Desire Pearl Resort - Trip Reports

Desire Pearl Resort - Trip Reports

 The following trip reports have been submitted by our friends and clients.  If you have recently visited Desire Pearl Resort, we need your trip reports. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

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DN Couple May 2017

Beautiful destination, excellent cuisine, menus met expectations. Still adjusting to 'lifestyle' environment but loved the open clothing optional mix. The nightly entertainment was fantastic and upscale. Surprised at the amount of 'tipping' that we saw for an all inclusive. Above what considered appropriate 'slip the bartender....' made us feel obligated to begin tipping..what was that about? Overall great experience. We will go back again.

 DV Couple  March 2017

We won two days at Desire Pearl from Castaways Travel. The resort is the best we have ever been to.  We like the property much better than Desire R/M but a lack of lifestyle people there.  Would be nice if everyone identified themselves with a wrist band or something if they are lifestyle or not.  We would have liked if the dining rooms had more large tables and they would ask if we wanted to sit at a large table so we can meet others faster.  They do this on many lifestyle cruises.

 RW Couple  January 2017

Food and drinks were good, but the service from the staff was exceptional. Liked that there were lots of towels, no towel cards. The facility was fine, but not impressive and the disco was too small.

       R C Couple February 2017

Top class service in every area. Classy people both staff and guets. Wonderful food. Great entertainment


  B & C February 2016

Castaways Note: This couple spent four nights at Hidden Beach prior to four nights Desire Pearl.

It was an interesting comparison with HBR as we spent 4 days at Desire followed by 4 days at HBR.

Desire Pearl was a great destination. Lots of energy, good food, good entertainment, good accommodations. Thank you for recommending Desire Pearl. The property was lush,the food was good, the entertainment was outstanding! My wife had been hesitant because we are not swingers, but she had a great time. We met couples that were and couples that weren’t. There was no pressure at all. Only fun was had at the pool, at the bars, and at the disco. We definitely will go back and we will recommend it to our friends.

Both places had relatively young couples (40-50) celebrating President’s Day weekend and Valentines. The level of activities and entertainment was much greater at Pearl. The bar stock was top drawer. At HBR we were told we could get Gray Goose, but for an extra price. HBR was much quieter. Having a pool guy to reserve chairs and move umbrellas was a real plus at Pearl. At HBR you had to get out before 7am to get a chair near an umbrella. They definitely need to have more umbrellas and better bases so as to be able to move them around at HBR. The service level at Pearl was much better. I would also recommend that HBR upgrade their safes to combination safes. Having to carry around a key or hide it somewhere is old fashion and out of date. On the plus side, the new restaurants at HBR were very good, both food and ambiance. I will say that Daniel, who checked us in at HBR, told us that we did not need to make reservations. We waited 1-1/2 hours at the Italian the first night. After that we made reservations and had no problems. I heard that they are planning to build a new HBR to the south of the old Seaside property. I would go for that as the current HBR is getting old. The swim-up idea was great when the water was warm, but is useless when it is cold as it was when we were there. A much nicer pool, like Pearl, would be an improvement.


    A & D December 2015 (this couple visited Desire Riviera Maya and has been to Pearl.  This is a comparison)

Desire: Pearl vs Riveria Maya

 Food: Equal and very good. There are differences. Rivieria Maya has more Mexican food.

 Service: Equal and Excellent

Rooms: similar but smaller at Riveria Maya

Shows: better at Pearl

Exercise facility:             better and more up to date at Pearl, but Riveria Maya is adequate

Sin Room:             Very good at Riveria Maya, too small at Pearl

Hot Tub: Much nicer at Pearl. RM is small on top of the roof

Disco: similar, but see re Crowd

Crowd: Riveria Maya had a wider age range which meant there were more and wilder dancers at the Disco.  Not much in the way of PDAs except in the designated areas.

Pool: much better at Pearl, Riveria Maya’s pool is very small and you can’t swim if there is an activity, such as water volleyball going on

Out-of-resort excursions: slight advantage turns major if you can find Cesar at Pearl

Wildlife:             alligators and coatis at Riveria Maya, iguanas at Pearl

Beach: both becoming over-run by seaweed but Pearl’s Warf is a major plus, both for snorkeling and for romantic moments.


  RA  March 2015

We went to Desire RM for the first time to celebrate our 40th anniversary. It was everything we hoped for and more. We have been nudists (not swingers) since 2007. We wish we had started earlier. In 2014, we went to Hidden Beach Resort and had a great time. The staff and guests were wonderful as was the resort. However, no PDA was allowed including kissing and putting suntan lotion on each other. So we checked out the options via the Adult Travel Forum and Castaways travel website. HBR’s night life (dancing, etc) was over by 8pm. (Castaways Note about Hidden Beach (HBR): Night time entertainment varies. The new night club at HBR does feature live bands and dancing certain nights).  We wanted a place where we could dance and feel comfortable with our PDA’s, so we picked DRM. It was a great choice. What surprised us about DRM was that the guests wore clothes of some type more than HBR. The Desire Resorts are clothing optional. So, despite the fact that DRM is lifestyle friendly, many guests of both sexes wore clothes of some type around the resort and even at the pool. We were nude except at meals and during theme nights. So, what everybody else did, didn’t affect us negatively.

