Castaways travel when booking your Hedonism II vacation

Negril, Jamaica

Compelling Reasons to Use Castaways Travel When Booking Your Hedonism II Vacation

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Castaways Travel is on YOUR side... we're here for YOU... and we represent YOU.

If things happen before, during or after your trip to Jamaica, we're here to help you with things like: Weather-related delays, schedule changes, lost articles, sickness, insurance name it, we've seen it all since we started in 1984.

When you're in a foreign country, it's a relief to know you have us to back you up in case "things happen" and you need help en route or while you're in Jamaica.

Who're you going to call? .... the internet?

Castaways Travel is comprised of travel professionals who really are your travel partners throughout your vacation experience...people you can count on.

You can call us personally if you need help and can talk with the owners, James or Champagne.

1) Castaways Travel is on YOUR side...we're your advocate, too. If you book your trip directly (with the resort) and experience problems at Hedonism # 2 or with SuperClubs, who's going to be on YOUR SIDE?

2) We've been there to Hedonism many times since we first visited in 1987. Castaways Travel brings you the most EXPERIENCE. We know and deal with the resort on a daily basis and send hundreds of clients to Hedonism Resorts annually. Castaways brings you intimate knowledge of the area and the management company, SuperClubs.

3) Castaways Travel brings you DEPENDABILITY. In business since 1984, the parent company, Fox Travel has been a part of American Express Travel for 25 years.

4) Castaways Travel KNOWS Hedonism. We've been there and visit often; we know the place and the people so we can tell you accurately about the location, layout, daytime and evening activities & themes, dos and dont's, where to have fun and tips to make your trip more enjoyable.

5) Castaways Travel provides ONE STOP SHOPPING and supplies ALL YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS including: Travel and resort advice, trip reports about the property, Resort Reports in detail, resort photos On Line, accommodations, airfare, travel insurance, car rentals, special occasions, airport transfers, special services, spa services and restaurant reservations, escorted groups, complimentary shopping trips and transportation.
6) Castaways Travel brings CLOUT to support you: Castaways is a top producer for Hedonism Resorts. This comes in handy with last-minute room requests or reservations, special reservations, special requests and special needs.

7) Castaways Travel provides you with TOUR RECOMMENDATIONS about what to do in the area including diving, swimming with the dolphins, getting around, site seeing and arranging special adventures while you're there.

8) Castaways Travel KNOWS the surrounding area around Negril, and all of Jamaica for that matter, to help you plan to get the most out of your holiday in and around Hedonism # 2 and the local areas plus Montego Bay.

9) Castaways Travel features TRIP REPORTS in its website including honest assessments from other travelers. See our Hedonism II Trip Reports Page Here.

10) Castaways Travel provides HOST COUPLES for special Group Trips to enhance your enjoyment. It's nice to make a new friend who's expecting you. See our Hedonism II Group Trips Here.

11) Call us. We're the owners and work in the business daily. Just pick up the phone and talk to us ...... anytime.

The only reason we're here is for YOU. We would love to hear from you. Thank you for your business.

James & Champagne,
Castaways Travel

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