Group Trips to Desire Pearl Resort & Spa

Join us on these escorted or group trips to the Desire Pearl Resort in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. If you are unsure of a destination, or not sure if you will easily meet people when you get there, our group trips are the perfect answer. We’ve been there, we know what to do, where to go, and generally how to get the most for your dollar.

We have special rates for all of our Group Trips.


June 14-21, 2014 – 15th Annual Castaways’ – “Quad on the Move”

Join Castaways’ clients and the Hellians with Gus & Marylin plus the M & M Friends with Marshall & Mel. Hosted by James & Champagne for the 15th annual Summer Camp for Adults blowout with the nicest couples in the world. Rooms are limited so HURRY and claim your suite NOW. This trip availability does NOT appear On Line. You must contact Castaways Travel for your accommodations to be included in this contract. If you’re reading this, you’re invited! - Email Castaways • Email Gus and Marylin • E mail Marshall and Mel 

If you’re going through Gus and Marylin get a quote/reserve your room here
If you’re going through Marshall & Mel get a quote/reserve your room here

August - 2014 – August is Threesomes Month at Both Desires

Summer Fun at Desire Resorts

At Desire Resorts you’re getting close to this summer’s “Sexy, Young & Wild” event that will take place all of August, 2014 at both of the clothing optional Desire Resorts in the Riviera Maya.

From August 3 through August 31, the non-stop party ambiance of this event is going to take over at both Desire Resort & Spa and Desire Pearl Resort & Spa especially for you energetic party folks out there.

For a twist to the resort’s couples only policy, both resorts have elected to open its doors to all threesomes (2 women, 1 man) and single females as well.

Theme nights include (but are not limited to): Burlesque Boom Dance, Daring Sun Busters, Foam Party, Skinny Dipping Jacuzzi Fest and Campus Desire.

Both resorts will welcome celebrities like Holli & Michael from Playboy Radio; our sexy guest DJ, Miss Hell Angel; The Burlesque Boom Dance, award-winning body painter, Pashur; Michelle Kershner with her toys workshops; and last but not least, our Pin Up Girls. All of them will give a unique touch to Desire Resorts and bring your wild, fun and fantasies to life.

Don’t miss it and shoo away the dog days of summer

Contact Castaways Travel 800-470-2020 or with your travel dates or Book On Line at the links below… 

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August 6-13, 2014 – With Bob & Jackie

Join Bob & Jackie from Houston for a summer fling before school “daze” starts. More info to follow, but in the meantime, contact them for their plans via Email or Get A Room right here.

November 9-16, 2014 – Party Naked Baby

Join the Party Naked Baby group with Sandy Sacks & Cracks leaders, Tony & Sue, as they invade Desire Pearl. If you’re a member of the PNB group, you may see Sue’s Beaver in person.

Join the PNB Crew on our 12th Annual trip. As always, it will be a wild week of fun and laughs just south of Cancun at Desire Pearl. We are a very open group and welcome everyone to join us. We only ask that you bring a great attitude and be prepared to laugh until your ribs hurt. If sitting poolside at Desire, looking out over the Caribbean and laughing with new found friends sounds like fun to you, contact Castaways and get one of the last few rooms that are left.

For more information on this trip and future trips Contact Tony & Sue via E Mail - see their website - or - get a quote and/or start your reservation here.

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