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Desire Costa Rica

The property is NOT a nudist resort…’s a unique hotel on a private estate for adult couples and singles. However, adjacent to the hotel mansion is a clothing optional pool with gauze-covered day beds similar to what you may find at Hidden Beach in Cancun.


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Resort Overview

desire costa rica happy coupleJohn Teskey from north America, owns a couple of hotels in Costa Rica, one on the beach and the other near San Jose. He’s designated the one in Heredia, a suburb just north of San Jose, as “Hotel Desire Costa Rica” hotel for adults only with “open minded ambiance.” This unique hotel is headquartered in the mansion of a former land baron and millionaire with several outlying, separate cottages on 6 acres, suitable for small groups and individual occupancy. The hotel is nudist friendly with over half the property is designated for nude recreation with room categories for nude and prude accommodations. The clothing optional pool is now a nude pool. The nude area is from the nude pool and across the wall where the jacuzzi is located, about 3 acres total. With a resort takeover, all guests can be nude. Total occupancy is approximately 60 guests for entire resort.

The property is NOT a nudist resort…’s a unique hotel on a private estate for adult couples and singles.

The hotel features monthly Zodiac parties for a good excuse to have fun. Several “couples only” weeks are featured at this hotel and at the other sister hotel in Jaco on the beach.

You may meet a nice group of U.S ex-pats who have moved to Costa Rica to live, for investment or to work. We met many during our visits to Costa Rica, the top rated country in Central America, hands down. In the 40s and 50s when banana republics came and went with guns and bullets, Costa Rica invested in its citizens and education: Currently, Costa Rica boasts of about a 95% literacy rate among its citizens and has not military. Those funds go for programs that support its citizens.

NOTE: This resort is NOT affiliated in any way with the Desire Resort in Mexico.

Getting There

Fly into San Jose from numerous gateway cities world wide. Several major airlines service the country including Continental, Copa, US Air, Delta, American and others.

The hotel is about 20-30 minutes from the airport, depending upon traffic.

If you stay a week, round trip transfers are included for either this resort or the one in Jaco. Or you can rent a car at the San Jose airport. The highways are excellent throughout Costa Rica.

Local color: If you drive in the countryside, local police in every village you pass through are always eager to ticket foreigners for a shake down and $20 bucks. Believe me, it’s happened to us. If you pretend you don’t know the language, you may be better off just loading your wallet or purse with some $1 bills and keep your larger currency elsewhere. Give him what you have and be on your way.


Desire Hotel Copacabana offers an all-inclusive plan including meals, bar drinks, rooms, taxes, tips and airport transfers.

The main restaurant in the mansion serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks including soda, beer and liquor. You can buy duty fee liquor at the airport if you prefer a specific brand. And, room service is available, too.

All rooms include air conditioning, hair dryers, cable TV, clock radio, coffee maker, snacks, fridge in some plus bed and bath with shower (some with tubs).

Two pools are on site. One adjacent to the main building is nude with gauze shrouded day beds along with a hot tub nearby. The other pool is located down the hill from the mansion in a separate villa building with 5 more apartment/bedrooms.

At certain times, the conference room is converted into a small disco for adult parties.

Enjoy a unique feature of the property: If you take a group and take over the resort, you can enjoy the entire estate without clothes except for dining.

● All inclusive program at both the Copacabana Desire Hotel in Jaco and Hotel Desire San Jose in Heredia (suburb of San Jose)
a) The best food of any local hotel, all liquor, beer, soft drinks and juices. Hotel room fridge is stocked daily with water, beer,soft drinks and juices.
b) All meals and snacks are a la carte with nightly dinner menu changing daily
c) Free wireless Internet and free laptop computer use.
● Live entertainment 4 to 7 nights per week depending on hotel and week chosen.
● Couples only weeks averaging 2 weeks per month.
● Stay 7 nights and receive FREE round trip airport (San Jose) transfers.
● A Nude and Prude swimming pool at each hotel. Many weeks the prude swimming pool becomes clothing optional. A separate clothing optional pool is also at the Copacabana Hotel And Suites in Jaco.
● Adult playroom at each hotel.
● The first group that commits to 15 rooms at either hotel during the chosen week can dictate the rules throughout either hotel chosen for other guest booking regarding;
a). Nudity (except at restaurant and reception areas)
b) Playroom fun (except at restaurant and reception areas)
● The happiest and most friendly staff of any lifestyle hotel.
● Groups: Because of the intimate size, groups will not have to compete with other groups.
● The main airport in Costa Rica is San Jose International and another international airport is at LIBERIA in the Pacific northwest. Currently FREE airport transfer from San Jose Airport are included for booking of 7 nights or more, however, to accommodate guests that fly into Liberia airport, the following applies
a. For 1 or 2 couples travelling together, we will pay for transfers ONE WAY and the couple(s) will pay for the other way. -OR-
b. For 3 or more couples traveling together, resort will pay for the transfers to/from Liberia airport to either hotel.


The hotel is targeting the adult market for clients who enjoy Hedonism or Desire ambiance. The resort may have a few guests during the week unless a group is there. On the weekends, you may find more couples and monthly, there is usually a Zodiac-themed party.

Although there is no disco or night club, the parties are held in restaurant area on the lower floor of the mansion.

