsuit Men – Jacket and Slacks (no jeans please)

Formal: Ladies - Formal Gown or Cocktail Dress Men – Tuxedo or Suit & Tie

Jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, swimsuits, robes and bare feet are not permitted in the main dining room at any time. “Guests are expected to respect this sailing tradition for the ambiance of the cruise."

If there is a formal night or two, there will be many tuxedos worn. If you don't have one, you can rent one on board. It will be in your cabin when you arrive if you order it in advance. A dark suit with tie can also be worn. Why not add a bow tie and make it look more like a tux!

No Kids!
The biggest thing that sets these voyages apart from conventional cruises is the fact that there are no kids on board. Charters have a 21 and over age limit, so you don't have to worry about kids running all over the place, taking up chairs by the pool or sitting in the adult hot tub. What you will find are couples from every age range (over 21 of course), acting like children.

They will be staying up way past their bedtime and doing things their parents told them never to do. You might even find a few in the arcade playing games like they were still 16.

"What is the average age of the passengers?". The average age turns out to be 48. Some couples are much younger and some are older.

Party People!
Clientele range from salt of the earth nudists to adventuresome couples that just like to party among themselves as well as others. You've seen the T Shirt that says: "Plays Well With Others." Well, some of the couples onboard may practice what they preach.. Check out all night theme nights and pools full of bikinis.

The bars are open late because there are no kids! Party people love to dance and twist around the stripper pole 'til the wee hours. You will find house music, Rock & Roll, techno, whatever floats your boat. For night owls who were never interested in regular (vanilla) cruises, join one of these adults only cruises where you can find the experience you want.

Music, Music and more Music
You’ll leave wishing you could have seen and experienced more! Live DJ's, Rock & Roll Bands, Jazz singers, 50's Tribute Bands, Cirque du Soleil type acts, Adult Comedians and much more may be on board, too. If you love to tear it up in Vegas, South Beach, Hollywood or just the best club in your town, then an adults only, clothing optional voyage could be the wild vacation that you've always dreamed about.

If you are into bike rallies, wet T-Shirt contests, Jimmy Buffet concerts, riding on a mechanical bull, body painting, or dancing until dawn then you will love the parties and dances on these cruises.



When you get to the port, the luggage is given to the luggage handlers to put onto the ship. There are special luggage tags that you will put on your bags, which will identify them. The bags should arrive at your cabin before dinner but could be there as late as midnight, so make sure you have something casual for the afternoon (shorts or swimsuit) and bring something to wear to dinner in your carry-on.

Carry On Luggage:

Carry ALL your valuables with you, along with medications and your camera. This includes your cruise documents, Passport, Photo ID, Credit Cards and any other identification you might need. There is a time lapse before you have our luggage in your cabin, so put the things you need immediately in your carry-on luggage.

Hint: Carry a change of clothes and/or your swim suit to change into once you arrive at your cabin. Sometimes luggage may reach your cabin late so don't expect instant delivery once you board.

Checking In at the dock:
Anytime after noon or so is the usual time to arrive at the port. The earlier the better, to avoid the crowds. You must typically check in before 3:30 PM or your reservation might be canceled. When you check into the desk at the port, your identification will be checked against the information you put in for your reservation documentation.

(Make sure you fill this out correctly and the name spelling matches your passport name). We've seen guests be denied boarding due to inaccurate identification and expired passports....and they wind up missing the boat without refund.

At the registration desk at the dock, an imprint of your credit card will be taken for your on board expenses. You will then be given your Cruise Card. This card looks like a credit card which it is...and it's also your cabin door key. You will not need money on board, just your cruise card to charge all of your purchases to your account.

The only use for money on board will be in the casino. You can also pay with cash for your account balance when you come on board instead of charging your credit card. This saves you from worrying about your money and keeping it in your safe.

Charge Accounts:
For most cruises, your account can usually be viewed at any time on your interactive in-cabin TV. Just follow the instructions on the screen and it will show exactly what you have charged on your account. Of course, some may not want to see those totals until they leave.

