Use Membership Rewards by American Express When You Travel with Castaways Travel or its parent, Fox Travel, a travel Associate  of American Express.

Now you can use your American Express Membership Reward Points to pay for your vacation.

Use your points to fly on any airline, sail any cruise or book a resort package. The number of points needed for redemption will vary based on the cost of the desired travel and category:  Airline, tours, resorts, cruises, etc.

Choose to pay with points for all or just part of your travel selection. Which means, if you haven't quite accumulated enough points, you can use what points you do have to further discount your business and first class international airfare.

But now you can use points to purchase cruises, tours or stays at your favorite resort!

You can apply a partial payment to your total bill in points. Please keep in mind that business & first class airfare and luxury travel packages will require hundreds of thousands of points, per person, and vary greatly.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

The most frequent query - How does it work?   Your travel purchase first will be charged to your AMEX card issued in the United States.  Once the transaction is completed, your Castaways' Travel Counselor will contact American Express PWP department, supply your account number and request your points be applied as an equivalent credit against your charge.  The application of your points will show as a credit on your statement.

Co-branded AMEX cards are ineligible.

1. What is Pay with Points (PWP)?
Pay with Points allows you to redeem your American Express® Membership Rewards® (MR) points for payment of any Cruise, Tour, or Air vacation offered by Castaways Travel or its parent, Fox Travel, an travel Associate of American Express . You must simply inform your Travel Counselor that you wish to apply your points to your travel purchase and with your account and card information, your point can be credited for your purchase. The value of PWP redemption credit varies depending upon the vacation type you choose (air, resort, cruise, etc).

2. How often can I use PWP?
Cardholders can use the PWP option as often as you travel, as long as points are in the MR account to use.

3. Is there a minimum amount of points that a card holder is required to use?
Yes, 1,000 points is the minimum point deduction allowed.

4. What is the timeline for PWP to reach my American Express® credit card?
The deduction and credit process to your account occurs after payment for travel has been charged to your card.  You Travel Counselor then requests a point transfer to your bill. In most cases, the credit is applied to your account within 7 days (often within 2 days). Depending on your card's cycle, the application of the credit may carry over to the following cycle.

5. How many points will I need to reach a specific dollar amount?
There are different point-per-dollar ratios depending on the product you are using (air, tour, or cruise). When making a booking inquiry or reservation, your Travel counselor can give you a definite conversion rate depending on the type of your travel.

6. I know I can use PWP for air, tour, and cruise, but what about hotel and car?
Only pre-paid vacations or pre-paid travel transactions are eligible for PWP. Since some car rental and some hotel stays are not pre-paid, they do not qualify for PWP.

More Questions? Give us a call to speak with your Travel Counselor directly: (281) 362-8785 or 800-470-2020

Membership Rewards® Pay with Points: To qualify, all your American Express® Card accounts must be in good standing. The Membership Rewards® program enrolled Card account you designate will be charged for your purchase. Membership Rewards® points will be deducted from your account and a credit will be applied to the Card account you designate for the corresponding dollar amount. If points redeemed do not cover the entire amount of the charge, the balance of the purchase price will remain charged to the Card. Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards program apply. Contact your Travel Counselor at Castaways Travel for details or questions.