Couples Negril Trip Reports

Couples Negril Trip Reports

 The following trip reports have been submitted by our friends and clients.  If you have recently visited Couples Negril, we need your trip reports. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

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July 2013 - JAC

The much-needed improvements are about a month old at the Couples Negril nude beach, and the results are great! Many more chairs, each with its own float, as well as a horseshoe and bocce court. The big plus is the expanded bar, which has maybe 20 seats all the way around it, with a large overhang that protects you in case of tropical showers (and provides a good bit of shade). A fully stocked liquor selection, fridge, sodas, everything you need is right there. There's a rather insane system of locks for each of the doors where they keep the liquor, and the bartenders are rather perplexed by it all. Each door has its own key, and there are maybe 20 doors. However, the Couples Negril service is as smooth and friendly as ever. The bar is a real centerpiece for the beach, only adding to the appeal of the best place on earth!

November 2011 - RLB

Our second year to Couples Negril. We've been to more than a dozen or so Caribbean resorts, and this is by far our favorite. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, the facilities are first class, the food was excellent, and the entertainment was better than most. The sandy beach reaches far out into the water, unlike the North coast. Our only complaint, which we shared with the Director, was the scarcity of older Jamaican music content (Calpyso, Reggae, etc.)which they acknowledge; and their reply that it simply isn't that popular with the younger crowd (including Jamaicans), and they must seek a balance. We are planning to return for the third time in 2012.

December 2010 - DB

I keep forgetting to e-mail you to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to Couples Negril in early December. This was not our first Island experience, so we think we have a good frame of reference by which to judge ---over the years, we've been to many Caribbean locations: Club Med Guadaloupe and Martinique in the '70s and '80s, Club Orient somewhere in between, and Hedonism more recently. We truly believe that our most recent time was the best.

The room couldn't have been better, all of the service was excellent (particularly noteworthy was when the GM Karen went around and asked if everything was OK and if we had any suggestions or complaints), and the food was perhaps the most pleasant surprise for an all-inclusive. I had asked the Chef when he was going to have escoviched fish, and he came up to me the night it was served at buffet and told me where to look for it. Otaheite Restaurant is simply outstanding.

One personal highlight --- my wife won the women's table tennis tournament, beating a bunch of young chicks who weren't very happy about losing to a 74-year-old grandmother.

The only possible complaint was the lack of more Jamaican music content, whether it be the old-time Calypso, or the more recent Reggae and Soca --- seems like the current vocalists all want to provide North American music [though the steel drum night was unbelievable]. We can hear Streisand, Sinatra et al. anytime on XM radio at home if we're so inclined.

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