By 6 AM on the last day of the cruise, an invoice is delivered to your cabin. You can keep these charges on your credit card (given at check in) or you can pay cash at the Guest Relations... but the line can get long. Some cruise lines supply a preliminary invoice a day before you depart the ship.

In Cabin Safes:
In each cabin you will find a safe for your use. You will find them to be handy to safeguard your valuables while on board: jewelry, passports, money, credit cards, cameras & airline tickets.

Muster Drill:
Cruise ships have a mandatory Muster Drill, which is like a fire drill. All passengers MUST attend this drill. The best thing about the drill is you sail immediately afterwards and that means... "Sail Away Party"! Plus, you'll get a chance to meet your cabin neighbors near you.

On many cruises, gratuities may be charged and paid in advance, so they will be pre-paid by the time you arrive on board. ALERT: This may change from cruise line to cruise line. Consult your invoice or ask your Castaways' travel counselor about tips and payment. You may add additional amounts for any of the ship's staff that gave you exceptional service or made your stay on the ship a memorable one.

There will be envelopes left in your cabin on the last night of the cruise for gratuities if you wish tip further. Since you may have already pre-paid them before you sailed, you do not need to do anything with this envelope, unless you decide that you want to tip extra.

The pre-paid gratuities cover your wait staff in the main dining area and your cabin steward. You still have to pay gratuities for alcoholic drinks, spa services and other amenities. Note: tips are usually automatically added to your bar bill, so make sure you check that you are not over or under tipping.

There are no self-service laundry facilities on board most cruise ships. They do have a great laundry service. Put your laundry in the bag provided; fill out the laundry form (it will have prices on it) and simply leave it on your bed. Your cabin steward will take it from there.

Usually, the laundry will be back the next day: cleaned and pressed. If you need a certain article for the next day, check with the cabin steward to make sure it can be returned in time (if you turn in laundry late in the day, you may not see it for two days).? They do not supply or allow clothes irons on board because they are a fire hazard (and fire on a ship is bad).

There is an internet cafe on board most ship where you can purchase packages of minutes to use while on board (either with their computers or your laptop). The more minutes you buy at one time, the less they charge you per minute. But on board internet service can be expensive, slow and unreliable if many users are on the system at once.

One of the best services we use is the mobil Hot Spot that can be rented for service in most countries world wide. See: Mobil Hot Spot

Drink Prices:
On many cruises there may be unlimited fountain soft drink packages you can purchase before the cruise or once on board. For the price of a few sodas per day, you can have unlimited fountain drinks.

Some cruise lines also offer wine packages. If you like wine, we recommend getting a wine package which may include 6 bottles on the average. You can have wine at dinner to share with friends or make new ones. If you don't finish your wine, you can have them deliver it to your table the next night.

Depending upon the cruise line, you may also be able to purchase a liquor package in advance. Consult your specific cruise for details or ask your Castaways' travel counselor.

Most cruise charters restrict what you might bring on board to a bottle or two of wine. If you buy hard liquor on shore while on the cruise, the bottle will be collected from you when boarding and returned to you upon your departure. Check the cruise line's guidelines before buying or carrying anything on board or ask your Castaways' travel counselor...

For candles.....They are not allowed. For mood lighting in your cabin, us flameless, flickering LED candles.

