Negril - Jamaica

Here are a few trip reports submitted by some of our clients.


BG - February 2014

in 2013 we had decided to give Hedo “one last chance”. the deteriorating facilities, awful beach chairs, ragged towels and mediocre food were dampening the enjoyment of our favorite resort. the staff was depressed and uncertain of their futures.The new management promised changes but, obviously, a lot of money was going to be needed to overcome years of neglect.

We’re happy to report that 2014 is a new happier year.The facilities work better, look fresher, the beach chairs are new (although still in short supply at times) and the staff is much more upbeat. Kudos to the chef; the food is more interesting, better quality, more varied and Friday night’s chocolate dessert buffet created it’s own orgasms amongst the chocoholics. Smile. The rooms are still creaky and stale but gradually being remodeled. Overall we are happy with the changes and planning our 15th trip. congratulation to management on successfully restoring the resort and our willingness to return.


T & C  Canada - February 2014
Our travel started out as a nightmare. United cancelled our flight out of Saskatoon. We had to find another way to leave that same day. We ended up travelling by bus to Regina to catch a flight to Toronto, to Montreal, then to Montego Bay. We get to Regina, find out our seats weren't booked. United had no flights leaving so they booked us on Air Canada. We made it to Toronto and then to MBJ from there. Flight was delayed a couple hours so we got to MBJ the same time many other flights did, making it a 2 hour customs wait.

The whole time we were at Hedo was amazing. We had no issues with anything there. Mike and Dawn (with Nood Brood) were excellent hosts. We enjoyed all the events we took part in. The only downfall was not enough time! Next year we're going to try some of the things we didn't get to this year. The staff were very friendly and so were the people. We enjoyed our trip so much.

Once again, travel home was a nightmare, all thanks to United. We made it from MBJ to Houston with no problems. But we had 45 min to make a connection to Calgary, when it took almost 2 hours to make it through Customs. Ended up spending the night and getting home almost 24 hours later than originally planned. We both missed a day of work and our kids missed school because of this.

We have already been keeping an eye on flights for next year and we are not flying United/Air Canada again.

Greg - February 2014
Wife and I wanted to take a trip to Jamaica, we weren't sure we're yet. After some research on resorts we came across Hedo. Wanting something different with a little excitement for a vacation, yet not wanting to feel uncomfortable we felt Hedo was our place to go. Best decision we ever made, not only was this the best place we have ever been wife already wants me to plan our next one there. Pressure free fun resort. Thank you Castaways Travel for a smooth enjoyable vacation that we will never forget. G&S;

JR - January 2014
Changes we noticed on this trip....The Nude beach now has a new permanent float, that can hold about 10 or so. New towels (Royal Blue), seems the white and stripe blues ones are being phased out. New Massage area on beach with open air covered huts, and side by side tables. Very Nice and sexy. There is also a new covered area that holds about 6 lounge chairs by wedding area Nude beach. White linen drapes around the mattress areas. The pink or salmon paint is all gone. THANK GOD. There were more but I am still recovering from trip and cant think anymore!

Fred - January 2014
From the time I set foot on the resort I had the vacation of my lifetime. All the staff, the hosts and all the people were friendly and not judgemental. The fact that you can be naked (except dining) was awesome. The entertainment was Super all round. The food was awesome and the deserts well I had too many ! This was on my 'Bucket List' of places to visit and I hope to go back again soon. There is no place like it on earth that I am aware of. I was treated by the staff as a friend not a guest. I will never forget this trip !

Kitten & Angel Group - October 2013
Premium Room Updates

Check out this link for Photos, room descriptions and details about new Premium rooms are in this excellent report from our host couples for the Kitten & Angel group, Fred & Patty plus Paul & Joan who stayed there a few days ago.

S & N - September 2013
From the time we arrived at Hedo2. The check in process went very smooth. It took a few minutes to get through the process. Because we were on a bus with three other couples and a single male. But once we got to our room and got something to eat. We went to sleep to rest up for the evenings activities. This vacation was the best we've ever been on. Everyone was very courteous. The entertainment crew were outstanding. The nude pool and beach were great. The food was excellent in the main dining room and both the restaurants. The only complaint about the food was the hamburgers at the beach grills. They weren't 100% beef burgers. The jerk chicken at the beach grills was excellent. The atmosphere was everything we expected and more. The late nights at the nude pool were just a "sexperience." The drinks you would think being at an all inclusive resort would be watered down. But not one time did I have to ask for extra liquor in my drink. In fact I had to ask a couple of times for them to make me another one not as strong. We will go back again. Thank you so much to the Hellians and Gus and Marilyn the best hosts ever. Thank You castaways.

Hedo Elle - September 2013
Resort is business as usual although the construction is a bother. Saw the new rooms - they look awesome! Heard there was a new chef, but food didn't seem improved. No karaoke? Piano player ever night. Bummer! Had shower issues (as usual) but they did fix it. Never saw Scumba; not sure if he was rehired. Met one of the new owners - it'll be interesting to see the changes over the next few years. Loved our 13th trip despite issues and we will be back!

T.Y. - September 2013
The accommodations were spacious, and dilapidated
The infrastructure is failing.
The food was excellent, better than Royal Caribbean.
The mosquitoes were insufferable!
Would have been great but for the mosquitoes
The manager is a great guy and is trying hard, in time things will be better I think.

x2fur - July - August 2013
The check in went quick and smooth and our bags were sent to our room. We booked a Garden View Nude room this year and had room 2246. The AC unit seemed to have a mind of its own but kept the room comfortable.

Next up, food. The buffet was much improved this year. The main line had some interesting new foods and it was obvious that the new chef has put lots of thought into the menu selections. Friday night's lobster was grilled over charcoal vs. the gas grill previously used, MUCH better this year. The nude pool grill added midnight pizzas this year and they were a great late night snack. The bars were well stocked this year and I did not hear about anyone running out of their favorite liquor. Delroy, Scumba and Paulette were always busy, but never too busy to serve us with a smile.

Last year, the piano bar seemed to be flat, not anymore thanks to Kemmar. Lots of sing-alongs, great music, many laughs and some sexy dancing made the nights there very special. The interactions we had with management staff were great, we had one small problem with one of our group adoptees that security was involved with, but it was easily ironed out without a problem. Although I was disappointed in the security guards at the nude pool when 4 of the college students who were there refused to take off their shorts and just sat and ogled by the hot tub. Security asked them to obey the rules or change locations, when they refused, the three security guards walked away and left them there.

The EC's were absolutely wonderful this year. They worked their butts off all day and put on some fantastic shows at night. Fabian, Ethan, Candice, Diane, Vanessa and the others were always visible, stopping for a hug or just a quick hello as they passed through. Candice and Ethan, in particular, made our trip feel much more personal. The shows at night were fantastic, especially the Wednesday night fetish show. I highly recommend that if you catch only one show, make it Wednesday's. You will never look at milk the same again.....just sayin'. So far as the AWOL gatherings, INCREDIBLE.

Wednesday's Nude Cat to Rick's Cafe was a BLAST. Serena actually came with us, along with a few of the EC's to get the party rocking. Candice, Diana, Kayon, Adrian and Vanessa really made the cruise fun. Rasta Rolph brought his guitar and drums to keep up the energy. The addition of whipped cream and chocolate syrup kept things 'hot' as well. This was TJ's and my second trip to Hedo and I have to say that it was even more fantastic than last year. The improvements that are ongoing are wonderful, the staff is great and our AWOL family continues to grow with great sexy people. The only thing that made getting back on the plane for home tolerable was knowing that we are already booked for next year.

Room Renovation Progress - July 2013
Actual Hedo 2 Room renovation work in progress - WOW

Wtxcpl - July 2013
AWOL 2013 One Love... Trip Report Travel dates 7/26 - 8/3 This trip was our 5th with AWOL and our first year as a host couple and we had an absolute blast! Where to start??

The food is good place to start since I gained 5 lbs this trip. Since Friday night is lobster night, I made sure that our vacation had two Friday nights in it. The buffet is good every night, but lobster night is my favorite! We ate at Martino's four different nights and the food, the service and the air conditioning were great every time! Phylecea had to put up with me for three of those nights and she did an awesome job. We ate at Harry-San once and it was ok but I'm not a fan of Japanese food. The breakfast was good as always with the egg station being my favorite. We never had lunch in the buffet so I can't comment on that. We did enjoy the nude grill cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, patties etc. The midnight pizza was pretty good too but not the best thing on the menu. (Nightly, pizza is served also at the nude pool).

The resort is looking up. The newly remodeled rooms are fantastic! The bathrooms are bigger with double sinks, the toilet was relocated away from the door, and the shower has user friendly controls and a rain type shower head. The glass walls surrounding the bath seem to open up the space. They replaced all of the cushions on the main dining room chairs as well as painted all of the frames. They were painting the buildings and trim while we were there. The grounds crew was constantly raking, sweeping, trimming, mowing and so on. Of course Augustus was on the beach early every morning until late in the day keeping the beach in excellent shape. We did have a few issues with hot water but Lorna made sure that the problem was resolved quickly.

I can't say enough about the entertainment coordinators! They rocked it all week! They started the party at the pool and kept it going all day and well into the night. Having a DJ at the pool was a nice addition too! Kemmar in the piano bar was absolutely amazing! He didn't know Red Solo Cup before AWOL got there but he knows it now! The piano bar is actually fun again thanks to you Kemmar! The bartenders took very good care of us all week. Delroy, Scumba and Paulette made sure we had plenty to drink and we rarely had to wait to get a drink at the nude pool. Eldon kept them coming in the piano bar and always with a smile. It seems like in years past, the bars would almost always run out of something during our stay. This year, I never heard of them running out of anything.

Theme nights are always fun for us and the laughs we get are better than any prize on the stage. I had a ton of fun on masquerade night when I dressed as captain condom and my sweetie was dressed as the wrapper. On Sunday, my sexy wife was looking way too good to go out with a nerd like me but she did it anyway. She even clapped for me in the nerd contest and I won! Of course dancing like a nerd is easy for me since I've had years of practice. PJ night we dressed as a pool boy and french maid to keep a long running inside joke going. Thanks for the laughs C & J. Fetish night was another fun night with my lady in her black leather strappy outfit complete with leather cap and I finally got the nerve to wear a hood and a harness which was pretty comical. Thursday was an AWOL theme toga night but we did use black and white accents to keep with the resort theme. AWOL theme on Friday was horns and halos. By now I'm sure you have figured out that I am a goofball and like to put my own little twist on things so rather than going as a scary or sexy devil, I went as a devil egg. Yes I like to make folks laugh! My squeeze looked smokin' hot in her angel wings and halo.

