Copacabana desire
Copacabana Desire – Jaco, Costa Rica

Copacabana is NOT a nudist resort… it’s a moderate, 3-story conventional hotel that attracts fun loving, budget-minded adult singles and couples. But it does feature a clothing optional pools/hot tubs complete with gauze-covered day beds similar to what you may find at elsewhere in the Caribbean or Mexico.  Although the property faces the ocean, the beach is not nude.



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Resort Overview

NOTE: This resort is NOT affiliated in any way with  Desire Resorts in Mexico.

John Teskey, a north American, owns a couple of hotels in Costa Rica, one on the beach and the other near San Jose. He’s designated the beach resort in Jaco (hock-oh or hack-oh, depending upon who you talk to) “Copacabana Desire Hotel” for adults only with “open minded ambiance.” This hotel faces the beach and its marketing plan targets clients who also enjoy Hedonism in Jamaica  or Desire Resorts in Mexico. However the Copacabana is NOT part of the Desire Resort chain in Mexico so don’t confuse the two companies.

Copacabana is NOT a nudist resort…it’s a moderate, 3-story conventional hotel with 50 rooms that attracts fun loving, budget-minded adult singles and couples and features a clothing optional ambiance in some areas out back with a nude pool and Jacuzzis complete with gauze-covered day beds similar to what you may find elsewhere in the Caribbean.  But don’t go expecting the Ritz ‘cause it’s NOT. What it is: A decent value for the money in a hotel building that’s seen its better days.

Ycopacabana desireou may find a younger clientele here with guest’s ages ranging from 20s to 60s. Two small swimming pools are in the back with adjacent hot tubs on site surrounded by a privacy fence.

Total occupancy is approximately 100 guests in 50 hotel rooms, located about 1.5 hours via tollway from the San Jose Airport. For groups and hotel takeovers, the property next door is available with 17 more rooms. The roof bar next door can be used as a night club if both properties are rented…..great for groups!

The hotel features light  entertainment most nights out on the beachside patio. There is no night club on site, although numerous bars, lounges and bistros are within a block or two on the main street of Jaco, a beach town that attracts its share of characters. You can’t get lost as most of the action is located on the main street of Jaco. If you get to the end, turn around and walk back….it’s length is maybe a mile or two at the most.

Several “couples only” weeks and theme months are featured at this hotel and at the other sister hotel in San Jose.

You may meet a several folks from North America who vacation there or have moved to Costa Rica to live, for investment or to work. We met many during our visits to Costa Rica, the top rated country in Central America, hands down. In the 1940s and19 50s when banana republics came and went with guns and bullets, Costa Rica invested in its citizens and education: Currently, Costa Rica boasts of about a 95% literacy rate among its citizens and has no military. Those funds go for programs that support its citizens.

NOTE: This resort is NOT affiliated in any way with the Desire Resort in Mexico.

Getting There

Fly into San Jose from numerous gateway cities world wide. Several major airlines service the country including United, Copa, US Air, Delta, Southwest, American and others.

The hotel in Jaco is about 1.5 hours from the San Jose on the Pacific side.

You can rent a car at the San Jose airport or at Liberia airort. The highways are excellent throughout Costa Rica and a toll way connects the San Jose area with the beaches at Jaco.  You can order airport transfers via Castaways Travel.  Just ask.

Local color: If you drive in the countryside, local police in every village you pass through are always eager to ticket foreigners for a shake down and $20 bucks. Believe me, it’s happened to us. If you pretend you don’t know the language, you may be better off just loading your wallet or purse with some $1 bills and keep your larger currency elsewhere. Give him what you have and be on your way.


Desire Hotel Copacabana offers an all-inclusive plan including meals, bar drinks, rooms, taxes and tips. Airfare to Costa Rica and airport transfers or car rentals are extra.

The main restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks including soda, beer, wine and liquor. You can buy duty-free liquor at the airport if you prefer a specific brand. There is room service provided.

All rooms include air conditioning, hair dryers, cable TV, clock radio, coffee maker, fridge in some plus bed and bath with shower (some with tubs). The bar in the back between the two pools has satellite TV.

A spa is on site for massage treatments.

Two pools are on site at the rear of the property, side by side, and clothing optional with gauze shrouded day beds along with a hot tub nearby.

