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Comments about Greece, other nude resorts and nude beaches located throughout the Mediterranean:
You will find a bounty of nude beaches throughout the Greek islands where tourism is usually the # 1 industry on some islands.   There are really far too many beaches to mention here.    Sadly due to the Covid out break and subsequent damage to the tourism and hotel industry in Greece, only one significant property is in operation described below and in trip reports at the bottom of this text.

The naturist resort hotel listed below is located on the island of Crete in the Greek Isles. We've been to many Greek Islands' beaches.  However, the information provided below is for your reference and private use. Castaways makes no guarantee or accredits these suggestions as some properties may have ceased operation due to Covid and economic conditions. You take full responsibility for usage and actions regarding reservations, accommodations and service at the resort.

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      • Another Resource:  If you’ve surfed the net for clothing-optional beaches or Googled nude beach, you already may have found this resource which is one of the most comprehensive, free websites about Greek island nude beaches.   However, Castaways in no way guarantees the information, accuracy or timeliness of the data but the site is a place to start if you want to do your own planning.   Take a look at this resource called: -  A site for a guide to numerous nude beaches in Greece. NOTE: If you visit the site, there is an alert the security certificate may not be updated.    Alert:  Some of the text in that site is dated or may no longer apply.  Practice due diligence and check the local siutation before you drop your drawers.

Group Trips

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Rhodes Example.  This info. was developed while another nude resort was in operation there....near the airport.  A recent nudist development has been announced and hopefully may provide a return to naturist accommodations soon on Rhodes.  Stay tuned for verification.

Lots to do and see on the island with most activities concentrated on the beaches and beach concessions and entertainment.

Faliraki nude saltwater beach, the island's official nude beach.  There is no admission and the beach is fairly small with both a sandy bottom in places as well as smooth pebbles intermixed on the beach as well as the beach floor.  Both dining, drink and bathroom facilities are located at the beach and services are provided including beach chairs and sun shades for rent.  This is a family beach so don’t expect Florida-type beach activities for adults only, although few children are usually present.  This can change depending on the crowd and services are not necessarily guaranteed.

TIP:   Take Aqua shoes to wade in the water or beach comb. We've been there.

Here are comments about the beach from the CapnBarefoot website above:

"The beach is almost 100% nude, made up of single men and women, couples and families with young children. The majority of the visitors are Greek, German, Austrian and East European but there are a few British. The furthest, most southerly section largely attracts men who keep themselves to themselves. Previous reports have indicated problems with photographers and gawpers from the cliffs above and occasionally on the beach. The beach crew are aware of this and, the Captain is assured, deal most effectively with any complaints or suspicions of a misdemeanor of any kind. Nikos (aka Rambo), a diminutive, friendly but highly vociferous member of the beach crew. ( Note Nikos has now retired). There will also be only one entry point via the beach's northern edge. This can be accessed from Faliraki Beach or from the downslope of the cliff which will be re-surfaced. The beach crew will more easily be able to control those using the beach with this limited access. The authorities also intend to give considerable attention to the flora and shrubbery in the area."  NOTE:  This information is stale as there appears to be no update added to the description in the website referenced.

One of the prettiest coves we found was called Anthony Quinn Beach which is really a small, picturesque bay just south of the tourist beach town of Faliraki, and very near the nude beach.   In addition, between Anthony Quinn beach and Faliraki town is arguably one of the more unique tourism spots on the island called the Astronomy Bar and Restaurant and adjacent guest apartment building.  The establishment is the creation of the owner,Stergos Manolakas, a young Greek man who became fascinated by astronomy at an early age and so built a complete observatory with powerful telescope and very interesting astronomical display and garden located on the mountain top cliff above Faliraki town.    We toured it and had a beer there during the afternoon; don’t miss it at night when it’s lively with both tourists and bar hoppers alike.  An adjacent apartment building rents accommodations by the week or month.

Side story:   Stergos' grandfather once owned the property at Anthony Quinn beach.  When Anthony Quinn, a famous Hollywood actor in the 1960s and 1970s who was originally from Greece, tried to buy the land and bay from Stergos’ grandfather to film movies, he was unable to cut a deal.  You see, his grandfather didn’t believe in money or cash so Anthony Quinn bought the adjacent larger tract of land where the Astronomy Bar and apartments are now located ….and traded it for the bay location from Stergos' grandfather.   If you visit Anthony Quinn bay, you will see "Anthony Quinn" he etched in the concrete walk that surrounds the bathrooms and facilities that Quinn built for the workers who constructed all the walkways, restaurant and bar at the location now called Anthony Quinn bay.

Another fun diversion, if you have a rental car, is to motor around the island to see the beach scenes as well as the extensive infrastructure of resorts on the island, especially on the southeast side of the island where most of the major hotels are located.

Further down the island’s coastal road on the southeast side are several tourist and hotel regions including Lindos, Faliraki and other major areas.

Other diversions on the island include, snorkeling, SCUBA, water skiing, jet skiing, swimming, sunbathing, visits to water parks, casino gambling, biking, touring the island, bar hopping and club hopping at night in Rhodes town and more.

Of course, one of the highlights of your visit should include a walking tour of Old Town inside the walled city of Rhodes.   Numerous nooks and crannies greet you at every turn inside the walled city with a flood of shops, restaurants and tourist junk competing for your dollar.  It’s still great fun to explore and see folks from all parts of the world having fun on their holidays.  In addition, the main cruise ship port is a short 5-minute walk to Old Town so it can get crowded when more than one vessel is in port.