Pre-cruise planning

  • Always keep your camera in your cabin safe when you’re not using it. (If it fits!)
  • The most important tip is – ZIP LOCK BAGS. Pack all your creams and liquids into them.If things leak or spill, they won't get on your clothes. Also, take some spare ones for wet bathing suits.
  • Don't forget to clean out your wallets; you probably have cards in there that won't be used. They don't take checks either, so leave your checkbook home. Bring a photo ID card, as well as your passport. Some ports need a photo ID with your cruise pass card to get back on the ship. DO NOT carry your passport around, especially in port! TIP: Make copies of your Driver's License, Cruise documents and Passport; pack a copy in your luggage, in your carry on and leave a copy with your friends or relatives (if you dare!).
  • Copies of your credit card numbers and the lost or stolen card phone number are good to have too. Keep copies in a different place than the originals.
  • A carry-on bag (with shoulder straps or wheels) will come in handy for many reasons; bring what you need for the first afternoon on the ship (before the luggage arrives) and for the last night on the cruise. On that last night, your luggage has to be placed outside your cabin by midnight (or earlier), which leaves all sorts of odds and ends to carry off the next day. You may even use it to go to a beach or for shore excursions.
  • Anyone who has gone cruising before knows that the biggest asset to enjoying tours and excursions is the shoes. Comfortable, broken in, flat and probably not too gorgeous. But if you wear them all day, as you trudge through narrow streets and up hillsides, you'll be a happy camper. Reserve your heels for the night time.
  • When going on an excursion, take a wet facecloth in a zip lock bag. Never know when you want to wipe your hands or face with a clean cloth. Also take a little bottle of the hand sanitizer. If it involves a swimsuit take a large zip lock for it when it gets wet. Take a small pack of Kleenex in case nature calls at the wrong time or place.
  • Another great tip for anyone that might arrive a couple of days early: Pack your needs for those days in one separate suitcase. That way, you only have to dig into that one big suitcase.
  • The most organized way to pack is to choose clothes for actual activities and events. Most of the cruises will be very casual with lots of beachwear in the daytime. At night, you'll want to look at the nightly themes to help you decide what to pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be nude?

No, you may enjoy the ship and the experiences with your clothes on all the time.

Where can I be nude?
Most adult ship charters will have a clothing optional pool and sun deck. Not only will you be able to sunbathe nude; you will be able to pole dance, participate in sexy contests and enjoy an atmosphere quite different from a traditional nude cruise.

You can participate as much or as little as you like. While there will certainly be a lot of couples that do decide to go nude on the pool decks, there will be plenty others that only go topless, some that will be wearing g-string bikinis and yet others that will be fully dressed. This is a cruise where you decide what your comfort level is.

Can I pick my own Cabin?
Yes. You’ll have the best chance of getting the cabin you want the earlier you book. If it is important for you to be close to the center, on the fantail of the ship or in one of the bigger suites; then you’ll need to act quickly before your cabin category is sold out.

What is included in the cabin cost?
The price includes your cabin, all meals, some beverages (tea, juices, water & lemonade), 24 hour room service, nightly entertainment, use of the ship's gym, and access to all of the public bars, disco, theaters, shows & pools. Additional fees are for port charges, taxes, security and in some cases, tips as well as your bar tab.

What is NOT included?
Eating at one of the fine dining or specialty restaurants, spa treatments, alcohol, sodas, any port excursions, photographs, a few on board activities (yoga, spinning, pilates) and items from the shops.

How much are the taxes & tips?
The port charges, taxes, gratuities, document, administration and security fees vary for each cruise. Please refer to the pricing page for each cruise for the exact amounts or ask your Castaways' travel counselor.

What if I have to cancel?
Your payments will be subject to cancellation charges. Refer to your specific cruise for details or ask your Castaways' travel counselor.

Are airline tickets included?
No. This is an additional charge. Castaways Travel's parent company, Fox Travel/American Express Representative can assist you with your hotel, airline and transfer reservations as well as pre- and post-cruise excursions and touring.

What kind of couples are on board?
You will find couples who have never been nude, to many newbies as well as nudists and open minded adult couples looking for adult fun in a private environment. Public sex is not condoned.

Do we have to be married to participate in an adult cruise?
No, but participants must be 21 or over.

Will my cell phone/internet work on the ship?
Yes, but for a price. You can use your cell phone while on board but it can be quite costly. Save your phone calls until you get into a port; check with your wireless carrier to see what international rates they offer. For a cost, wireless internet is available in several areas of the ship or there are several computer terminals that you can use. You can also rent a Hot Spot for your voyage and use SKYPE for phone calls via the internet. See: Mobil Hot Spot

What are the age ranges?
You will find couples in their 20s to their 70s, all of whom enjoy a fun adult experience. However, on average, most guests are between mid 30s to mid 50s with the average 45-50.

