Thailand is one of the absolute best vacation bargains you will find anywhere on earth,
so try to visit if you can and stay at least 10 days.


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Resort Overview

The reason Thailand is included in our website is that we believe social nudity and nudist beaches, if not resorts, will happen in the future. Nudity is not yet accepted in Thailand, although topless sunbathing is quite common in most tourist beach areas. The other reason is that we get frequent inquiries about Thailand from you for both conventional as well as nudist vacations.

Thailand is one of the absolute best vacation bargains you will find anywhere on earth, so try to visit if you can and stay at least 10 days.

Most all the Thai service personnel in any tourism center, city, hotel or resort speak English, as well as other languages in addition to the native Thai language.

Background: Thailand, formerly known as Siam until the 20th century, has been part of the civilized world for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. This beautiful country of over 60 million people is in the heart of southeast Asia, bordering Myanmar (Burma) to the north and west, Laos and Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the south. Buddhism is the predominant religion plus the rich heritage and traditional values of its citizens make for a wonderful reception and warm welcome for visitors and foreigners (ferrangs). Culturally, the Thai people are the most polite and caring people of all we’ve ever come in contact with in a tourist environment. They’re pre-disposed to care for you and your well being, almost as if it’s a personal duty.

Contrasting with its rich heritage and ancient ways, Thailand is actually quite modern with bustling modern cities where antiquities are cared for, family is revered and guests always respected. Major cities are as modern (and crowded) as any you will find anywhere in the world, coming as a surprise to many first-time visitors who may have a typical “tropical paradise” impression of the country. Bangkok, the capital with over 10 million population, is the best example of “east meets the west.” Primarily in the country side and along the Gulf of Thailand shore to the south, in Andaman sea to the west and on the Thai islands will you experience “tropical splendor” with beautiful white sand beaches, waving palm trees and a relaxed atmosphere.

Reality sets in, however, when you gaze at the ocean across beautiful sand and see hundreds and hundreds of beach umbrellas scattered along the water’s edge…. predominant in most of Thailand’s developed tourism areas. Finding a deserted stretch of beach to bask in the sun nude is possible, but you will have to hunt for the spots, since nudity is not accepted in any public area whatsoever. Nudity is considered rude and thoughtless there. Curiously, however, topless sunbathing is seen everywhere in most of the Thai beach destinations and vacation resorts so it would seem the country is catching up to the European standard of social nudity. If you visit Thailand, you will see mostly European visitors, hopefully helping to pave the way for more nude acceptance. Just don’t hold your breath until it happens.

We believe Thailand is at about the same developmental stage regarding nudity as Mexico (toplessness) and we hope that social nudity in a resort or tropical destination will be for real in the near future. It has been reported that the Thai department of tourism has even studied possible beach areas for nudist development, supposedly up near the Thai/Burma border facing the Andaman sea to the west near Ranong.

Two major Thai islands for tourism are Phuket (poo-ket) and Koh Samui. The former is fully developed and over run with tourists most places on the island while the latter is more laid back with less tourist infrastructure, since much of Koh Samui is a national park, the Anthong Tropical Reserve. Both islands are about one hour by air south of Bangkok, with Phuket on the Andaman Sea and Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand.

About the only deserted stretch of sand you will find on Phuket island is east of the airport at Mai Khao beach, 6 miles long, which has basically no services or resorts on it except the Marriott on the north end and Crown Nai Yang to the south. You will need an car for this exploration. Another adventurous way to hunt for a secluded nude beach is on the surrounding islands, such as Racha Yai or Racha Noi just south of Phuket island. You can make a deal with the driver of a “long-tail” boat at any of the tourist towns to help you find such a beach to drop you off with your honey and come back later to pick you up. If you do, always pay a part of the driver’s fee first and the rest payable upon pick up. You don’t want to be stuck out there for the night!

On the southern tip of the Phuket peninsula/island is a small resort called Lemon Tree.  One of our clients submitted this report.  Alert:  Local conditions often change so always double check the resort’s status before you finalize your travel plans.