As for the group stuff, this was our apprentice year of hosting a group and had a ball. We spent most of Saturday greeting fellow AWOLers in the lobby. Lots of hugs and smiles all around; what a great day! On Monday most of our group was finally at the resort so we had our meet & greet in the piano bar with our alcohol potluck. The potluck is a fun time where folks bring their favorite booze from home to share with the group. We even had some clown wearing a penis cast to sign, I wonder who that was... On Tuesday we had a naughty gift exchange. Lots of laughs at this party as well as some very sexy gifts! On Wednesday, we had our annual AWOL nude cruise. This year we went to Rick's Cafe and three of our members even took the leap! I stepped up to the platform, looked over the edge, took a deep breath and jumped...back! No way I was going to jump off that cliff! This year's cruise was extra special. ECs Candice, Dianna, Vanessa, Adrian and Kayon joined us and kept the Hedo party going! Rasta Ralph was also there playing his guitar and dancing- he was great! Serena even graced us with her presence and she was the life of the party! Samantha at the tours desk really work her tail off to help us put this cruise together. On Thursday we had ou r group dinner in the main dining room where we gave away a 3 night comp as well as five $200 vouchers to use on future trips.

Delano and LaToya really did a spectacular job of making sure that all of our group parties went off without a hitch and we really appreciate it. The Godparents of AWOL, Ivy & Rick, have decided to retire from hosting this year. You guys have been an inspiration to me and I hope I can do you proud with the group. We all love you guys and look forward to your return as members. With that, I want to welcome TJ & Chris as the newest host couple! Thanks for volunteering!

AWOL 2014 One well on its way! We had 40 members sign up for next year while we were still at the resort. I think that speaks volumes for the resort and the things that are going there. I'm usually not this talkative but I'm very passionate about this resort, the staff and most of all AWOL! Until next time...

LP - July 2013
H2 has made some noticeable improvements, some minor and some substantial. The overall experience has improved over previous trips. The service was very good, the food improved and new flat screen TV's were being installed on a daily basis while we were there. A fresh coat of paint was being applied almost everywhere.

The entertainment was first rate. The EC's were very involved as opposed to previous visits. The model rooms looked great. The only complaint that we have is that the new TV mounts do not allow you to Pan the TV left and right. Since the tv's are off to the side of the rooms, this is of great concern if you are to be able to view them comfortably. The mounts are relatively fixed and should be able to turn towards the bed.

The shower heads and controls were refurbished for the interim and were much appreciated. the old controls worked terribly if at all. The showers and bathrooms in the models were fabulous improvements. It was a great idea to expand the bathrooms so that you didn't hit your knees on the door if you were sitting down. We can't wait to return to see all of the improvements.

Doc from Buffalo - July 2013
Check out this report to learn about some of the improvements one of our clients noted on their last vist.

These are changes I saw ..... more on the way....others who were there at the same time may not have experienced all the items but I was looking for things and did talk to management a lot. Doc from Buffalo

1. New pads on the dining room chairs. a bright green tropical pattern
2. All new silverware
3. Cloth tablecloths and napkins at lunch and dinner
4. Some decorations at food stations, no ice sculptures yet
5. Netting over some of the vegetable and fruit food stations
6. New tiles around the main pool
7. New railings around main pool and upper deck
8. New pool cues
9. Chess boards repainted
10. Rumballs at lunch 4 days in a row
11. Upper hot tub removes and area tiled over and safe to walk on
12. Coffee area redone with nice racks for the cups
13. Metal trays to hold serving utensils at hot food stations
14. Munasan now named HarrySan
15. More premium liquors at certain bars
16. Breakfast music soft and few loud announcements
17. 15 more shade umbrellas for the nude beach and pool, no new tables to sit at to eat..maybe on next order
18. New ice machine next to nude Jacuzzi so bar doesn't have to go all the way to the top for more ice
19. Portable beer tap to be at nude Jacuzzi except when needed elsewhere..24 hours
20. New sound system in the piano bar
21. 3 new portable Bose systems for the ECs to use
22. Piano bar, chairs reupholstered
23. New dive boat operational
24. 4 new Hobie cats
25. New BCDs for the divers
26. New snorkels and masks
27. Complimentary use of office computer to check in and print boarding passes for return flight
28. New AC system for the office,gym, spa and Martinos
29. When I turned the shower dial it actually provided warmer or colder water distribution system being installed
30. Gym has 3 new lifestyle treadmills and 2 new recumbent bikes on order
31. And last but not least, NO MORE LUNCHTIME PIN !!! You can eat lunch in peace..ECs run a party at Nude pool with games/prizes.

RK Group Trip - June 2013
On a scale of 1-10, about a 7.
Negative Things -
(1) We had bug problems. First, they put is in the oldest building they have (GVP) and my wife opened up the towel that was folded into a swan on the bed and roaches fell out. I'm pretty sure her scream might still be resounding through the resort. We also had ants in the bathroom. They moved us to GVN (this is the first time they didn't have us in an ocean view...but we hardly spend time in the room anyway so we didn't care much) but the process took way too long (we asked at breakfast and didn't get moved until just before dinner) we had to go to the front desk four different times, and though there were no roaches that we saw in the new room, we still had a big ant problem in the bathroom there. We actually lost an entire 200 pill bottle of Advil to them...who knew that ants have headaches?

(2) Also, "hot water" was a crap shoot...once it took about 20 minutes or so and I resigned myself to taking a cold finally hit "luke warm" when I was getting out.

(3) We had no idea (until now) that May & June are "the rainy season" according to the locals in Jamaica. We didn't have a single dry day. Normally, in August, we catch an afternoon monsoon maybe three days out of seven and it lasts around an hour. This time, we had rain every day lasting from 2 hours minimum to all day in one case. Definitely was a downer for our first time in June.

(4) Entertainment staff seemed very new and raw. They didn't really engage us very much...but I'm pretty sure this is just a "seasoning" thing.

(5) Participation in "theme" nights seemed way less this fact, on "Pirate" night, I think Lady Susan & I might have been the only ones dressed. Also, no rum bottles given away as prizes, just Hedo bucks and not enough to "purchase" even a T-shirt.

(6) We also thought, from what we heard, that in June, Hedo II was much busier and that did not seem to be the case. It really seemed that the amount of people was about the same as in August. We might be re-thinking the dates for next year.

(7) Not really sure about this but it also seemed that the seaweed has taken over a bit more in the beach area. I'm not sure if they "clear it out" periodically but it was mostly green with very little sandy areas less than 10 feet from shore. In contrast, walking down the beach past Sandals and the other resorts, the seaweed doesn't start until about 20 yards out...mostly past their "roped off" areas. I'm not sure if they can really do much about this...just an observation that both Susan & I had.

Positive Things -
(1) Improvements going on everywhere, from new paint to new railings to flat screen TVs being installed in the rooms and on & on & on. We are excited to see what it looks like next year for the 12th annual Reggae Cowboy Trip!

(2) Food was very much improved since last year. We heard that Chef Anthony Miller has returned and that is probably why. Desserts are still not very good...I know that they try to get "fancy" with those, maybe too fancy. A simple piece of pie would be great. Food was at it's best when Chef Joseph was there three years ago...but this was a close second. My wife liked the local fare with pumpkin, etc. but one thing that seemed to be totally missing on the buffet was "jerk" Jamaica???

(3) Winston is still there. Delano is still there. Oh and Delano's new assistant Latoya was pretty spectacular also!

(4) Most of our members (not us) scuba dive and seem to enjoy the dives a lot this year. They even saw some rays, sharks (nurse sharks that is) and had a good variety of new undersea life that they raved about.

(5) Wi-Fi was improved and my wife NEEDED it to check in on her new job. Sure would like to see it INCLUDED for guests rather than an extra $70.

(6) Gift shop has expanded their selection a bit, which was good. A little less, "trinkets" and touisty stuff and a little more variety of "fun things" that my wife actually wanted.

(7) It seems that they "weeded out" a lot of the staff that weren't ever even pleasant to the guests...good move! Our favorite bartender, Sheldon, was still there and made his famous "Chocolate Thunder" for us (Vodka, Rum Cream & Baileys) which has become our groups "signature" drink! A lot more smiling staff member faces this year and that indeed makes a difference.

(8) Music was MUCH IMPROVED! More Reggae & Caribbean music and less "Kenny G" is huge as we don't come to the island for that. They actually had island background music playing during breakfast & lunch! Well done! It was also a HUGE plus to have music playing on the beach...would love to hear some at the main pool too.

(9) Entertainment was good, as always. Drum group was terrific...Dancers were great...Roots was solid (although a bit too mellow at dinner...made us sleepy)...but overall a great job.

RR - June 2013
Hedonism II was our 1st time. We loved the staff on all levels, and especially the Entertainment crew - STELLAR. We were disappointed by the lack of detailed scheduling for all the water sport events. We missed MANY opportunities in that area because of irregular scheduling. We were appreciative of the resort updates, but annoyed that we lost electricity 5-6 times for more than an hour, sometimes 2-3 in our room. NO compensation offered for such. Otherwise we had a good experience...

MP - June 2013
We had a great time. I arrived on Saturday June 22. Wife on Monday. Lots of changes since last year. Too many to name but I’ll try.

POSITIVES Sand had been replenished on the beach. No rocky bottom anymore. But at least a foot shallower now.

All new chairs at beach.

New mattress and pillows in my room.

Some sliding glass doors on ocean front hot tub rooms had been replaced.

All the black trim was being painted.

The offensive art work display on the beach in front of the most expensive rooms they have was gone. Hopefully for good.

Food seemed better. But I still think the buffet is too heavy with island dishes. Would be nice to have some non-spicy dishes every night for us older folks.


My #1 complaint – show volume is still at ear splitting levels.

No hot shower in my room.

The weekend food didn’t seem as good as the MONDAY - FRIDAY food.

Bus transportation is still done with no thought to efficiency at all. Load everyone on at airport in any order. Stop at first resort and unload every single piece of luggage because someone’s is at the bottom. Go to next stop. Repeat.

Dallas Couple - April 2013
We returned from Hedo II about a week ago and had a great time. Our trip was so enjoyable that we've already booked another trip for this fall.

We met the new owners (including Jon Gross who happened to be on the property) and many of the new management team members, and we could not be more impressed with these individuals. Hedo really seems to be in good hands and there are positive plans afoot to renovate and make improvements, but still retain all the things that repeat guests have liked about this resort over the years.

As for our experience during our recent stay, rather than providing a laundry list of all the things that were positive or negative, very simply I'll just say that everything was top notch this trip. The food was excellent and there was a nice variety of things to eat everyday including some Jamaican dishes. Water Sports, as always, did a great job in all respects. We like to sail and the Water Sports Manager (Clifton Ritchie) was very attentive to our needs. Lorna Brammer who coordinated a special event/meal for us really did a superb job. Winston, as always, did a great job entertaining us and all the guests with fun games at the pools/beaches during the day and on stage in the dining room in the evenings.

