AWOL at Hedo # 2 (Another Week of Lunacy) at Hedonism

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Group Trip Name:
AWOL at Hedo
Hedonism, Jamaica
Start Date:
July 22, 2023
End Date:
July 29, 2023
Host Couple:
Dean & Kat, Mike & Michelle

July 22-29, 2023 AWOL at Hedonism

Join this group of fun and welcoming people with hosts Kat, Dean, Mike and Michelle.  This is AWOL’s 16th year going to Hedo. They would love to have you join the party with them – AWOL style….This year is AWOL’s  “Sweet 16 Anniversary” celebration trip. This group does not have a niche and has just one agenda–to have fun! There must be a good reason this group has grown in size every year since 2008. It’s one of the most diverse Castaways trips…..from young to young at heart, singles, couples and triples of all shapes, color and sizes from all over the world. Join us and see what it’s all about.

Now, does this group look like they have fun!!!

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