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Temptation Resort & Spa -Castaways Travel

Group Trips to Temptation Resort & Spa – Cancun

Join one of these special events sponsored by Temptation Resort in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone.

Be a Castaways or Fox Travel Host Couple.   Form your group?     
 Contact [email protected]

Singles, Couples, and Triples Welcome to Cancun.

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Shop and Book online or ask for a manual quote from Castaways via:   Get A Room

Temptation Special Events -  Subject to change and updates 

2022  -  Stay tuned.

Temptation Completes Refurbishment and Upgrades: 

Here’s the breathless P/R press release ( who writes this stuff anyway?)

Experience up close and personal, our unique, one-of-a-kind “Playground for Grown-Ups”, 21+.  Brace yourself for a whole new level of electrifying, adult vacationing!  While playing at our adult-centric, superior all-inclusive, topless-optional resort, you will enjoy a sense of freedom and empowerment you never knew existed, not to mention an insanely sexy amount of fun.

Karim Rashid, the creator of “sensual minimalism”, a concept inspired by the human body, has redefined Cancun’s skyline with a spectacular, seven-story, 430-room superstructure full of sensual curves and bright colors, stimulating you with a sensual vibe throughout the entire property.

You will find yourself being seduced by all that our unique, signature playgrounds have to offer.  Try something new, something you have never experienced before, go topless!  You won’t have to worry about poorly fitting bathing suit tops and funny tan lines ever again when living your topless-optional dream, at the most provocative open-minded beach in the Caribbean. Throughout the day feel the electrical currents pulsate through your body at our electrifying “Sexy Pool”, or join us at “Bash”, a high-energy hot spot with riveting, nightly entertainment.  Or if you prefer to embrace the game of seduction with your couple, our signature, aphrodisiac restaurant, “SHE”, is the playground for you.

Set off on a journey of the senses, with always indulgent culinary experiences at one of 7 specialized restaurants, accounting for more than 15 cuisines from around the world.  Compliment your gastronomic experience by mixing & mingling in a vigorous and exciting atmosphere at five different bars, where you will enjoy round-the-clock premium beverage service.

Free your spirit & find your fun, at our unique “Playground for Grown-Ups” … a refined, elevated, original concept.  Let your hair down and accessorize your favorite suit…  Feel trendy and act provocatively while living an enhanced, personalized guest experience including the highest international hotel standards and ground-breaking design, complemented by riveting entertainment, global gastronomy, and luxurious accommodations.

Signature Events by Temptation to observe these occasions for any excuse for a celebration, See:   Temptation and Resort Specials

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