From check-in to check-out during our recent trip, we had a quality experience and can't wait to return. Stayed April 2013, traveled as a couple

J / C - April 2013
Just got back from a week at Hedo II. It was our fifth trip, and we very much enjoyed it. We will be back next year.

If you want a top notch resort with outstanding food, exquisite amenities, and over-the-top personalized service, then Hedo II is not for you. If, on the other hand, you want decent-to-great food, reasonable facilities, and a certain vibe that is really, really hard to describe in words, then Hedo can be as fun and as enjoyable as any place you ever go. You can really relax, try new and naughty things (if you want to), and have a great time. You can be in the middle of naked people that are having a vibrant time partying, or you can keep your clothes on and find a quiet place to read a book in the shade. You'll meet lots of different people and that's half the fun. And, a good percentage of the people you meet will have been there before (aka "repeat offenders”).

We saw two of the new owners several times while we were there, and they very approachable. We saw many renovation activities in progress. Most of the renovations will take some time, but they seem to be serious about really giving Hedo the face-lift it deserves (and SuperClubs neglected). Most importantly, all of the staff seemed to be excited about the improvements and management, and it shows. Our biggest complaints about the resort are the (sometimes) lack of hot water, the tiny bathrooms, and the outdated furniture in the rooms. They say they're going to fix the hot water (and, quite frankly, if you don't have hot water when you step in the shower, try again in five minutes, and you probably will). I think they'll replace the furniture, too. And, the tiny bathrooms will probably always be tiny bathrooms, but oh well.

The staff at Hedo is fantastic, and they seemed better than ever this trip. All of them seemed courteous and willing to give a little extra effort every day. They all work very, very hard.

Stayed April 2013, traveled as a couple

CopNKitten - April 2013
Early in 2013, ownership of Hedonism Resort recently changed to a private investment group which has pledged to make both capital improvements to the property as well as changes to the daily operation and format of the resort.

Castaways Note: This lengthy but very informative report is from Paul & Joan (aka "CopNKitten"), one of the Host Couples for their recent trip with their group, Kitten & Angel, April 2013. Next year's trip is April 12-19, 2014. You can Book It Here with Castaways Travel

CopNKitten are on the right of the photo before their Gilligan's Island Adventure. FredNAngel are on the left. (Click to enlarge)

Overall I am extremely excited with the current and upcoming changes. And what makes it so good is you can tell the staff and management are excited as well. They are putting money into the resort, making it better but not changing it too much to lose our Hedo feel. In my opinion we could not have wished for a better outcome. John and his backers, people that understand and love Hedo like the rest of us are the majority owners, and they made a man we trust, Kevin Levee, as part owner and General Manager. You can see changes already if you look and even more to come. We can't wait to return again and again. Please feel free to ask me any specific questions you have and I will try and answer them the best I can.

Good Points and Improvements at Hedonism # 2

We saw them repainting everything, not just trim, but the entire buildings. And it looked great.
They were putting new plants and flowers in around the entire resort.
We noticed an improvement in the food and talked to the head chef who indicated that many more improvements were coming.
Service in the main dining area vastly improved
Bar service during busy times in the nude pool bar and main bar at night increased
Attitudes of everyone very friendly, polite, and helpful.
People (employees) moved to ideal positions for them, like Lorna in the customer service area
Pizza at the nude pool grill at night = an amazing addition.
New internet towers being installed all around the resort.
Delroy and Scumba are still there and serving up drinks in the nude pool.
All the EC's (Entertainment Co-ordinators) are out and about and doing the daily activities that are scheduled.

Not So Good

Nude Hot tub temperature inconsistent from night to night
Hot tub rooms having issues with the hot tubs working properly (pumps)

Improvements to come from talking with John (the major investment partner) and management

Rooms to be redone including new paint scheme and flat screen TV's
In room TV station with daily activities
Main/Prude beach pool to be redone and all connecting
Disco to be redone and main focal point of nighttime activities
New Lounge chairs for beach and pool with tables and umbrellas for the beach
Paul & Joan, Philadelphia
Co-Host of kitten & angel's Annual Spring Fling
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April 12th - 19th, 2014

See Our Detailed Expanded Trip report here... loots of goodies...

N & C February 2013
We are back home (boo hoo) and just wanted you to know that we had a ball - literally AND figuratively!!

There were a few minor bumps with the change of ownership - like they kept running out of clean beach towels which is really inexcusable considering the rates they are charging. I kept hearing "the delivery truck is late."

The hot water in the showers still needs improvement - this is a long standing problem. The whole place is really showing its age these days and really needs some upgrading. Hopefully this will happen soon.

None of this will stop us from going back of course! Food was fine - lots of variety including grilled lobster tails.

The vibe is still unique and fabulous. Wearing clothes again after being naked for a week sucks. The thing that they most need to do is get rid of the prude side altogether and make the entire place a nude-only resort. I made that comment on my survey form when checking out. People who keep their clothes on really don't belong there.

We always feel younger when we are there and you can't put a pricetag on that.

K & A - December 2012 - January 2013
Spending New Years Eve at Hedo II is an absolute blast. The food and entertainment is great. The atmosphere is all Hedo. This was our third year, and we've already booked next New Years Eve.

The week started out great. No problem with transport, and we got the room we requested. After an early night, we were ready to party. Our second day we went on the "One Love Bus Tour". It was so much fun. I loved all the local joints we visited. Whipped Cream on the bus was wild. I want to do this again.

The rest of the trip is kind of a blur... Rubber Duckies in the hot tub were a big hit. It's always a lot of fun to hang out in the pool. The Bare Bottom Bunch Meet and Greet turned out great. Lots of yummy food, and it's always fun to see the rude t-shirts. Some were very creative this year. The food and hotel service were fine. We didn't have power for two days, but it was no big deal. Since we were at Hedo, you don't have to worry if you don't shave, or your hair isn't perfect.

Best of all are all the people in Bare Bottom Bunch. Scott and Sabina are great hosts. They make sure everyone is included. They plan lots of activities, and are always fun to hang out with. We meet a lot of new people, and it was great to catch up with old friends.

Yearly Visitor - November 2012
.This was my 5th trip to Hedonism resorts and my 3rd to Hedo II. As you all know by now there is a new investment group who promises to put a lot of money into the resort. It certainly needs some serious updates. This year I had no hot water until the last day of my 7 day trip. I visited one of the managers who promised me it would be taken care of and asked me to return to her office the next morning to go over any issues. She did not appear for our meeting. The remote control did not work. And twice I had to go get towels as housekeeping did not leave any. The hot water seems to always be an issue here and I would hope it would be one of the first things they fix with the new owners. Another concerning issue was one of the security staff. When I would leave my room later in the evening, he would approach me wanting me to give him cigarettes and to go get him food from the buffet. I have never been approached like this by any of the security team in all of my visits. The food at the buffet was much better this year than in the past. I feel that they have really made an effort to upgrade their offerings. The only slight issue was that they would run out of things. An example would be when they served roasted pig and ran out by 8:30, no cheese to make a cheeseburger, and no jerk chicken at times by the nude side pool. Of course so many of us love the Hedo vacation experience that we will overlook these minor issues and continue to make our annual pilgramage to Hedo. And lastly, If you are a single male, don't let some of the other reviewers scare you away. I have always had a good time and have met some very nice people at Hedo. Have fun! .

ET - September 2012
. This was our 12th trip and is the first time we've been a little disappointed at Hedo. They ran out of rum, vodka, and had very limited other drinks until the end of th week.

As for the good, food was good and the female bathrooms on the nude side were kept in perfect condition! Always had toilet paper and were clean!

Staff as usual was great, although we hear they aren't being treated well by the "owners" and that was dishearting. FYI - rumors of the resort sale were all around and we found out they owe a lot of money and that's why limited alcohol.

As for the Exotika Film Festival - it was AWFUL!!! It was even hard to eat while the movies were being shown they were so bad! I met the gentleman who was leading EFFand we told him we had wanted to submit but missed the cut-off date. He said "well, we only take the best!" Well, if that was "the best" then I would not want my name associated with it! We hope EFF doesn't happen the same time next year (but hear it is) since that's when we always go. Maybe next year they at least won't do it during dinner!! AWFUL!!! And all our friends thought the same!

We'll go back as soon as we can! Love Hedo!! Hope it doesn't change with the new management/owners.

jnanga - July 2012
Hedo II was very disappointing. We had visited Hedo III in the past and had a fabulous time. The grounds and the beach at Hedo II are very nice. That's the best thing I can say about the resort. The rooms are very rundown and disappointing. We had several problems in our room with our air conditioner, sink drain, toilet leaking and a rotting door in the bathroom. The staff was not very friendly, nor did they seem to want to be there. There were exceptions to that, of course, but overall the atmosphere was not near as friendly as at Hedo III. Most of the staff seemed to just be going through the motions. The drinks they served were either extremely watered down or they used hardly any alcohol at all. This was not the case at Hedo III either. Overall, just very disappointed in our trip, and probably will seek other resorts in the future. Sure wish Hedo III was still open.

CK - June 2012
The experience at the resort was what we expected, the people were fantastic, the resort needs to have the rooms up dated the rooms are terrible, old, bathrooms were nasty as was the room. Everything else was fantastic just the rooms are so outdated.

KP - June 2012
I will start by saying we didn't go to Hedo II for the room and food. However, I did expect them to be a bit better. The hotel is older and the rooms are in need of updating. The food was not horrible, but not great and they kept running out of melted cheese. The biggest complaint we had was the fact that the bars did not keep the top shelf alcohols stocked (as heavily promoted). They ran out almost immediately everyday we were there, leaving only the cheap well alcohol. Also, the mixers, such as OJ and cranberry juice ran out everyday. Really??? The pools were not clearly designated as nude, prude or clothing optional, so we missed out on the best pool all week because everyone thought it was a prude pool. Also, the staff was not as friendly as expected. We stayed at Hedo III a couple of years ago and did not have a single problem, so we expected the same.

On a positive note, the entertainment staff (especially the girls) were awesome to party with! We had two bartenders that were great. Scumba did everything he could to keep up with our group of drinkers, smiling the whole time. My wife loved Ryan. He made everything perfect for her and was always super nice. We did meet a lot of nice people vacationing there and enjoyed parting with them. That being said, we probably will not be returning to Hedo II. As for the price to value ratio, there are many other locations offering better accommodations for the same price while keeping with a similiar atmosphere. To bad Hedo III is not around anymore. We would definitely go back there!