A Naturist Oasis in Bustling Rawai (Phuket), Thailand”
I spent four nights at the Lemon Tree, a naturist oasis of peace and calm in bustling and tourist-filled Rawai, at the southern tip of Phuket. The property is small, with only 11 rooms, but has two pools and a nice garden area for nude sunbathing and relaxation. There are no official naturist beaches in Thailand, so Lemon Tree was a lovely find. The rooms are spotlessly clean and the small staff very attentive and friendly. Patty, the young, university-educated and English-speaking resort manager, goes out of her way to accommodate guest needs. When I wanted fresh fish unavailable at a nearby restaurant, she (or her boyfriend) drove me to the fish market, waited while I shopped, and brought me back. The resident chef did a great job of grilling the fish to my taste and specifications. Full Western breakfasts are included, and the restaurant serves Thai food for lunch or dinner. The resort stocks beer, but bring your own booze, mixers and wine if you like to have cocktails and wine with your meals. The only caveat I would offer is to ask what every service you request costs, so you have no surprises at checkout.  Standard deluxe room starts about USD $100/night.  This is subject to change and is not guaranteed.  Always check the website for current tariffs.

The other island location with a good mix of beaches, tropical ambiance and some tourism development is on Koh Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand. If you rent a car, there are also lots of places to explore and beaches to visit at or near many of the modest resorts on the Andaman Sea between Phuket Island and Ranong, near the Burma border.

Here is a Trip Report we’ve received about Koh Samui and nude sunbathing there. Thank you “Anu,” who reports on Phangan Resort on the island of Koh Samui:

“Though a lot of travel magazines say that topless and nudity is not allowed and is punishable in Thailand, my experience has been different. I love to travel to Thailand and Koh Samui Island is my favorite place. On the beach resorts of Koh Samui, where I had a really wonderful time, dropping your bathing suit is no problem at all. Topless is as common as in the West.

NOTE: It’s always best to check with the citizens about their local customs regarding nudity and toplessness. Please remember to treat all Thai citizens with respect.

There is an airport at Koh Samui with direct air service from Bangkok and Singapore. The Bangkok flight is a little over an hour. One can also travel by train to Koh Samui, including a ferry ride of about 90 minutes from the mainland coastal town of Surat Thani to the island.

Koh Samui has many resorts. The main beaches there are Chaweng and Lamai where there are numerous small resorts, one of which is Samui Resortel on Chaweng Beach, about 20 minutes from the Koh Samui airport. Chaweng is a great resort place with lots of European tourists. Chaweng is a great place for nude and topless sunbathing. Costs can vary greatly but a typical, modest room rate is about USD $40/night for two. (A “luxury” accommodation may be up to USD $100 total).

Koh Pha Ngan is the name of a smaller island 45 minutes from the coast of Koh Samui, in the south Thailand Sea below the mainland mainland. The main beach there is Haad Rin. The “Full Moon Party” held every month at Haad Rin Beach on full moon night is the only party in Asia which can come close to Mardi Gras or any wet-and-wild party in the West, where inhibitions are dropped as easily as clothes, where one drinks and dances the night away. About 10,000 people gather to celebrate a night long party. (See:

At Haad Rin beach one can easily take the liberty of nude sunbathing without any problems and we did that on all the days we were there. Pha Ngan is the ideal place to have a great holiday; it’s peaceful, the water is clear and warm, the sand white, the people smiling and helpful. Plus, no one bothers you much and you can enjoy nudity without any fuss. A resort named Paradise is where we stayed on Pha Ngan in addition to the Seaview Resort. These types of accommodations are one step above camping at about $10/night.

In addition, on Pha Ngan Island, there is also a resort called the Sanctuary on Had Tien Beach, actually more of a health spa but with terrific ambiance and a laid-back atmosphere. We visited this resort last year and spent a week there. This place is just heaven on earth. There were about 30-40 guests staying there, mostly Europeans. Here, we could easily take off tops and bottoms and spend almost the whole day nude on the beach. There were about 5-6 nude couples and 5-6 topless ladies at first….but after seeing us, many others joined in (nude sunbathing). Many tourists not staying at the resort also visited the beach area and towards afternoon, the place became like Cap d’Agde in France. This is a great place. One can actually visit the open air spa nude, too. Cost of a “luxury” dwelling is about USD $50/night including breakfast. The website is: (but officially, it’s not a nude resort).