Castaways arrangements went flawlessly. Thanks all!

Ground Transportation: Great! Easy to find after getting our luggage. We were the only ones in the vehicle by Castaways design. Thanks again.

Check-in went quickly except for the high pressure sales pitch to buy what amounts to a time share. We only went through it for the coupon book, which was well worth 45 minutes of our time. Our room was exactly what we requested. Quiet room, king size bed on the ground floor. It was nice, but not as large and big at HBR. No problem for us.

The Staff: Fantastic! Eager to please, kind and competent. The food was gourmet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lots of choice, all good ones.

The pool: was great too and just the right temperature. We didn’t want to get burnt so we were able to find a shaded spot every day. It was location #56. It wasn’t a bed nor a lounger per se, but more of a big basket. I forget what the actual name was. Silvia was the hardest working bar server we ever met.

The beach: was smaller than we hoped and it was seaweed season, so they resort had a John Deere tractor going up and down the beach for hours. It was windy, but not enough we couldn’t lie in the beach beds if we wanted to. We decided to stay at the pool since that’s where most of the guests hung out. Lots of empty beach beds to choose from at the beach.

The restaurants. All were great, but we went to El Arrecife for breakfast and dinner except one dinner. One evening we went to Sahlo’, which requires reservations and also requires men wear dress shirts, dress pants and shoes. The women are required to wear dresses or pants suits. More formal. You ordered a la carte off a good menu. We liked it but preferred El Arrecife buffet style which had a tremendous amount of great gourmet food on a buffet, from fruits and salads, main courses to desserts. Lunch was poolside at Tentazione. Very good.

The EC’s: During the day and night there was always something fun to participate in or watch. During the day the pool had different fun activities off and on, not too much, just right. Not volley ball all day. At night there were excellent bands playing different types of music. And if you could stay up past 11pm, there’s always the disco. Several nights the staff or outside entertainers performed. All talented.

The Theme nights: I would say most guests showed up but only about 50 % wore the theme night attire. A fun time. Some guests really spent a lot of effort and money on theme nights, others, like us put some effort and a little money into the outfits. For the women, anything sexy worked. For the men, it was a challenge.

Demographics: Mostly 40 to 55 I’m guessing. Our age group, about 10 %. Americans, Canadians, Germans, Swiss, Russian, Hispanic ,French.

Jacuzzi lounge: What happens at Desire, stays at Desire.

Desire Pearl visit: We received a day pass for Desire Pearl from our coupon book avoiding the $150 fee. We are going to Desire Pearl next time. Bigger rooms, bigger pool, bigger Jacuzzi, bigger beach and it had a pier that probably 200 yards long. Same theme nights and activities. Can’t wait!

RW  March 2015

We did get a chance to relax and chill which was exactly what we needed.  We lounged by the pool and relaxed on the beach most days and even took a tour one of the days.  We were looking for a clothing optional resort and that was exactly what we got.  We knew that Desire was a lifestyle friendly resort and while we do not participate, that did not bother us in the least and we were not confronted or made to feel uncomfortable by other guests.
It would not necessarily be our first choice in the future for a few reasons actually.  This was the second time we have been to the Puerto Morelos area and were disappointed each time by the beach areas so we likely would choose a different area so as to really take advantage of the beach/water (we are beach people).  The water and beach conditions are out of the control of any resort.  We know this and make the most of what is available.  They (Desire Pearl) do make the area nice and are constantly moving dried seaweed.  Sadly, I was not highly impressed by the food quality and was disappointed that there were not more choices.  Not in restaurants, as we knew there were only two, but in variety on the menus.  Both restaurants were nice but the quality was just not the level you would expect from an upscale resort.  I also felt as though if you were not a (Desire vacation club) member the level of service was different.  Not hugely different  just enough though to notice.  There were subtle differences when wearing a different colored bracelet.  The staff is awesome to everyone but you can see where those in higher levels of perhaps management or positions of authority do provide a different level of service to those who are (Desire vacation club) members.  I noticed it more as the week progressed and as more (Desire vacation club) members checked in.  We would recommend the resort as a good choice for those seeking clothing optional and a relaxing atmosphere.

I & E  - January 2015

A very good vacation
Staff attention is top flight
Food and wine good (better than Hidden Beach)
Would have liked a 30 min show rather than 20 mins in evening, but shows good
Pool & beach good
Party atmosphere good, though we did not participate in many of the games
Lomas Travel service was first rate , above call of duty in that they walked us to the Thomson scheckin at the airport which we appreciated
Would return to Desire Pearl


 K & D Nov 2014

We had a great vacation and appreciate all Castaway's did to help arrange our travel and transportation.

