Nood Brood – February 2024

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Group Trip Name:
Castaways Nood Brood Group
Hedomism, Jamaica
Start Date:
February 3, 2024
End Date:
February 10, 2024
Host Couple:
Lisa and Brad, Monette & Neil

Nood Brood – Feb 3-10, 2024

Your hosts Monette & Neil are experienced Hedonists who want to ensure you have a mind-blowing vacation experience.  We are open to any level of hedonists whether you’re couples or singles, nudists, naturists or any level of lifestylers, to include those still undecided. Whatever your reason for vacationing at Hedonism, Nood Brood has something for everyone. This is your vacation and you can do as little or as much as you wish.  Our motto is “Your Pleasure Your Way” and we promise you that is the vacation you will have. We pride ourselves on being mellow, spontaneous, easy going and fun.  Join group activities, theme nights, special events and an all-around fun Brood of welcoming people, at your leisure. For more information about the Nood Brood visit our web page. For access, send an E Mail to:  Angie Morales is joining our yearly trip. Angie Morales is from Mexico and has been painting beautiful bodies of all shapes and sizes for 21 years. Angie has been doing body painting for Temptation. This year Angie’s body painting won every Hedonism II contest. 

Additionally, Nood Brood will be collecting school supplies for the local schools to enhance their educational experience, a practice we have adopted to enrich the lives of school children in the town of Negril.

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