The little bar in back beside the pools serves up beer, wine and liquor with a great sound system and good tunes. Bring your own music if you prefer. You’ll see mostly North Americans there who come down to fish, golf, swim, party and enjoy the beautiful ladies who will entertain you for a price.

● All inclusive program at both the Copacabana Desire Hotel in Jaco and Hotel Desire Costa Rica in Heredia (suburb of San Jose)
a) The best food of any local hotel, all liquor, beer, soft drinks and juices. Hotel room fridge is stocked daily with water, beer,soft drinks and juices.
b) All meals and snacks are a la carte with nightly dinner menu changing daily
c) Free wireless Internet and free laptop computer use.

● Live entertainment 4 to 7 nights per week depending on hotel and week chosen.

● Couples only weeks averaging 2 weeks per month.

● A Nude and clothing optional venues and areas.

● Adult playroom at each hotel.

● The first group that commits to 15 rooms at either hotel during the chosen week can dictate the rules throughout either hotel chosen for other guest booking regarding;
a). Nudity (except at restaurant and reception areas)
b) Playroom fun (except at restaurant and reception areas)

● The happiest and most friendly staff of any lifestyle hotel.

● Groups: Because of the intimate size, groups will not have to compete with other groups.

● The main airport in Costa Rica is San Jose International and another international airport is at LIBERIA in the Pacific northwest. Airport transfers are extra and can be arranged for transport from San Jose or Libera, the country’s two largest international airports.


The hotel targets adult singles and couples who enjoy Hedonism or Desire ambiance.

Although there is no night club on site, entertainment most nights is located out on the beach patio in front of the resort and may include live bands and karaoke most nights. Other nights may include theme nights with DJ music depending upon the theme that week.

copacabana desireThe clothing optional pool features gauze-covered day beds similar to what you may find in then Caribbean. A hot tub is adjacent to the clothing optional pools as well as a small on premises party room/spa.

Some employees speak English as well as Spanish of course. Service personnel at the front desk, bars and in the restaurant speak English.

The resort is a good base from which to explore the central part of Costa Rica. There’s something for you to do off site every day. There is not much to do at the resort during the day other than enjoying the sunshine (nude or not) which is frequent and abundant.

TIP: We can arrange a complete hotel takeover for your group with fifteen (15) paid rooms.

Group Trips

Check out our Costa Rica Group Trips Page for scheduled group trips to Copacabana Desire.  If none are listed or on dates that don’t suit you, that doesn’t mean its not a great place for two, three or even dozens of couples to get together for a group trip.  If you have other couples that might want to join you, please contact us and see what kind of group trip deals we might be able to package especially for you.


Where to begin? Costa Rica has it all except maybe for snow skiing.

Day tours are available at the hotel’s front desk and reception area. Outstanding tours to national volcano parks include Arenal and Pao parks.  You can even do bungee jumping.

From the resort, you can experience half-day or full day trips for: Jungle tours, white water rafting, ATV tours, zip lining, fresh water and salt water fishing, scuba diving, tubing, swimming and more.

One or favorite tours included a visit to the Arenal Volcano National Park, Observatory & Resort. We spent part of an afternoon out on the park’s restaurant deck, cold beer in hand, watching Arenal belch automobile-sized boulders as they tumbled down the mountainside. The weather was perfect and the mountain top was completely free of clouds.

You will find some of the most beautiful women in the entire country in Jaco who will entertain you for a price.


Meals are served a la carte in the restaurant and outside on the adjacent patio in front and out back by the pool. The restaurant has a varied menu for all 3 meals of the day and feature local favorites, lots of choices and variety as well as dishes you will find most places such as burgers, fries and sandwiches.

If you prefer, you can buy your own liquor, wine or beer in San Jose or at mall nearby.

Although the hotel building itself looks “tired,” the restaurant menu, food service, quality and servings were better than average, somewhat of a surprise, considering we usually eat anything and aren’t picky.


All inclusive room rates are about USD $160 – $200/person/night (all inclusive). Rates are NOT guaranteed, subject to change without notice and seasonal promotions. Singles are welcome. NOTE: These are sample rates, and will change without notice and vary by room category. Rooms are clean and neat but don’t go expecting the Ritz. Hotel has 50 rooms and suite, a maximum of approximately 100 guests

The all inclusive plan includes room, taxes, tips, all meals and bar drinks included such as soda, beer and house liquor. Bring your own Premium liquor or wine if you prefer a specific taste. Airfare and airport transfers are extra.