PW - April 2012
I was actually going to email you and report that we have a very much improved experience as compared to last year with the Hedonism staff.

There was a day or two where the beach food shacks ran out of certain foods but we were not affected.

We loved that we had use of the smaller (plunge pool) near the prude side. It was nice to be able to hear and just hang out with folks without the big crowd. Some of Biff's folks actually came over because the big pool was too crowded and the music too loud. We are definitely back in for next year.

Also, just to let you know, Jennifer was excellent to deal with once again. She is always on top of things and was quick to make some changes that were needed. Extra big kudos to her!!!! Thanks again for your groups excellent service.

PW - April 2012
Another great year with Castaways Travel, Mary Ellen and Jim and the Springbreak Trip! This was our 5th trip with them and we had a blast. The resort was well maintained and the staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the week. We had a water issue in our room but were moved and had no other issues the remaining time. The room was cleaned daily with fresh towels and sheets. We loved the small pool below the dining room pool. We had several great afternoons of water bomb fights and just hanging out, relaxing and chatting with old and new friends. As usual, the Springbreak group "adopted" some folks who were not traveling with a group and we had a blast with them.

We hope that they return next year with our group!! See the travel forum for some entertaining stories for the week!! We took the nude cruise with quite a few of our group and the scenery was beautiful. The water was a little rough in some are as due to the wind but over all a great day. The snorkeling around the caves near Ricks Cafe was a new experience.

We had a wonderful couple's massage on the beach, its well worth the time and money! The ladies there were absolutely wonderful. We were both completely relaxed and recharged for the final night party! Our last night, after supper and chatting with everyone, we spent several hours lying on the beach enjoying the stars and the sounds of the ocean. It was a very romantic and enjoyable night before having to say goodbye to all our friends the next day. See everyone next year for the 10Th anniversary Springbreak Trip!!!!!

Nadia - April 2012
If Hedo 2 was a regular resort they would go out of business very quickly: food selection is very poor and rooms are horrible. You do not get what you paid for. They are lucky that people coming there for something else. Despite that we had a great time with our friends.

CW - March 2012
As to my trip, while I don't have a format, let me try to present a fair assessment:

So far this year, I have two assessments, as I was at H2 in January, for Kama Sutra week and in March, for Love Goddess. I will only make minor comparisons of the two weeks; January was over the top, an outrageously fun trip, much like the Old Quad Squad week at Hedo 3 (I miss you M&M). Often times the host couples help make the trip, and my hats are off to James and Champagne, Lady Dee and Sarge, Marilyn and Gus, and Tom and Renee... I have very fond memories of my ten trips to Hedo resorts and the fun we've had together.

General comments:
1) It appears that H2 has been overtaken by clubs from the midwest, resulting in a lot of cliqueiness, not open sharing and meeting people from around the world. While it was once the place rock stars and people from all over went to party, it is now a club destination (where three or four clubs go and remain in their cliques) which makes it hard for the single person who wants to get to know people from around the world. That said, I don't suppose H2 is any different that society in general... it seems everyone is reluctant to meet new people and would rather hang with the old tried and true. H2 would do well to move back to marketing to a broad base on couples from around the world.

2) I think the resort has a responsibility to print "rules of the road" for guests. I can't tell you the number of times I was rudely cock blocked, and while single males were sometimes the culprit, bi females and married males who "sneak out" at night after their spouse retires for the evening are equally to blame. Because you are married, guys, it doesn't give you the right to be obnoxious to the ladies... enough said. The resort could do something here, even if it's just to run a video of "proper ettiquette" on the TV in the room.

Food... better in March (2012) than January (2012)... not sure why H2 doesn't realize the importance of both quality and variety. Variety has never been their strong suite.

Rooms... old and tattered, but somehow, familiar and comfortable.

Piano Bar... what happened to Dion, there in January, gone in March... I personally had about a ninety minute void every evening where I didn't know what to do with myself.

Entertainers... Winston is by far one of the greatest all around entertainers anywhere!! I have never heard a person who can hit both high and low notes like him. I've known Fifty since the H3 days, and he has grown a lot and taken on a leadership role... everybody moves on, but do yourself a favor, H2... hold these two hostage!!

Disco... not quite certain why the Hedo DJ has to techno ruin so many songs... most nights I walk out in frustration after he cuts the song I'm dancing to and shifts it into something that doesn't always complement the song it follows.

Contract entertainers... Mark, who is hired by Toms Tours to DJ several weeks each year, really knows how to rock the party and had that pool a wiggling...

Bartenders... what can I say... my hats are always off to you Scumba, Delroy, Paullette, Alicia, and newer mixoligist Diego, who made every effort to interact with me and many, many others... you are an awesome add Diego.

RS - Feb 2012
Just returned from another fun week at Hed0 2. The resort has the best atmosphere for fun and fun people.

The entertainment crew and their performances make for some of the best shows you'll see in a resort or on a cruise...The Piano Bar is the best and loosest you'll ever find. The rooms haven't changed but are clean and adequate. The maid service was excellent. The beach is excellent with plenty of shade. Lounges are in good shape, but need a little more housekeeping especially under the trees with the birds above. Fresh towels a available for exchange any time. The beach restaurants are great for lunch and snacks. The beach bars are fully stocked and have friendly bartenders.

The main dinning room serves breakfast starting at 7:30am. The waitresses are very attentive and service is very good. The only down side was the main omelet station cook who wore no rubber gloves, cracked eggs and picked the occasional shell out of the pan and shook hands with ever other customer. The upside is this will help your immune system I hope. The lunch& dinner salad bar & desert bars were very professionally done. The hot food buffet was a disappointment; there seemed to be no pride in their presentation. Friday is Lobster nite BBQ 'd fresh very good.

Tip: don't use the imitation butter at the lobster station, get the real butter by the bread makes the Lobster even better. Wifi costs $15. day. But you may spend a couple hours getting it to work, then it seemed to work OK in some locations.

Over all you can't beat Hedo2 for: Atmosphere=fun.

Water Goddess - Feb 2012
Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica is our ideal vacation spot in February due to the 80+ degree temperatures and abundant sunshine. The vibe at the resort is fun, flirtatious, energetic, relaxed, and sexually charged, but not intimidating. We particular enjoy the "no pressure" atmosphere to be naked and free for the week. There is the ability to get involved in "lifestyle" activities if you wish but you never feel pressured or over exposed (pardon the pun) to it if you choose to just snuggle with your significant other under a palm tree.

We travel with another couple that is not into "lifestyle" activities and they have never felt uncomfortable being nude around others at this resort. During the day, our vacation is no different than any other with the abundance of water sports activities available at no extra cost. We enjoy stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, catamarans, windsurfing, water slides, hot tubs and snorkeling with the added bonus of being nude whenever we want.

I will be honest and say that the rooms are out dated and are in need of remodeling and the beach is a little rough around the edges (need water shoes in the ocean due to sea urchins and sharp coral), but this has never hindered us from returning because we do not spend much time in the room and we love the ocean the way mother nature intended. However, if you are looking for more plush accommodations and pristine white sand , you may want to stay elsewhere.

The nights offer a variety of activity from good clean fun in the piano bar, to daring flirtation at the disco, to quiet romance on the beach, to highly charged erotic activity at the hot tub after hours. It's up to you to decide how naughty or nice you want to be. Overall, the staff is friendly, the customer service has improved (we received 2 free half hour massages for a minor issue with our room that was quickly rectified) and there is a variety of food and restaurants to choose from. We travel with someone who has a gluten allergy and she has no problems finding options.

We plan on returning annually and will hope to try some other resorts that Castaways recommends that have a similar atmosphere.

Submitted by Water Goddess

BBB - December 2011
December 26th we take off for the wonderful yearly adventure to Hedo-2. Since we have been traveling with Bare Bottom Bunch (4 years now), we have had no problem getting right into our room which is always a plus. We usually stay in an Ocean View room but this year we opted for a Garden View Room. The extra walk to the beach was a bit of a bummer but the room was just as nice. The Customer Relations Manager came up to us on three different occasions checking with us to make sure everything was going well with our stay. I think the staff are making an extra effort to make sure their guests are happy.

Scott and Sabina (our Bare Bottom Bunch Hosts) always go to the extra effort of making things special and fabulous for our group. They are a great couple and very friendly! H-2 has added extra help to the nude beach. These ladies will take your drink orders which is always a plus. They are very friendly and make things even nicer. The Cafe was our stop for a late breakfast or lunch. The jerk chicken sandwiches are to die for. Ariel and the chef go out of their way to assist and always have a smile. We took the kayak out for a stroll around the island that isn't too far away from the resort. We would highly recommend this and bring your mask and snorkel with you. The water is even prettier over at the island! There is always something going on so if you are the active type, there are events all day long and the night life and shows were even better this year. If you have been more than once you know the routine of the place.

Dinner (whenever you get yourself up from the late afternoon nap, the evening show, which is always entertaining, hang out at the bar for a while to people watch, piano bar next (don't ever admit you are a newbie and if you do - we warned you!!!) and then to the disco to dance until your feet can't take anymore and then the hot tub to help with the aching feet . . and other things if you wish!!!

We always have a g reat time and we are always sad to leave. If there was a down side it would be the food at dinner. We usually stick to the pasta bar and a salad but. . we don't come to Hedo for the food. The atmosphere is always electric, the people, no matter why you come, are always friendly and there is always a party that you can join. We will for sure, be back again next year!

Thanks so much to Castaways (Jennifer& Judy), Scott and Sabina and the rest of the crew that ALWAYS make the trip fantastic!! Oh! One more thing, if you go with the Bare Bottom Bunch, the Foam party in the disco cannot be missed!!! Bring some water shoes for sure!!

Russ & Ruthie - November 2011
We had another great trip to Hedo II. The resort was in great shape and the hotel's management and staff were very helpful in making sure that our vacation went well. As always, the the folks at Castaways Travel did a great job arranging our trip. We met other Castaways Travel clients at Hedo II and they also were very happy with all aspects of their vacations. We look forward to returning to Hedo II again in 2012.

D & F - October 2011
This was our 2nd year hosting the Happy Camp Crazies group trip at Hedonism 2, October 15-22 and I couldn't have asked for much more. The highlights of the week would have to be our Meet & Greet at the Piano Bar on Sunday afternoon as well as a few of the staff members. The resort out did themselves with providing a wonderful buffet and made sure our favorite person from Hedo 3, Serena Williams was in attendance. She certainly added enjoyment to the event. The entertainment crew, although not present everyday at the nude pool, helped keep things lively during the afternoons they were there. I was disappointed that the security people didn't do a better job of enforcing the nude rule while we were there. Several guest pointed out the offenders but they seemed more interested in chatting among themselves rather than do their job.

