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July 31, 2022

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December 31, 2023

Temptation GRAND Miches

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Temptation Resorts – Dominican Republic

Temptation Resorts in the Dominican Republic. There are two:   Temptation Miches for singles and couples; Temptation GRAND Miches for couples only.  They are adjacent to each other.

Temptation GRAND Miches Resort is about 60-90 minutes west of Punta Cana International Airport (Code=PUJ).  And it’s NUDE in certain areas on the resort property including the main pool ground floor, the nude lounge pool upstairs as well as the playroom adjacent to the upstairs pool and a sunning area on the beach.  Resort: Temptation GRAND Miches

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Click on the resort link above to view the Photo Album.    See their latest trip report from Marylin & Gus about their first hosted group trip in June 2023 to the GRAND when the resort first converted to clothing optional.   See their first trip report from January 2023.  Temptation-Grand-Miches-trip-report-PIC.pdf (

Contact Marylin for details (her cheeks are below right) at: 

Click to see Temptations “GRAND” Miches for adult couples only – top optional areas

Get A Room This is not a reservation, it’s a request for quote and travel date or call. (281) 465-4960 or text/call 800-470-2020

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