The majority of nude practitioners are actually Europeans on Koh Samui.

So relax all you sunbathers and don’t hesitate to take your bikini off while in Pha Ngan. While topless is perfectly OK in Koh Samui, be a little discrete in dropping your bottom there. Enjoy !!!! “

If you’re traveling with fellow nudists, your other option is to rent a secluded villa with a swimming pool, and use it as your base of operations for the balance of a conventional, textile vacation.

In Pattaya:

Chan Resort for Nudists: A new clothing optional property that might appeal to nudists primarily is being advertised for nudist use. Chan Resort is located in Pattaya where we’ve visited before. Pattaya is on the seacoast so you have access to the long, wide beach there. This resort is NOT on the beach. There’s lots to do and see in the area plus Pattaya is on the mainland, south-southeast of Bangkok about 110+ miles so it’s easy to visit both cities. You can reach Pattaya via ground transportation via bus or train in 2.5 hours if you choose. See:

A small Thailand nudist association recently formed. Contact them at:

On Koh Phangan Island:
For a men’s nude getaway, Peter Photikoe (born in the USA) offers his AWE Resort for periodic nude Yoga retreats. His property is on Koh Phangan near Koh Samui. See more at: His E mail address:

Getting There

Typically, most international flights arrive in Bangkok. From there, most popular tourist destinations are no more than an hour or so away by air from Bangkok, so if you plan to go, assume you will be arrive into Bangkok from just about any foreign destination. Thailand is served by numerous major airlines which typically run seasonal specials, so an air bargain is not hard to find, especially if a resort package can be included. Plan to spend a couple of days in Bangkok to get used to the time change and, if nothing else, for shopping and seeing the world famous temples and night life there.

U.S. Citizens: Passports are required for international air travel to all destinations outside the USA.

Typical flight times between the west coast of the U.S. and Asia can vary between 10-14 hours, non-stop, either direction.


You will find every type of accommodation in Thailand from a beach bungalow for $10/night to Super Luxury resorts for $300-$400/night. Absolutely great standard tourism accommodations and hotels can be had for less than $100/night for two people, which typically includes your private room with private bath, use of health clubs, swimming facilities, a full American breakfast and hotel taxes included. The lower end of the scale for a $10 bungalow is one step above camping and back packing so make sure you know what you want before you go. Electricity is 220 so take a converter. Some hotels have hair dryers so you may need to take your own.

There are no nudist resorts in Thailand and no official nude beaches. “All inclusive” resorts don’t appear in Thailand since food and services are so inexpensive, there is really no economic reason for their wide spread acceptance. The only exception is Club Med at Kata beach on Phuket, which includes all meals, plus beer and wine at dinner plus all types of non-motorized water sports plus direct access to Kata Beach, the best developed of all of them on Phuket.


Thailand is a wonderfully tropical experience enhanced with the culturally-instilled politeness of its citizens.

Typically, polite treatment and a welcoming smile are extended to all guests and visitors so don’t regard their smile and thoughtfulness as friendliness. Actually, Thai citizens are somewhat shy until they get to know you, as they are culturally somewhat inhibited by their nature to refrain from appearing to impose upon you in any way, including striking up a conversation. Their reticence may be misinterpreted as shyness…. which it is not. Their behavior usually represents their cultural reluctance to refrain from imposing upon you in any way.

Thai people are spotlessly clean as are most of their cities and towns.

Thailand has mountains, beaches, lowlands, spectacular geological formations along the coast, huge limestone outcroppings, great for trekkers and mountain climbers, great night life, plus a rich heritage and wonderful people that make this country one of our personal favorites, world wide.

Lots of the lowlands, hills and tropical beach areas remind us of the western coast of Mexico or Costa Rica, with its lush greenery and local wildlife….. a lot like Mexico except instead of a burrow making its way down the road, you might come upon a huge elephant instead, which usually gets the right of way. By the way, driving is on the left side of the street.

