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A Nude Beach Story: Meeting my in-laws in the Nude

My Nude Beach Story:  Grin and Bare It (Literally!)

Haulover Beach nude beach story

When Amy and Jack first met, he knew she was one of a kind, open-minded and a free spirit. For as perfect as they were for each other, he was worried about meeting her parents for the first time. He knew with her spunk and style, they had to be great people. He was just worried that they would think he was too straight-laced or stiff to be a good match for their beautiful daughter. He knew at some point though, that meeting them was inevitable. This is how my nude beach story got its start.

Jack finally got up the nerve to propose to Amy and when she excitedly said “Yes!”, they decided to make the trip to Florida to break the news to her parents. She knew Jack was a little unnerved by the thought of meeting her parents, but she told him, “Everything will be fine. Just grin and bear it!” As they made their way to Florida, Amy had been talking to her parents about the perfect place to meet. Since everyone agreed that the beach would be perfect, the plans were finally set in stone.

As they approached their destination, Amy’s parents sent a text with the time and location of where they could be found. 1:00 PM sharp at Halouver Beach. They also had a surprise for her. Amy’s younger sister would be joining them! Amy’s dad told them they would be waiting just to the left of the first lifeguard station and to hurry because they couldn’t wait to meet their new son.

When Jack and Amy first set foot on the beach, he thought they had made a grave mistake, this is a nude beach. No, they were in the right place alright. As he looked up, there stood Amy’s parents and her sister in the nude. They all gathered around for a group hug as Jack whispered into Amy’s ear, “This is not what I thought you had in mind when you said, ‘Grin and bare it!!'”

That is the nude beach story of how Jack got engaged, met his future Mother In-law, his Father In-law, and his Sister In-law, visited his first nude beach and started a wonderful life with a spirit of adventure that does not quit with a partner that loves life and has fun!

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