What we like:
The staff! Charlie is the best, but inspires all the other staff. Marco and Lena were fun and great with games.
The wait staff. They knew our names and what we like to eat and drink. Service couldn't be better. Given the right tips, top shelf is no problem! The food was gourmet and delicious at Pearl. Breakfast was delicious and so was lunch. They will make anything you want, even if it's not on the buffet or menu. Try the tempura shrimp! The lunch grill on the beach was GREAT and we all had a blast. Have it at least twice a week.

The resort is clean and the grounds are manicured daily. Our anniversary dinner in the Wine Cellar was fabulous - steak and lobster. The evening entertainment was excellent and we love the time to mingle, listen to the bands,dance, etc.

Recommendations:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Work on the hot water in the rooms. We didn't have hot water the entire time and requested service three times. Open the sushi restaurant more than twice a week and set up outside tables.They only have six table and two seatings twice a week. Think about building another restaurant.   Long waits for dinner after 7:30 pm. . Have the foam party after 5 on Saturday, rather than 2 pm...folks miss it with flying in and out times. We missed both Saturday's.

Theme Nights!!!! If you want people to participate, then do what you advertise. Nothing they advertise on the website was done on Hawaiian night, Kings and Queens night, Lingerie Night, Red Night or Leather and Lace. Folks were complaining that with all the effort to buy and put outfits together, that nothing was done. The only night they did anything was Angel and Devil night with a contest.



Byron and Sondra - June 2014

We were at Desire Pearl 6-03-14 to 6-10-14 (Tuesday-Tuesday). This was one of our best vacations, ever. This was our third trip to Pearl. We used Castaways Travel to book the trip. Castaways has always provided us with responsive, knowledgeable service. They provided transfers to the resort via Lomas, with whom I've also been very pleased.

Their staff had our arrival information and they were waiting for us. At the front desk, we were offered the Lovers Upgrade. I heard ground floor master suite and I accepted the offer. It was worth the extra money to be able to step out on the patio early in the morning and take a short walk to the beach. The lounge bed on the patio was also a nice place to spend a few quite moments together before dinner with the palms leaves rustling in the breeze.

When we checked in, during a "while we are waiting" moment, we were offered a coupon booklet that contained discounts to several goodies. I had my suspicions, even though it was not stated, that this was part of a membership program sales pitch and I declined. We heard from other quests during the week that found out the hard way that accepting the coupons implied an acceptance of an appointment to hear the loyalty program sales pitch. When they (the guests) declined the meeting, they were asked to return the coupons. I love both Desire resorts, partly because they run a classy operation. This semi-deceptive practice is really out of character for this resort and I wish they would stop it.

I understand that a membership or loyalty program is good marketing for the resorts, but please be completely honest about it.

On our last trip to Pearl, the Aphrodite restaurant was being remodeled. The new and improved Aphrodite was a pleasant surprise. The glass wall allows the beach and the ocean to be a part of your dining atmosphere while still providing a little control over the climate so you don't have the wind blowing your food away or th e mosquitoes using your ankles as their main course. It will be even more important in July and August when the air conditioning is a welcome luxury. The food and the service at the Aphrodite blew us away. Jose and his staff are to be commended. On two occasions, we were greeted with exotic tequila shots that were sensual surprises. If you get offered a cucumber-habanera tequila shot, try it. There was fresh fish, tender beef and pork, delightful soups, and teasing little desserts all week. The breakfast and lunch buffets at Aphrodite were kept fresh and appetizing. You can order from the grill for either meal as well. ??Dos huevos, volteado, tiernos'? was part of my Spanish lesson for this trip.

We ate dinner twice at the Pearl. The good was good, but not as good as it was at Aphrodite. They're trying to make the atmosphere at the Pearl more erotic and sensual, but for me, it somehow misses. Perhaps mannequin legs sticking out of the wall just aren't my thing. But, as a wise man said during this trip, We all like different things.

Poolside drink service was perfect - attentive without being intrusive. The sky was cloudy the first four days, so the pool water temperature was a little cool. They had quite a bit if rain the prior week, which resulted in an algae bloom in the pool. They treated it and cleared it pretty quickly, though. If you've never been to Pearl, the layout of the pool is one of its strong points. The pool is elongated so it'??s possible for part of the crowd to be social and active on one end while the other end remains tranquil for those that want to read and nap and have quiet conversations. It's easy to walk through the water from the quite end, getting a little exercise along the way, to the bar for a drink, visit a little while, and back to the quite end for a nap. It's not a bad way to spend the day.

The other strong point about Pearl is the hot tub and happy hour. With its swim-up bar are large size and layout, it is a great social focal point. The water temperature was a little too high on a couple of afternoons during our week and it was too cool one day. I think the overnight rains were causing the difficulties. It was not so bad that we didn't enjoy it, though. There was a variety of activities in and around the hot tub during the week, from discreet and subtle to bold and brazen. Use your imagination. If you're reading this and thinking, 'No way! That's not for us. We're not into that,'? don't let it stop from enjoying a very nice resort.