If you like the outdoors, you will enjoy Thailand, especially what it offers for eco-tourism. Our personal favorite tour was a half day with the elephants, to be around them, to watch their show, watch them bath in the river and to ride with them for about an hour was really special. The Thai elephant population has dropped from 20,000 a few years ago to a few thousand now, with most in captivity and very few living in the wild or in the jungle. Their numbers have been drastically reduced by poaching and by the destruction of their habitat.

Group Trips

We do not have listed group trips to Thailand, but that doesn’t mean its not a great place for two, three or more couples to get together for a group trip.  If you have other couples that might want to join you, please contact us and see what kind of group trip deals we might be able to package especially for you.


You can just about do it all in Thailand but snow ski. With islands and beaches, lowlands and mountains, scuba diving and boating, trekking, mountain climbing and elephant riding, huge cities and small villages, modern buildings and ancient temples, you will have a hard time choosing your “perfect” vacation elements.

The most popular tourist stops include Bangkok, Chiang Mai in the mountains, Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya on the beaches. Off shore, the Andaman sea and the islands on the west side of Thailand offer some of the best scuba diving available. Numerous scuba dive shops and live aboard boats are based in and around Phuket. The Star Clipper sailing vessel is based seasonally out of Phuket so you can mix a land or resort vacation with a great week’s cruise to southeast Asia ports of call. You can even charter a sailing vessel if you wish in Phuket with or without a crew. There is also a nice yacht owned by a Frenchman there who may be of a mind to take you nude sailing.

Island & Beach Destinations
The two most popular Thai islands for tourism are Phuket and Koh Samui. The former is fully developed and over run with tourists most places on the island while the latter is more laid back with less tourism infrastructure, since much of Koh Samui contains a national park, the Anthong Tropical Reserve. Both islands are about one hour by air south of Bangkok, with Phuket on the Adaman Sea and Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand.

About the only secluded stretch of sand you will find on Phuket is east of the airport at Mai Khao beach, which has basically no services or resorts on it except the Marriott to the north and Crown Nai Yang resort to the south. You will need an car for this exploration which will take you to the north side of the island. More development is scheduled for this six mile long beach area, so enjoy it while you can.

All beaches in Thailand are supposed to be “public” but some resorts are located on land adjacent to the public beaches, rendering them inaccessible unless you’re a resort guest. Another adventurous way to hunt for a secluded nude beach is on the surrounding islands, such as Racha Yai (Koh Racha or Raya) or Racha Noi south of Phuket island. You can make a deal with the driver of a “long-tail” boat at the tourist towns of Rawai Beach or Chalong to help you find such a beach to drop you off with your honey and come back later to pick you up. Raya is closest at about 7 miles out in the bay. If you choose that, pay a part of the driver’s fee first and the rest payable upon pick up. You don’t want to be stuck out there for the night! Most of the offshore islands are a 20-30 minute trip on a fast speed boat or “long tail” boat, so called since its straight six cylinder engine is linked directly to the propeller mounted on a long shaft. Instead of a rudder, the driver just moves the engine and drive shaft as one unit to change direction. This is a great trip for fun, nude beaching and snorkeling with 2-3 couples.

The other island location with a good mix of beaches, tropical ambiance and some tourism development is on Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. Two popular beach resorts there include Chaweng Buri Resort (simple bungalows) and Imperial Samui.

On the mainland, if you rent a car, there are also lots of places to explore and beaches to visit at or near many of the modest resorts on the Andaman Sea between Phuket Island and north to Ranong, near the Burma border. Or, stay around the seaside resorts from Phuket to Krabi, due east.

Best beaches are on Koh Samui and the best developed beach on Phuket Island, in our opinion, is Kata Beach on the west central side of Phuket island. Club Med is located on Kata Beach as is the other large resort there, the Kata Beach Resort. Numerous other beaches are on Phuket and on the Thai mainland, too, but most others have less of tourism development around them. The trade off with finding secluded beaches or resorts is that there are usually few tourism facilities, hotels, resorts, restaurants or nightlife nearby.

The town with the most development, largest (and most crowded) beach, night markets, hotels, resorts and clubs is Patong Beach in central Phuket on the west side of the island. Night life there can be wild and crazy or quiet and subdued as you please. Most open-air restaurants, shops, bistros and clubs are on Thaweewong Road facing the beach. The craziest street for night life has to be Soi Bangla (road), right in the heart of Patong Beach. There , you will find just about everything humanity has to offer from fine restaurants and resorts, discos, to kick boxing clubs, night life to the infamous “gogo” bars to street vendors selling “designer” clothes and every type of knock off watch, CD and DVD, all for dirt cheap prices.