Adjacent to the hotel mansion is a clothing optional pool with gauze day beds similar to what you may find at Desire in Cancun. A hot tub is adjacent to the clothing optional pool. The lower floor of the hotel/mansion is a restaurant serving local cuisine, nothing fancy but quite tasty.

The 5-bedroom villa building down the hill from the main building includes another pool, too.

Some employees speak English as well as Spanish of course. Service personnel at the front desk and in the restaurant speak English.

The resort is a good base from which to explore the central part of Costa Rica. There’s something for you to do off site every day. There is not much to do at the resort during the day other than enjoying the sunshine (nude or not) which is frequent and abundant.

TIP: If you can’t take over the complete hotel, take 4 or 5 couples with you and rent the 5-bedroom villa building with its own pool and grill to enjoy as your own mini resort.

Group Trips

Check out our Costa Rica Group Trips Page for scheduled group trips to Desire Costa Rica.  If none are listed or on dates that don’t suit you, that doesn’t mean its not a great place for two, three or even dozens of couples to get together for a group trip.  If you have other couples that might want to join you, please contact us and see what kind of group trip deals we might be able to package especially for you.


Where to begin? Costa Rica has it all except maybe for snow skiing.

Day tours are available at the hotel’s front desk and reception area. Outstanding tours to national volcano parks nearby include Arenal and Pao parks.

From the resort, you can experience half-day or full day trips for: Jungle tours, white water rafting, ATV tours, zip lining, fresh water and salt water fishing, scuba diving on the west coast, tubing, swimming and more.

One or favorite tours included a visit to the Arenal Volcano National Park, Observatory & Resort. We spent part of an afternoon out on the park’s restaurant deck, cold beer in hand, watching Arenal belch automobile-sized boulders as they tumbled down the mountainside. The weather was perfect and the mountain top was completely free of clouds.
More night life is available in town, where night clubs can be found. At the some of the clubs in town, you will find some of the most beautiful women in the entire country.


Meals are served downstairs on the main level and patio in the mansion. The restaurant has a varied menu for all 3 meals of the day and feature local favorites, excellent choices, lots of variety as well as dishes you will find most places such as burgers and sandwiches.

You can buy your own liquor, wine or beer in San Jose or at mall nearby.


All inclusive rates are about USD $110/person/night. Rooms are clean, neat and the resort is well maintained but don’t go expecting the Ritz. Most are over sized and some are essentially apartments with living/kitchen area, bed and bath rooms.

The all inclusive plan includes room, taxes, tips, all meals and bar drinks included such as soda, beer and liquor. Bring your own liquor or wine if you prefer a specific taste.

Maximum guest room occupancy is about 60 persons if the mansion and all outlying cottages are occupied. Plan ahead as some weekends, the resort is sold out if a group is in house, if a Zodiac weekend is the theme or if an adult club from San Jose visits for the weekend.

Here is a list of the types of accommodations available at Hotel Desire Costa Rica.

* Executive King or President King with Jacuzzi
* King Studio
* Honeymoon Suite
* 1 Bed apartment
* 1 Bed House
* 2 bed apartment
* 2 bed House
* Standard Room

Rates here are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice.



 ▲ Diverse adventure touring is at your door step.

▲ Diversity, museums, night life and dining in town are minutes away in San Jose.

▲ This is a unique property…the main building was one of several mansions of the former owner, a multi-millionaire play boy from the U.S. who held the Coca Cola franchise for all of Brazil.

▲▼   If you’re looking for big crowds and a lot of action, forget it or bring your own group. Other than weekend parties, the property is pretty mild during the week.

▼ In the countryside, local police in small towns you pass through are always eager to ticket foreigners for a shake down and $20 bucks. They spot you with radar guns that may or may not work. It’s an excuse in our opinion. Warning: Near villages and towns, the speed limit frequently changes from 80 KM/hour down to 60 KM/hour to 40 KM/hour and vice versa. You may see more cops around those speed transition areas than on the open road. Beware both places. Cops will gladly avoid writing a ticket if you have USD $20 handy. Their favorite ploy: “Pay me what you’ve got and I’ll forget about the ticket.”

▲ On the weekends or during Zodiac party time at the resort, you may meet other ex-pats from North America or Europe who live in Costa Rica full time.

Age Ranges

This adults-only property has guests from 20s to 60s in age.

Best Time To Go

Temperatures vary little between summer and winter. Temps daytime range from about 80-90 F year round or a maximum of 30 C. Fall, winter and early spring can be slightly less humid than late spring and summer. Late spring through fall can be a bit more humid, with daily rain showers a possibility year round. Late August through early October can be unstable weather with a hurricane or two skimming around the Caribbean.

TIP: Room prices are generally higher from about December 15 to April 30 or so, with holiday rates higher than any time during the year.

TIP: Pack a folding umbrella and/or a simple, light weight plastic rain poncho in your bags. You will probably need them somewhere, sometime in Jamaica. Better be safe than sorry.

Be prepared for it to rain a little almost every day. Standard procedure–hit the pool if it does rain with drink in hand.

Wish List

● Wish their was a small night club on site.

Photo Album

The photos were either shot by us, our clients or provided by the resort. If you have recently visited any of the Desire Costa Rica, we invite you to send in your photos for us to display. To contribute you own photos (or trip reports), go to our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

Trip Reports

If you have recently visited Desire Costa Rica, we would appreciate you contributing a trip report. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.


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