Happy hour would be a great time to go for walk on the beach with your partner or sit on the beach holding hands. The facilities and the grounds are being kept in top shape. I saw repair men fixing broken tiles and refreshing guest rooms. Don't underestimate this. We're veteran naked vacationers and we've watched other resorts slip into state of general disrepair from which they never recovered. It started when they stopped repairing the little things. I'm happy to see that Desire Pearl is not falling into that trap.

The bartenders at all of the bars were terrific. They stock a decent selection of liquors and the bartenders seem to be pretty knowledgeable about mixing drinks. We're not wine experts, but some of the other quests we met were and they told us the house wines were at least drinkable. They had Grey Goose when Sondra wanted a dirty martini and they had Bohemia when I wanted a dark beer.

We didn't get involved in the evening entertainment much. There were some live bands a few nights and a DJ playing videos a couple of nights. We've kind of 'been there-done that'? and we like to spend that time either alone together or with new friends. The entertainment staff was active, energetic, and involved, so if you're looking to get into the themes and contests, it was easy to do. They also led exercise classes and dance lessons at the pool during the day. I'm saving the best for last.

This trip, like most, is all about the people we met. Sondra commented early in the trip that she was pleased with the variety of quests. There were folks from all age groups, from 20s-70s, and from all over the world. We met couples that were friendly, funny, open-minded, flirty, respectful, and overall a lot of fun. We're in our 50s and we're not the most attractive or social couple in the world. We spent a lot of time alone together during this trip because that's just our thing. But, when we did mingle with other couples, we had a blast.

I won't name names out of respect for privacy, but if we met you during this trip, thanks for the memories. B and S

PS: Vacation Club Comments: I really don't mind them pitching their program. I've met a few people that have bought into it and it seems to suit their needs. Basically, Original Resorts is saying, "Pay us more money and we'll do little things to make you feel special" without saying exactly what those things are. It seems to work often enough, so I can't really blame the resort. They are committing themselves to absolutely nothing tangible.

This trip, the coupon book was a bit sleazy, though. The young man specifically avoided saying why he was handing you this book of coupons. Having been to both Desires before, I knew what it was for. But, a first-timer wouldn't know this. That's the part I find objectionable. I might even consider listening politely to their pitch if they were not being so deceptive about it. Of course, I would decline it, but I would do it politely.

G & F - April 2014

Service much improved from last trip Oct 2013. Food fantastic. General property still in good condition, but seating in restaurants needs much improvement - like sitting in high school cafeteria!!!?? Also, outdoor seating promised at Aphrodite restaurant not happening. Lobby still not enclosed and gets very hot at night! Lots of staff turnover,but new staffers are very pleasant and service has been excellent! Overall, we still are very pleased!

Gary & Terrie - November 2013

Here's another excellent detailed resort report by our clients Gary & Terrie. See the Photos below... and read the full report at the PDF link below.

Lomas Travel did a fantastic job (as always). They are very easy to find at the airport and took us right to the car. Desire Pearl is about a 20 to 30 minute drive maximum. However, the road to Desire from Puerto Morelos, although short in distance, is very bad with a lot of potholes, some very large......

Recent photos provided by Gary & Terrie in our Photo Album

Reedster55 - November 2013

We went to Desire Pearl for the first time in November 2013 to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We had such a great time. The resort is beautiful, our room was spacious and lovely and the weather was great. The staff was phenomenal. They were always happy to help you and always had a smile. We loved the activities staff, Jeo, Charlie, Jessica and Joy. They made our days poolside so much fun. We participated in body painting, belly dancing, water aerobics, water volleyball, etc.

A big thank you to all of them, especially Jeo who went out of his way to include us in the activities and always asked us if we were having fun. He is very good at his job as are the other members of the activities staff. The 2 restaurants were both great. Food was excellent. You had the choice for dinner of one restaurant being casual and the other one, Pearl, where you dressed up. Your choice.

We especially loved the theme nights at the nightclub. Where else can you go where you can just wear a 'little something.' The nightly show they had was very entertaining and the dances were great. We particularly liked going over to the Jacuzzi after dancing and joining up with friends to have a drink in the Jacuzzi and unwind from a day of fun.

We also met some wonderful people and hung out with them all week which made the vacation that much more enjoyable. We exchanged e-mails with several couples, hoping to see each other again at the resort. We can not say enough about this place. In one word - FANTASTIC! This will not be our last visit. Already trying to figure out when we can go back! D&R

Desire Pearl - HBR Comparison - Oct/Nov 2013

My husband and I made our first trip to Desire Pearl in November. After vacationing at Hidden Beach resort 6 or 7 times, in both Feb/March and Oct/November we had the opportunity to make a fairly true comparison....