TIP: If you spend any time in Old Town, for a bathroom break, take some money and change with you for coin-operated public bathrooms or visit a bar, buy a drink and use the facility inside the establishment.  Public bathrooms are conveniently located along the perimeter of the old city walls.

Rates & Rooms    

Euros are used throughout the Med and in Greece.

Photo Album

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Trip Reports

You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.  ALERT:  You may remain Anonymous, too.  Here are a few we have from recent visitors.

P S Recent Summer Trip  NOTE:  This a report about Vrito Martis on CRETE as many visit both resorts on their trip.

The Vritomartis Resort in Crete was amazing! The rooms were comfortable…not high-end but above average and appropriately appointed in Europe. For me the bed was too soft but I managed. The one main difference for this resort is you have to be covered inside the hotel and main restaurant which was a little different for me but was easy to adjust. The pool and grounds to relax with the ocean in your complete view was simply amazing. The food quality including drink options and service was exceptional with a full Greek cultural experience. A short walking distance from the hotel or daily shuttle service offers the nude beach. This particular beach wasn’t soft sand and more pebbles but you could still enjoy the water and the beauty of the ocean breeze…there is also a full bar at the beach with facilities. Note the beach near the hotel is very small and the walk to the beach goes from a private road to a public road. I didn’t realize that at first as I was walking naked for the entire 10 min walk and didn’t realize I needed to cover up but then again not much traffic so it didn’t really matter and no one said anything about my bare buns. I also took advantage of the spa service by having two massages and they were great. The weather was perfect every day and there were many excursions to also take advantage of that were structured and guided by the hotel. I took advantage of the nude boat cruise that would explore the various west island beaches along with a lunch in one of the small towns. This was a blast and great experience. There were also various activities at the hotel property to enjoy that were organized by hotel staff that created good fun for everyone. I did have my own car which allowed me to explore other areas on the island and highly recommend as I ventured to other nude beaches as well which were great! I can’t say enough good things about Vritomartis and would go back again. To make things even better, I met an amazing young woman Eva from Athens who was working there at the property and we have stayed in touch with plans to see each other again in the coming year. You never know but just maybe she will be the special one for my tomorrow. Life is too short and for those wanting to explore a naturalist resort abroad, I would highly recommend.

June visit  A couple staying at Vritomartis Nude Resort on Crete

Castaways note:  The reason this is included here is visitors to Greek nude beaches and nude resorts often stay at a couple of properties in the Greek Islands.

We stayed at the Vritomartis for two weeks (June 15-29) and found the place to be somewhat Spartan and the food pedestrian. The grounds and pool are lovely, but the rooms in the main hotel (among 85 rooms and bungalows on the property) are small, with low beds and poorly lit and designed bathrooms; ceiling fans would have helped. They need more of the comfortable, wooden chaise lounges with mattresses around the pool, and should replace the umbrellas with ones offering SPF 50 protection. The hotel also needs an ice machine for the use of guests. The hotel operates on a European Plan, offering buffet breakfasts and dinners. We never understood why, on an island renowned for its melons and peaches, there never were any at breakfast, and the fruit that was offered was not usually ripe. In two weeks, we never were served grilled lamb or goat -- in Greece -- or other than fried fish! Aside from the accommodations and the included breakfast and dinner, everything at the hotel must be paid for in cash, which we found annoying, particularly at a naturist resort. The Vritomartis should consider going all-inclusive or at least offer a Full Meal Plan and advise its guests at reservation time (we had to pay our deposit by bank wire transfer) that it prefers cash and does not accept credit cards. The hotel offers shuttle service to nearby Chora (Hora) Sfakia, where we thought the beachside Samaria Restaurant served the best food, and to a naturist pebbly beach. On the plus side, the staff is fantastic, friendly and professional. Room Tip: We enjoyed the terrace on our "Superior Seaview Room."


I had not seen the somewhat negative review you already had. We did our entire trip in cash to avoid high foreign credit card fees, so paying cash at the resort was not an issue for us, but I’m quite sure I saw other guests paying with credit cards at check out. The resort really caters to its European guests and is quite a bargain for them with the cheap Ryan Air flights from all over Europe. We were there the last week before the high season began and there were no children at all, so the sunbed situation may have changed later in June as the occupancy picked up. With a medium-priced room, lunch, wine at dinner, and a drink in the bar at night it still cost way less than half the price of a stay at HB.  The wifi worked well throughout the resort the ATM in the village was out of money the day we were there.
July 2015   Juliet
Great host and a relaxing hotel stay.  3 nights is about right, with 5 nights OK.  Staff can't do enough for you. Food choice is typical Greek fare with salads to die for each evening. True value for money hotel stay, lovely pool open 24/7; superb feeling when taking a nude dip at 11.30 pm to 'cool off' after joining in with the dancing / live music provided by a local duo. Only downside {with a very, very small 'd'} was getting use to the flights taking off over the pool area ~ tho' you could hardly hear them at all in the hotel. Highly recommend the local bus ride into Rhodes Town and a trip around the 'Old Fort' - well worth the entrance fee - then have lunch / meal in the square, before catching the bus (from the same place that you got off it earlier) back to the hotel. Some nice walks locally around the hotel, but if you fancy a  rental car the whole island is a pleasure!