Will I need a passport?
Yes. For more information on passports, go to www.Travel.State.Gov

Will I get seasick?
Today's ships are very large and have advanced stability controls to lessen the amount of movement; this helps avoid sea sickness.There are some over the counter medications that can help make sure your cruise is a stress free and healthy experience. Consult your doctor,if you're concerned about motion sickness. Most passengers do not have any problems being at sea.

What if I get an upset stomach or get the "trots"?
Ask your family doctor for a prescription or buy over the counter medications if available such as Lomotil or Imodium. The cruise sundry shop may also carry such product and there is typically a medical doctor, staff or nurse on board.

Can we bring a 3rd person?
For certain cruises, only single ladies will be allowed to accompany a couple in their cabin. The cost for an additional person varies depending on the cruise and is restricted to a limited number.

What are the extra fees for besides the cabin cost?
Additional fees cover port charges, government taxes and fess, security, and perhaps pre-paid gratuities. Soft drink, wine and/or liquor packages may also be offered on some cruise or ask your Castaways' travel counselor.

Can I pick either late or early seating in the dining room?
Typically, you can simply eat when you wish. The main dining room usually has open seating every evening, so you can eat early one night and late the next. It's your cruise; you decide when you want to eat. However, specialty dining restaurants will typically require advance reservations where there is an additional charge/person.

Do I have to sit with anyone?
No, for open seating meals, you can choose when, where and with whom you might prefer to dine with .... or with no one else. For specialty restaurants, you may be seated with other guests since the dining venues are intimate and can be small.

What about the specialty restaurants?
Specialty restaurants typically charge an extra fee about $25-$35/person and require reservations in advance. Price subject to change without notice.

What should I wear while dining?
Clothing is required for all meals. You can wear what you want but no jeans, flip flops, cut offs or shorts are permitted in the main dining room and specialty restaurants. Women can wear sexy outfits but breasts must be covered. Avoid see-through or fish net outfits while dining.

Where is nudity allowed?
Nudity is allowed on the main Pool Decks, the Solarium, the upper level running decks and in private play areas. This list may vary depending upon the ship your cruising on. Ladies can also be topless in the nightclub. Clothing or cover-ups are required everywhere else on most ship's public area (casino, centrum, restaurants, theater, elevators and any other public areas).

What about public sex?
Couples can be sexy but public sex not allowed for two reasons:

1. The ship's crew will be serving drinks, food and cleaning up after everyone. They don't need to be subjected to public sexual activities. 2. These are classy cruises and there is a time and a place for everything. The place for sexual activities is behind closed doors.

Should I surprise my partner with this cruise?
No. This should be a fun, shared experience. Half the fun is planning the fun you'll have.

When do we need to book?
That depends on the type of cabin you want. The bigger suites tend to go very quickly and the Junior Suites soon after that. If you want an inside cabin (interior cabin with no window), you have some time before you need to book, but when the cabins are gone... they're gone.

Pay a deposit just to be safe so you won't miss out on the fun. If you book late, ask your Castaways' travel counselor to place you on a wait list in case a cabin clears. Typically, the closer to the cruise date to book, the higher the cabin price will be ..... so book early for the best deal.

When does the ship sail?
With most sailings, you must be on board by 3:30 PM and the ship moves away from the dock at 4:30 PM or later. Normally you can begin boarding the ship mid day around noon. Exceptions may occur for port timing so consult your specific cruise for the itinerary and ports of call. Ask your Castaways' travel counselor for the exact times.

What time does the ship arrive at its last port of call at the end of the cruise?
Usually, most charters arrive early in the morning on the last day of your cruise...typically about 6 AM to 8 AM. Exceptions may occur for port timing so consult your specific cruise for the itinerary and ports of call. Or contact your Castaways' travel counselor.