Read the full report here in PDF format

BB - July 2013

The ride from the airport was quick and easy. Check-in was also quick and easy. We were in the pool within a few minutes of arrival. The pool is beautiful, overlooks the shoreline. Drinks were plentiful, great selection. The room was really nice. Separate shower and tub. Very comfortable bed. The staff was so pleasant, helpful, and hard-working.

If you are looking for a great beach, this is not your place. Social activities during the day revolve around the pool. The hot tub is large and pretty, but use the ladder to get in. It has several levels (drop-offs) that are not visible and several people twisted ankles, wrenched backs etc. Both the pool and hot tub have swim-up bars and were really fun. Big fluffy towels provided. Also I believe my iPod was stolen but I admit I wasn't careful about locking it up; the rooms have safes to help protect electronics and valuables. Kind of strange, there was someone in there cleaning like three times a day so it was common to walk in on someone cleaning.

The disco was fun but way too loud, you have to shout in someone's ear to be heard. Also they could have mixed up the music more. It was good music but same songs every night. The theme nights and contests were really fun and people dressed risque but more upscale than hedo. Men didn't dress up that much but there were always at least a few men dressed up. The guests for the most part were very attractive and appealing.

All couples (no singles), respectful atmosphere but definitely mostly swingers. Sexual activity is common especially in and around the hot tub.

The spa was expensive and does not offer gel manicures, only the traditional old-fashioned ones. The workout room was adequate.

The highlight: the food. Food was amazing. Everything was perfectly prepared and beyond delicious. The Pearl restaurant served us some of the best food we've ever had. Not big portions, but lots of courses at dinner. The staff were delightful and did not rush the guests. Making dinner relaxed and fun in addition to ridiculously delicious.

Overall lots of fun, comfortable, friendly, upscale, great service, fantastic food, attractive clientele. Highly recommended for the sexually adventurous.

Mindy & I - July 2013

This was our second trip to Desire Pearl in less than a year. Our first trip to Pearl was also our first trip to a Desire resort so we went with high hopes. As we wrote in our trip report of that visit we had an amazing time and began planning our return trip on our flight home. But as the date for this trip got closer we tried not to get too excited (ha!) just in case our second visit didn't measure up to our first. We were not disappointed. This year was as good if not better than last year.

We did advance check-in so on arrival things went a bit faster than what we remembered but like last time we were greeted by friendly and efficient staff. Of course upon arrival we received glasses of champagne and nicely chilled damp towels to help us cool off. We had reserved a standard ocean front room but we were offered the Lover's Upgrade to a Master Suite. In addition to the suite the upgrade included a bottle of Moet champagne (the w ife's favorite), a lobster or steak dinner on the pier and two massages. We happily took the $600 seven-night upgrade and we were thrilled to be offered the same suite that we occupied last time (room number 80). Since we had arrived around lunchtime the suite was not quite ready so we headed to the Aphrodite restaurant for lunch. That was when we experienced the only big difference from our last stay. As we passed the pool we noticed a large number people in there thirties. Most had on their bathing suits which we thought odd and we had a momentary concern that the dress code had changed. It turned out that these people were part of a large and noisy take-over group. For the most part we found this group to be cliquish. We were glad when they had cleared out by Saturday. But because of this group we sat at the “quite� end of the pool until Saturday morning during which time we met a number of lovely couples who were also trying to distance themselves from the take over group. Saturday saw lots of folks leaving and arriving so by Sunday the resort was back up to about 85% occupancy.

This was more than double the occupancy we experienced last summer. The crowd was great and the vibe was even better. The playroom even saw action. The hot tub (as well as the beds) was hoping everyday before dinner. The fun at the tub picked up again after midnight. This year they even got the temperature of the tub right! Victor and Jared worked hard at pleasing everyone's chair requests at the pool. The activities team lead by Charlie was great. They were enthusiastic and energetic. Games and challenges were fun. But they never pushed you to participate if you just wanted to veg out or hang by the pool bar. The bar staff was excellent and the guys at the hot tub bar consistently came up with great shots and there were plenty of ladies more than willing to participate and loan their bodies to the cause. The nightly entertainment was fun and peoples customs were even more fun. This year people even danced after the shows. Maybe that was because of the improved music. Less Pit Bull and more classic rock!

Food was consistently very good to excellent. Both restaurants were running every night though on a couple of nights we found the kitchen at Pearl to be a bit slow. The only disappointment was the sushi (available five nights a week). Though it was good we thought the rolls were a bit small and the variety could have been better. But it is rumored that the resort will be building a Japanese restaurant so maybe the creativity of the sushi chef will rise with that restaurant.

We would like to commend the wait staff. All of the waiters and busboys were friendly, attentive and went out of their way to be helpful. The spa staff was equally excellent. We both enjoyed a relaxation massage that was included in our room upgrade. We will definitely make use of the spa again on our next visit. Though we didn't avail ourselves to the services of the dive shop they were clearly busy giving lessons in the quite end of the pool and guests were being taken out to dives with a dive boat picking them up from the pier. People we spoke with sounded happy.