Some of the best little resorts are actually located on small islands in the Andaman Sea near Phuket or in the Gulf of Thailand, which require boat trips from the mainland. If you like seclusion, these small resorts may offer a better choice but be prepared for very modest accommodations usually with little or no night life.

Most overrated tours are the day trip to James Bond Island near Phang Nga Town and the day trip to the Phi Phi Islands for snorkeling—-Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Lay (where the movie “The Beach” was filmed). If you want to go, consider hiring your own private speed boat to see these places, if you must. Otherwise you may be chugging along for hours in a “cattle boat” with 200 of your closest friends. We would spend the money on a private speed boat, forget the canned tours and find your own nude beach on a secluded island.

Typical tourism things to do include half day or full day city tours in Bangkok, tours of the temples (Wat Po, the Golden Buddha & the Grand Palace), arguably worth standing in line for to see the largest reclining Buddha in the world (it’s massive). You can go just about anywhere in the city for $3-$5 by taxi. The modern elevated “Skytrain” is also available to get around most of downtown and into the suburbs, too, with 20 miles of track. The Sukumvit and Pratanum areas are the newest sections of Bangkok with a diverse cultural mix, many shops, restaurants and tourist facilities. SIAM square and the World Trade Center are all within walking distance of most of the major hotels downtown. A hotel or resort for every budget can be had in Bangkok starting at a few dollars a night to $400/night or more. Any hotel’s tour desk can point you in the right direction for sight seeing as well as make arrangements for your tours.

You can even spring for a full day tour to see the Bridge Over the River Kwai.

Taking a ride on the Chao Phya River in a Thai long tailed boat is a must do, tourist thing to do. Get a Thai massage or at least a great foot massage for about 300 b (baht) or about $6-$7 for an hour….worth every minute of it.

If you visit Bangkok over the weekend, visit Chatuchak, reportedly the “World’s Largest Flea Martet” with over 9,000 individual shops… twice as many as the Grand Bazaar boasts in Istanbul. You can take the SkyTrain there from downtown. Visit Thailand’s famous floating market at Damnersaduak and stop at Thailand’s largest Pagoda with lunch at the Rose Garden.

Chinatown in Bangkok is reportedly the largest in the world outside of China. One-third of Bangkok’s population are of Chinese heritage. The Chinatown market on Yaowarat Rd is also worth a visit where you can find everything from glittering gems, to antiques, Chinese porcelain, to high-end electrical appliances. Also, Sampeng Lane runs almost the length of Chinatown where you can find everything else you couldn’t find on Yaowarat Road! For Indian goods, try Pahurat Road, also located adjacent to Chinatown.

For clothing, most tailor shops are reputable, especially the ones inside your hotel plus, you can visit Pratanum garment district if you like for all types of ready made clothes as well as custom made suits, dresses, coats and dress shirts.

Go shopping for any and everything where you will not believe the prices. For common items, street vendor products such as clothing, knock off watches, shoes, leather and sunglasses, expect to negotiate. Start with whatever the vendor asks, cut the price in half and haggle from there.

Night life in Bangkok can be found at Soi Cowboy (go go bars), Buckskin Joe Village (pubs and restaurants), Soi Langsuan (live music), Sukhumvit Soi 24 & 26 (brewpubs and discos) and Soi Thonglor (pubs and live music). Also, visit Patpong night Bazaar in the infamous red light district.

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s 2nd largest city behind Bangkok. If you have time, it’s worth a visit for 2-3 nights. Lots of trinkets, tourism souvenirs, silver and bronze markets, embroiderers and jewelers are located along Sankampaeng Road. Don’t forget to visit the Night Market, too, where we found some of the best bargains… some of which you have to barter for. Hill towns are close by where you can visit some artisans and craft markets for ceremonial masks, textiles and woodcarvings. A few are tourist traps but it’s still an adventure, especially the rough and tumble trip up to and down from the hills. Our limo was the back end of an old Chevy truck with benches….lots of fun and you had time to visit with the locals


Thailand is one of our all time favorite destinations for eating, other than maybe Italy. Food, services and hotel accommodations are so inexpensive there, you just can’t go wrong.