We had a few storms roll through during the week but the consensus: Was already wet from the bottom up; what's a little wetness from above!! The bar or the hot tub was THE place to be while it rained. Delroy kept everyone happy, rain or shine!

The food at the resort has definitely improved since Joseph (from Hedo # 3) joined their staff as he has done a marvelous job of improving the dining experience. The meats are of a better quality and the variety was much better during lunch and dinner. We had a wedding during our week for two of our group members and our resort representative did a great job for them. It was beautiful and the bride and groom were very pleased. I was pleased to see the foot washes at the entrances to the nude pool filled in as that was a hazard to everyone's ankles!.

I can't wait for them to replace all of the fans in the dining room. The table under the single test fan was a premium seat during dinner. There were several maintenance issues within our group of rooms but they were taken care of quite quickly. Unfortunately there was a water pipe break during our last night there and there wasn't any water to be found from 11pm to 7am. That is something that is even beyond the control of the resort. We met some wonderful people during our stay that just made it even better. D & F

AZ Dude - August 2011
On the positives, the entertainment was far, far superior to last year's. Nick and his staff were incredible. The food is very much improved from last year as well. The executive chef was always walking the main dining room, mingling with guests and eager to please. Grantley, Denton and Tramain were awesome on the Scuba dives and ensured we had a good time. Will definitely go back to Hedo, but will book around the LV group.

The only disappointments were as follows: The Love Voodoo club was at the resort at the time. Many in the group are very nice people, but my wife and I aren't swingers and the atmosphere this year was much different than last year. Both couples and singles were more aggressive in pressuring their agendas. My wife was uncomfortable being alone at the nude pool especially walking the mere 50 feet to the restroom at night. This was totally different than last year where everyone was more relaxed and she could mingle freely without feeling the need for a body guard. I know things around the hot tub at night can get a little exciting, but this year it was a freak show (enough said).

I had two issues with the resort and they both happened on the same day. First, the battery in the door lock went out. I had signed up for scuba diving and was unable to get my gear out of the room and missed out on getting what would have been awesome pictures. The wife waited for engineering to show up and "Soon come" ended up being an hour and a half. Later that day we returned to the room to find all the power had been shut down to the building our room wasin. Apparently, my wife and I were the only people in the entire building and they had shut off the power to save energy not realizing we were still there. This time "Soon come" took 30 minutes. Castaways Travel made booking everything way to simple and were extremely customer friendly. I look forward to using them again.

Castaways note: The power does fluctuate at times at the resort. We've experienced the same thing at other Jamaican resorts; the power problem is not isolated only to Hedonism.

mlake - July 2011
When you go to Hedo you go for the freedom to enjoy being naked, great people, and awesome staff. The food, rooms, entertainment is acceptable. The only issue we had was a lot of our group got sick on our way home with upper resp ailments. Overall we will continue going back with our group because we love the people.

Mo & Moe (Hedo's Mojo) - April 2011
Well..finally, our April 2011 trip report…where to begin? It can't be said enough, but we met and hung out with so many amazing people- not just in our group, but people we "adopted", encountered, and with whom we spent time. As you all know, the people are what matter at Hedo, and all of them really made our trip incredible. There are too many people to name, but you know who you are! I think my hubby, Moe, (aka Restless Legs/ Happy Feet) met every person at the resort!

We arrived into MBJ on Sat. 4/16 on time, after a relatively uneventful red-eye flight from Las Vegas on Spirit Air and 3 hr layover in Ft. Lauderdale. Note- we'll NEVER be flying Spirit again…the additional charges were crazy (charges for carry on, charges PER LEG of the flight, for luggage over 40lbs, to pick your seats in advance, etc.). The seats/legroom also seem smaller than on other carriers. Anyway, we made it in one piece with our luggage, so that's the important thing. The immigration line was pretty long, but moved quickly.

We made it to the Superclubs desk within about 30-45 minutes of arrival, and our friends had arranged for a private van to take us to Hedo (these awesome friends also took 2 of our bags for us ahead of time so we wouldn't incur any more baggage fees). Wow, now I see what the hoopla is about the private car/van! Great AC, comfortable seats, and at Hedo in about 45 minutes! Thanks, guys!

We brought a downpour with us, but it only lasted about an hour, so we used this time to eat and say hi to people in the dining room. I was very proud of myself for packing an umbrella, though! Weather throughout the trip was pretty great- aside from that big rainfall we only had the few typical 15-20 minute sprinkles throughout the week, and sunny skies for the remainder of the time. I actually thought that it got a little cool in the evening, and I distinctly remember one night thinking that I wished I had a sweater (but I guess that wouldn't match my slutwear, LOL)

We had a very nice (by Hedo standards) room on the ground floor on the nude side, directly across from the gym/spa. I thought it was the perfect location- close to dining, to the gym, and not a far walk to the nude pool. We had plenty of hot water all week, and our housekeeper did a great job. Interesting note- I wasn't able to exchange the lightbulbs in the lamps for ones I brought with me in a higher wattage this year.

I thought that the food was overall great, but I pretty much stuck to the standards. I ate breakfast (gotta love Charlie's omelettes, bacon, French toast, pancakes, and the like), usually had lunch/dinner at one of the grills (jerk chicken or a burger/sandwich, fries, and there were patties all day), and occasionally had fish or pasta at dinner. We didn't eat at any of the restaurants…somehow making plans for dinner was a little too daunting. We had all the alcohol we needed (and then some), and Serena concocted a special drink for our group for us.

The entertainment also was pretty fantastic, and has really benefitted from the addition of some of the H3 crew. Daytime activities happened pretty much as scheduled. I really missed the Happy Hour loud music, dancing, and games they had last year, though. Apparently, they had it on Saturday after we left, but I suspect that last year some people complained about it (volume, music choice, etc), which is why it didn't happen throughout the week. The nighttime shows were also amazing, with the highlights being Fetish Night and Rock Star Night. Even toga night was pretty fun, even though I wasn't dressed in a toga this year (I did wear a "Roman/Grecian" style dress, though!). The only complaint I had about any of the performances was that they were pretty heavy on dance routines and Winston's drag shows.

I didn't spend a lot of time in the piano bar, so I can't comment about that, but the disco was hit-or-miss. The AC situation…well.. maybe it has slightly improved, but that's about it. I figured out at least part of the problem- they don't run the AC in there all day; they don't start running it until the disco opens at 11p, so there isn't an opportunity for the disco to get cool before people start arriving. There were some nights when the music and vibe was amazing, but others when we were like WTF is going on here?!

I hit the gym every day, and found that all of the treadmills except 1 worked, and all of the stationary bikes except 1 also worked. I needed to try to pre-empt all of the food and drink I was consuming! This year, I actually gained less weight than usual (on the other hand I actually didn't lose as much as I usually do beforehand, so I guess everything evened out).

Of course, Hedo is all about the people, and we met some really amazing ones and had some fantastic times with all of them. I thought that the closing of H3 has really changed the dynamic of H2 for the better- lots of younger, high energy guests. Our Meet & Greet was just right, Naughty Schoolgirl Night was so much fun (and ended up with a bit of naughtiness), we hosted a "Shake Yo'Booty" Hedo's Mojo night at the prude pool deck, courtesy of the Buttcrack Tours, who transformed the pool deck into "Chez Mikey", PJ night, a Naughty Gift Exchange, the list goes on. Thursday's talent/toga night was also great, and the BCT put on a version of Bohemian Rhapsody that was just mesmerizing. Friday day and night--just wild!

One interesting lesson that I saw played out- we met a few "single guys," who actually came with platonic female friends, in an effort to make couples and other guests feel more comfortable and not come off as the "creepy single guy." This strategy didn't really work for any of them. In one situation, the girls didn't want to go on the nude side, so the guys weren't really ever able to meet and interact with other people much (cause they didn't want to go over there on their own). They were really fun and sweet guys, so I felt badly for them. They'd always ask me, "Mo, where are the hot single girls? Introduce us to some girls!" I always had to say, "I've got nothing!" While there were a few single girls- they were on the nude side! In another situation, the platonic "girlfriend" ended up meeting someone else (another single guy) at the resort, and ditched her friend. Ouch!

We had some incredibly funny, OMG, WTF moments too- from Moe's Evil Twin, to "The Green Pill," "Can I have SOME (not more)" and the "Jamaican Hooker." Moe was a Human Wedding Cake, I had to "Push Through the Pain," and I didn't think Moe was going to make it on our departure day. (he tried hard to stay up all night…but didn't quite do it, and ended up passing out drunk 2 hrs before we needed to check out!)

All in all, it was a fantastic trip, and I definitely needed a vacation from my vacation when we returned. I think Moe and I slept for 18 hrs on Sunday, and we probably could have used some more sleep!

Well…I guess this Trip Report ended up being more than a short one. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed it. We can't wait to return!

Shrek and Fiona - April 2011
Let me start out by saying a big thank you to Mary Ellen and Jim for another overall great trip. They are the best and we have considered them super special from the time where they helped us enjoy our “newbie” trip four years ago at H3 to this most recent trip. Also, kudos to Judy for always responding to emails and making sure we had everything travel wise we needed. We have truly enjoyed booking our trips through Castaways.

Trip report for H2, 2011

We had no problems with our flight down and passing through immigration went fairly quick. We made it to the Superclubs reception area where only one girl was working so things moved slowly but we were able to pass the time catching up with old friends.

Upon arrival at the resort, the check in was easy and the desk staff was super friendly. Our room met all of our needs, a big bed and a place to shower! Our air conditioner worked but it was on a flip switch, either it was on full blast or completely off, nothing major though. The room was cleaned and the bed made each day. The cleaning staff was friendly and made sure we had everything we needed.

The facilities were pretty much the same when we were there two years ago. With the resort having a high occupancy rate for the week, the nude pool was quite full and the prude pool went virtually unused except when we went over to play volleyball. Maybe in the future this pool will become a full fledge nude pool to help the overcrowding in the current nude pool. Overall, we were happy with the facilities and the entertainment, especially the piano bar.

The food was pretty much as we expected with the only issues being the following. The beef served the night we ate at Munasan's was pretty much like eating a piece of rubber tire. The wait staff seemed to be pushing us to finish and never made an effort to acknowledge our dissatisfaction with the beef nor offered to replace it. The cook never engaged us and seemed to be preoccupied with the waitresses. Also, Jim had asked for some extra rice since several of us were used to more at a meal but that request was never filled or just ignored. Needless to say, this was a very disappointing experience. If we return next year, I doubt we will plan on eating there. On several days, the food booth at the nude pool ran out of food with exception to grilled cheese and the folks there seemed indifferent as to if and or when they were to receive anymore. With the known capacity of the resort, we felt someone should have anticipated the amount of needed food for the week. I will say the times we did get jerk chicken and other food from the nude pool food booth it was tasty.