Overall, the resort remains exceptionally well maintained. The rooms are clean and up-to-date. The only improvement can be in bathroom lighting and in-room internet service. Maid service is on par with any luxury resort in the U.S. They even made a midnight call to our room to track down a lizard. The public areas and walkways are exceptionally well maintained. Even the iguanas and coatis appeared to be happy as the meandered around.

Bottom line? We are busy planning our next trip!!

K&K - June 2013

From K& K June 2012 and June 2013

We went to Desire Riviera Maya (RM) in 2012 and Desire Pearl (Pearl) in 2013. We were very happy with both resorts. In general we do not sweat the small stuff and find enjoyment in most places. But here are some comparisons between the two...nothing a major problem though.

First, both resorts are very nice and offer a great environment for a clothing optional vacation. Both have amazing staffs that go out of their way to help. Both are close to Cancun airport with Pearl just a little further. Both had a great entertainment staff that was not overly pushy. You want a staff to pick up the fun but not "force" you into the fun...they hit the right mix.

Rooms: The rooms are nice at both but we probably give a nod to Pearl. We were in the cheapest room at both and the rooms were very nice. RM room had a much bigger shower that was really nice but no tub. Pearl's room had a nice couch in the room and a tub. We would actually rather have the large shower than the tub, but that is us. The TV at Pearl had more channels and was bigger...not that we watched much TV, but the NBA finals were on:)

Pool: Nod again to Pearl only because there is a swim up bar. At RM you have to get out of the pool. But at RM you have Sylvia who is always ready to get you a great drink. We just like the swim up bar idea. Other than that, the pools at both are nice. Pearl's pool extends along the length of the resort. Nice if you want to wonder in the pool, but not a dramatic benefit. Foam party at Pearl was just awesome.

Food: Kind of a tie here depending on what you want. We thought the individual food items were better at Pearl, but there was more choice at RM. We liked the buffet they had every night, but you could order something if you wanted. Pearl had a 4-star presentation quality for their food. We ate at Aphrodite mostly at Pearl and loved being able to sit outdoors near the ocean. At RM you eat inside...not as nice, but this is not a big deal. We did not eat at Pearl Restaurant at Pearl because we did not want to spend 1-2 hours eating. Heard it was great quality, but we wanted to eat outdoors and get through dinner.

Nightly Shows: RM wins here because they have a central area outside for their shows. We only made portions of a couple shows at Pearl because they were in the Disco. Seemed out of place. We made all the shows at RM. Pearl should try to do them in the lobby area maybe.

Playroom: RM is better here. It is much bigger and the "beds" give a sense of privacy. We never used the playroom at Pearl and did not see anyone go in. It is just a small room at Pearl.

Drinks/Bars: Top notch at both. Great booze choice. Would be nice if they had a "drink menu," and a published drink of the day. It is nice to look at a list of specialty drinks and martinis and choose vice trying to remember something and tell the bartender how to make it.

Hot tub: Pearl wins here. RM rooftop hot tub is neat but much smaller and the stairs are a bit dangerous. Pearl had snacks available at hot tub time after our first day there and that was awesome. You need a little food while drinking in the hot tub.

Beach: Beach was nice at both resorts, no real winner here. It is nice at Pearl that you can walk to Puerto Morales if you want.

Shopping: We do not like to go off resort so RM had local artisans come one night to sell their wares. This was great and Pearl did not have this so it was hard to get a keepsake for the trip. The resort-identity bracelet that you get at Pearl was nice and made a nice keepsake we still have vice the plastic band you get at RM.

Pool Chairs: Equal at both. This is the most annoying part of the resort experience. We don't have a fix so we just deal with it by getting up early and getting a chair with the "chair guy" and then going back to bed. There are more than enough umbrellas to keep you shaded. RM had "couch beds near the pool and that was neat...Pearl did not.

In the end we had a great time at both resorts and would go back to either in a heart beat. The people you are with make the experience more than the resort amenities. Both Pearl and RM are great resorts and offer a wonderful time to connect with the one you love.

Anon - June 2013

Castaways Note: The one incident described below was addressed by the Manager on site who indicated it was a -one time only- occurrence due to the sale of Desire Los Cabos when the group from there had to be accommodated at the last minute)


We filled out a survey on departure but we wanted to elaborate on our comments. We are multiple time veterans of Desire Riviera Maya, but we thought we would try Desire Pearl. We share the positives and the negatives (and there were many more positives than negatives)

Our room was fantastic. We had a Master Suite with a plunge pool and we enjoyed it tremendously. Our room refrigerator was stocked with all that we asked for. We must say that Mary was the best maid we have ever seen....she was thorough and absolutely sweet and pleasant!