Most tourist destination in Thailand include restaurants serving both western as well as local cuisine. Oriental and Thai foods with soups, rice as a staple, seafood, green vegetables, hot spices and fruit make up a typical local selection. Western palettes will find food selections for just about everything else including McDonald’s and all major ethnic choices including Italian, Mexican, Indian, Japanese and Chinese dining.

Thai food is generally served with the basics such as hot soups, fruit, a seafood dish plus chicken, pork and beef selections, many of which are prepared with optional hot spices available. Our personal favorite are the dishes served with satay sauces as a side dish along with red pepper and other spicy condiments. Our motto: If it makes sweat pop out on your forehead, you know it’s got to be good.

Price example: One four course Thai dinner we had in a 5 star restaurant cost about US $10/person including taxes and tip. Evening buffets are about US $11-$12/person for everything, tips and drinks included. Breakfast and lunch can be had for less than $5/person.

The only part of a dining experience with costs comparable to American or European pricing is liquor. Don’t expect a bargain there, as alcohol is priced about the same everywhere, except for perhaps the local beer, which is about $1-$1.50 per bottle.


Room rates can vary from US $10/night for a bungalow to over US $400/night, with about US $100/night the average for a fine, tourist class hotel such as a Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, for example. Room rates usually include air conditioned private room and bath, hotel taxes and a full American breakfast for two.



▼ Thailand has no “official” nude beaches.

▲ Thailand is just about the least expensive vacation destination considering all the amenities, hotels, resorts and dining options available. A great mix of modern and ancient, with a cultural diversity you will rarely get in such a safe environment with the most terrific variety of any vacation destination we’ve seen.

▼ Phuket and Pattaya, two of the most popular vacation beach destinations are over run with tourists. Of the two, Phuket has a more upscale selection of accommodations, restaurants and beaches than Pattaya, which is on the mainland, a few hours south of Bangkok, but it’s got a decidedly “seedy” feel to the place.

▲ A more natural and tropical location is Koh Samui, one the best combinations of beaches and modest accommodations in Thailand.

▲▼ Some of the more secluded resorts are actually located on small islands in the Andaman Sea near Phuket or in the Gulf of Thailand, both of which require boat trips from the mainland. If you like seclusion, these small resorts may be for you.

▲ Topless beaches are the norm at most island destinations.

▼ Some small resorts and towns on the Andaman sea are near rivers which empty on to shallow bays, where much of the water is either murky or downright muddy, not good places for scuba diving.

▼ Avoid the canned tours and “cattle boats” for island sight seeing in Phuket. Try arranging for a private tour or boat if you wish to visit some of the islands on the “tour” circuit such as James Bond Island or Phi Phi Islands, both of which are over run with other tourists. Prices are inexpensive so you may want to consider a private speed boat for your island hopping.

Age Ranges

Tourist destinations include all ages in Thailand. There are no “adults only” resorts there.

Best Time To Go

Dry season runs from about October to March. The wet season runs from about March to September, when daily rains may be the norm. Other than an actual storm front that may move through occasionally, the wet season means there may be showers in the morning and sunshine the remainder of the day.

Wish List

● Wish nude beaches and nudist resorts would happen, and soon, in Thailand.

● Wish there weren’t so many tourist but, hey, that’s what helps make for a fun experience. Europeans definitely represent the majority of visitors there and are a welcome addition to the tourism mix.

Photo Album

The photos were either shot by us, our clients or provided by various resorts. If you have recently visited Thailand we invite you to send in your photos for us to display. To contribute you own photos (or trip reports), go to our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

Trip Reports

If you have recently visited Thailand, we would appreciate you contributing a trip report. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.  Here are a few we have from recent visitors.


May 2013 – SAT
Stayed at the Chan resort in Pattaya for 3 days. This was my second time at the resort. Small but beautiful place with great ambience. You can go nude just about anywhere inside the resort though a great place to relax is by the pool side. We had quite an international gathering of guests there during my stay there . Got to meet fellow naturists from Australia, UK,Singapore,India and Thailand. The owners and the staff are extremely cheerful and co-operative. Would be going back there again.