The quality and selection of alcohol was great, but one of the disappointing things was that the nude pool bar and the other beach bar ran out of beer several times during the week. Taking in account the number of beer drinkers, I was able to get over that, but felt someone should have anticipated the amount needed based upon the occupancy of the resort.

Now for the part of our trip that is still causing me to reconsider returning next year. From the day we arrived until the day we left, the bar staff could not have been more indignant and consistently projected a poor attitude that caused us to feel bad for asking them to prepare us a drink. Being raised in the South, my mother always taught me to say please and thank you, which I did each time I asked for and was served a drink. It was a hard pill to swallow to all week never being acknowledged when I thanked them. The day that broke the camels back for me was standing at the nude pool bar and the girl working there ignored not only me but another person in our group for quite an extended amount of time. When she finally had to acknowledge us and wait on us, she made us feel like we were causing her to do something above what she should be. It was this day that several of us began to discuss the possibility of traveling to another resort next year.

My wife and I became part of the Springbreak Group four years ago and have enjoyed every trip with the group. We have always said it’s the people, not the place that makes the trip for us; however, we are like most folks and work hard all year to pay for what we consider our annual “adults only trip”. We don’t and didn’t expect everyone to treat us like we were in one of the high cost, premadonna hotels but we were paying customers and expected to at least be acknowledged, if anything, for the fact that we always acknowledged them by thanking them for their service.

We did get a chance to speak to Serena and expressed our disappointment with the attitude of the bar staff and the wait staff at Munasan's. We hope we were able to convey that not all of the employees acted in that manner and overall we had a great trip. We did discuss with Serena that we had become accustomed to the smaller and more intimate atmosphere at Hedonism 3 and that we should have expected differences between the resorts since there were several large groups at the resort that week. We also know that the resort is undergoing a huge change and do understand that they are probably suffering merging pains just like companies in corporate America.

My wife and I are just two people who have found a great group of people with whom many we consider family. I consider myself the biggest cheerleader on Mary Ellen’s forum and will continue to support her and Jim and their trips. We have agreed not to let these few problems ruin our great memories of this year’s trip but I would being doing a disservice to Mary Ellen and Jim as well as you folks at Castaways if I did not say we will at least look at some other options for next year. That being said, we also believe in giving second chances and hope that passing this information on to you, however trivial it seems, will hopefully allow you to inform the H2 management so they can address it in some manner.

Thanks for allowing me to take a few minutes of your time and look forward to booking through Castaways wherever our adults’ only travels take us!

windman111 - March 2011
As usual the weather and people were great. We had a great time meeting and talking with new people from around the world. Thats what makes it a great place! The food was good and the drinks flowed till you wanted to stop. Piano bar was packed and fun to say the least. The daily games and activities are not played as much any more. The staff does not get invovled and that leads the guest to not participate much. The nightly shows are still good but lack in participation too. Over all it was a good time and would do it again.

Jorge Fernandez - August 2010
Hedo II is the most fun place we have ever been to, even more so than Cap D'Agde where we have been more than once; we made many new friends, and had a great time. We started out with some apprehension due to being one of the oldest couples there; soon, however, it became clear that age did not matter much. The younger people appreciated the fact that we were always ready to join in the fun and showered us with compliments, took our pictures, and made us feel as being part of their group. Lucy and I even ended up winning the contest for the best couple outfit on the "Fetish and Leather" night. The main effort was managing to get through with sleeping only 4 or 5 hours a night; we never had a boring moment in the whole 6 days we were there. We also made a small contribution by helping to talk some of the people who started in the prude side into joining the rest of us in the nude side, and stay there.

The staff members at Hedo were funny, competent, friendly, and did anything they could to make us happy. We thoroughly enjoyed the Piano Bar, the music played by the house band during dinner, the special "theme" shows every night, the Disco, and the late evening (or early morning) aquatic activities. The planned daytime activities were also a lot of fun. Now it is a matter of figuring out when we are going to go again. Please keep us informed when you start getting a group together for another trip. In the enclosed picture we are wearing clothes from Under The Sun, as well as their "black bag". Jorge and Lucy July 2010

Russ Knight - August 2010

Hedonism II is never a BAD just has been so much better in the past that to watch the decline is hard for those of us who have traveled there numerous times. The main reasons that we travel to Jamaica are still there... the beach, the sun, the Caribbean and the most of all the friendliness of the people of Jamaica.

Their warm smiles and laid-back, easy 'No Problem' attitudes have a way of melting the cares and stress of work, bills and life here in the states. Whether it was Travis (one of the chefs) trying to teach me phrases in the native language (Patois/Patwa) or Ricardo at the bar giving me a great drink, a 'Ya' Mon' and a fist bump or Rasta Ralphie (who totally embodies the spirit of Jamaica for us) singing and dancing on the catamaran cruise to Rick's can take away everything else and the PEOPLE are who bring us back!

The main two problems at Hedo II could be addressed easily and quickly...even in a limited economy.

(1) Customer Service: Response to the customers E-mails and phone calls should NEVER take days or weeks. If I have a question regarding my group, I am most likely asking it because one of the people I am trying to 'recruit' is asking it. We lost six people that wanted to go with our group this year because of lack of timely response. (Two booked a trip to the Dominican Republic, two chose Mexico and two went on a cruise.) It seems in a tight economy that customer service would be a priority, especially during 'non-peak' travel times...but Hedo II dropped the ball here.

(2) Entertainment: Most of the entertainment staff was new but they seemed enthusiastic and will probably round into a very good crew. Standouts were (veteran) Winston who sadly was only at the property for one day during our stay) and new guy 'Fehrario' who really was playful and had all of our group laughing and enjoying watching him and participating with him. Hopefully they can keep him there.

The real problem, as I see it, is a lack of some of the real Jamaican culture that we go down to see. In our week, the ONLY Jamaican cultural entertainment was a Steel Drum Band. Gone are the Circus nights where we saw everything from contortionists, to snake charmers, to fire acts and limbo artists and amazing Jamaican Dancers! Gone is the Beach Party where the entertainment staff would take everyone from the dining room in a huge conga line, down to the beach where a huge sound system was set up booming reggae music as the staff got us involved in beach games where we were sweating in the heat of an August night and yet still couldn't wait until they lit the huge bonfire on the beach! Gone is reggae music playing at the pool and beach reminding you with each note that you had traveled to the EXOTIC land of JAMAICA!! To replace all those things, which we would take tons of pictures of and share them with our friends making them WANT to come with us next year.....

now there is the Roots Explosion band (who are very good by themselves) playing with a guest (lounge style) vocalist each night singing disco songs from the 70's. We could get that at any Holiday Inn in America...why would we want that when we are traveling to experience JAMAICA??? A few easy fixes and Hedonism II could be back on track to it's glory days...let's hope they make the effort!

DD - July 2010
It was our virgin trip to H 2, and we did enjoy the nude side 99% of the week. We are new to the nude/adult vacation concept and we and another couple decided to jump right in with both feet, thinking H 2 was about as extreme as you could get, and if we could handle H 2, we could handle most anything.

We've now fallen in love with the feeling of being nude for a week. Although at times H 2 got a bit wild for our tastes with lots of PDA's taking place, nothing we saw or did came as a surprise to us. But as I said, we had done lots of surfing on the web, talking with various people, and reading Chris Santilli's book and emailing with her, so we were pretty well prepared.

Yes, Delroy was there, at least some of the time. We met (Castaways host couple) Bob and Sue (great people by the way), and talked with them several times during the week about H 2, and how it has changed over the years. A lot of the horror stories we had read or heard about H 2 just didn't surface, at least not for us, and we utilized all of the facilities. The one suggestion I have for the resort is to provide a rack on the wall in the rooms, or just pegs or something for hanging wet/damp clothes, towels, etc. There's lots of open wall space for that in the rooms. The humidity around July 4th was very high, so nothing dried well, even though the air conditioning was functioning fine (another horror story about poor AC that we didn't experience). We ended up hanging towels and things from the closet doors, the tv, and basically anything we could.

But we really have zero complaints about the facilities. We met lots of great people during the week. Bob and Sue said the maintenance is going downhill, and I guess with their perspective of time, that may be true. But from a newbie perspective, it was fine to us. Certainly not 5 star accommodations, but again we didn't come in expecting that.

So all in all a great trip, and we have fallen in love with the idea of being nude for a week. Although H 2 was fine, we've already been talking about other sorts of nude vacation ideas. We've gone on many cruises over the years, and really love them. So we may try the nude cruise idea. In any case, we will keep an eye on Castaways' website and emails for other thoughts and ideas for vacations. Thanks....DD

Mo & Moe with Hedo's Mojo - April 2010
Every trip to Hedo is special, but I think this one may go down as one of the most fun! This was our second year running Hedo's Mojo, and we had such a wonderful, fun, flirty, sexy, fantastic group with us, including Rick & Ivy from AWOL! Although some of our members were "short timers," staying only 4 days or less, we ended up with a group of 32 members altogether. By the second day, we were being called out as the "Sexy Mojos" and Moe and I felt like rock stars!

This is a fun, detail report... Read the rest in PDF Format

L&A - December 2009
Beach was nice but didn't like the layout of the nude pool and hot tub side. Hot tub is too far from the bar and water wasn't hot all the time. First time there.....nice, but we like Hedo 3 better. The food at the buffet was the same every night. Had one day of rain and was told we would receive a free day stay....we are still waiting for the voucher. It has been since Xmas. Had a wonderful massage at the spa...the best deep massage ever had! The week before Christmas is a great time if you are looking for a relaxing time and not a lot of people.

JG - November 2009
We had an absolutely wonderful week at Hedo II and LoveVoodoo Fest. It was our first trip and at least one of us ws a little wary before going. Now, however, we can't wait to get back there. The whole experience is difficult to put into words, very much at the upper end of what we were expecting, but here goes anyway: Ten great things about Lovevoodoofest: These are in no particular order, it was all just so good. All the staff at Hedo Everyone there went out of their way to make our time relaxing and fun. All the staff were gracious and friendly. It was an honour to be looked after by them. People We met some really friendly people. We were Hedo virgins, several couples went out of their way to help us settle in. Very much appreciated.

By the end of the week we'd found some really interesting people to spend time with. Disco/hot tub The old-fart of the couple finds the disco a bit loud The cooler of the two just enjoys the whole experience, she loved the sensuality of some of the people who danced there. Most nights the old fart was despatched to relax in the hot tub -- the younger one finds that whole scene a bit tame and boring to watch so she stayed in the disco and mingled a bit.