The food selection was very good. We enjoyed the buffet for breakfast and lunch most days and about four of the evenings. We noticed that the service at breakfast was poor....the wait staff seemed to be gathered talking amongst themselves and mostly ignoring the guests. I got my own coffee from the waiters station more than once. The service at lunch and especially the evening dinners was much impression was that the manager was onsite to personally assure that things went well. The service and food at Pearl were top-notch......again, better than the nice restaurant at Desire Riviera Maya

On our last evening, we had dinner on the dock.The food and service clearly worth the extra expense. Although our server, Armando, was tremendous, my wife Maureen left before the main course because of the mosquitoes. We felt that, for whatever reason, the bugs (mosquitoes and sand fleas) were clearly more present than at Riviera Maya....we noticed the frequent fogging, but it just was not that effective.

We cannot say enough good things about your beach waitress, Marvila. Her service was amazing..... she is the best we have ever seen. It is wonderful people like her that make us want to come back again and again and to recommend Pearl to our friends!!

The beach, pool and jacuzzi facilities were much better than Riviera Maya. The guy who managed the beach and pool chairs (Jared) was tremendous.....we never saw a problem with chairs as we frequently saw at Riviera Maya. We didn't have a lot of interactions with the activities folks, but one who impressed us was Inga. We are sorry to hear she is leaving.

We had not planned on this, but we took up Scuba while we were there. Adolfo came by our chair and discussed activities with us. He in turn introduced us to the guys from Atlantis, and in particular TJ, Cesar and Oliver. These guys are such huge asset to Desire.....they were patient but superb instructors. We loved their program and will be back to learn more from them!

We spent a fair amount at the Spa. We thought all the services were amazing....we had the Desire Couples Sensual massage and WOW! The other services were outstanding too....we thought that this spa was clearly better than the one at Riviera Maya, both in terms of facilities and service.

We had always made the suggestion in prior surveys that you provide an erotic photo shoot service, and we were pleased to see you now have it. We did not do it (next time we will!), but we had friends who did and the results were spectacular! Our last issue was that the one that most concerned us. Mid-week a large group arrived that included multiple single men and women. We have been to Hedonism in Jamaica multiple times, and to be perfectly honest, got tired of the single men who were very aggressive. We had two couples who coordinated their visit to Desire Pearl with us, but they then transferred to Riviera Maya as a result of some of the group members being very aggressive.

The "couples only" policy was a major reason that we initially decided to try Desire, and we have not usually been disappointed. However, this time was concerning both because of the some of group's behavior AND because they announced that they were doing a "takeover" at the same time next year. The guy at the front desk tried to explain that takeovers can make their own rules. We understand this particular group was displaced because Desire Cabo closed.....but if you are changing your policy about unattached singles, we find that to be a huge problem.....we will just go elsewhere. And we REALLY do not want to go have an amazing resort, and we'd love to explore organizing a group to bring there.

With all the pluses and minuses, we think Desire Pearl is a first class resort. We hope you take the time to share our comments with your amazing staff. There were many others whose names we simply did not always get, but overall the staff is outstanding.

We'd also appreciate a response about your unattached singles policy and the problems that were caused this week.

Anon - June 2013

As a footnote, we are not really that picky of people, the original Desire is much better in night life and choice of foods. We found the food to be acceptable at Pearl, but better choices at RM. Tip jar was ok, but surprised since we had not see them before and we tip normally but not as a reminder. I didn't like the pond (mosquito catcher) out back. Waste of space when RM has entertainment more outside instead of inside the lobby. We did like the bartenders of the lobby area but the pool and jacuzzi bartenders never even got eye contact with you to take your order and you almost had to yell at them to get your order. This happened constantly. At the buffet, I had my entire breakfast without a single employee asking me if I wanted coffee, etc. It seemed to be better in the afternoon, but in the morning, they weren't the top notch people that are at RM. In the room, twice, the person that does the turn down didn't wait for an answer and just came in. While this is a place where you would probably be naked, we were caught naked both times. Not really that big of deal, but just never had seen where you weren't given a chance to at least grab a towel. I just found it odd. Both times the latch wasn't on the door so perhaps it was our fault and honestly, neither of us was embarrassed, just hadn't seen that before.

We went to the scuba place and wanted to rent a boat for up to 8 of us. It was $95 per couple. We had a massage right up to the point of the charter and as we walked by from the pier, my wife said we would be right back in a couple of minutes. They claimed she said nothing and they lost $400 since we just wanted to go out in the water and look around. The captain just left in 10 min and that was that. We were told that we should have either put a down payment on it or signed up for it. We weren't given a chance to do either. They also claimed we said nothing when we went by which was total BS. It was said in English and perhaps they didn't understand "back in a couple of minutes".