What time can I expect to depart the ship?
Customs and immigration officials must board the vessel to clear the ship when it docks. Usually departure from the ship can be over a time period of a couple of hours from 7 AM to 9 AM. ALERT: There are exceptions to this if certain guests are detained due to improper or lost credentials or passports which may delay immigration clearing the ship.

Each country's laws are different. We've even been delayed due to heavy fog which prevented the ship from docking until 11 AM on a cruise we were on that docked in New Orleans on its last day.

When should I get to the airport for my flight.
Always give yourself extra time in case of the ship's late arrival, traffic and other unforeseen circumstances such as heavy fog when you start your trip. We recommend scheduling a flight after 12 noon or later on your day of departure if you're flying back the day the ship docks.

Do I have to fly right back?
No, take some time to enjoy whatever the port or country provides.

Should I arrive a day early?
We ALWAYS recommend arriving the day BEFORE your cruise to avoid airline or traffic delays, weather problems, flight cancellations or other disruptions.

When will I get my cruise documents?
You should receive an invoice from Castaways Travel approximately 2- 4 days after making your reservation. The invoice is typically sent to you via E Mail. You will receive your reservation number, approximately 120-90 days before the cruise. At this time, you will be able to order your customized shore excursions, some have been developed just for the charters.

With the reservation number, you can then complete your online documentation if required. Some cruise documents may also be mailed to you, depending upon the cruise line line.

WARNING: Nowadays, most all travel documents are sent via E Mail by travel suppliers, resorts and travel companies. If you do not add the Castaways' E Mail addresses to your E Mail system's address book, your SPAM filter may shunt your documents to your TRASH, JUNK or SPAM folder.

This happens more often than you believe. Best bet is to add these E mail addresses now to your E Mail address book: [email protected] AND [email protected] Jennifer at Castaways is the person who usually sends the cruise documents to you. If you think you've missed your documents or have not received them, simply call Jennifer and avoid the suspense or worry.

Can I order shore excursions on the ship?
Yes, you may also be able to book them in advance, too, on line. Some cruise lines require you to register On Line yourself once you've received your reservation number.
What about special shore excursions?
Unique, customized shore excursions may be available for your cruise; some will be clothing optional. Details of these excursions will usually be announced closer to the sailing date. Or contact your Castaways' travel counselor.

Do we have to participate in theme nights and formal nights?
The answer is a confirmed NO, you don't. You can choose to be as casual as you like while on board. Lots of couples join the cruises just for kicking back and enjoying each other in a relaxed, casual environment without having to "dress up" each night. Dining rooms typically require guests to be appropriately clothed and covered.

What about travel insurance?
It is highly recommended, especially if your cruise is several months (or years) in the future. Life has a way of interfering with our planned fun. See more at: ALLIANZ Travel Insurance or contact your Castaway' travel counselor.

What about hurricanes?
Most cruises are schedule outside the height of hurricane season. Sometimes ships have to be re-directed due to a storm, this is usually done in plenty of time to be safe (since storms are unpredictable). These ships have been sailing for years, they know how to deal with inclement weather conditions.

How much money do I need to bring?
On board the ship, you will typically not be able to use cash, only a Cruise Card that will be issued to you when you check in to board the ship. You will use this card like a credit card. At the end of the cruise, you can settle up in cash or for a quicker departure, simply give them a credit card to charge the balance upon departure. Your card may also act as your cabin key.

Will I have to do anything with anyone if I don't want to?
No. "No means No". If anyone is pushy or doesn't understand this, contact a cruise staff member and they will deal with the other passenger. Anyone that will not follow the rules can be put off the ship at the next port with no refund.

Do I have to participate in any private sensual activities?
Absolutely not. This cruise is for experienced couples as well as those who are new or just curious or just want to enjoy some of the nudity and/or adult fun. Each cruise includes staff members who you may speak with if you have any questions while on the cruise