Clothing optional - One great thing with LoveVoodoo Fest was the prude side being clothing optional. This meant we could both spend time there, being comfortable clothed or not according to our preference. The Resort For an all-inclusive resort everything was really at the top end of what we were expecting. The food was better than we had feared it would be, always something good to eat. We heard some complaints from others but we found it all to be quite adequate to fuel our needs. The resort was clean, tidy and well kept. A good design too -- all sorts of interesting little places to discover.

Theme nights/dressing up Lots of fun to dress up and to see how others dressed up. Some amazing efforts by people. Some interesting sights, never a dull moment. Relaxation/excitement The whole week was a curious combination of relaxation and excitement. It was so easy to relax at Hedo, yet at the same time there was always an under-current of sexual energy. Really can't put this into words, but it felt very, very good.

The Gym OK, so many people said, 'I'm on holiday, the gym can wait'. However, this is a really great gym. Well equipped, friendly helpful trainers and the best possible view from the treadmills: distant glimpse of the ocean and a constant flow of beautiful, scantily clad people past the window. Todd and Elena Every time we saw him, Todd was busy talking to Hedo staff or Lovevoodoo members, making sure things were going smoothly, working really hard to keep things flowing. We think he did an amazing job making this a very memorable week.

Our journey down was uneventful. If Air Canada try and tell you that you just need one immigration form per family, tell them you are two families -- when you get to immigration you'll find each person needs their own form. Bus ride to the resort was quite enjoyable, good to see some of Jamaica outside the resort, but Brenda thought that some of the conditions we saw were heartbreaking as well. We have noticed that some groups fundraise for staff members' kids, etc. and we would like to find out more about that and participate. The bus went straight through, no stop at a bar for a beer as some had reported. Everyone got off at Hedo except for one young couple sitting in front of us who were going on to another resort and we were wondering what exactly they thought of it all, their eyes were as big as saucers as we all got off the bus!

We had a realy great time at HedoII, from the house keeping staff the grounds the food the entertainment staff the weather (not sure who to thank for that !!!) things could not have been better !!! We had such a great time we made reservations for next year 2 days after getting home from this trip for Love Voodoo FEST 2010 with Castaways Travel.

Norm&Lisa_VA - November 2009
ll in all, this years trip to Hedo II with LoveVoodoo (LVD) Fest was fun! We really went to Hedo II with LoveVoodoo more for the people than for the resort, and the people rocked! Our primary acclaims and criticisms (with suggestions) fall on the resort. We hope this trip report is read by all who have the ability to help make next years trip even better because yes, we are already booked!

All in all, the resort was beautiful and the amenities great! We loved the beach, the view from our ocean view nude room and its cleanliness, the food options, the special happy hours with sponsors, the cleanliness and availability of the gym, the water sports available to us, and the fact that the catamaran can come right up to the resort for the cruise to Ricks Cafe.

We love the nude pool area including the grill, the swim-up bar, and the huge hot tub perfect for happy hour. And this year, we were very pleased to find that the hottub was, in fact, hot and clean always a plus! However, the bar at the nude pool could use some help; the staff seemed to have a hard time keeping up with us. They had a tendency to make the wrong drinks and often ran out of common alcohol such as Appleton rum, Absolut vodka, and Jim Beam. It might be helpful when the resort is full to plan ahead for the alcohol usage and staffing to accommodate the business. And this year, there were more bees than weve ever seen before! What if someone was allergic staff or visitor??? Understand there were a lot of sweet items at the bar, but maybe cleaning or wiping up with Clorex wipes now and then would keep the bees at bay.

After the shows at dinner time, we loved the piano bar. The new guy could actually play piano, sing, and he was entertaining! We also loved that the ECs came in to sing they are wonderful! We were a little disappointed, however, that the piano guy had a book with a ton of songs, but he kept to a dozen or so the entire week.

Our group was there for a whole week and our expectations were that we'd get a different show each night not necessarily the case. There are some classic songs for any piano bar, but ensuring a better mix of songs would make the piano bar even more fun! After the piano bar, the disco would be a lot better if the DJ would mix up his music!

All week long, while LVD was there, he seemed to play only 15 great songs. However, we noticed the Saturday night that most LVD folks were gone; he put on a lot of other great songs to include some reggae. That night was GREAT! The food options on resort are great; we love the variety, but good food after 2am was hard to come by this trip. There were supposed to be snacks from 12-2am, and there were, but at 2:01am, any remaining was thrown away! Being a lifestyle group, we are often playing between 12 and 2, so why not keep that remaining food hot under the heat lamps for us? And it actually took us a few days to get them to even MAKE french fries with the burgers. Next year, if there are remaining burgers and fries, please consider leaving them under the heat lamps we'll eat them! And after 2am, there were still supposed to be other snacks, but what we found was soup leftover from dinnertime and mini sandwiches that had unidentifiable meat in them. This, unfortunately, often left us going to bed with the grumblies. Please consider having more burgers and fries or maybe even just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with potato chips after 2am?

All in all, a good trip, but room for improvement for an all-inclusive resort.

Freebird410 - November 2009
We had a realy great time at HedoII, from the house keeping staff the grounds the food the entertainment staff the weather (not sure who to thank for that !!!) things could not have been better !!! We had such a great time we made reservations for next year 2 days after getting home from this trip for Love Voodoo FEST 2010 with Castaways Travel.

N.W. - October 2009
Hedonism 2 has become like a second home. I first came to Hedo for Anniversary and my birthday in October/November 2008. I have been back four times since. I also go by myself. I make so many friends because everyone is so sociable. You never will feel alone unless you want to. People are respectful and friendly. I highly recommend you check it out if you are looking for a place to relax and have fun. The people that come to Hedonism 2 are absolutely 5 Star. The Entertainment Crew is friendly, fun, supportive, and filled with personality. They will make sure you have a great time and feel like you are family.

My favorite activities of the resort are the scuba diving (which is included), the Spa, and relaxing on one of the hammocks or outdoor gazebos. The gym is wonderful with a great trainer Tyson. Delroy is still serving up the drinks. Winston is still serving up the drama.

The food is ok. There is a large variety though. They have a large cafeteria. There are two additional cafes that serve jerk chicken and other snacks all day. All of the foods go nicely with the pina coladas and strawberry frozen drinks readily available for you. Randie, the chef will make you something special if you ask. They are so accommodating. Watch out for the bartenders. They love to give you 3 drinks in one, so that you are thinking you are having one Tequila but…

Get the daily schedule ahead of time (from Castaways) so you know what costumes to bring for the theme nights. Play games and check out the piano bar. You will make so many friends. If you have any problems speak with Sophia (the Concierge). She is the fixer of the place and is pure sweetness. Personally, I could not imagine going to another resort right now. Remember to bring your water bottle, a scrungie keychain to wear your key on your arm, and your sunscreen. Bathing suit is optional.

My room had hot water, a working phone, and comfortable bed. And by the way, I won Miss Hedonism II 2009. So I will be back next year.

skydoc - August 2009
Stop looking, researching, debating,worrying about going. Just go. You will have an excellent time and want to go back as soon as you get home. The food was better than expected, the service excellent, the room was fine ( you will only sleep there anyway), the people at the resort wonderful, open minded, pleasant, fun to meet and be with.

Katherine - May 2009
I wanted to spend my Bachelorrette weekend at a sunny beach with plenty of naughty things to do... I instead found a wonderful beach, great pools and swim-up bars, plenty of tasty food, and - oh ya- some naughtiness. I greatly enjoyed Hedo II. The rooms were clean and nicely situated and the other guests were friendly and warm. The resort wasn’t as posh and tropical as I had anticipated, but we loved it anyways. It was a pain to convince the staff that we needed the double-bed option since I was there with a friend, but it was carried out. And although I was looking for an amazing beach, Hedo just isn’t the kind of place that you’d want to hang out at the beach… all the action and fun is at the pool!

What was most suprising was how easy it was for us to feel comfortable going au-natural. This was our first time stripping in front of strangers and STAYING stripped, but it was actually very exhilerating. The daytime wasn’t as "naughty" as I had imagined, but the heat was definitely turned up at night. Again, it was exhilerating. I think the friendly bartender helped. My friend and I aren’t in the lifestyle, but we still had fun watching and the resort had plenty of other activities to do.

Would we go back to Hedo? Most definitely. The adults-only, au-natural ambiance got us hooked and we’re planning on going again this fall.

D.K. - May 2009
I did a lot of research (trip reports, internet searches) about hedo2 before we went so we pretty much knew what to expect. This place was more than we could have ever expected. From the bus trip to the resort to the smiling faces upon arrival we had such a great expiereance we started planning our next trip the second day we were there. All you have to do is be open minded about PDA's and silly drugs and you will have the best trip of your life. WE DID! Much thanks to Castaways for recomending the group (wickedwildcats) to travel with, provided us a group discount and got a fantastic room upgrade! WOW!

MrsMPD - April 2009
American Airlines caused our trip to be delayed by a day but the resort was fantastic to arrange for an additional day for us. The food wasn't great for the most part except for the jerk chicken and the pork chops and steaks. The equipment for the Hobie Cats need some repair but some of the boats were nice. The snorkleing tour was top notch. Top shelf alcohol was available upon request if brand was specified. Drinks were very good. We will always book using Castaways (but would like a weekend or in case of emergency number available for trip delays). We will recommend Cataways to our friends but may change to Desire instead of Hedo vacations.

Russ & Ruthie - March 2009
This was our 10th trip to Hedonism II and it was our best trip ever. The hotel, grounds, pools, and beach area were very well maintained, the food was great, and everything in the room (plumbing, air conditioner, TV, etc.) worked fine.

The entire hotel staff was outstanding (as usual) and it was great to see and catch up with several of the staff members who have become good friends over the years.

We usually go to Jamaica in the Summer or Fall when it is very humid and almost always stormy a portion of the day. Going in March was a welcome change in terms of the weather because it was relatively cool (for the tropics), much less humid than in Summer or Fall, and we experienced no rain during the 8 day trip.

In terms of activities, we went on the booze cruise several times and had a blast. As always, Rasta Ralphie was on the cruise playing songs on his guitar and making everyone laugh. Also, we took long walks on the Seven-Mile Beach down to Margaritaville, went snorkeling, and used the hotel's sailboats to sail in Long Bay.

To conclude, The hotel and staff were great and the other guests we met were a lot of fun. We hope to return to Hedonism II as soon as we can get away for another vacation. Many thanks to the Castaway's Travel staff for doing a great job coordinating the arrangements for our trip.

woodly - February 2009
Hedo II is like going home again. The staff and resort are always a welcome diversion from our everyday lives. We'd like to live there, if we could afford it.