Bottom line, one of the things that brings us back to Desire is the outstanding people that cook and serve you. The attention to detail, the feeling like they are really happy you are there. That wasn't felt at Pearl. No one came up to us (except the host couple from Castaway) to ask how things are. While the waiters at the restaurants were above average and seemed to care, it just seemed that was it. It wasn't that Pearl was bad, it just didn't live up to the RM standard we have had for many trips. While the show at Pearl of the dancers was very good and the massages we got that were very good, I felt it to be very sleepy. 10:30 when the disco opened and at 11pm, it was dead. While some of this could have been the people that were there, the DJ wasn't that great to get the people moving. The lighting was too bright to encourage a sensual atmosphere and maybe the layout is more about the bar and not about the dance area. Just didn't seem as fun.

None of our 6 people in our group will go back to Pearl. While we are not Hedo type people (meaning its more than just sex), you like what you like and the classy nature of RM and the playing seemed more at ease at RM. We talked to a few people that came down from RM during the day and they enjoyed Pearl during the day because of the size and beauty of the pool, but they said night life wasn't good at Pearl so they would go back to RM after 4pm.

While I give Desire RM 5 stars, I gave Pearl about 2.5. I loved the rooms, (however the TV didn't work but I didn't go there for the TV so fine), loved the pool. Jacuzzi was a little hot for the summer time (should be 97-98 deg.. I live in Florida and know about Jacuzzi's in hot climates) and the maid service was great. They did a great job on the rooms and that is the main reason I even give Pearl that high of a rating. Rooms and Pool, but after 4... I might as well have been at Breezes or Couples resorts. Don't try and get a drink at the pool. You will wait 15 min even for an acknowledgement of your presence, no matter what you are wearing or not wearing or what gender you are.

To the manager at Pearl, I would say anything to you or them about this. When we checked out, I said pretty much the same thing. I will always tell people when they do good but likewise, I tell them when they are doing bad or what I see. We'll go back to RM, but unless something really changes, Pearl is probably not ever going to happen again for all 6 of us.

GM - May 2013

Another great experience at Desire Pearl. Now that the two (2) restaurants are open (3 if you count the Sushi Bar), it makes a big difference. Staff are great and always helpful, social staff fun and entertaining, food is wonderful, ambiance of the resort is fantastic, rooms are very comfy, and night life interesting. Heading back in October, so you can tell we like it.

J&C - Desire Riviera - 2nd section - March 2013

Desire Riviera Maya

· Pros – Good food. Decent bars.

· Cons – These guys started trying to sell us on their “club” before we had even got past the lobby at check-in. The room that they gave us was smaller than some of the closets in my home. And, the room came with a double bed. Again, I’m not cheap, but when I’m paying $500 + per night, I want a king or a queen. There was a huge mirror leaning against the wall that protruded into the walkway to the bathroom. I stubbed my toe on it within the first 30 minutes of being in the room but it took multiple calls to the front desk to get it removed. The room was so small that we had to think about which side of the closet door that you wanted to be on before opening it (otherwise you would be trapped behind it). The room was dirty, and the mirror in the bathroom was broken. The Italian restaurant requires long pants for men – that’s OK but I was not prepared for this. In order to get a beach or pool chair, you have to tip an employee. The nude hot tub has a funky layout, and is located in a strange place. The crowd seemed younger and not as friendly as some places we’ve been.

· Summary – we were scheduled to spend four nights here. We were miserable and left after only two. We will not be back here.

Desire Pearl

· Pros – beautiful property and nicely laid out. Excellent food. Pool is very large and attractive. Nude hot tub is expansive and was a lot of fun. Master suite was huge and we enjoyed it very much. Had a great couples massage here. The gym is the biggest and nicest of the three properties.

· Cons – The beach is right next to some family resorts so there was a lot of foot traffic that made us feel a bit uncomfortable being nude. Limited number of restaurants (two). Like the other Desire resort, they push you hard to listen to the time-share / loyalty program speech.

· Summary – we really liked this place. We may return.

January 2013 - D & M

We always have had a great time at Desire resort. We rarely go shopping outside of the resort, we are perfectly happy to spend our entire vacation at Desire. We find the accommodations beautiful, clean, and well kept. All of the employees were very cordial and helpful. My food choices are usually in the chicken, fish, pork, vegetables & fruits and they are always wonderful. My husbamd has a fondness for corn fed beef, which I don’t believe is usually served there. But he was pleasantly surprised by the beef fajitas at the poolside open restaurant this year.

The only problem I had this year were the very itchy bug bites I received on my lower legs and feet. I don’t know whether I got them in the sand on the beach or somewhere else, but next year I will try to have some kind of spray to repel whatever the culprit was. My husband didn’t get bit, only me. We plan to come back again next year, probably in January.

December 2012 - Kim & Ray

AWESOME is all we can say! We have been to them all and this was outstanding! We could not find hardly a thing to complain about! Staff, food, activities, entertainment and accommodations were all outstanding. We would have liked to see one more restaurant and the lobby music play later but otherwise we were floored by everything. The only downer is now the prices are extremely high compared to others and if they brought the prices down a bit we would go several times a year. If you can afford it, I would not miss this place!!! I did not want to leave!

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