August 2012 – Bruce
Well the cats out of the bag now! Thailand Naturist finally comes out of the closet. The Naked Truth about Naturism has been exposed by the Bangkok Post. Published on 01/August/2012, total views: 36,290 – as of 6 Sept . Chan Resort the premier naturist resort in Thailand, which bills itself as the “??the most friendliest naturist resort in Thailand”? had the opportunity to be interviewed and videoed by the Bangkok Post. This was a first, as the media within Thailand had not to date published an article about naturism. You can check it out here: Naturism in Thailand is on its way to becoming a true and solid naturist venue.


August 2011 – Bruce
Chan Resort in Pattaya, Thailand Chan Resort in Pattaya, Thailand’s first resort for the growing naturist/nudist tourism market, will celebrate its completion with a Pre-Opening Weekend for members of Naturist Association Thailand. Currently, 56 members of the total approx. 600 members have signed up for this event. The evening will start with a welcome speech by Mr Bruce Kendall, introduction of the resort owners Mr. Chan and his wife Dao, followed by a nude dinner pool side with entertainment.

Continuing activities on Sept 17 the members of Thailand Naturist will go on a nude cruise to an island off Pattaya that is used as a unofficial nude beach and conclude their day with another poolside dinner with entertainment. The weekend will conclude on 18 Sept with nude pool games and prizes. Chan Resort,a family run operation, is a unique first for Thailand and southeast Asia as it is a total naturist resort. Located only 1.5 hours drive from Thailand’s international airport with easy bus, taxi, and resort pickup service to whisk you to Chan Resort in Pattaya, a major tourist destination.

Conveniently located between Pattaya and Jomtien there is easy access to all major tourist activities. In addition Mr Chan and the new Toyota nine passenger Chan Van offers airport pickup, tours to local tourist venues, and of course return to airport trips.

You must be a registered member of an recognized international naturist/nudist organization to stay there or come as a day visitor. There are 13 nicely furnished air-conditioned rooms, with free WiFi and breakfast, and refrigerators in each spacious room. A maximum number of day visitors are allowed so all will certainly will enjoy a quality naturist holiday.

Mr Chan was Thailand’s first resort owner to officially offer a place for naturists to enjoy skinny dipping and nude sunbathing. He has experience with operating naturist resorts, as he is the former owner of the first Chan Resort which he sold and the new owners renamed Chan Twin which also continues to be a naturist resort. He states the gentle manners and quality of attitude that come with being a naturist, is what attracted him to providing a venue for this expanding segment of the tourist market. Mr Chan consulted with Thailand Naturist on the concept, design, and building of Chan Resort to meet recognized naturist standards. Thailand Naturist Association.

This is the first organization in Thailand and southeast Asia devoted to educating, building and promoting naturism in the region. It has been slow and measured growth over the last 3 years to achieve to-date nearly 700 members. Membership continues to grow at a predictable and increasing rate and is comprised of mostly internationals coming from nearly all of Asia, southeast Asia, Europe, and American countries. Thais are also joining at a regular rate.

Our membership data indicates that there are many Asians who have practiced nudity at home but were unaware there was an organization devoted to social naturism in their own backyard, and once they learn of it they quickly join. We also are finding that members come from all major faiths, so it appears that religion is not a hindrance to naturism in Asia. Membership is free to join, but each member application is reviewed before approval.

There is a two step application process that each member applicant must pass. They use this process to ensure that applicants understand Thailand Naturist is devoted to international standard of social naturism and not alternate forms of naturism. If you are planing a visit or vacation to Thailand it is recommend that you join Thailand Naturist as a member, this enables you to access up to date information on the developing growth, details and planned events of naturism in Thailand.


February 2011 – Yann
i have been to Thailand for holidays i m a nudist from my childwood and i could not find a quiet beach on koh phangan island until i discovered SERENITY residence near haa yaho beach its a secluded resort and there is a private beach where i could sun bath and sea bath they are at have a nice stay in Thailand!