J.S. - December 2008
We went in early December for our third trip in a year. The first two trips were great, this trip was good. The recession has hit the resort, and the island, pretty hard. Hedo has cut back on staff, entertainment and the nightly buffet didn't seem as good as the previous two trips. The folks working there were great though they really had to hustle to keep up. Hedo just didn't have enough staff to keep up. Luckily, everyone was on island time and didn't seem to mind. With such a large group beach towels and chairs were scarce at times. In the future, we'll pick our travel dates to avoid very large groups.

Many of the people we met last year were there again, and it was great fun catching up. We also met some new folks that we're looking forward to seeing next year at the same time. We spent our days relaxing under the trees, floating in the ocean catching rays and playing naked bocce ball. Jerk chicken was served at the grill around 4 or 4:30. Get the french fries with the chicken; they're golden and extra crispy! At the end of the day, everyone wandered to the point to watch the sun go down. Afterwards, hanging in the hot tub for an hour or so then off to the room to clean up for dinner.

The evening is dining, drinking and dancing. The shows were scaled back, but still fun. After the main show is over most people wandered to the piano bar. Great fun too. At 11:00 the water slide opens back up clothing optional. After a few drinks, naked water sliding in the dark is a lot of fun! If we still had energy, it was off to the Disco and/or hot tub. We'd get some sleep, get up and do it all over. Very habit forming. The couples massage with Keisha and Peta is great; we did it twice.

Hedo is still a fun place to be; the people you meet make the trip worth while. Bring a little patience with you, the resort is struggling with the economy just like everyone else.

Md_Sailor - June 2008
Still a Fantastic resort and i'm pleased with the udating that I witnesed since my first visit in 1998. Nice to visit delroys bar again and slip back into the no problem mind set. This being said I wish that the owners would put the time and money into Negril that they put into Montego Bay. II is a far more enjoyable area than where 3 is. Improve it or not I'll still be going back.....

Paul & Emily - March 2008
The sex and nudity at Hedo II was not a surprise, this was what we expected. We were surprised and impressed with the beautiful resort grounds, the service, the food and the attitude of the staff. The grounds were spacious with many, many hidden places and areas for quiet space. The resort is built on a slight terrace above the beautiful Caribbean Sea. The resort has built lovely small pools and waterfalls at the different terrace levels, each with their own quite space. We found this a lovely surprise.

The food was delicious and the service was great. This again exceeded our expectation. We know others have rated the food as only acceptable. This was not our experience.

Finally, a vacation spot should be judged by how staff respond to unexpected problems. Our hotel room bathroom's plumbing was not functioning and they immediately upgraded us to another room. Emily stepped on a sea urchin the second day and was nearly unable to walk. The resort's nurse spent a hour extracting each of the barnacles applying disinfectant and bandages. She was walking and doing fine only 90 minutes after the treatment. There was no charge for this care.

Hedonism II exceeded our expectations. We have heard so much about this resort that we were fairly sure we knew what to expect. Yet, we were surprised, and the surprise was not from the sex. So let's dispense quickly with a repeat of the well documented Hedo II sex scene.

Sex is performed by couples in the open during much of the day. The "performances" are most commonly done on rubber floats about 20 yards off the beach, but could be anywhere on the nude side of the resort. In the late evening the nude hot tub is the location for the action. Most nights there are numerous couples enjoying oral sex and all types of other sex. Yet, we must add a word of caution about "swinging." As we have experienced in most erotic resorts and clubs, a couple enjoying sex in the open for others to watch does not mean they have sex with other couples. Most couples still "only" have sex with each other and if they do "play" with other couples many (maybe even most?) still only enjoy "soft swing". To illustrate, on our last day we were invited to join a group that visits Hedo each year. They hit the hot tub and immediately begin giving and receiving oral sex with each other, most at the same time. We later learned that this was the 30th Hedo II trip for the lead couples and the 15th visit for the assistant lead couple. With further discussions we learned that the lead couple has never has penis-vagina sex with another couple whereas the assistant couple only has had intercourse with another couple three times. This being said there were still many couples at Hedo II that do enjoy the "full montie".

Hedonism II met our expectations as a wonderful nude and erotic resort. It exceeded our expectations as a beautiful location with wonderful food and service.

Here are 5 pictures of the beautiful grounds of Hedonism II

CD & DD - January 2008
We just returned from H3, our Christmas present to each other. After 4 years of going to the resort, we were very impressed with the changes this year. Management was everywhere and making sure that everyone was happy. The food was better than any trip in the last two years. Even the chefs, bar managers, etc..were out asking questions and making sure everyone was happy. Towels, if you couldn't find one someone would find you one. Bartenders circulated the pools constantly. There were only 4 of the entertainment staff left from last year, but they created all new shows and they were REALLY good. The newbies were working hard to impress and they did. Outside the disco, a lounge had been set up which was WONDERFUL for everyone to socialize. They were trying this out and we hope that they keep it. The only negative was the Piano Bar. The new guy just did not compare to our previous experiences. Room service was on time everday with coffee and treats! . Needless to say it was an amazing winter break and NOW I can't wait to go back in June with our friends. (Castaways Note: The January week this client attended was a group week; special events were organized that catered to an affinity group)

S&R - January 2008
We had a great time at Hedo# 2, Jennifer was terrific with all our reservations and very helpful with our plane seating, we've had problems with that before. Judy was right on top of all our vouchers and paperwork. To answer your questions, Robert the cook is gone, we heard someone say he went to Grand Lido. Delroy is of course still there as well as Scumba. We have been to Hedo #3 before, but this was our first time at # 2. We enjoyed the layout at # 2 much more, especially the Seven Mile Beach. Nude beach and nude pool was fantastic as was the jerk chicken every day. We did miss all the friends we have made with the staff at Hedo # 3. On the down side, if there was one, could not believe the nude pool bar did not re-open at night until 10 pm, and the hair dryer didn't work in our room. We asked to get it replaced three times then gave up. Still all in all, we had a great time and are planning to go back next year. Thank you to you and your staff

J & C - December 2007
We went to Hedo II over the second week of December and had a great time. Except for a brief bout of wind and rain from Tropical Storm Olga, the weather was perfect. The resort was not crowded and we met a great group of people. Average age that week was probably mid to late thirties and nationalities were very diverse. The food was much better than we had been led to expect. The blue crab marinara at Pastafaris was worth getting dressed up for. Entertainment at the main dining room was fun; Friday night was especially good.

Except for the folks in the Dive Shop, more on this in a bit, the resort staff were amazingly friendly and helpful. We left feeling very pampered. Speaking of pampered, take the time and spend the money to get the couples massage at the spa. Keisha and Peta are great! We enjoyed the massage so much the first time that we went again on our last full day. Just be careful about going back out in the sun with the massage oil still on! Luckily, the gift shop keeps a supply of aloe.

The rooms are good. A few people were having troubles with their AC; our AC worked so well housekeeping brought an extra blanket. We really didn’t spend much time in the room though. There are TVs in the room, but why would you want to turn it on?

The stories you read about Hedo are, for the most part, true. We were there during a slow week and it was a mellow crowd, but, after sunset it could get interesting at the nude pool and hot tub. The resort is laid out such that you can find your comfort zone without any problem. No matter what part of the resort you’re at there is something about the charged atmosphere that you cannot resist. There may also be something in the water because, like the TV commercial, the time always seemed to be right! Our week there turned the clock back to when we first got together. We came home physically tired, a little worn, emotionally recharged and very happy together!

Other things that we really enjoyed were vodka slushes at the bar, the catamaran cruise, bocci ball in the morning, volleyball in the afternoon, jerk chicken everyday at 4:30, sitting on the beach getting tanned, watching the sun go down and the water slide. The slide opens again around 11:30 or so at night; very, very fun in the dark after you’ve had a few drinks!

Our only complaint from the entire week was the SCUBA operation. The staff in the shop were rude, the equipment poorly maintained, the boat was not well suited for diving and the Dive Masters just didn’t seem to care if we had a good time or not. The first dive was so unpleasant that we decided not to go again. The reef was very nice though. Diving in Negril is on par with what we have experienced in Key West. When we go back, we’re going to see if we can jump the fence and hook up with Sandals next door to dive.

This place is a blast. We’re going back same time in December hoping to see some of the same people again and we’re trying to work a week in May. We’re putting together a Hedo box for our next trip. If you do go to any of the resorts in Negril, fly TimAir out of Montego Bay. It’s a twenty minute flight and worth every penny.

Take a week, find your spot on the beach and rediscover why the two of you got together in the first place.

Kenny & Leslie - July 2007
We had such a great time! The staff was fabulous and there was never a dull moment. We can't wait to go back in July for our group trip. We are ready to start counting down the days. Here comes Kenny & Leslie's 'Get Out and Play' summer bash!!

Ron & Kim - June 2007
This was our virgin trip to Hedo 2 and the only thing the wife and I can say is why didn't we do this sooner! The bus trip wasn't bad either way but I think next it will be timair so we can get there sooner and stay a little longer. The employees were great they made the stay above and beyond what we had gotten used to on our vacations.

Being virgins I wasn't to sure if the wife would really get into the nude side but, I must say she showed no fear and within 10 minutes we had made a new friend at the bar, Chris and soon after he and his wife Julia took use under there wing to show us a good time. The people are what make this place I have never been anywhere to meet more friendly and open people in my life. The drinks were excellent the service outstanding. What can I say about the food Pastafari was tremendous; Munsan wasn't bad just to hot to set there and eat with the grill going. This trip was so good that we were supposed to go on a cruise next year but the wife said we were coming back to paradise instead no arguments out of me.

The rooms were very nice you can tell the resort is older but we didn't go there to sit in the room. The A/C was great when you first walked in but after a few minutes it was hard to tell if it was working that well. On the upside we had been told that the a/c was being replaced next year! We loved the PJ night and toga also. We can't wait until we get to back next year

RT & V - March 2007
What a blast of a time . It was Valerie's first time there & within a few she was talkin it up. As for me this was my 9th time there & would recommend it to all my friends. Can't say one bad thing about any of my trips there & the people are very friendly . Along with this trip report the male half being there 9 times. Had a tribal tattoo piece that reads Hedo 2 on his lower back . Thanks & hope to see yas there next time

James - February 2007
We enjoyed our trip to Heidonism II very much, the staff was great, did their best to make our time there rewarding. the food was good, we enjoyed the Italian restaruant the best. Friday eve. Dinner on the beach was great, and the entertainment. Had a lot of fun going on the party boat. Toga night, pajama night, fun. Just wish that Hedonism II would improve their rooms. Yes we enjoyed the Hot Tub, with interesting entertainment.

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Hedonism II Resort Report