Plan ahead as some weekends, the resort is sold out if a group is in house, if the hotel has a theme weekend or if an adult club from San Jose visits. High season during the winter months (December-May), the hotel may run a high occupancy.


3 Passion Suite Jacuzzi
2 Ocean Front Suite Jacuzzi on the Balcony
4 Ocean Front Suites
6 Ocean Front Junior Prestige Jacuzzi on the Balcony
9 Poolside Junior Prestige Jacuzzi
26 poolside Studio Queen, King and 2 singles



▲ Diverse adventure touring is at your door step, including Casinos if you’re a gamer….

▲ Other than weekend parties or themes, the property  may also features frequent nightly entertainment during the week.

▼ In the countryside, local police in small towns you pass through are always eager to ticket foreigners for a shake down and $20 bucks. They spot you with radar guns that may or may not work. It’s an excuse in our opinion. Warning: Near villages and towns, the speed limit frequently changes from 80 KM/hour down to 60 KM/hour to 40 KM/hour and vice versa. You may see more cops around those speed transition areas than on the open road. Beware both places. Cops will gladly avoid writing a ticket if you have USD $20 handy. Their favorite ploy: “Pay me what you’ve got and I’ll forget about the ticket.”

▲▼ Although the service is good with entertainment and dining better than average, the hotel looks its age so don’t plan to visit if you expect a 5-star experience. Otherwise, it’s a good all inclusive value in Costa Rica.

NOTE:  Although the hotel has a full staff, don’t go expecting an entertainment team running around urging guests to play volleyball or get up and dance.  There is no big entertainment staff…’s a small resort.

▼ Don’t expect perfectly white sand beaches in Jaco….it’s more a mix of brown and gray volcanic sand.

▼ The beaches in Jaco are not nude so don’t expect to drop your drawers along with everyone else.

▲ Regardless of the hotel’s age, it’s a decent bang for the buck for an all inclusive Costa Rica beach hotel in Costa Rica.

▲ You may meet many North America or European guests at the hotel and in Jaco.  You may see some male guests accompanied by exceedingly beautiful ladies for companionship, especially in the evenings.   ALERT:  Although prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, none are permitted in the hotel unless they’re accompanied by a hotel guest at all times.

▲ Costa Rica is a year-round destination outside the hurricane belt

Age Ranges

This adults-only property has guests from 20s to 60s in age. You may find a good mix of single ladies, single men and couples.

Best Time To Go

Costa Rica is a year-round destination.

The countryside has a rainy season for a few months annually throughout Costa Rica. Rainy months vary depending upon your location Costa Rica. The northwest coast tends to be a bit drier than the rest of the country. A big plus is that even though Costa Rica is bi-coastal (it boasts of both a Pacific and Atlantic/Caribbean coast), the country does not have hurricanes, only seasonal moisture which occur usually within a short 2-3 month period annually.

Wish List

● Wish their was a small night club on site although plenty of clubs, bistros and bars are a block or two walk from the hotel.

Photo Album

The photos out album were either shot by us, our clients or provided by the resort. If you have recently visited Copacabana Desire we invite you to send in your photos for us to display. To contribute you own photos (or trip reports), go to our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.

Trip Reports

If you have recently visited Copacabana Desire, we would appreciate you contributing a trip report. You can contribute to this section buy using our Contribute Trip Report / Photographs page.  Here are a few we have from  recent visitors.

June 2015 J & J Couple 
Jaco Resort:  Just for the future if anyone asks, we visited Jaco Casablanca late June, and discovered a few things. First of all and you might already know this, is that Jaco is a play town for single men. We were the only couple and my wife the only woman guest when we arrived. The hotel itself is in need of cosmetic repair but the room we stayed in had been remodeled but lacked a few basics like a dresser for us to unpack and store our clothes. The staff was very friendly and extremely helpful, the food was good but lacked variety. It is a simple menu and doesn’t change.  It is no secret that the men are there for the ladies and the ladies came and went all the time especially in the evening.

San Jose Resort:  We learned that there are two prices in Costa Rica, one for the locals and one for the tourists. We took the opportunity to move to their sister resort in San Juan the last three days of our visit. We were the only couple in fact we were the only guests in the hotel. Again the staff was very nice and accommodating. Again the food was good but it appeared the menu was the same as in Jaco. Both resorts have the same management. Katia and her family do a great job running both places, and I cannot say enough good about them.The night before we were scheduled to leave, we experienced gun fire outside the resort (in San Jose, not Jaco), the staff was terrified and were hiding in the kitchen, we chose to take our chances outside in the dark where we knew we could escape if it escalated into the building.  (Castaways note:  the property has fences and walls around the buildings)

Costa Rica is a beautiful country and we were hoping that our stay would have been better. We have been to Hedo 6 times, and would like to find different places to go with a similar atmosphere of nudity and open minded people. We are not swingers but do enjoy the atmosphere and know that there will be “no kids”!  We have made it our goal to visit other countries and hopefully find a few places we will go back to. As for our visit to Costa Rica, we have put that on our list under “Never Again”.   I wish I had listened to Jim…..The feedback he provided was wise and he can add this email to his list. It might be different if you go with a group but traveling as we did was not advisable.
If I ever visit Costa Rica again, it will be a pure vanilla trip and clothing will not be optional.
J  & J Couple

November 2014 – G & M
We took a trip down to Costa Rica to see if we can find a replacement resort for Desire RM and Desire Pearl due to the hefty price increase for 2015. We went to a hotel called Copacabana Desire Hotel (Copa) in a town called Jaco this past Friday thru Monday. The J in Jaco is pronounced like you are clearing your throat. If you pronounce it like it is spelled everyone knows you are a tourist. Of course not speaking Spanish is the other dead giveaway. The currency is Colones and it is about 540 Colones to one US dollar. For ease use 500 Colones to $1.00. When you see a burger and a beer priced at 25,000 you won’t fall over as it is really $5.00 for us.

We flew from Ft Lauderdale airport on JetBlue to San Jose (SJO), Costa Rica. The airport at SJO is new and is expanding. Immigration and custom was a breeze and soon we were walking outside looking for a person holding up a sign with our name on it. Copa lined up a driver to meet us. We are working to get the ride over included in the total price but right now it is not. We understand the round trip charge if you did it yourself will be $205 car from some of the people we spoke with but learned from the owner of the hotel is should be about $50 each way. More to follow on the car service. There is also a bus from downtown to Jaco where Copa is we but could find no one willing to tell us how long it takes. It is a public bus. There are frequent buses going directly from the Coca Cola bus station in San José. Fares are about US$5 each way. If you want to leave from SJO airport directly to Jaco you can use Easy Ride Shuttle Services they run 3 times per day from 7 to SJO airport to Jaco they also pick up at any hotel in San Jose Downtown or Alajuela Downtown.

The ride to Jaco took about 90 minutes due to construction on the “new toll road” over two mountain ranges (75 minutes going back to the airport). My wife looked at me at one point and said I could even drive here if I wanted to. As long as the GPS talked to me in English she would be correct. We arrived in Jaco and quickly took a right down a short street and arrived at Copa with the beach right in front of us. The staff could not be friendlier and welcomed us warmly and in English.

Some initial impressions were the hotel from the front that faces the beach looks like a 3 story hotel with balconies. The restaurant is on the ground floor in the front with a large wooden deck out front. The deck and the restaurant face the beach and being the beach is public you need to wear cloths while dining and relaxing drinking your favorite beverage while out front. Also you should wear clothes if you are sitting on the balcony if your room is out front. I remembered that while sitting there naked. OOOOPS. You walk through the lobby to a large courtyard with pool and swim up bar. This area is clothing optional. There is an adjacent pool in a more secluded area that is nude. So between the two areas there is more than enough room to lay around naked and play. Surrounding the clothing optional pool is a two story building with more rooms. There is a total of 42 or so rooms. The owner is undertaking a renovation of the rooms which our guess is in two years will be completed. Our room was on the third floor and was nicely renovated and a bit smaller than the rooms in H-Block at Hedo. We saw other rooms that were considerably larger. There is no play room and no exercise room that we could find.

The food was restaurant service so you order off a menu. As we had heard from others prior to trip we also found the food to be excellent. We primarily had eggs or French toast in the morning, salads, burgers, shrimp or chicken dishes for lunch and fish for dinner. Desserts were only ice cream or a banana something dessert that I meant to try but I was full from the appetizers, salad and fish each night. We also heard they had very good sushi but did not try it.

Unlike Desire singles are welcome. The pricing includes breakfast/lunch/dinner, snakes, soda, water, juice and beer, wine and hard liquor. Gray Goose was a premium of $2 more. They ran out of Goose by the time we left. The rooms have a bar fridge that is stocked daily with beer, soda and water. They have free Wi-Fi and all meals are prepared to order. There is a very small tour desk so if you want to take tours like the zip line tour and the volcano tour there is a place to sign up

. It is a quick walk into town and well worthwhile. The town is about 15 blocks long and has one casino. It is for tourist, surfers, older people and younger people, the coffee shop type and one can keep going on. It is a nice artist type town

The hotel was about 70% full but never seemed crowded. One night they had a singer and she was terrific. We met several couples as well as some single men. One Swiss couple lives in Jaco for 6 months at the time and came up for dinner and the music. We ended up sitting with them for a while and exchanged numbers for the next time we are in their or our continents. You will not have the entertainment (or staff) of Hedo or Desires but there is entertainment.

So as to not surprise anyone Costa Rica has legalized prostitution but not in the way you may think. The ladies are their own CEO and control their own destiny and do not report anyone but themselves. We talked to some and they were extremely polite and extremely attractive. All hotels have controls with the ladies needing to hand in their ID before entering the hotel.

The hotel advertises itself as the friendliest, relaxing exciting, tantalizing, invigorating, laid back, adult only oceanfront beach resort in Costa Rica. My wife and I agree with all of the above. The longer we were there the more we fell in love with the place. It is not Hedo, it is not Desire but it has its own unique feel that makes both of us say we want to come back either with a group or just by ourselves.

May 2014 – Eric
This was my 3rd trip to Jaco and the Copacabana.

Uppers: As usual, Jaco offers most anything you want except cool weather. The Copacabana menu is diverse and the food good. The prices are fair and competitive. Local attractions include casinos, Ticas, deep sea fishing and busy night life along the main strip of Jaco. Most everyone speaks enough English that language is no problem for Americans. The weather is warm year round so your date planning needs only be if you desire the dry season or the wet season. (There are advantages/disadvantages to both)

Downers: The Copacabana is suffering from neglect and lack of attention to details. While the staff is great, the facility and its related infrastructure are not. The hot tub was either empty or not functional during my entire stay. No large screen TV was available to watch sports on (as the web site claims) at any time while I was there. Unused scaffolding erected and left in place, mildew growing on exterior st ructures that should be washed off, old faulty air conditioning and worn out pool furniture all were observed. The bar has a limited variety of brands of liquor and they discourage your bringing your own, so that could be a problem.

June 2011 – L & R
Very beautiful area, the hotel at Jaco was tired, but functional, resort staff were friendly and helpful. The jacuzzi was not hot, but is not covered and it was the rainy season. All of the food was very good. Limited bar!It was eco tourism, overall enjoyed the trip and the excursions such as zip lining and fishing were great!

Castaways Note: We had several phone calls with the client before they made a decision to visit Jaco and explained the hotel experience to expect to insure they knew the type of vacation and resort they would be visiting. The property is NOT in any way connected to Desire in Cancun.

December 2010 – flfitguy
We stayed in San Jose for a few days before traveling to Jaco. We arrived at the copacabana and were greeted by a friendly staff. the AC was cold and the rooms were comfortable. The quality of room was less than that of Hedonism; however, we were comfortable. The food is incredible!!! I have been to Hedonism 2 three times and I love heart is in hedo; however, the food prepared to order at the copacabana is superb! The banana pancakes, bacon and home fries in the morning and the pollo burrito for lunch is phenomenal…as well as the Mahi with shrimp and white sauce over pasta. I did not have a bad meal…the staff was awesome at night. I had an Ipod and they let me plug it into there sound system so we could have our music by the pool. I would definitely recommend this place to clothing optional travel seekers in Costa Rica